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12/15/2018 F Larnois

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Dakar. After an Iberia express flight to Madrid (I was on business class but it is no worth for this kind of flight), I went to International Iberia lounge in Madrid T4S. The lounge is quite new, wide and there is everything you need for food & drinks. I had a long stopover but I manage to work well. Really this lounge is good and convenient (basically Iberia Terminal at Madrid Bajaras is very good) The flight was less good. The cabin was old fashioned with very depressive lights and the engines were very loud. The business cabin arrangement is 2x3 seats with the one in the middle empty. These were standards seats that can only by angled and there were very uncomfortable (thickness like 10 cm) and very sensitive to the movement of other passengers or crew walking in the aisle. Flight was 4hrs 40 mins and there was a quite good dinner served. Then 1 coffee, tea and then over. Crew disappeared behind the curtains. There was no in flight entertainment system (no Ipad etc). This flight is too long for short haul carrier like A321 with low business class service.

12/7/2018 C Leare

✅ Trip Verified | Buenos Aires to Madrid. Once again, cannot find fault with Iberia. Very fast check-in and boarding, excellent cabin crew available throughout the 12+hour flight. Plenty of newspapers and magazines offered plus welcome drink before take off. Ample drink selection and hot tasty meal and good spanish wines to choose from. IFE good, but movie choice could be more up to date. Smooth flight, hot breakfast before landing and sailed through immigration etc.

12/5/2018 André Pereira

Not Verified | On the English Website, when you do a booking ask you to fill the Name, Surname/Last name, and second Surname. when I did my booking, they swap my second surname to my last name and now they want to charge £30 per person to change to the right one because in Spain is the way it is when I used the English version. I called twice, and the customer service was just ridiculous,super unhelpful. They understood the mistake is their mistake, but they want to charge me £30 per head to change when I did everything correctly.

12/1/2018 M Fey

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Madrid. Very nice experience. The flight was on time. The cabin about 90% full, the at the check-in counter I was asked if I want to change to a row without any other pax - very nice. Modern cabin with good IFE. Seat is semi tilting, semi forward sliding but leg space never a problem. Toilets could have been more clean towards the end. Also one did not have soap the entire flight. Food was okay for an 11 hour flight: a warm "classic" meal with salad, warm main, desert, bread; plus a sandwich with sweet crackers later which could have been more. KSML and others available and treated accordingly. They did many drink runs. During the flights they offered one of the strangest sandwiches in the galley: soft white bread with grated carrots. FAs were all very kind, I asked for a second main which was granted and I even got some small snacks for my pretty long layover. Luggage was checked through without any problem despite competing airline.

12/1/2018 W Jimenez

Not Verified | Miami to Madrid return. The flight to Madrid from Miami was ok, even though the flight attendants were not in much of the mood. The food wasn't the best. The flight in return got delayed because of strong headwinds and the flight had to be rerouted from 8:30 hours to 10 hours. I had an interconnecting flight to catch at 9:35 PM in Miami, and the flight was scheduled to arrive at 8PM, leaving just enough time to pass through immigration and other necessary stuff. The flight arrived at 8:40PM even with the rerouting scheduled to have arrived at 8PM, and we set foot out of the gate at almost 9PM, time for boarding the other flight. Since time through the security passed, the flight left while I was picking up my luggage. After talking to them, they were able to give me a hotel and a dinner and breakfast voucher, which is something at least I am a little grateful for. If you are flying with Iberia, you may get delays.

