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6/19/2018 A McKay

✅ Trip Verified | This was quite an uneventful flight as the passenger load was quite light. I noticed the flight attendants didn’t seem to smile very much. The food on this domestic flight is not very exciting and not very healthy – a bread roll stuffed with a sausage, a small pack of nuts, 3 pieces of candy anf a bottle of wa...

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6/18/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew June 16th Jakarta to London on GA86. I arrived on a domestic flight from Bali and the Garuda Ground staff were on hand to assist me from the domestic to international within Terminal-3. I had already received my boarding card and my luggage had already been checked through from Bali to London. In Jakarta ...

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6/18/2018 A Madry

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Denpasar. Being a Garuda Platinum/SkyTeam Elite Plus member provides little benefit. The front row of seat is available for Platinum members, if the seat is available, however it seems that many of these seats are under airport control. On this flight I queried the check-in agent at my originating ...

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6/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 26A

Average seat pitch, not bad for flight below 2hr. Windowless window seat was a turn off! I didn't think the airline provides that information on their website about windowless window seat. My mistake was that I didn't check Seat Guru and I didn't book this flight myself.

6/17/2018 Jonathan (John) Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on the GA0404 to Denpasar on Jun 14th and the check in service was quite quick considering that the airport was very busy with many people going back to their home towns for Eid Al Fitri. Security was also fast and efficient and I was able to get to the lounge very quickly. Boarding was well controlled an...

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6/11/2018 Jonathan (John) Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Singapore to Jakarta on GA823. Check in at Singapore was not a pleasant experience as it seems that the ground staff really don't care and never smile. It seems that them having to check passengers in a is a major chore. Although the plane was parked at a remote stand and we had to take a bus to the plane ...

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6/11/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Singapore on GA824. Check in at Jakarta was fast and efficient and I was helped through the process including immigration by the Garuda ground support staff, who then took me straight to the lounge. The boarding process was well controlled and orderly. The flight left the gate on schedule, however w...

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6/10/2018 M Zischke

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Denpasar. My food had no taste. A few minutes after take off they show 5 minutes of commercials, you can't turn off the screen, sound comes via headset and PA on night flights. Staff tries to be nice and seat spacing is ok, but the airline is not worth a premium.

6/6/2018 John P, ATR 72-600 (ATR) seat 22A

22A/K has a good view ahead of the engine. For leg room, I preferred the second row (22) because your legs can stretch under seat in front of you (as long as you don’t have a bag down there), whereas the first row (21) has a wall which restricts leg room (even though it’s marked “green” on here).

5/23/2018 S Derpin

✅ Trip Verified | I booked and paid for a direct flight from Manado to Denpasar in January 2018. then in April I got an automated mail that my direct flight had been cancelled and switched in a flight to Jakarta followed by a flight to DPS, adding almost 3 hours of extra travel. No apology, nothing. When I complained to Garuda...

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5/22/2018 T Chang

✅ Trip Verified | The meals on this sector were of 3 choices and they look pretty bland and standard. Salt and pepper not provided unless you asked cabin crew to provide and took them a long time to hand with a form of sachets which is weird as you fly business class and they don't pay attention to small matters like this. The...

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5/7/2018 Sandy Veans

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Singapore. The flight was delayed and we ended up wWaiting for much longer then what was communicated. The gate moved across to the other side of the terminal at the last minute.

4/28/2018 P Davis

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Jakarta. Garuda Indonesia is an airline that since couple years has been trying their best to become better, or so I heard. After many years I chose this airline again even though compared to cheap airlines this one costs more than double. And my experience is only delays and average service. The e...

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4/27/2018 S Allberg

✅ Trip Verified | London to Sydney via Jakarta. While the quality of the service in the air is good, on the ground it is bad. They outsource their ground staff at Heathrow to DNata, who couldn't care less. My wife was one kilo over in business class and the woman behind the counter was incredibly rude. They advertise business p...

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4/23/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from London Heathrow to Jakarta on GA 087 April 17th and the check in process was very fast and efficient. The Garuda team at Heathrow had someone on hand to take me through Fast Track to the lounge. When it came time for boarding the ground support team were again on hand to escort me to the aircraft. The...

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4/22/2018 A McKay

✅ Trip Verified | There were no real problems with this flight, however it amazes me that the male pursers seem not to be very engaged. I think the only words he said to me during the flight were welcome onboard, when I boarded the aircraft. The purser should set the standard. He (she) should come to each pax at the commencement...

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4/14/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Jakarta to London on GA 86 April 12, 2018. Garuda had arranged a car to pick up me. Upon arrival at Jakarta Terminal 3 the Garuda First-Class ground support team were waiting for me. They helped check me in and, then took me through immigration and straight into the lounge. There was a very good sele...

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4/10/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Singapore to Jakarta on April 7th on the 07:25 flight. The check in process was straight forward, however very formal no smiles. Garuda Indonesia uses the Dnata lounge in Singapore Airport T3. The lounge itself is good and has a broad selection of food and drinks. We had to take a bus to board the pl...

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4/9/2018 Dineshchandra Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Garuda Indonesia from Melbourne to London Heathrow via Jakarta. The service from the time you check in to your arrival at your destination is first class. The ground staff and the cabin crew are just wonderful. They go an extra mile to please the customer. Champagne is served as soon as one boards the airc...

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4/7/2018 Jonathan Rodden

✅ Trip Verified | GA404 from Jakarta to Singapore on April 5th. Check-in was fast and efficient as was the immigration process. The Garuda Lounge has a broad selection of snacks and drinks and is located close to the boarding gate. The flight itself was good and there were 3 selections of different food and quality and presenta...

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