Customer reviews

12/20/2012 Pelan Ray

Flew to Cologne from LHR - return flight had to be diverted back to Cologne due to technical difficulties - over 2 hours after the original departure time we were told to embark after which having endured a 15 minute wait on an unmanned bus in minus 6 degrees we were told the replacement flight was delayed for catering to be loa...

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12/19/2012 M Jerman

STN-CGN. Delayed 30 minutes with no reason or apology given. Flight completely full with boarding well organised if somewhat slow. Due to high load locker space at premium so some passengers ended up sitting with big trolley bags under the aisle seat blocking the other passengers' exit. This went unnoticed and/or challenged by t...

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12/18/2012 A Hicks

On a recent trip from Stuttgart to Stansted I had the window seat in a row which was also occupied by a young mother and her four or five year old daughter. The minor took the seat next to me. Once we had achieved cruising altitude the mother produced an iPad from her bag and placed it on the table in front of the child. Then wi...

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12/15/2012 Karen Taylor

London Stansted to Stuttgart Germany. Return. More than satisfied with both legs of the flight. I expected an Easyjet type arrangement but GW are definitely better. Flight attendants were snarly though on outbound leg but it was only an hours trip. Food on board should be avoided though.

11/13/2012 R Marchant

On the booking confirmation form downloaded from the Internet it states that it contains all the information about the flight. Except it doesn't tell you which terminal the flight leaves from or that they operate an online check-in service. This resulted in me going to terminal 5 along with a group of Germans (flying with anothe...

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10/21/2012 Nick Wilcock

LHR-CGN; CGN-LHR. Flight booked and paid for through Lufthansa. However if you are a LH Senator none of your privileges are available at London Airport if flying to Köln so was refused admittance to the Star Alliance Gold lounge in T1. Flight itself was chaos due to ground handling errors and late final figures but the in-flight...

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10/1/2012 Jacqueline Matlock

Flights to Dubrovnik Croatia on 9/22 and return to Stuttgart on 9/29/2012 were both greatly delayed without explanation. I flew with a companion on same fare and she was served a beverage and offered sandwich on return flight but I was told I could not have even water without a 3 Euro purchase because of my fare (a hotel package...

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9/9/2012 Mark Simons

LHR-CGN-LHR. An excellent flight for a business trip. Outbound arrived on the dot return 20 minutes early. Very polite staff comfortable "best seat" with baguette and drink included very clean aircraft good legroom too. One of the best short haul flights I have taken for quite some time.

8/5/2012 Alexander Hart

For a low-cost airline I was naturally not expecting very much at all; however I was pleasantly surprised. For a slightly higher fee I could get significantly more legroom (more than that on British Airways) seat preference choice (unlike most budget airlines) and food. The collective deal was well worth the price. I would recom...

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7/25/2012 M Grey

We had a 6 hour delay for a 90 minute flight! Paid extra for seating and food but were told to sit anywhere and was stuck in a small seat which got even more claustrophobic when the passenger in front put their seat back. Return flight was 10 mins late! Then despite paying for food I was told I had to pay again if I wanted anyth...

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7/24/2012 J Vells

STN-HAJ: Outward leg fine comfortable leather seats. Return journey delayed by 1hr due to "Birds in engine" took off 1.5hrs late however we were last to board plane and advised that all of the overhead luggage compartments were full. One of our bags was placed with the other main luggage. Once the bag had been taken we realised ...

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7/13/2012 H Mutschler

PMI to CGN. Check in was open 2.5 hours before flight. Staff talking to each other and not to passengers. They forgot to label one bag and we had to remind them. Two umbrellas took ages to label for the flight and had to explain what to do. Staff unable to put the bonus miles into systems and we were transferred to another desk....

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5/15/2012 Eelco van den Heuvel

Fly an average of twice a year between North Rhine-Westphalia and Zürich. This time I flew Germanwings from CGN. Service is at the same level as LH and AB apart from having to pay extra for drinks food and luggage. Since I was travelling with hand luggage only this was the cheapest option with 200 euro return (booked two weeks i...

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4/27/2012 Kai Matuschewski

TXL-CGN. On time flight and straightforward check-in. Very good value for money. Assigned and comfortable leather seat. Clearly stands out amongst the low-budget carriers.

4/4/2012 M Jerman

STR-STN. Check-in and gate staff friendly and efficient. Assigned seating a massive advantage to other low cost. Cabin crew reasonably ok more efficient than friendly. Food/drinks onboard reasonably priced. Plane in good condition however I find new Recaro seats very uncomfortable. Legroom is good so all in all bearable for a sh...

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4/2/2012 Nick Wilcock

LHR-CGN. Unfortunately Lufthansa's service between London and Cologne is now operated by Germanwings. Upon arrival at the Star Alliance Gold check-in desk I was told I could not use it and was directed to the Germanwings Economy Class check-in queue. I wasn't permitted to use the Star Alliance Gold lounge. The flight itself was ...

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9/12/2011 D Griffiths

EDI-CGN and CGN-MUC. I have always rated them as one of the best low cost airlines especially now that they allocate seats. However they don't have their own staff an EDI and the handling company can be hit or miss. There is no bag drop so even if you've checked in online you're still going have to join the regular queue. Having...

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7/25/2011 H Hilarides

Istanbul to Dortmund. take off super. No problem with air pressure and painful ears. Long time waiting before checking in luggage. Service very good and friendly even when the system fails for a moment.

7/24/2011 H Mutschler

Cologne-Marrakech return. Onward flight was late because boarding was a mess. Small snack and soft drink were offered for free since this was a charter flight. Crew disappeared after service. Seating on emergency seat was ok but seats are not comfortable. Return flight was late. Aircraft was not full flight was ok. This was a ch...

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7/3/2011 Roland Rodriguez

DUB-VCE via CGN. The flight arrived about a 30mins late into Dublin but managed to get to Cologne just about on time. Seats cabin amenities comfort all that you would expect for the price. We paid about $260 US for the three of us for the trip to Venice. No complaints - you got what you paid for. Only tricky thing was finding th...

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