12/1/2018 M Gardner

✅ Trip Verified | Disappointing flight from start to finish. Think twice before booking. We booked to fly to Lima, Peru through British Airways (BA) and they routed us on Iberia (IB) going via Madrid as they done do Lima direct. I felt comfortable selecting the Iberia flight knowing that the two airlines merged several years ago , and I assumed they would be quite similar in standard. Unfortunately that was not the case, Iberia is a vastly inferior service with lazy staff who treat passengers with disdain. We flew in Premium Economy(PE), something that IB has added to their aircraft around 18 months ago; we traveled on a Airbus 340-600. Boarding: the gate was absolute chaos - no signage to indicate where each class of travel should queue, and only 2 staff members to manage a crowd of 350 passengers. No priority given to people in wheelchairs or families traveling with push buggies etc. Onboard: the PE hard product looked good; Seats were standard premium economy and the bulkhead seat was spacious. The tv screens were modern, large with sharp picture quality. Unfortunately there were several coffee stains on the cabin walls and my footrest was broken. The crew: they were very lax. No cabin crew pointing out emergency exit, or any form of demo - just a pre recorded met. Throughout the 12 hour flight when ever the captain turned on the fasten seatbelt sign (5-6 times), the crew only made verbal announcements but no crew member actually came round to check that passengers were safely buckled up. When there was turbulence during meal service the crew would just carry on - even walking around with a hot pot of coffee serving passengers! The toilets were dirty all three times I used the facilities- no crew went in to tidy it at any point during the flight. The crew were literally just doing the bare essentials- well, not even. They were not particularly friendly either, no smiles no banter, just dropped the food on your tray table and moved to the next seat. Between meal service there were no crew to be seen. The food and beverages: the food in PE was economy food, as were the beverages (wine choice was “red or white”) and no spirits were served. No pre meal drinks service either. The food menu listed did not match the food being served. Summary: Iberia as a whole were extremely disappointing. The crews lack of adherence to standard air safety protocol is concerning. Iberia’s premium economy product was well below par and not worth what you pay for it. I was relieved when we landed, and thankful that our flight back to the UK from Buenos Aires is going to be on a British Airways aircraft.

11/24/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 21C

Seats 21 A/B/C and J/K/L have lots of leg room due to the absence of a separation panel between the economy and premium economy sections.

11/23/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 11L

No obstructions in front of you but protruding aircraft door slightly restricts leg space on one side. Only one window.

11/22/2018 Paul McCary

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Seville via Madrid. Our flight to Spain was cancelled due to a mechanical problem. We milled around the staff desk for 3 hours with no info re where/when they would put us up for the night. Or how we should reclaim our bags. On the way home, again it was total chaos, no organization, no communication.

11/16/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 11A

Very good comfortable seat, you will be one of the first economy passengers to exit the plane and also to be served meals, on the downside you will also be the passenger with the biggest walk to use a bathroom since you can't use the forward baths.

11/15/2018 Nadir Aslam

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Venice via Madrid. Flew on an AA codeshare RT flight from JFK-VCE with a transfer in Madrid. Iberia's new A350-900 is a beautiful plane. Cabin comfort is awesome even though seat pitch is terrible. Although I picked seat 38L which is by far the best seat in economy. Overall I was very happy with the service I received even if it was minimal and basic. The highlight of flying with Iberia is Madrid-Barajas airport which is one of the most beautiful in the world. Being Sapphire on One World I was also able to use their gorgeous VIP lounge and take a shower before my flight from Madrid to Venice. The reception desk employees couldn't have been more disinterested however. Their inter-european flights are horrible however. It's run like a budget airline where you have to pay 2 Euros for water. That's pathetic. Also the A319 I flew both directions was ancient and dirty and shouldn't have been in service in that condition. The water in the forward cabin restroom didn't work and instead they had towelettes to wash your hands. That's not acceptable. The flight back from Madrid to JFK was comfortable however service was absolutely terrible. They advertise WiFi but I couldn't get it to work after being in the air and at cruising altitude for over an hour. When I asked the flight attendant she gruffly told me that they haven't turned it on yet and that "Usted tiene que estar patiente" as if she was scolding a 5 year old. I'm not sure why that was necessary. When the WiFi did work it was so slow as to be rendered unusable. During the flight there was a 5 hour stretch where they couldn't be bothered to come through the aisle to even offer water or juice. This was unacceptable. Also they used the excuse of turbulence. I finally got up and asked the flight attendant in the back if I could please have some water. He poured me a cup and when I handed him the glass back he rudely snapped at me in Spanish saying: "Don't you see the seatbelt sign is on? You are supposed to be in your seat." It was uncalled for and inexcusable. At the end of the day they used the turbulence excuse in order to sit in the back of the plane and chat. Later I tested them by pressing my FA call button. They never came to my seat. That's no good. Of course when the final meal before landing was being served we were flying through extremely rough turbulence. But it wasn't enough in that case to suspend service? My overall takeaway is I would avoid Iberia in the future and fly AA-BA codeshare flights in the future. My overall impression of Iberia is that of a third-rate airline and is one of the weakest links in the One World Alliance.

