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5/8/2019 G Barsel

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Philadelphia. This is the worst airline ever, and I am never flying with them again. First of all their baggage fees are ridiculously expensive and you have to pay for carry on bags. Also they changed their flight time without telling us so we arrived to the airport 9 hours early. Then they kept delaying the flight for 5 hours for no reason. Finally we were supposed to board at 11pm and right as the plane arrived they announced that the crew had to rest and the plane would be delayed until 2am. But they should have known that so why didnt they tell us earlier? They gave us 10 dollar food vouchers but every store and restaurant is closed. Because it's such a small airline they did not have any other options for earlier flights and could not give us any other options. Seriously, avoid this airline at all costs. It might look cheap but it is not worth it, plus there are all of those extra fees.

5/6/2019 Eric Morgan

Not Verified | I typically fly quite a bit on business each year (approx 10k + miles per year). This time I traveled with family. Received cheap round trip tickets that turned out to be the same price as comparable airlines due to the hidden charges. They nickel and dime on baggage ($40 per carry on bag per person ‘each way’ and seats about the same $40). So if you have 3 persons wth carry on and want to choose normal seats you will roughly pay extra $480 round trip. Arrived at check 2.5 hours ahead of return departure. Took 50 minutes for Baggage drop off as Frontier had a huge line of about 150 persons wrapping around a wall back to the terminal information desk. Baggage check in desk was antagonistic and argued that any missed flights would be the responsibility of the passenger. Barely made the flight. Loading was disorganized and rushed and passengers were informed they must be boarded 15 minutes before take off. With everyone loaded plane did not even taxi until 45 minutes later due to baggage loading delay. Pilot did not make up time and told us that we were fortunate to have bags loaded on the plane. Seats were extremely uncomfortable and cramped. There is no WiFi offered even at a fee. No inflight entertainment. They offer no courtesy snacks or drinks on 5.5 hour flight ($3.00 for a coke or coffee). Service is not friendly. Baggage claim was also delayed. No shock at that point. I experienced above on both flights to and from Orlando/ONT.

5/5/2019 Ella Flanders

Not Verified | My worst flight experience ever. $50 for a carry on bag. Flight attendants not professional and rude. No free food or drink, you have to pay for everything. No charger outlet, no WiFi, no entertainment. They also made me stay on the plane for a hour between flights, no I had no chance to grab food use the bathroom or charge my phone. Will not be flying Frontier again.

5/5/2019 Crystal Estes

Not Verified | Cincinnati to Orlando. Horrible. First off our flight was delayed two hours. Then we board and while still waiting for flight to take off they say there has been mechanical issues and they were waiting for someone to sign off. Paid $300 for my ticket and couldn't even be offered a drink unless I paid for it. Then we get to Orlando. Took 1.5 hours for luggage - ridiculous!! Was offered $25 credit for our trouble. Wish it was a refund because I won't be using their airline again.

5/4/2019 Christian Pollas

✅ Trip Verified | Sacramento to Las Vegas. Rude supervisor. Rude remarks, sarcastic, unhappy person. If I had another choice from my company I would definitely fly another airline. Flight 2090 May 2nd 2019 10:19pm flight. When I asked if I can get an aisle seat she immediately started to tell me no without checking her system. I informed her that I was claustrophobic and if possible for an aisle or window. She was sarcastic with her reply. When I asked for her name she stated go ahead and file a complaint - do you need my badge number also?

5/1/2019 S Baskiro

✅ Trip Verified | Louisville to Orlando. It was the worst flight of all. Before this flight I had one from Philadelphia to Louisville with another airline it was very comfortable and they gave us a snack in the two hours flight. But with Frontier seat can only positioned in one position - very uncomfortable, and they didn't give us anything as a snack, they are all paid for. This was the worst worst flight.

5/1/2019 Kristen K Kreilkamp

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Milwaukee. Customer service is a total joke, they were rude and disrespectful from the moment I tried to check my bags in at the front all the way to the gate where I missed my flight due to the total run around I was given by their staff. I have never flown Frontier and will never ever again after the experience I encountered with them. I do not recommend flying with Frontier, Yes, they have cheap flights but they also charge you for everything else. $40 bags each way, $15 for your seat each way and they do not offer complimentary drinks or snacks for your flight. Want my opinion? Pay the extra money with Southwest, at least with them you get two free bags, complimentary snacks and drinks and don’t have to pay for your seat. I will pay the extra money next time just to come in contact with polite employees. I was traveling with a small child and still treated poorly.

4/29/2019 S Keane

Norfolk to Orlando. Initially booked a round trip ticket. Several days later got notifications from them advising my return flight was canceled and they were putting me on a different flight 2 DAYS later. Wouldn't budge to switch me to a different airlines, said they had NO return flights on the return date so they refunded me 1/2 my ticket. Problem is, this is spring break for many and tickets are now through the roof! Booked with United and had to pay double. Then go to Frontier day of flight and long lines because no one is at the check in line, then when they come they nickel and dime you to death with more fees for luggage, carry on etc. Then they switch departure gates, then they were late departing, then when we get to FL it took about 30 minutes for the luggage to even begin to show on the luggage carousel...mind you everybody knows how long it takes to get to the carousel in the first place to have to wait 30 more minutes. This airline is a joke.

4/26/2019 G Haggerty

Not Verified | Philadelphia to Orlando. I’m done. Flew with frontier for about a year once per month or more to Orlando from Philadelphia. Some issues but all airlines have some delays and issues. Last 4 flights have had ridiculous delays of up to 8 hours. Can’t trust Them anymore. I’m out.

