97 GoAir reviews

6/24/2019 T Varbisek

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Hyderabad. I had booked 3 tickets to fly to Hyderabad from Delhi for myself, my wife and my younger brother. My flight was supposed to depart at 8.55pm on 21st June. We three reached airport 70 mins prior to the boarding time against the minimum stipulated time of 45 minutes prior to the flight to take off. After the security checkup at 7:45 we were standing in the queue for boarding passes. As our turn arrived at around 7:50, I requested the lady on the counter to allow three of us to sit together and allot seats accordingly. After some 5 minutes of ambiguity, she told us that there was some issue and we have to wait. She told us to stand off the counter and wait for the issue to be resolved. It was now 7:55 and 60 mins were left for my flight to take off. At 8:02, after 7 minutes of delay, as the lady on the assistance desk checked her system a "duty manager" steps in and asks for the issue. The lady tells him that they are supposed to fly to Hyderabad and the counters are closed. I told the manager that we were waiting for quite long and its 8 minutes to go for the gates to be closed. He told us that you are late now and I can only allow two of you to go and the other one's flight will be rescheduled for the next morning. After a long heated argument, he issued 3 boarding passes to us after confirming the same to other duty manager at gate no 31. When we finally reached the gate he told that I have been instructed by the duty manager at the counter to allow only two of you to go. The third one may stay. He took my wife's boarding pass and told her to wait in the waiting area. When she asked her pass back this man told her to listen to him and do as he said otherwise all will have to stay here only. He was so rude and told me that it's my wish and I won't let you three fly today anyhow. After requesting for quite long at around 8:45 he allowed us to go and issue seats. It was my first flight with go air. The experience was awful and pathetic.

6/11/2019 R Shadarni

✅ Trip Verified | Abu Dhabi to Kannur. I Booked a business class ticket and worst terrible service. No Special Q for business class passengers. Up on my request only they put a " Priority tag" on my bag. They will change your seat as per their wish. They put Aisle Seat instead of my selected seat and when I notified, they changed. No priority boarding to flight. You may board on last just like entire economy passengers. Poor sandwiches and so called some poor quality dishes they serve. Baggage we received on destination last. Due to economy charges, may be you can opt this airline if charge is considerably lower. Otherwise don't opt for such a poor service.

5/16/2019 Anisha Agarwal

✅ Trip Verified | I had booked my tickets for 14th of Apr'19 from Kolkata to Delhi and the flight departure time was 5.45 am in the morning. I received a message from the airlines at 4 am, when i had already reached the Kolkata airport and was about to get my boarding pass printed, saying the flight has been delayed by 3 hrs and the new departure time is 8.30 am. Then i saw a bunch of worried hassled passengers clustered against the Go Air desk raising concerns for the delay as this was very a big in operations causing huge inconvenience to 100s of them. Few had already booked a new earliest flight so that their plans doesn't get spoiled, bearing the loss of paying big amount from the live counter. I also did the same thing by booking a new flight ticket and headed to the counter for Go Air cancellation (as the attendants were not guaranteeing if the rescheduled flights will again be rescheduled). The same flight was again reschedule to 2 pm from 8.30 am. This whole scenario harassed a chunk of travelers, who ended up wasting time and ended paying huge amount for new flights. Who is to be blamed? Why is the value of time and money of the passengers are always ignored?

5/2/2019 N Kaladhay

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Mumbai . Very poor and nonsense service. On boarding service staff don't know which gate no flight is coming. After complete boarding, flight stop 20 minutes at same place. Cabin crew don't follow proper regulations. After landing cabin crew announcement please collect your luggage from counter no 1, when everyone reached this there is no luggage. After 10 minutes 1 person come to counter no 1, and told please collect your luggage from counter no 4. Very disappointed.

4/15/2019 Sunil Goyal

Not Verified | Pune to Bangalore. Worst web check in system. Tried to web check in but payment was not successful on repetitive attempts. Since payment was not successful and no confirmation on check in. Hence rushed to airport. Reached two hours before flight schedule to counter. Person on counter surprised me asking INR 200 for web check in. I said when it was not done, then why should pay. She was adament or I would say Robot and insisted for payment , else leave the counter without boarding pass. Very frustrating situation.

3/15/2019 Rajan Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to New Delhi. My friend booked this airline for me and turned out to be a real loss as they mishandled my baggage. Their customer care executive guided me to write an email along with pics attached instead of contacting their airport staff. After doing so their employees straightaway denied to take any action by replying back that I should have contacted their ground staff. What the heck! Even though I told them that their staff didn't guide me well, still no action is taken. I would recommend to go for Vistara or Air India instead of cheap airline like GoAir. They don't really accept their mistakes (even when enough proof is given) may be because they do realise that the mishandled baggage of customer is far more expensive than their domestic round trip. And yeah, the people responding to emails can't really understand what are you trying to say.

