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8/7/2012 T Ravindranath

We (5 people) travelled from GEG to DEN on 08/03/12. I was travelling with my disabled daughter in a wheelchair. During reservation I had already informed them that my daughter is in a wheelchair and cannot walk. We checked in online and after going through security arrived at gate C32. After the gate agent arrived I reminded her that we need an aisle chair. She said that as per 'normal' Frontier procedure when travelling with a wheelchair passenger I should have checked in at the counter and not online. I never saw this instruction on their website. She also mentioned that they can deny us boarding for not doing that. I did complain about this to the airline and they rewarded me the with a whopping $25 certificate per passenger that can only be used for 'future' travel on this customer un-friendly airline. Frontier provides only complementary beverage no food.

7/22/2012 D Coan

I just returned from a trip with Frontier Airlines and I hope it is the last time I need to travel with them. Unlike other reviewers we were not offered a cookie with our drink. We had a delay of 6 hours which was not Frontier's fault however people were tired. A nice gesture would have been to offer flyers a whole can of Pepsi not just the usual half ice and half drink that all airlines offer after the wait was over. Instead we had one steward who was not rude but obviously tired. Frontier like most airlines does charge. Their term for this is "excess baggage" when you check it in. It's not excess it's your luggage bag. However what I was amazed about was Frontier staff kept announcing before the flight that the flight was full and you should check your roll-on baggage before boarding. In both cases where I saw this done many people did check their roll ons and there was lots of space in the overhead bins. This was a DC to Denver to Billings MT round trip.

7/22/2012 J Bunnell

All in all pretty good experience. Flights were on time check in was smooth as were the flights. Flight attendants were great. The only cons were the planes were small and cramped especially on the Denver to Spokane leg. We paid extra for Classic Plus and felt like our knees were under our chins undoubtedly due to the aircraft type and the fact that three seats were squeezed into an area probably meant for two. We were shoulder to shoulder in the three row seating and both of us are small and thin. I imagine it would be even more miserable for people who are normal sized or a little overweight. It wasn't as bad on our return flight but it wasn't full and we had an empty seat in our row. The saving grace for Frontier at least as far as we were concerned was the courtesy of the staff at the airports and the personable flight attendants.

7/15/2012 Michael Rosenzweig

SEA-DEN-OKC-DEN-OKC. Overall service was really good. Had a huge delay from DEN-OKC due to crew scheduling issues but other 3 legs were on time. Food selection was adequate for these flight duration's but the aircraft interiors need to be refreshed. With that said seats on 3 of the 4 legs were uncomfortable due to high wear and tear. IFE was not free like Virgin America or JetBlue. It's terrible how the US airlines are charging for everything now it's getting ridiculous.

6/24/2012 Stephen G Sweet

Flight: In last month. Just returned last night to Anchorage. I used my Early Returns miles and took my family to ATL via DEN. All aspects of our trip were great on Frontier. We did takeoff 40 minutes late from DEN on our return but somehow managed to arrive 20 min's early into Anchorage. The planes were fine the service excellent and staff attitudes were quite positive. No problems and no complaints! I will fly them again soon!

6/20/2012 J Marley

Flew from La Guardia to Denver. Flight took off 40 minutes late but otherwise a pretty pleasant experience. Newish Airbus with comfortable leather seats decent legroom and direct TV screens in seatbacks. Crew was OK but unremarkable. I'd fly them again and consider them one of the better options in my market.

6/11/2012 Frank Earnest

I purchased a round trip Minneapolis to Santa Barbara 4 months in advance. I did not specifically look at the aisle seating I was assigned and 3 out of 4 legs I was seated just in front of the exit row and could not recline my seat (Row 10). 3 out of 4 legs were on an Embraer 190 which is a nice plane but no storage. Last leg on Airbus 320 had the most cramped seating I've experienced. They gate checked my bag half way through boarding letting the last 20 folks bring on their bags. When I asked the flight attendant what was going on she said they "pre-emptively" gate check bags when they have few checked bags for a full flight. Bottom line is that Frontier is not customer friendly. They will survive on price alone and they won't get my business unless I'm desperate.

4/2/2012 R Sung

LIR (Costa Rica)-DEN-LAX. Sat on the runway in CR for a 1.5 hours due to "paperwork issues". They wouldn't let us on our connecting flight (we made it 30 mins before departure) stating our luggage wouldn't make it on. They rebooked us to a United flight who charged us for luggage. Not a pleasant experience - will never fly them again.

4/1/2012 C Schmidt

Flew round trip from Minneapolis to Las Vegas via Denver. Staff very friendly and the overall experience was fantastic. I recommend upgrading to Classic Plus - it is well worth the extra money!

3/29/2012 R Wind

Flew roundtrip from Denver to San Diego return to Denver. Staff were friendly helping us with checking baggage. Boarding was easy boarded early due to no carry on bags. Flight staff friendly and efficient trying to get everyone's carry on bags stored. Seats were comfortable and had plenty of room. The TV was good had to pay for it but it was affordable. All of our bags made it to our destination. The return trip to Denver was just as pleasant the plane not very full so attendants let us change seats.

3/26/2012 M Moore

ATL-DEN. Arrived on time however the boarding ramp would not work so had to wait 30 min for technicians to fix it before we could exit the plane. On the return DEN-ATL we sat on the runway for an hour because the plane had a malfunction. Finally unloaded off the plane just to be told to wait for another to arrive in 30 min. We arrive in ATL airport to find out the shuttles have been shut down for the night and that we would have to take buses to the baggage claim. Total delay 3 hours!

3/24/2012 J Smith

My flight from DCA-MKE was delayed 1.5 hrs. In MKE my flight to DFW was cancelled due to the fact that they did not have any staff available. There were only 10 seats available on flights going to DFW for the next 2 days. Overall the worst flying experience I have had. My first and last time using this carrier.

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