4/26/2019 C Ehmke

Not Verified | I have flown Frontier Airlines back and forth between Orlando and Milwaukee. Every single flight there was some type of issue. The final straw I was trying to book a flight for 2 days on my Frontier app and the app was not working. So I finally called management they told me due to that problem they would eliminate $10.00 fee for booking over the phone. And then they tried to charge me almost 50.00 more for the exact same flight I was trying to book on their app! On one of my flights the charges me 38.00 to check a pool cue that their own website stated I could take it as a carry-on. They may advertise low rates, but they dont honor posted prices or honoring things stated on their own website as a free carry on and making me check my custom pool cue, charged me money and when I said I have no way to secure my property and they reassured me by telling me "people dont steal at airports". The worst customer service ever and this company may not honor anything they post on their website or mobile app. Buyer beware when booking a flight on this airline

4/24/2019 D Parsai

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to New York-LGA. Frontier's lack of professionalism, empathy and overall courtesy has a direct impact on retaining customers. On the date mentioned above there was no representation from Frontier through the numerous delays and ultimate cancellation of the flight. I have never experienced such a degree of miscommunication between an airline and its passengers in a similar situation. When the cancellation was announced, a supervisor on the phone came across aloof, callous and nonchalant about the entire situation. Providing nothing else other than a repetitive statement of "sorry, we can't do anything". Frontier's solution to the cancellation was either be stranded for the next 3 days or receive refund. Ultimately spending more money than you can afford to be home for an emergency/family. Disgusting.

4/24/2019 Sara Reyes

Not Verified | Denver to Dallas. Horrible. Politely asked flight attendant about USB port to charge my phone where I was rudely told, "you should have used the ones in the airport." My response, "Well that's some great customer service" and was told, "well you booked the ticket" by your flight attendant. Flight attendant just reminded me while I'll never book with Frontier again. Then after looking around the flight and happening to make eye contact with this flight attendant was threatened to be kicked off the flight. Completely unprovoked, just looking around. This company charges for every tiny thing and then you are greeted with rude attendants that will threaten you. Never again will I fly Frontier.

4/23/2019 R Halorna

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to New York. Usually, I‘m lazy to write reviews, but here I will. First told that my flight (#2880) is 3 hours delayed! After 3 hours waiting flight was cancelled, at 8pm! No reason was given for the cancellation. Rebooking was offered for a 3 days later flight which I obviously rejected! No refund received until now! Had to stay at hotel that night (at own costs) and flew next day, of course with another airline.

4/23/2019 S Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to Colorado Springs. We will never fly Frontier Airlines again. We boarded our plane and once everyone was on we were told that the captain would not be arriving for another two hours and we could deplane it we wanted to. This is not the first incident we have had with this airline! We have used them a few times and have run into delays or mechanical issues every single time no matter where the departure or arrival! Today was the last straw. Don’t know when we will be headed home today.

4/22/2019 Karen Blalock, Airbus A321 (321) seat 4C

Had nothing but great experience, 1st time ever flying frontier. Very helpful staff at check in

4/22/2019 T Mears

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Washington. If I could give a zero rating, I'd give Frontier all zeros. My mom booked a flight for my family and when we checked in, we paid $100 to check two bags. We get to the gate and I get a good look at the boarding passes only to realize they've separated the entire family. We're traveling with a child. I go to the ticketing counter where the agent asks me if I paid for seating. I'm a clueless traveler and I'm like really I have to pay for the seats, too? We proceeded to board and the flight attendant said she would see if she could help us sit together once the flight boarded but thanks to a series of awesome passengers, I didn't have to deal with the flight crew. They were full of attitude and fresh out of hospitality.

4/17/2019 Shawn Dickerson

Not Verified | I made an error with check on bags. Called customer service because I couldn’t cancel them on the Frontier app. They told me I couldn’t be refunded on the bags because it had been over 24 hours, 25 hours to be exact after realizing I could not cancel the carry on bags on the Frontier app. I asked if I could redo my ticket order because of the error and they told me I would have to pay $190 per person, I bought 3 tickets from Denver to Des Moines and 3 tickets from Cedar Rapids to Denver. I don’t want to pay cancellation fees and now I am stuck paying $210 for carry on bags that I will not have. At the end, the customer service lady asked if I was satisfied with the phone call. That is a joke right? Never flying Frontier again and I will make sure to tell my friends about my experience.

4/17/2019 P Kyres

✅ Trip Verified | Islip to Ft Lauderdale. One of the worst planes I’ve been in. The seats had garbage and my seat was soaking wet. The seats have no space for your legs. Definitely not worth the money paid for. However the staff was very friendly and welcoming, when I started to peacefully complain. I was told an option was to leave the plane and get out. Great way to respond to a customer.

4/17/2019 F Harrison

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Washington DCA. The good thing (and the most important) was that the flight departed and arrived on time at a resonable price. The negative points are related to service. Check in was slow and somewhat chaotic. Seat comfort and service not good and the general appearance of the aircraft not the best. Looked a bit worn out. But, Frontier delivered. I`ll fly them again.

4/15/2019 Thomas Crabtree, Airbus A320neo seat 3F

Decent stretch seating. A little hard after 2.5 hours. But much better than the standard seating. Front air much better and fresher. Easy access to lavatory. Full size try table. As opposed to the joke of a tray table you get in a standard seat! Much better and cleaner than Allegiant, Witch isn’t as bad as people make it out to be