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9/2/2018 Mandy Sugden

Not Verified | This airline drives me insane! I often travel at short notice and take my small dog. When booked through an agent online there is no facility to book and pay for my dog. I call and when I manage to finally speak to someone I have missed the 48 hours notice for pet in cabin which agents do not specify on their sites. Long story short they dont reply quickly to emails nor calls so now I have to take pot luck and take my dog to the airport with me and chance it that can pay and board the flight with him. If I cant I have to return without taking my flight, unhelpful responses and wont be booking with Germania again.

8/20/2018 K Garmann

✅ Trip Verified | Keflavik to Dresden. Germania isn't a great airline. I barely fit in the seat(Im 6'2). Check in starts 2 hours before departure- which sucked because all the shops were after security. Online Check-in didn't work. But the staff was nice and the ticket was cheap. I recommend if you are under 6 feet tall and plan accordingly.

7/12/2018 Manuell Gauding

Not Verified | Dusseldorf to Sharm el Sheikh. I checked in at 6:15 in the morning and the line was already very long. There were two check in counters for the flight but only one was open. It took nearly half an hour until the second staff member came and opened the second counter. When I got to the counter to check myself in the check in staff informed me that the aircraft type had changed and that the seat that I had paid extra for was not available anymore as it did not exist on this aircraft type. An A319 was the original planned aircraft but a A321 was actually being used for this flight. So I told the staff member to provide me with a similar seat somewhere else on the aircraft. According to her she gave me a seat with extra legroom as I am over 2 meters tall that is what I always need and that is what I had paid for. When I got onto the aircraft she had assigned me a normal seat not an extra legroom seat. Luckily the plane was only half full and therefore the crew changed me on a extra legroom seat straight away as I could proof that that is what I already had paid for. The crew was very friendly and caring. The plane arrived on time and I received my luggage very quickly as well.

7/12/2018 Manuell Gauding

Not Verified | Sharm el Sheikh to Dusseldorf. When I got to the airport I found out that my flight was delayed by 50 minutes. I had asked the ground staff to please check my luggage through to Hamburg as I had a connecting flight with Eurowings from Dusseldorf. The agent informed me that he could easily check me through but he would need the permission from Germania. He wrote an email to them and so I had to wait about 45 minutes until he had shown me their response. The response stated that they had no agreement with Eurowings and that I would need to pick up my luggage and check it in with them again. As the flight was already delayed by 50 minutes I would miss my connecting flight in Dusseldorf to Hamburg. When I had arrived in Dusseldorf I had found out that my luggage was not carried on my flight. Lucky me my connecting flight was cancelled. Theoretically the Ground Service does not even deserve a one star rating. The Crew on the other side was very friendly and provided great service. Seat on the aircraft was very comfortable and I had enough space for my legs as well.

2/28/2018 Faryad Kashef

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Tehran. They do not have have online check in from selected airports. This means, if for any reasons (like a delayed train in my case), you don't make it to the manual check-in, you will miss the flight for sure and there is simply no one to reply to your messages. I was at the airport 40 minutes before the flight and all of the counters were closed. If they had online check-in like any other modern airline, I could board the plane. I sent them an email and politely asked about the missed-flight options and possible refunds. Not a single line of reply even after sending a follow-up after a month. Also their Austrian phone number is not their number at all. You can check it.

12/10/2017 Alexander Fischer

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Hurghada. It was the first time, I am flown with Germania. It was a good choice after Air Berlin terminated service on this route. They offer free baggage (20 kg), a complimentary hot meal and three legs of complimentary non alcoholic hot or cold drinks on this 04:30 hrs trip. If the flight is booked more, you have the possibility to upgrade to an extra legroom seat containing up to 30 inch more legroom, head phones and one beer/whine. Flight attendants were very friendly and caring all the flight. One documentary and one movie were shown on overhead screens. But if you are not interested in their IFE, bring your own device. Check-In was a bit confusing because they tell that your seat is advised automatically which I believe is not the truth. There were many free seats. Therfore this was not a problem but would be, if this flight have been more crowded. All in all a very good price service ratio.

