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5/22/2015 H Mutschler

Flew Best Class from Hamburg to Cologne. Best is not business but it is a best Germanwings has to offer. You sit in row 1 to 3 and the middle seat is free so there is maximum of 12 travellers. You have access to LH lounge which is full in Hamburg Airport. There is a choice of finger food salat nuts and gummibears as well as hot and cold drinks beer wine and spirits. Boarding with priority. Was a little surprised by the food you get on board you can choose from the Germanwings card whatever you want for free if it is loaded. The best thing was the flight attendant who was nice and very friendly. She addressed everybody by name and was professional. At Cologne it took ages again until baggage arrived so no priority for our bags. This was my first Best-Class with Germanwings would fly them in this class again but I do prefer LH instead if it is possible.

5/8/2015 J Eggers

Germanwings 9038 DUS-HAM May 6 yet another delay (and hopefully no cancellation to follow as it happens so often). The replacement of Lufthansa services that do not connect via Frankfurt or Munich with Germanwings has in my view turned out as a major downgrade. Aircraft layout (different seat pitch in economy in one and the same aircraft) and classes (no business class offering but instead a section labelled "best") seem quite incoherent. Delays are frequent sometimes with subsequent cancellations without explanations from unwelcoming ground staff. Miles & More status is worth less than on LH (no fast lane no lounge). It is as close to a true low cost carrier as LH could get. Luckily there are some routes left where you get to choose (e.g. on HAM-ZRH Swiss operates some proper flights).

5/1/2015 H Mutschler

CGN to HAM Airbus 320. Booked economy class I checked in early and my checked bag was a little overweight it had 24 kg since I booked my ticket via Lufthansa where I have a 23kg bag free. Staff made me take out one kilo out at the desk and I had a piece of hand luggage again since I had originally put my hand luggage into my checked bag as I did not want to have it with my on the flight. Flight was OK crew were nice. Only downturn was the nitpicking at the check-in.

2/24/2015 Giacomo Cama

I flew from Bologna to Berlin in February with Germanwings A319 the flight was on time no free food or drinks on board and very kind hostess. The seats were a bit small and a bit uncomfortable the plane and the toilet were very clean. When I returned back to Italy the flight was 60 mins delayed it was operated by The food and drinks on board were free this time but the food was not very tasty. The seats a bit better (Bigger) but the plane was not clean. Overall it was a normal flight.

1/26/2015 M Tobin

DUS-PRG. Best value for your $$ when it comes to short haul flights. Short wait at check in staff at desk/flight crew were friendly helpful and outgoing seats had surprisingly more room than I expected and luggage was on the carousel quickly.

1/5/2015 M Bracey

LHR-Berlin 29 December - an hour late leaving and on board staff did nothing to hurry up the boarding process. Virtually zero legroom in 'Basic' which might have been OK but the seats in front reclined. Returned 1 January and even that was 20 minutes late taking off and staff once again had a couldn't care less attitude during the board process. Cheap but cheerless.

1/5/2015 J Tinning

13th December from Heathrow T2 to Vienna via Cologne. Really good crew and comfortable cabin for such a short flight. Transfer in Cologne/Bonn was easy and Germanwings agents very good. From Cologne to Vienna the flight was not so busy and seats were free. Another good crew and great flight. As you should expect in flight beverages not cheap. However the 3 fare types - basic: no free refreshments hand luggage only smart: checked bag included free refreshments (sandwich 2 drinks) best: different cabin checked bag unlimited free refreshments - is a good effective system. Cheap fares good airline will use again.

12/31/2014 R Brandenburg

Just one hop from Berlin TXL to Paris CDG on early Saturday morning. Departure delayed by more than 20 minutes because the nighty ice on the planewings had to be removed first. But nevertheless arrival in time! Very good value for money booking and checking-in via internet were a breeze staff friendly bought aboard a tasty sandwich and blacked water called coffee seating comfort quite fine but also depending on your neighbours in front and behind. Overall a good impression felt more like on Lufthansa than on a cheap carrier. I like the new design very much!

12/22/2014 Tony Quinn

LHR-STR-LHR. First time using GW and was quite impressed. Price was good (especially as it was from Heathrow). Plane was fine and as we had a "Smart" fare we got 32 inch leg room and a 23 kg bag which was excellent. Seats were the modern "thin" style which was OK for such a short flight but I'm not sure I'd like to do more than two hours. Staff on both flights were efficient rather than friendly which they probably needed to be on such a short flight. The smart fare also included a a drink and a snack and to be honest I wish they hadn't bothered because it was quite definitely the worst inflight meal I have had in over 40 years of flying. The "snack" consisted of a sandwich of turkey in soggy brown bread which was totally inedible a small bottle of water and a tiny Toblerone chocolate. I also made the mistake of having tea which was tepid dishwater. My tip would be to avoid the sandwich and have juice to drink. This was really a small disappointment in an otherwise excellent experience and I would have no qualms about recommending Germanwings.

12/22/2014 Robert Wolf

Flew at the end of October from London via Dusseldorf to Vienna. Both flights were on time. However I upgraded myself to a Smart fare. The legroom is decent however I wish I would benefit at Boarding. No Priority Boarding anywhere. I understand you pay for the Extra Legroom however I still believe we should board before other Economy passengers. The food is horrible. I did not touch it. I don't recommend it. The seats were ok and the crew could be a bit friendlier. Overall I would consider it again however some improvements to be done.