2/24/2019 K Barsawal

✅ Trip Verified | Jaipur to Mumbai. Worst experience. Airline who just try to make money out of their passengers. I had just few extra kg in handbag and they made fuss about it and charged from me. Such airlines don’t leave any opportunity to make money.

2/4/2019 Kunaal Kohli

Not Verified | New Delhi to Mumbai with GoAir. The flight staff were very cooperative and supportive. The flight was delayed for 15-20mins due to heavy traffic at Mumbai airport at landing. The airline departed on time.

1/27/2019 T Viswani

✅ Trip Verified | Male to Mumbai. Day before journey we got a message that our flight is delayed by 30 minutes but on the day of journey it got preponed without informing us. Keeping the delay in mind we planned our journey and reached inside the airport at 4.10pm till that time check in counter was working but seeing us a group of 27 people they shut the check in counter due to which we missed our flight. Go Air is the first mismanaged airlines I have ever seen, keeping their staff convenience at priority and ignoring the passengers convenience.

1/20/2019 S Grande

✅ Trip Verified | Ranchi to New Delhi. I don't recommend this flight for international travel beyond Delhi. They do not allow any extra (a few kgs) luggage weight if you have international travel. Better to travel with Vistara or Air India. They also don't accept international debit or credit cards which other airlines accept. I had to get extra cash from an atm and pay additional charges.

12/28/2018 keshav krishna keshav

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Bangalore to Patna with GoAir. Worst experience. I bought the ticket 2 days earlier at a high price just to arrive on time. But now I am at Bangalore Airport and the flight is delayed by more than an hour. From now on I will never go for GoAir, worst flight.

12/20/2018 B Kashat

✅ Trip Verified | I was traveling to Ahmedabad from Hyderabad in morning fight. At luggage counter the guy welcomed me very nicely and he was very supportive and helpful. I was sick but gesture for his welcome made my morning cheerful. Thank you GoAir.

12/2/2018 C Gashag

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Kochi. I reached airline counter 70 mins prior to my boarding time. I was waiting in queue for more than 20 minutes. Only one chec kin counter was open. They didn't even announce the final call or something. I reached the counter before 50 min of boarding and they told that counter is closed for that particular flight and its rule that 45 min prior the counter gets closed. One airline person was ready to do something by listening to my situation, but his seniors denied. I requested and finally they give me free ticket for next day. Really disappointed!! I agree that tickets are cheap comparatively, but this kind of situations are really unappreciative.

11/25/2018 Om Pandey

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Patna. The buttons above the passenger seat to call assistance were kept disabled for most of the time. The airline has use an innovative method to keep the seat belt sign on for most of the time, so that passengers do not use the toilet facility until it’s extreme emergency.

11/15/2018 K Sandeep

✅ Trip Verified | Ranchi to Kempegowda . They keep postponing the flight like its a joke. They called us 2 hrs early as they preponed the flight and then they postponed it for 2 hrs. So we are waiting at the airport for 4 hrs.

11/13/2018 Roshen Mannarath Manuel

Not Verified | Cochin to Mumbai. I am writing this review with great disappointment. Flight is delayed indefinitely. Ground staff have no clue when the flight is going to take off. I am traveling with kids. Whoever reading this review please don't select GoAir. Their flights are always delayed and worst service by the ground staff.

10/31/2018 A Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | I use to travel Delhi to Mumbai once a week but my all experience with GoAir are the worst. Service is not good, ground service is the worst. They opened gates so late and flights are always delayed.

9/6/2018 D Harati

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Chandigarh. I booked my ticket on a wrong future date, I am trying to get help from the airline. It is past 5 days and I haven't heard from them, no acknowledgement of my concern. when I call customer care, they say that complaints team do not have a contact number, they will get back to you on email, I have been waiting for their revert. They don't even have the courtesy to reply to my email forget solving my query or giving me a resolution. Never seen such pathetic customer service before.

8/18/2018 K Murish

✅ Trip Verified | New Delhi to Ranchi. Good service. Cabin crew were very professional. Flight was on time and very smooth boarding. I really enjoyed my flight. But the tea was very poor - totally tasteless.

8/18/2018 S Thasemon

✅ Trip Verified | I traveled by Go air flight G8194 from Leh to Delhi on 8th July 2018. My checked bags disappeared when I arrived in Delhi. I had a connecting flight and the airline staff promised to contact my as soon as possible. He said my bags would be sent to Bangkok on the next day. But Go air never contact me. I sent them several emails and they replied without update. I still do not know what happen to my bag. They never try to help and do not show any responsibility.