8/29/2017 Jim McGregor

✅ Verified Review | Athens to Nuremburg. First time I had used (or heard of) this airline and as it was a very late booking I had little choice. The experience was very pleasant. The plane was modern, clean, good legroom, comfortable seats. The cabin staff were young, polite and well dressed. Plane was delayed after boarding for 10 minutes due to air traffic control and we were informed by pilot who did his best to make up the time. They are pretty strict on hand baggage. I have sat on many planes that have been delayed due to excess hand luggage which had to be transferred into the hold. This plane loaded very quickly due to one person one bag policy. If I have one criticism it would be that there is no online check in system. I rarely travel with hold luggage so to have to line up with fellow passengers who had cases was a bit of a pain. If however like the majority of passengers you are checking in hold luggage then it is probably not such an issue.

7/22/2017 Susanne Geissler

✅ Verified Review | Palma de Mallorca to Zurich. For the first time we used today Germania and I have to say I didnt have much expectations. So we were completely positively surprised: very friendly and warm service, good and professional atmosphere and even the captain was outstanding nice and informed the guest several times about the route etc. Will definitely book Germania again!

7/10/2017 K Badil

✅ Verified Review | Our Germania direct flight from Beirut to Munich was cancelled and changed to Dusseldorf Airport without informing us, The staff of Germania promised that an airplane will take us from Dusseldorf to Munich. However, no airplane, but a bus ride of 8 hours.

6/29/2017 Bilal Al Mokaddem

✅ Verified Review | Beirut to Munich. This is the worst airline I travelled with. I was with my family on vacation in Beirut and our flight back to Germany was on 26th June 2017. We got to the airport and found long que on boarding. The team simply said that the flight is cancelled to Munich and through Düsseldorf we have to send you. They promised and assured that a flight will be waiting for us there and will take us to Munich for this reason more than 70 Passengers accepted with them. Upon arrival to Düsseldorf, the Flygermania staff there did not know the flight was cancelled and let us wait more than 2 hours to come with a solution that they can only send us with busses. Which means more than 8 hours drive (without trafic). Additionally in Beirut the Flygermania team said that your lugages will be sent directly to Munich, We ended up finding our lugages thrown near belt 20 at the end of Düsseldorf Airport. We thought of flying directly from Munich to Beirut and to save a bit, we ended up paying more than business class ticket.

5/20/2017 L Marim

✅ Verified Review | Dusseldorf to Beirut. We were supposed to go from Dusseldorf to Beirut on May 17th at 21.10 with Germania. At the gate we took a bus to the airplane. While transfering us the bus hit a cement poll and we had to wait for another bus to take us. On the plane we waited around 30 minutes then we were asked to go back to the bus because of a technical problem and to wait in the bus. Once in the bus, they took us back to the airport where no one from Germania was present to guide us. We re-entered Germany by cancelling our Exit and were asked to go to the baggage belt. There the steward came to inform us that there will not be any flight tonight and that they wont take us to hotels, instead we will sleep in the airport and that there might be a plane the next day but this isnt confirmed. After that the airport security brought camping bags and gave each one a 15 Euros voucher for a McDonald's meal. Then everyone from Germania and the aiport staff dissapeared. At 6am in the morning we called the airport staff asking if there were any flights and they asked us to go to the check in for a flight at 8.10. As a summary, I have never ever been treated this way. We were left to sleep in the airport like animals. The way they treated us was unacceptable. It's the first and last time I will use this airline.

3/27/2017 M Rotter

❎ Unverified | Friedrichshafen to Gran Canaria. Flight was cancelled due to a desert storm in Egypt so they said there's no aircraft at Friedrichshafen. So they took us to Zurich by coach. New airplane, old reservation unvalid of course. We then arrived 3 hours delayed at Las Palmas with Germania Swiss. When we ask them about compensation and demages they just said it's another carrier and the desert storm has been a higher force. However, staff and food was good. Flight back was also delayed about one hour. We should have chosen Lufthansa from Munich!

