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10/21/2015 Dan Allen

Hannover to Rome. At the airport we had a very smooth transition to the gate (took 20 minutes). Then we left, everything was on time and actually arrived 20 minutes early. Inflight cabin staff served small sandwiches and water. Even though this was only a 2 hour flight the cabin staff came several times to give out beverages. I enjoy Germanwings clean cabin and low prices. As a budget airline I was not expecting a lot, but friendly cabin staff interacted with kids and gave a relaxed flight.

10/16/2015 Brian McNamee

We flew with Germanwings (or tried to) on September 30th. After two lengthy delays passengers were notified that the flight was cancelled and to return to the check-in counter for further information. After waiting at the counter for another 30 minutes or so, staff began issuing refunds or providing alternate travel options to passengers. By this point it was quite late in the evening with limited options (plus we were 5+ hours after planned departure). We managed to get a voucher with 3 other passenger to get a flight from Stuttgart to Zurich with an ongoing connection to Amsterdam (flights were with Swiss). We made the flight and the connector (which was held back waiting for about 70 of us) however luggage did not make it. Short of this is the airline was ill-prepared to manage this. They offered little information or options to passengers. since returning home I have been attempting to contact them via email and phone calls to discuss compensation per passenger rights brochure and they have been unresponsive. Not a good way to run a business.

10/15/2015 Joseph Goodrich

Very impressed with Germanwings. The flight was punctual, crew was professional and polite. I traveled Smart economy. Boarding was quick and efficient. The aircraft was clean, the Lavs were spotless. There was good legroom and we were given a choice of beverages and substantial snack. The arrival was ontime, and luggage was delivered promptly.

10/4/2015 L Mouratidou

I am less than impressed with Germanwings service to say the least. On my first connection to Hamburg the stewardess has told us that we could have some water for free, while everything has to be charged. During my second connection from Hamburg to London I was refused some water, despite being pregnant and not feeling well. I find this disgusting, the fact that a passenger will not be offered water if they're unwell, and will not be looked after in any way. Needless to say the stewards would only be nice to the passengers who have also booked their on board meals or bought on board drinks.

9/21/2015 H Mutschler

Flew from Palma de Mallorca to Cologne with Germanwings. Check-in was done in less than 15 minutes, we got seats in row 6 which were fine. Planes were late as always due to incoming plane being late, that is a general problem with Germanwings when you fly later in the day. There was no entertainment whatsoever and the service crew were friendly but nothing more. They charge you EUR 2,50 for 250ml a soft drink like Coke or Sprite, so we paid EUR 5 for two cans, that make EUR 10 for a litre. Nothing else was offered, so nothing special. No miles were credited, even as a miles and more member.

9/20/2015 Oliver Numrich

Good flight from Berlin-Tegel to London Heathrow, no problems or delays, very friendly staff. Delay on our flight back to Berlin wasn't on behaf of Germanwings. I always choose Germanwings because of that bigger legroom on the "Smart Fare".

9/14/2015 Andreas Huettenhoelscher

I don't get why Germanwings is always late and on top offers such bad service. How is it possible that the ground staff makes an anouncement about late departure due to late arrival of an airplane 5 minutes before the official boarding time? Wherever the plane came from it should be possible that the pilot contacts the ground staff at the point of destination the minute they leave with delay and from that time onwards it should be possible to calculate very clearly when the plane should arrive.

9/9/2015 L Turner

We were delayed 5 hours in Istanbul and received a sandwich on the plane as compensation. Told by the cabin crew that many planes were delayed due to technical problems that day so we would definitely catch our transit flight to London. Arrived Dusseldorf, no information given, transit closed. Eventually told to go to Lufthansa ticket desk where we joined a long queue for about 2 hours. Eventually told "no flights tonight, maybe one on Monday" (2days later). Lufthansa and Germanwings staff didn't seem to know who was doing what. Came back to ticket desk at 5am next morning and given overbooked standby ticket for 4 hours later. We made a fuss and insisted on getting a seat (otherwise we would have taken the train). We were given a seat but suspect that others were "bumped down" by Germanwings who were prioritising based on who made the biggest noise. Bad karma probably meant our flight took off but had to turn back to Dusseldorf due to more technical problems so we went round the same circle again - delay, no communication. This time we ran across the airport to the now familiar ticket desk where we were given tickets to London via Munich. Arrived home 39 hours after we left Istanbul, vowing never to book Germanwings again. Flight out with Turkish Airlines was a dream, should have booked return trip. Had to pay extra for Germanwings luggage which wasn't clear through Opodo the booking agent.

9/9/2015 Jay Martin

Easy Check-In at Düsseldorf. The Germanwings flight was on time. Seats good for a low-cost airline. The food was terrible and expensive. The normal Ticket price excludes luggage, and for including luggage check-in you have to pay extra money. Staff were friendly.

