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9/7/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Makassar to Jakarta. The flight itself was very good and was the service onboard, however the boarding process in Makassar was chaotic to see the least. However once onboard the Cabin Crew took over and the service was very good including the meal serviced. Upon arrival in Jakarta there was the Garuda meet and...

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8/26/2018 Ömer Yazıcı

Not Verified | Denpasar to Jakarta. Crew and beverage excellent. Seats, cleanliness, in flight entertainment all excellent. Check-in desk and boarding - very well. Crew members are very polite and kind.

8/24/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | London to Jakarta. Check in location in Heathrow Terminal-3 is in a remote location, however the Garuda Indonesia London based staff make you feel special with their warm welcome, it like meeting old friends. The boarding process was good and I was welcomed on board by the smiling Garuda cabin crew who guided ...

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8/18/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to London on GA 086 and check-in and boarding were painless and in particular, boarding was very well organised. The flight departed Jakarta on schedule and arrived in London ahead of schedule. The usual charming Garuda hostesses in traditional dress with welcoming smiles and ready to help and assist. ...

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8/15/2018 Gyan Fernando

✅ Trip Verified | A domestic flight from Jakarta to Denpasar, boarding was a bit rough with no help from ground staff. The cabin was clean and fine and legroom was adequate for a short flight. The cabin staff were nice but I found them to be robotic. Food was fine for a short flight but there was no alcohol.

7/31/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Jakarta on GA823. The check in process was ok, however as Garuda uses Dnata as their check in agent in Singapore you do not get the normal Garuda Indonesia warm welcome. The plane was parked in a remote location, therefore we had to board a bus to get to the plane. The actual boarding process was ...

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7/29/2018 D Dier

✅ Trip Verified | My bag arrived a day late, and they did not deliver it to my hotel as promised. But the worst part is their Customer Service which doesn't even deserve that name: Several Emails were unanswered for weeks and on the phone I was promised compensation after waiting for 30 minutes so they could check out my case. ...

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7/29/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA823 morning flight from Jakarta to Singapore. Check in was fast and efficient and using the SKY Priority lane going through security and immigration help speed up the process. Plane pushed back ahead of schedule and we had a short holding time for take off, however landed in Singapore on schedule...

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7/26/2018 I Navaga

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Namu to Jakarta. the flight was rescheduled twice and I have to fight with the airport ground staff to be returned to my original flight since I was travelling with friends. The food was okay and the service of staff were great but the selection of food and beverages must be improved.

7/25/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 46A

It isn´t as bad as they say. The lavatories and galleys aren´t loud or something it is okay! I flow from Singapore to Jakarta and it was one of my best flights.

7/20/2018 Cassandra Charlesworth

Not Verified | Sydney to Denpasar. My Husband and I were very happy with this flight! Easy check-in, nice staff, very comfy seats and fairly spacious too for Eco. Smooth flight, bags undamaged. Overall very happy and we are flying with them again this year to Bali once again. However we are slightly disappointed with our upcomi...

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7/20/2018 Andrew Venning

✅ Trip Verified | The departure out of MEL was delayed by almost an hour because of the late arrival of the incoming flight. This delay caused us to make a dash to the connecting LHR flight in JAK. With 30 or so passengers making the connection, Garuda did the right thing by delaying the departure of Flight GA86 to LHR and escor...

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7/17/2018 Oliver Khaw

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Jakarta. I fly this sector on a weekly basis with Garuda Indonesia. What the airline has going for them are the very friendly and helpful flight attendants, reasonably comfortable seats for the 1.5 hour flight, good benefits for their Gold and Platinum tier frequent fliers (lounge access, prio...

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7/11/2018 D Macaran

✅ Trip Verified | At the DPS Priority check-in despite there being 4 positions, only 2 counters were open, with other staff just hanging around, and I went across to the general check-in area. Whilst flight attendants are pleasant & helpful, the meals tend to be the same items rotated and there were no longer any moist towelett...

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7/7/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA087 from London to Jakarta on July 5th with my daughter. Check in opened at 17:50pm for our 21:45pm flight. The check in process was fast and efficient and then the Garuda Ground Support Staff escorted us to the Lounge via fast track. The lounge was very busy, however, the lounge staff were very h...

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7/2/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | GA086 from Jakarta to London on June 28th with my daughter. Garuda arranged an early morning pick up to take us to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport we were met by the Garuda Ground Support Staff who helped us check-in, go through immigration and into the Lounge in a fast and efficient manner. The se...

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6/30/2018 Steven Altham

✅ Trip Verified | I'm a One World FF (Qantas) but Qantas does not fly to Bali from Perth, and the only business class services are Garuda (full service) or Batik (LCC). In any event Garuda is a well-deserved Skytrax 5 Star airline v Qantas 4 Star. Garuda staff are excellent - check-in was flawless, off to the lounge (ironically...

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6/26/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | London to Jakarta on June 23rd and the check-in service at Heathrow T3 was quick and professional and the Garuda Ground Staff assisted me through security checks and into the lounge. The lounge itself quite was busy, however the staff were very helpful and friendly. When it came time to board the Garuda Ground...

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6/20/2018 D Maylin

✅ Trip Verified | The flight had just 3 passengers in business class – my two sons and me. The flight attendants were friendly, but service was not great as they tended to spend a lot of time in the galley. With such a small number of passengers, they should have been more visible in the cabin & I should not have had to use the...

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6/19/2018 Niko Cannisius

Not Verified | Jakarta to Denpasar return. I'm really impressed with the cabin crew, they are very care and attentive to us especially DPS-CGK, with GA407 on 17 June 2018. And the ground staff also delivered us into terminal ultimate 3 arrival area and waited me until I gathered all my baggage completely. Thanks Garuda Indones...

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