9/21/2016 Laura Trott

Flew out to Corfu in September using Germania. Never flown with them before. Nice airline, very prompt both going out and returning. Good service throughout, helpful cabin crew. Film for the flight and complimentary meal and drinks which was unexpected. Very good flight prices. Will definitely look to flying with them again. Only downside no online check in service which at present. Hope they will have that soon.

4/22/2016 A Ni Dhomhnaill

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Tromso with Germania. First time my husband and I flew with this airline. Aircraft was comfortable and clean and punctual. We paid £25 each at checkin for extra legroom seats,the only passengers to do so. We would not recommend paying this though as our experience was that once onboard the aircraft extra legroom seats were freely available. We witnessed one passenger shortly after takeoff sit in an extra legroom seat across from us! The airline refused to refund us and the CEO will not deal directly with passenger complaints.

4/5/2016 Benny Attar

✅ Verified Review | Tel Aviv to Hamburg with Germania. For a low cost, no frills airline service was quite good. Standard seats, reasonably comfortable, aircraft looked new. In flight entertainment limited to 1 movie, and you have to pay for earphones or bring your own - my standard earphones were not compatible with the system. Same movie inbound and outbound, from overhead screens. A so-called meal was served, which was a vegetarian pasta dish overloaded with basil - not a real substitue for lunch - but soft drinks were continuously offered. Overall, a pleasant flight. They have a 6kg weight limit for carry-on baggage, which wasn't checked outbound from TLV, but was checked at Hamburg, where only one check-in counter was operating. Seats do not recline.

4/3/2016 Karim Lankarany

✅ Verified Review | Picked Germania because they offer the only nonstop connection between Berlin Schönefeld and Teheran. The plane was in very good condition. Legroom was ok compared to other low-cost airlines but still pretty tight for a 5 hour flight. Service was very good with three rounds of free non-alcoholic drinks, a warm meal and a cake along with coffee. They also offered free magazines and newspapers to everybody. Inflight entertainment consistent of maps and one movie. The crew was friendly and the flight almost in time. I would definitely choose Germania again, as they offer good value for money!

2/13/2016 R Burton

Flew Germania from Birmingham to Chambery for ski holiday, outbound flight 2 hours late departure, due to passenger congestion at Chambery causing flight to miss slot, then the return journey 5.5 hour delay due to fog in Chambery. The return delay was puzzling as ours should have been the second flight to leave Chambery but ended up way later than other airline's flights. BA from London City, Thomson from LGW had all arrived and departed before ours had left LGW, it's starting point. (The routing was, I believe LGW - Chambery - BHX - Chambery - LGW). The seat spacing was the worst I have encountered in many years and the aircraft had a general uncared for appearance. The crew were friendly enough and provided a basic service, but the food and drink offering was expensive and basic. I get the feeling Germania are being run on a very tight operating budget, with aircraft scheduled for tight turnarounds. I suspect our aircraft was commandeered to cover another flight out of LGW at the start of the day due to early bad weather in Chambery, resulting in us waiting for another aircraft hours after the fog had cleared. All other flights had delays, but only an hour or so. Overall, I will avoid Germania at all costs in the future.

9/15/2015 Kelvin Leigh

The flight from Gatwick to Skiathos was 1 hour late taking off which was irritating but not a disaster.The return journey was of a 6 hour duration which was as shown on the ticket except that having taken off from Skiathos we travelled to Thessaloniki for refuelling - then announced there was a delay at Gatwick which meant a 30 minute further delay. After 30 minutes a further 25 minute delay. We were left without a drink for 5 hours, the crew citing equipment breakdown etc. All of the time the Captain was appologising for the delays but on the approach and landing announced that we had arrived on time. Is this because it costs more to deplane people rather them keeping them in the refuelling area? I will never fly with Germania again.

8/12/2015 M Kleine

Nice aircraft interior with moodlighting. Seats narrow (my guess 30" pitch), however unbeatable value for money on the only direct link between Berlin and Tehran. A warm meal is included, but it is rather small portion. Soft drinks and hot drinks served three times on this 5 hour flight. Alcoholic drinks available for sale. Entertainment is available via overhead screens, which means no choice in what to watch. You need to play for headphones and for blankets as well.

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