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5/27/2019 M Reagan

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Pennsylvania. Luggage prices are such a rip off. They docked us an extra $75 per bag for an extra 4 pounds. If I’d known that at the hotel I would’ve just bought another bag or brought an empty and checked it because that would’ve been cheaper. So don’t plan on buying an souvenirs. Cause you will be charged additionally for the extra weight. Completely not satisfied seeing I made sure it all fit in the case I brought! This is outrageous an extremely high price. I would like a refund for the inconvenience cause I will be looking for a different airline in the future. I’ve never been charged extra off any other airline!! And will be sharing this review on Facebook and and everyone.

5/26/2019 P Kealy

✅ Trip Verified | Louisville to Vegas. The service was horrible they were rude, they lost my luggage and I did not get it back until my trip was over. They only refund me 50 dollars of the money I spent on clothing and other things that was in my luggage and I had receipt for everything I purchased.

5/24/2019 D Carsina

✅ Trip Verified | Syracuse to Chicago. Frontier is a clown operation. Flight was supposed to be from Syracuse to Chicago O’Hare. Things started to go wrong when gate agent announced that the flight to Orlando was delayed (yes, she thought ORD meant Orlando). No ETA was given and board at gate still said “on time” until after about two hours they announced the flight was canceled. Oops, I mean “delayed” (from Thursday to Sunday). Gate agents lied and claimed they would process refunds, but then got tired of dealing with angry pax and referred us to 800 number. Entire Frontier staff at SYR was ill informed and unfriendly. Getting refund (hopefully) meant an hour on the phone mostly on hold and otherwise dealing with barely comprehensible foreign call center worker. Also booked now useless Chicago hotel reservations through Frontier’s website. My attempts to get this refunded meant another ultimately futile two hours on the phone with more foreign reps and of course got nowhere, so now disputing it with credit card. I also note that gate agents said cancellation was due to mechanical problems but customer service rep on phone claimed it was weather. No straight answers from this airline. Obviously never got to Chicago and just drove back home.

5/21/2019 D Bayne

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Orlando. All around horrible experience. Never again. Every flight was considerably delayed or late, employees under trained, lack of communication between employees and passengers, bought a straight flight to Albuquerque and ended up taking 3 connecting flights with a 8hr layover. Not worth it!

5/21/2019 Rosalind Neal

✅ Trip Verified | Customer service was horrible. Gate agents did not seem to know the company policies. I was told that I had to pay for a carry on bag or I couldn't board my flight. Was instructed by 2 gate agents to take what I could carry on board and to place my bag next to trash can. which was tossed in trash can after I boarded plane. I had a 10 hour lay over in Denver and no change of clothing. I really thought they would put my bag in lost and found but it was actually tossed out. I spoke to Frontier about this and was offered a 200.00 voucher to fly in the future. This is still hard to believe I will never fly this airline again! By TSA guide lines I was not suppose to leave an unattended bag but was told by the Frontier gate agents that it was ok.

5/20/2019 E Diaz

✅ Trip Verified | On May 15 traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico from Florida. We had already paid for carry on, then at the airport at the gate as we were boarding, a Frontier employee started pulling people off the line telling us we had to pay for extra baggage! Extra baggage? Ok souvenir bag with gifts. So, why would they have concession stands and tax free shops in the airline gate area, just to then want to charge you $120 for additional baggage? First and last time flyer. Overall rating is a (2), just because the pilot got us safely on ground.

5/19/2019 Joyce McNair

✅ Trip Verified | Portland to Birmingham. I bought a package from Priceline I flew Delta on the way down and had never flown Frontier on the way home. I was charged for a checked bag 50 and 55 for my carryon. I should have paid the extra money and flew another airline they charge for everything including water. The flight was 1 hour late leaving Birmingham no explanation. Once in Denver our plane sat on the runway for an additional hour. Captain announced it was due to mechanical difficulties from the plane at the gate. Frontier stated it was weather and offered no assistance. Booked me on a flight 2 days later for my return home. I was returning from dealing with a death in our family. My 83 years old uncle and my 82 year old Aunt were on the same flight going to LA and stranded in Denver with medical issues. Frontier again denied any responsibility or gave any assistance.

5/19/2019 E Dale

✅ Trip Verified | I wouldn’t recommend this airline, its cheaper but you paid for it one way or another. On May 15, 2019 I had a layover in Denver, I get to the gate A52 it a 30 minutes delay flight was supposed leave at 10:35 pm flight 751. Frontier overbooked the flight ask 5 people to give up their seats for one nite stay in hotel and $400 travel voucher. We boarded onto a hot plane with no air and no pilots to start the plane to turn on the air - that plane felt like 100 degree. People were complaining about the air I will not book with them again. The flight was rough from Denver to Phoenix.