12/18/2014 C Miller

Regular on HAM-BHX which is Germanwings operated by Eurowings Bombardier CRJ 900 jets. Flight has never been delayed by more than 20mins (>30 flights) and staff are friendly. I was able to get some very cheap tickets for this route so I cannot complain. My only gripe is the bus boarding and de-boarding at HAM. FlyBE connects to an airbridge both at BHX and HAM which is much preferable.

11/6/2014 Johannes Meunier

Flight Stuttgart-Hamburg. Was regular user of LH flights since they put GW in place I do everything I can to avoid this airline. No value for money and cost are usually higher than alternative carriers. Other carriers offer way better service and value for money. I specifically dislike the fact that on the majority of the flights I have been using seats were broken (once you lean back they recline) and airplane interior was poor condition / not cleaned. On my last trip I advised the steward on board on a chewing gum sticking to the emergency exit seat and asked him to ensure it is being removed on the next cleaning cycle. The answer was that he was not cleaning the airplane. Think that shows the service mindset. Not up to what I was used to from LH I also experienced a large share of delayed flights.

11/3/2014 Eunice Cranmer

Went with Germanwings from Manchester to Cologne 21st October returned 28th October first time with this airline very satisfied and would definitely recommend to friends flights on time and staff very helpful.

10/24/2014 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) v1 seat 4C

Dont' fly them if you have long legs: they are able to change their plane against one of Germania with few legroom. Compensation: 8,00 Euros. Such, on Oct12th. 2014 from PMI to DUS. I had hip probs after that event.

9/27/2014 J Prust

Cologne/Bonn to Manchester and return. Both legs of the journey were late. On both occasions we were called to the gate on time and then waited and waited. At least at Cologne Bonn there are seats and toilets at the gates in Manchester we were left standing for over an hour. No information from the airline and no apology - very poor show. Sadly this lack of customer service is my experience with Lufthansa short haul generally (GW are part of Lufthansa) which is why I avoid them for short haul flights these days. On short flights my priority is punctuality and here they are sadly lacking. A319 both ways which I find more comfortable than the 737s but that is the only positive thing I can find to say about the experience. Food and drink on board was pricey and not great quality - nowhere near as good value as Ryanair (never thought I'd write those words!). Next time we'll stick with Ryanair - the planes are less comfortable but that's not so significant when the flight only lasts 90 minutes and they are much more likely to get you to your destination on time!

9/17/2014 Ameil Paul

Flew London Heathrow - Cologne Bonn on Monday 8th September. Had checked in online and printed my boarding card 2 days before but as I had a suitcase to go in the hold I still needed to queue at the baggage drop-off point/check in desk. Flight left on time and was smooth throughout. The plane seemed new and was clean. My fare included a snack (choice of cheese or ham roll) a small packet with 3 boiled sweets (not quite sure why) and a small bottle of water. I chose the cheese sandwich which was "ok but could be better". After the complimentary snack service the crew came round offering hot and cold drinks - including alcoholic drinks - although not sure if any of these were complimentary. We landed 1 hour after departure from Heathrow slightly less time than advertised. I have scored the in-flight entertainment a 1 purely because being a short flight there wasn't any and the website won't allow me to submit my review without a score. Based on my experience I would consider flying with German Wings again.

9/9/2014 A Firth

I am writing this on behalf of my wife who is currently flying the wrong way across Europe due to the incompetence of this shambolic operation. She was booked to fly from Hanover to London Stansted. There was a short delay and the passengers got on. The passengers were then told to get off as astonishingly the crew needed to finish their shift. They were left waiting for three hours without any information. When they re-boarded the flight they were told they would be flying to Cologne instead of London to pick up more passengers. A bit like one of those cheap taxi buses I guess. Hopefully she'll make it home before I have to go to work tomorrow. Looking at the other reviews I would seriously think twice before booking with this outfit.

9/6/2014 Juraj Kovac

Hamburg to Prague late Monday morning. This segment was part of a larger Lufthansa itinerary though clearly advertised as a 4U flight. The catch here is that Germanwings out of Hamburg is actually operated by Eurowings CRJ900s which is an absolute letdown compared to the usual A320s. The staff are enthusiastic about offering refreshments though - unlike Lufthansa proper - these are strictly for sale and are perhaps pushed too hard. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with the flight expect for the tight and cramped airplane these flights just don't measure up to the level of service across the LH network.

8/14/2014 S Hopkinson

Due to fly from London Heathrow to Berlin Tegel on 20 July. Initially the flight was delayed for about 1 hour. This was later extended to 3.5 hours and then the flight was cancelled. Offered overnight accommodation at a hotel nearby. Told to come back for the next available flight to Berlin which was 24 hours later! After arguing at the ticket desk we were offered a morning flight to Stuttgart with onward transfer to Berlin. No word of apology. Luggage was lost at the airport and arrived 4 days later in Berlin after making numerous telephone calls and speaking to the Chief Executive of baggage handling company. Germanwings told us nothing and made no effort to contact us regarding the missing luggage or offer any form of compensation. Will never fly with this airline again.

7/25/2014 Fischer Felix

I flew from Vienna to Hamburg and return with Germanwings because Lufthansa doesn't fly there anymore and the Austrian flight times didn't fit my plans. I was pleasantly surprised that Germanwings already has the new LH and OS seats. Overall the journey was really good. The flights were on time the crew very friendly and funny and the catering was also very good! I think I would choose Germanwings on further journeys!