11/10/2018 Leandro M, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 37A

As it is so close to the bathroom, this space is crowded with other passengers frequently- 37A and C

11/10/2018 Leandro M, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 37A

Very good space for your legs at 37A

11/6/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 4L

The seat is great, but the service on board is far from good. The flight attendants just disappeared after the main service and showed up again before landing for the snack service. The configuration of the business cabin is not really smart. Both bathrooms are on the same side, so if you are sitting on J or L, you would have to be crossing galleys all the time.

11/6/2018 J Sheare

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Madrid. Shockingly poor business class product. An economy class seat at three times the price in exchange for a guaranteed empty middle seat. Lunch consisted of a tuna salad sandwich wrapped in a plastic package, which looked awful and tasted worse. Aircraft old and shabby, no IFE, no power or WiFi and shuttle gates at far end of A concourse in BCN. You simply could not of dreamed up a worse combination on this key route. Do yourself a huge favour and take the AVE fast train. So much more civilised on so many levels and such a better experience and value.

11/5/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 25C

The plane is very modern and the IFE system is nice and works well. However, legroom is very limited. I am not sure it is or 31 inches as specified by seatguru. It looks way smaller. I would not recommend this Iberia plane for a long haul flight.

10/30/2018 S Durscheen

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Brussels via Madrid. The flight from Santiago to Madrid was fine. Only in Madrid did we see that our connection was canceled. When requesting assistance to change our flight at their helpdesk the attendants where rude and useless in helping us out. Because it was caused by a strike by the baggage handling company, they offered no options for refund. All in all a bad customer experience.

10/25/2018 Claudia Aparecida Silva

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Barcelona via Madrid. All the passangers were comfortably seated, ready for take off when we were informed that there was a delay of 20 min, of which did not bother us much. Then another announcement, this time we were told to get our hand luggage and return to the boarding gate and wait there. Nearly 3 h later It was a total confusion at their desk, we were still waiting but Iberia did not look after us at all - No more update about the flight; No refreshment provisions; No respect for passenger's right. The only thing we knew was that there was a faulty piece that needed to be changed. Finally more than 6 hours later our flight took off. The hostess served the usual dinner and a drink, only once. Never again any host came back during the flight to offer us another drink, not even water. Our calls were ignored. In the morning before the landing we were not served any breakfast. When we asked for it the hostess refused and reasoned that they had no obligation to be in that flight since it was so late in leaving. The hostess were not pleasant, in fact not professional orientated; they made no effort to speak any Portuguese, we had to make the effort to speak Spanish if we wanted to communicate. I regret choosing Iberia and surely will never fly with them again!

10/23/2018 K Warschall

✅ Trip Verified | Marrakech to Madrid. We arrived 2 hours before just with our hand luggage at the airport and headed towards the boarding. There we where told that our electronic tickets are not accepted and that we have to print it at the Iberia counter. The Iberia counter was full with those who wants to drop-off their bags. We were told to do all the queue just to print the ticket. It took forever, they where teaching a trainee at the counter. A service-lady from the airport told me I should ask the office which are responsible for Iberia and Ryanair to print the tickets for me. The Lady there just refused to print our ticket without telling me why. As the priority-line of Iberia was empty I went to the counter and asked the check-in man if he would just be so friendly to print our tickets, we are about to miss our flight. He just refused talking to me as I had no priority tickets. In total we had to wait 1:30h just to print the tickets and almost missed our flight. We were lucky that there was no line at the security or passport-control. Why does Iberia not inform their customers about this printed ticket airport-regulation? We could have avoided all the stress by printing the tickets at our hotel and why is there no ticket-printer at the airport? Bad experience with very stressful hours which could be easily avoided.

10/22/2018 A Martlew

✅ Trip Verified | London to Granada via Madrid. Not a good experience. The 1hr delay was not the airline's fault. Indeed the Captain got off to try and find the missing passenger. But the aircraft was old and tired. Business class seating is standard seats with the middle one empty. The food was awful for me. Service was slow and chaotic.