5/17/2019 M Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | St Louis to Orlando. Excellent and friendly service both on the ground and in the air. Staff have always been polite and enthusiastic about attending to customers. Out of 10 flights with Frontier, only 2 flights have been delayed by a couple of hours. That means that 80% of the time, flights are on time. And I should definitely point out that the two times that the flights were delayed, I have gotten compensated. I had a 2 hour delay, and I got a $20 voucher. Then, I had a 3 hour delay, and I got a $50 voucher without even complaining to customer service! No other airline does that! The rates are incredibly affordable. Frontier's tickets have made my long distance relationship a lot closer than what it actually is. I just happen to be in one of the nonstop routes, which is why I get such affordable and convenient flights. The Den's Deal is Amazing! I paid $50 to become a member for a year, and within one year I have saved more than $100. This means that the Den's Deal was paid off. The customer service folks are extremely friendly as well. Whenever I call, I don't have to wait more than 5 minutes to be transferred to an agent, and their knowledge and expertise is exceptional. I absolutely love the emails with the promo codes that they send on a weekly basis, and I think their "kids fly for free" and "friends fly for free" programs are the best thing an airlines can do! The Frontier App for iPhone is extremely well-made, everything we need is in there, and we can even get boarding passes to our Apple Wallet. Also, the fact that the airplane liveries have animals on the tails and winglets is the most adorable thing an airline has ever done. My dad, my mom, and my boyfriend all agree with me that Frontier is an excellent airline. Overall, I am extremely satisfied, and I cannot emphasize how grateful I am with this airline! I wish people would appreciate this airline as much as I do because it definitely has the potential to beat its competitors (for select routes).

5/17/2019 Jared Decker

✅ Trip Verified | Salt Lake City to Las Vegas via San Francisco. Terrible information on purchasing the flight, did not know I had to pay additional fees for a carry on, had a 20 hour layover and after the layover was asked to pay for carry on again! Flight was an hour and a half late, and the soda or beverage would have cost me an additional 4 bucks! Not cool Frontier.

5/17/2019 Kim J Jones

Not Verified | Denver to New Orleans. The young man, Daniel, in the New Orleans airport at the service counter was very nice, friendly, smiling and was very helpful with our checkin! I wasn’t very pleased with the airline changing my flight several times. But they accommodated us with taking care of our baggage fees. Not pleased that they nickel and dime you for everything and luggage fees are over priced!

5/16/2019 Kenneth Pasternak

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Punta Cana. Frontier had officially given me my worst experience as a customer. For starters, my luggage never made it to Punta Cana so they provided me with $75 a day clothing allowance until I get my bag. I had to provide receipts for every purchase. For 3 days shopping I had to provide $120 out of my pocket for taxis which don't provide receipts and $140 in clothes receipts to possibly get refunded. On day 4 of my trip, they found my luggage in Denver and asked if I want it sent to the house or returned home. First of all, I flew international so how did my luggage get sent to Denver and since I spent hours shopping before my vacation, I chose to have them send my clothes. For the second time during my vacation, they lost my luggage again. I gave them the receipts of my clothes and phone charger at the Frontier desk in Punta Cana and they lost them. My baggage just came in today 2 days after my trip. They apologized and offered me a $150 travel voucher for my inconvenience. What a joke. I hope this is enough to deter anyone from using this incompetent airline and getting treated so poorly. I hope they figure out that is not how you treat first time customers and expect return business. I hope this will help in making airline decisions. P.S. I paid over $1000 for 2 round trip tickets to get treated like this. Buyer beware!!!

5/15/2019 W Shilton

✅ Trip Verified | Buffalo to Orlando. When it was time to return to my home town, my flight was delayed 3 times then canceled 1 minute after I got a “delay” email. The customer service was terrible. They would not book me another flight home, they would not give me my money back, nor would they accommodate me and my Family having to pay for our own hotel! They also threatened to have me arrested because I was asking to many questions! Gave me two minutes to get out of Line and leave their section at the airport! Over $800 wasted on frontier airlines. We had to stay another 3 days at the airport and no food nor vouchers for us to eat!

5/15/2019 S Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Islip to Orlando. Not even for free will I fly this airline again. The ground crew were very accommodating but the flight was horrendous. After I made my reservations I wound up in a walking boot due to a foot injury. No issues at all, provided wheel chairs and moved my seats to front of the plane upon request. I knew not to expect internet, food, etc. as it was a no frills airline. So no issues there. Flight to Islip went without a hitch, seats not as comfortable as other airlines but also paid half price of other options. Flight back to Florida, now that is where the issues began. At 1:15 am the day of the flight I receive a text that the flight was to be delayed 8 hours. Our 12:55 flight now scheduled for 8:55pm. No explanation, no other options. Fortunately, we have family near airport so dropped off rental car and was picked up. While there I went to Frontier counter to speak to rep to see if anything had changed and what were the chances the flight would be canceled. Of course no answers. Only that the next flight out was on Thursday, it was only Monday. The other options, maybe, would be another flight in the am although not scheduled or a voucher up to 500.00 for another airline. In the meantime, left in the dark. Well the flight that was now scheduled for 9:07 finally departed at 10pm and arrived in Orlando at 1am. The flight crew was a joke, never have I seen such an unprofessional group of flight attendance. They talked the entire flight with another group of flight attendants they were apparently returning to Orlando. We were sitting in row 2, the other flight attendants in row 1. They complained about their day and yadda yadda yadda the entire flight. I was so exhausted I managed to sleep for 2 hours.