9/6/2015 Jacky Russell

Checked in at Dusseldorf for our Germanwings flight, and check in person asked whether we were a cancellation from yesterday. We said no, thinking it an odd question. Twenty minutes into the flight an apparent technical fault meant we had to turn back. Landed, but no bus to take us to the terminal for a good twenty minutes. Informed once inside that the flight was cancelled. Told to collect baggage and go to Lufthansa desk in departures. The queue there was enormous, approximately 60 people in front of us, and thirty behind. Waited for 3.5 hours in this queue. No explanations, no offers of help, no refreshments - nothing. Got to front and options left were either take a taxi to Cologne and flight to Stansted the same evening, or stay over till the next day. We are sitting in Cologne departures. The Manchester flight has a one hour delay and the Hamburg flight is cancelled. If we get out of here tonight it will be a miracle. Partner has already driven three hours to Heathrow, and now has a 300 mile round trip to collect us from Stansted.

9/5/2015 Mark A, Airbus A319 (319) v2 seat 3F

Seat 3F is classed as a 'Best Seat', and I have to say, it's one of the best seats I've ever experienced on an single aisle Airbus! Legroom was well worth the extra £10 or so, which also included a snack and a drink, and the position of the windows in the seat meant you had 2, one providing a view forwards outside of the aircraft, and the other looking back towards the engine and the wing. I would definalty recommend this seat to anyone flying with Germanwings in the future!

9/5/2015 Mark A, Bombardier CRJ900 seat 21F

3rd time I have chosen this seat on the CRJ, and every time it pleases me. Great windows, great legroom, brilliant aircraft.

8/31/2015 Ralf-Peter Weber

This Germanwings flight should take off as scheduled, but plane wasn't ready. We had to stay in the Transfer bus for 45 minutes (without Air conditioning) in Düsseldorf. Then the bus drove back to the plane and the bus driver was so kind to open the doors and we waited another 25 minutes before we could enter the plane. Overall delay in Heathrow about 1:30 minutes as the plane also missed it's Slot. The gate in Heathrow was closed so we couldn't enter the terminal building.

8/25/2015 Andrew Jerome

Germanwings is a very mediocre airline. Compared to Lufthansa, their standards are quite low. They are not terrible or anything, but their food product is the worst.

8/15/2015 Nigel Goodman

I am Senator on Lufthansa so I fly a lot. Flying Germanwings Smart fare (Euro 18 for a sandwich), first drink is free but I was asked to pay Euro 2.50 for the second drink (water). When I said I fly every week on this GermanWings and its always free I was told by Purser that now they have to charge due to a management crack down. Germanwings is not a cheap airline on prices but is a very poor spin off from Lufthansa. And they don't value passengers who fly a lot.

7/30/2015 Nigel Tansley

Flight on time, booked smart fare which gave Extra Legroom seat, snack/drink and 23kg of hold luggage for a very good price. Cabin very clean, comfortable seat with plenty of legroom (I am 6'4" tall). Very efficient and pleasant cabin crew.

7/2/2015 R Schulze

The flight was delayed by 6 hours, allegedly because of a radar system failure at Rome Fiumicino airport. Strangely, only the Germanwings flight to Berlin was affected, Air Berlin left on time. Delays can happen, but the complete lack of information and assistance was not acceptable. No ground staff was available, phone calls to Germanwings were not answered. No meal voucher was offered. To add insult to injury, access to Star Alliance lounges is denied to Gold members outside Germany when you travel with Germanwings because they are a Lufthansa subsidiary but not a member of Star Alliance. The flight itself was smooth, but no inflight entertainment whatsoever. For the same price, Air Berlin offers much better value. Will not travel Germanwings again.

6/19/2015 H Skopek

My wife and I were checking in our luggage for our flight from Hamburg to Geneva when a person who identified himself as the “enforcer” (his term) approached us and informed me that I had to also check in my carry-on. This was a surprise since it was below Germanwings allowable size. The enforcer instructed the ticket agent to weigh my carry-on. Unfortunately, it did exceed the 8kg weight limit. My only option was to remove excess weight, which I did. I removed clothing and gifts until I reached the 8 kg limit and placed them in the garbage pail provided by the ticket agent. I believe in following rules, but they need to be clearly indicated and consistently applied. This experience was in itself unpleasant. We checked in an extra piece of luggage and had to go to another agent to pay a 75 euro surcharge. However, we were informed that the surcharge would be 150 Euros for 2 pieces of luggage. The 2 agents communicated by phone and eventually discovered that we had erroneously been charged for an extra suitcase.

5/31/2015 B Diener

4U7779 and 4U7778 May16 and May 26 PRG-HAM-PRG economy class. A decent low cost option for short flights within Europe. If you want to get from A to B in a cost efficient manner it's an alternative. Flights would've left on time if it wouldn't have taken the flight attendants almost 10 minutes to get a passenger to finally stop talking on his cell phone thus delaying the safety instructions. The in-flight magazine is the worst I've ever seen. It's full of advertisements. Although I didn't order anything the prices for beverages and snacks seem to be the same as on other low cost carriers.

5/28/2015 Eelco van den Heuvel

DUS-GVA-DUS. Operated by Eurowings on CRJ 900. Comfortable small plane because of the 2-2 seating. 45 mins delay on outbound flight 30 mins on inbound hence the 7 for trip satisfaction. Mostly friendly crew and good catering for short flight. Booked smart class so got a sandwich chocolate bar water and a drink. Paid 196 euro for 2 including seat reservation catering and two bags for a return flight which is a bargain.