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9/18/2009 Claudia Stanzani

Bologna to Koln and Munich to Bologna (via Koln). New planes. You pay for everything - for the luggage (€5.00 each luggage) internet transaction. Flight attendants ok. Airport attendant at Munich airport not very nice.

7/21/2009 G Burns

DUB to CGN first time flying with GermanWings. Friendly efficient (and thus precisely punctual). GW allowed us to pool our 20kg/person checked-baggage limit across the five passengers on the reservation so we didn't have to scramble to get one of the bags down from 22 to 20 kg. I also like that you can pay €20 in advance for a b...

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5/27/2009 A Suciu

Bucharest - Stuttgart return. A pleasant flight enough space for the legs kind stewards. Amazingly ground GermanWings personnel helped us with the queue in front of Baneasa's Passport Control Office in order to urge departure in time. I was positively impressed. We had no delay on both flights. I'll definitely choose again Germa...

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1/22/2009 J Barbian

SXF-CGN-SXF. I agree with the comment below about "sharp practices". The booking page gives a "taxes and fees" quote that is quite nice but if you should want a reserved seat that will be €5.95 each way sir. Oh you want to pay with a credit card on the internet?. Well we can do that but it will be €9.52 extra (?). Still it beat ...

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1/21/2009 Soeren Krumrey

SXF-STR-SXF. Quite good for a budget airline with the usual negatives (boarding via bus and outdoor stairs in the freezing cold drinks and meals cost extra pretty tight seat pitch) but friendly and efficient service fairly new planes incredibly cheap airfares (we paid about 40 Euros return from Berlin to Stuttgart) and both flig...

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1/15/2009 Michael Koeller

I often use the MUC-DTM-MUC leg. Internet-booking is very easy and the prizes are unbeatable as I often manage to get a 40 € return-ticket. The flights are on time the check-in very efficient. The planes are in a good shape (A319s) and most of the time very clean. Staff is most of the time pleasant and attentive. You even get a ...

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11/7/2008 P Ohlsson

I have found the Germanwings Boomerang program a lie. It is not possible to book a bonus ticket. As soon as one tries to get into the bonus account the answer from the system comes with a long delay. The longer the more advanced one is in the actual booking. At the end one always gets a FEHLER on the page. I have tried plenty of...

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10/13/2008 P Gatineau

STR-LIS-STR. One of the longest Germanwings route from Stuttgart. To my surprise the seat pitch was good. I wonder whether Germanwings uses special aircraft (the old one) with less seats on these long routes. Outbound delayed by one hour. Return on time but had to wait 45 minutes for the bags. Polite crew and nice flight. Had re...

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8/28/2008 Mark Evans

STN-CGN-STN. Looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with this favourite budget carrier after a gap of 3-4 years my spirits sank on arrival at Stansted as a throng of passengers for both this and the similarly-timed Stuttgart flight were milling around the check-in desk. Only one person was dealing with the two flights. This...

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8/18/2008 Sam Holloway

STN-CGN-STN first time with Germanwings. Some confusion when booking as the website kept reverting into German and it wasn't later possible to verify my booking online (so I phoned and everything was quickly confirmed). Outward was no problem at all. Allocated seating stops the stupid free-for- all crush and instantly makes the ...

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6/18/2008 J Nandris

The last-minute addition of £13 for use of a "credit card" [it was a debit card] and some other fee with no prior notice at the very last stage of the booking procedure verges on sharp practice by German Wings. The public are not fools. The sudden switch to German towards the end of booking must also be inconvenient for those wh...

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4/28/2008 P Gatineau

STR-STN return. Another great flight with Germanwings. They do allocate seats now so you can ensure already during check-in to seat together without having to rush for boarding. Staff friendly as usual. Seats very cramped as usual ! Germanwings needs slim seats to improve the seat pitch. Long flights to Portugal or Turkey must b...

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4/28/2008 Michael Stocking

STN-CGN-STN. My second time on GermanWings. The first was marred by late departure caused by a public service strike in Germany - so not really their fault. However trip back this second time was diabolical. Flight cancelled. No explanation. Lousy ground staff at Cologne. Bussed to Dusseldorf with 60 other passengers for Air Ber...

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