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7/19/2019 Stefanus Santosa Wihardja

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Jakarta. Was seated on the second last row and the in-flight entertainment system isn't working on this 80 mins flight. I complained to the crew, she said yes the last two rows doesn't have inflight entertainment working and thus will be compensated upon landing. Upon landing we were all lied about...

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7/19/2019 H Darawan

✅ Trip Verified | Garuda from Jakarta to Pontianak used to serve hot meal and choice of drink. But now they only serve snacks inside a bag. No candies offered before take off. But the flight attendant still try to serve the passengers in a professional way. The plane is a B 737-800 NG, but the IFE is getting old fashioned on th...

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7/17/2019 P Donald

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Amsterdam to Jakarta on 13 June. I bought the ticket last minutes at the airport and the staff were so helpful. It was delayed for about 40 minutes. The cabin crew ware so nice and helpful. The amenities kit is so simple, not like Qatar, Turkish or Oman that the amenity kit looks fancy even in econo...

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7/17/2019 F Lanardes

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Singapore. I’ve gathered a lot of miles to be redeemed for this flight, Ive travel business class with them. But the warm welcome from the cabin crew always is the best from Garuda

7/17/2019 P Raynor

✅ Trip Verified | Medan to Jakarta. A small portion of food, not many drink options, just tea, coffee, water and orange juice. The IFE is not updated, basic movie and entertainment selection, freezing for 30 minutes during the flight, the screen was laggy, not responsive, the seat and window was dirty. The flight attendants were...

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7/16/2019 E Watama

✅ Trip Verified | The flight delayed about 30 minutes They take us by bus to get into the plane. At the plane, no hot towel distributed, blanket and pillow was given. Food served about 2 hours after take off. No menu was given. No alcohol drinks offered as they don't carry any alcohol on their trolley. The food consist of salad...

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7/8/2019 A Farif

✅ Trip Verified | Flight attendant not trained well for business class. Snack and food quality so low. I found entertainment boring with old movies. The headphone socket in my wife's seat broken. Tried to complain to customer service, but they refused to compensate.

7/5/2019 M Paney

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to London. While the flight was not bad (wide seats, good pitch), I am a bit disappointed. I had high expectations, which were not met - at boarding a random cabin bag search took place. Staff was unable to explain why a lighter was not allowed on-board whilst being allowed in the same flight from Heat...

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7/4/2019 S Daljaya

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Bandung. No in flight meal, only snacks on this 55 mins flight. IFE programs not updated. Dirty, old aircraft. Is it because I was flying economy, or is it because it was domestic flight?

7/2/2019 M Faikar Widjanarko

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to London on 1 June 2019. Check-in and boarding was smooth. The aircraft for the flight was a B777 with a 3-3-3 layout in economy. A blanket and small pillow are available on the seat right when you board. The seats itself are comfortable and the legroom quite spacious for economy. The load for the fli...

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6/29/2019 Dinouk Perera

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Jakarta in February. The flight staff and the food were pretty good, however Garuda lost my checked in bag. They have not been willing to compensate me nor have they helped me with any type of compensation.

6/26/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA862 Jakarta to Sorong on June 10th at 12.30am. The boarding gate 24 is located a long way from the lounge area, however there are buggies that are available for anyone to board and they will drop you off at the gate. The boarding process was straight forward as there were two gates one for Busines...

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6/12/2019 Bagus Nurul Huda

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Short haul flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Welcomed by the ground staff and cabin crew with a warm smile and greetings. Check in process were quick and nice. The staff informed me that I met the criteria of sitting on emergency exit row seat and asked my wishes. I accept the offer gla...

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6/11/2019 Pratama Yoga Nugroho

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on Business Class. The boarding process was smooth. The plane was parked in a remote area and Business Class passengers were transported from the terminal building with a special car. On board, the crew were very attentive. Their hospitality and warmth was genuine and heart-warm...

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6/6/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the 06:10am GA824 from Jakarta to Singapore. The check in experience was very good considering that it was leading up to local Eid holiday’s. I was escorted from the check area through security and immigration to the Garuda First Class lounge, even though I was on a business class ticket. The lounge as...

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6/4/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Sorong to Jakarta on GA863 on May 31st on 08:25am Flight. Priority Check in was pretty fast and the check in team were very friendly and helpful. The flight departed Sorong on schedule and arrived in Jakarta on schedule. The onboard service was very good and the cabin staff were very friendly and attentive thr...

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5/29/2019 Mika Saka

✅ Trip Verified | The cabin crew was so friendly. They always checked on me. However, the seat was broken. It can not be adjusted. I was waiting for 30 minutes to get my boarding pass printed. Because, I upgraded from economy class to business class, and it didn’t update on their system.

5/23/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA862 Jakarta to Sorong on May 17th @12:30am. The boarding gate is located a long way from the lounge area, however there are buggies available for anyone to board and they drop you off at the gate. The boarding process was orderly and there two gates one for Sky Priority members and the other for ...

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5/7/2019 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA087 London to Jakarta via Denpasar. The flight was delayed departing London by over 1 hour due to air traffic congestion. After take off I was able to get a good sleep as the seats are very comfortable and fold flat. When I awoke I had the cabin crew offering meals and drinks. The cabin crew infli...

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5/3/2019 Hyo Rim Hwang

✅ Trip Verified | So first of all Garuda Indonesia departure gate was in Terminal 3 which is a plus rather than departing from the other terminal(1 &2). Welcomed by the cabin crew with a warm smile and greetings, Candy and Newspaper were provided. So, unfortunately I sat in the middle because apparently the window seats are all...

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