5/14/2019 Katie Thornburgh

Not Verified | Worse flight ever been on, where to start, changed our flight plans more then once, no internet, no movies, no food unless you want to pay 4 dollars for a can of soda or more. Was on the plan from Orlando to Salt Lake, a 4 hour trip lasted all day, from 4 PM till mid night with one layover (which was delayed half hour)and one stop where I had to wait on the plane for an hour with a baby while the airline was getting ready for new quests. Finally got to my destination to come to find out that they lost my baby's car seat. You pay 50.00 for all bags including carry on. If you are looking for complimentary there will be none on this airline.

5/13/2019 S Panakorn

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Denver. Don't fly with them if you do have work. You have to have plenty of time for waiting without notice. I flew from DCA to LAX and have one stop at DIA. Both flight was delayed one hour each. That's so terrible. Believe it or not my flight back from LAX to DCA was delayed again! Plus, they don't have complimentary snack or beverage (no water too). The seat is not comfy at all. No WiFi, no screen and no any entertainment. I could say that I will never fly with them again. If you already booked the tickets, I wish you luck.

5/12/2019 Pattie Toni

✅ Trip Verified | Buffalo to Orlando. Travelled Frontier for the first time this week with 2 other adults and 2 children. Flight ended up costing more than expected but still less than major airlines. Both flights were on-time, had no trouble boarding or deplaning, some employees were less cheerful than others but no one was rude or unwilling to assist. I've read many bad reviews about this airline, but I cannot say that our experience was negative.

5/11/2019 T Disanto

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Cleveland. I purchased a ticket for my disabled daughter who lives in Florida to see me in Cleveland. She had been hit by a pick up while walking. She is walking with a walker now but only for a couple weeks. She flew alone and the airline was notified that she was disabled and would need assistance, we were told we would be able to assist her at the gate via a gate pass. Drop off went smooth, no resistance allowing Grandma to escort her to the gate. Things went south when I arrived to pick her up. I approached the ticket counter to obtain the gate pass. The plane was due to arrive at 8:35. I arrived at the counter at 8:00 knowing the plane left Florida 45 minutes late. I was met by what I later learned was the counter supervisor. I explained my goal and she immediately started scolding me for arriving at 8 and not earlier. I let her know that I will handle the delay with security and kindly asked for the boarding pass. She looked up my daughter and after noticing she was over 18 she quipped "I can't tell you if she is or is not on the plane" after re-explaining my situation she did not care. I stepped away from the counter called the airline help #. They were kind, noted the system and told me to try again, that there should be no problem. By this time the supervisor was gone. The lady now helping me stated she was not looking in the system and that her supervisor had already made a decision. I stepped away and called home office again. They asked me to take the phone to the counter and they would speak to the lady, I did so and the lady refused to talk to the home office by simply ignoring me and asking for the next guest to come forward. In the end I waited another hour (30 minutes after the plane landed) not knowing if my daughter who again could barely walk and had a traumatic brain injury which has altered her mental state would be assisted or would be scared to death because she was alone. She made it to the front with the help of the airport (not airline). Bottom line, I have never seen a more heartless cold and rude performance from a group of people in the service industry. Horrible way to accommodate the disabled and horrible way to treat fellow human beings!

5/9/2019 Louise Kang

Not Verified | Miami to Philadelphia. Do not fly this airline - no amount of savings in the world can make this truly miserable experience worthwhile. 8 hours of delays in the Miami airport, with the departure time pushed back by an hour at a time with no explanation as to why. I booked this flight so that I could be home by 9pm before a job interview the next day. Instead, I landed at 5.30am. This airline should not exist. Do not put yourself through this.

5/8/2019 Christine Farrell

✅ Trip Verified | First, we were routed from Providence, Orlando, Dallas to Vegas. In Dallas we were grounded due to severe weather (not Frontiers fault) for at least an hour and were not offered even a glass of "free" water. Everything costs on Frontier, carry on, checked lugguage, drinks, and all food. No peanuts on this airline. Trash! Anyone got trash. The crew went up and down, up and down the aisle I counted 6 times in a two hours flight, Trash! Anyone got trash. That's Frontiers customer service. I will never fly this airline again.