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9/10/2018 Richard Callis

✅ Trip Verified | Good flight, not exceptional. Nothing I can put my finger on to moan about but it did not achieve the high standards that I enjoy when I fly Business class with Delta or Alitalia. The food was good not great. The seat is a very good seat, proper lie flat and was comfortable. Staff were good but for business class not great. Entertainment was not that good, a nice screen but quite a limited selection of movies. A free hour of Wifi was a nice touch as an hour is typically all I need and it is nice not to have an additional cost on top of an already expensive flight. I would recommend Iberia's business class product I just would not do so enthusiastically.

9/7/2018 Judith Braun

✅ Trip Verified | Naples to Miami via Madrid. It's now 10:15 p.m. and I have been up since I missed my flight and I am now in a hotel room provided by Iberia. Bad experience at airport, terrible, no one wants to help you and it's huge to get from one gate to the other from T4s to T4 and vice a versa, exhausted.

9/6/2018 DAVID, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 1G


9/5/2018 Nuno Paixao

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Rio de Janeiro. On both legs the trip was quite smooth, both on check-in, boarding procedures, flight. Exception to be made on Barajas airport passport control (though not liable to Iberia). Seats were quite comfortable and IFE quite modern with a huge selection of movies. I missed foot rest (even on economy it can be of great help for a comfortable journey). Staff on board really indifirent to passengers, showing some tireness on their faces on the oubound leg. On the inbound, staff were more helpful and smiling. Also had the opportunity to see one of the air hostesses doing something I always dreamed of, that is to kindly ask passengers to put their seats on vertical position during meal service. Must mention also that on A330-300 on the outbound flight I had seat 22A which was a huge error. Quite unfair as passenger travelling on 21A had two windows only for him There is no window at all and you feel stuck for 10hours, with no space, no window, no view, no choices, and a passenger on your right. Fortunately IFE was quite good and I could concentrate on the screen rather then having a panic attack. Three food services during the flight was quite enough and quality acceptable.

9/4/2018 S Tegtmeier

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Buenos Aires return via Madrid. All flights were fine without any problems. Departure of first flight (FRA-MAD) was delayed by 20 minutes. While we were waiting at the gate, the captain went through the cabin and asked passengers if they had any questions. A great gesture, never seen this before. I was worried about my connection, but finally the flight arrived on time in Madrid. Had to change terminals (4 to 4S) and go through passport control, which took 35 minutes. By the way Madrid is a great airport, clean, great architecture and easy connections. Flight to Buenos Aires was very relaxed. Seat was spacious and comfortable, good IFE and nice crew. I liked the Airbus A340-600 because of its 2-4-2 seat configuration. First meal was very delicious, second meal was a snack box, which was okay. There were snacks and drinks available at the galley, but FA’s could have done more drink rounds between meals. Same experience on the return flight from Buenos Aires to Madrid. Had a long layover at Madrid (5 hours) and decided to spend 30 Euros for the airport lounge including showers, free drinks and food, which was a good investment before my last flight to Frankfurt. All in all it was a good experience with Iberia.

8/31/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A321 (321) seat 16F

Indeed, seat pitch is great for this aircraft as there're only 200 seats (instead of 220 as in most companies) They also recline so comfort is 10/10 for me in this one!

8/26/2018 D Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline experience. Not punctual at all, laid back attitudes, dirty cabin. My family and I used Iberia to fly on 7/14/18 from New York to Zagreb via Madrid. We were excited to use it and we looked forward to this trip. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the worst traveling experience for my family and I so far. We were delayed 2.5hrs right from the start and we barely made it onto our connecting flight. Our bags were delayed for 3 days making this even more of a horrible experience. Since Croatia wasn't our final destination, we had to go back to Croatia to get our baggage. First three days of our vacation were destroyed and filled with frustration. Service inside the plane was decent, but since the plane was cleaned in a rush, we ended up getting dirty, filthy blankets. Our seat trays were filthy. One of our TV screens didn't work. The plane was one of the most outdated ones that I have seen in the last several years. We will never use Iberia again.

8/24/2018 Jozsef Speder

✅ Trip Verified | I had a recent trip with Iberia from Frankfurt to Boston via Madrid in July 2018. My flight from Frankfurt to Madrid was cancelled, just a night before my flight. Since my flight IB3127 was cancelled I could not depart from Frankfurt according to my original booking plan. I was rebooked and reached my destination with a 8 hours of delay. According to the European law Iberia should compensate me for the delay, but they refuse to do that. Iberia only sends me automatic answers and do not disclose the reason for the cancellation. The worst airline customer service.

8/15/2018 L Ganatoulis

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Madrid on 3rd October 2017 with my wife. A late afternoon flight to arrive at dawn in Madrid. Check in was late for about 25 minutes but was fairly efficient and the Iberia ground staff were polite and courteous. After check in and luggage drop, went for TSA control which went ok, albeit rather slower than when arrived and took an internal flight. Boarding was delayed for about 40 minutes and we ended up asked to board last again, even though our seats were in the middle of the aircraft. Once aboard staff were fast to serve dinner as soon as the aircraft fully completed take off. blankets were handed out rather fast as well, and lights were dimmed. Aircon was at a pleasant temperature for the whole flight. During the evening flight staff were passing by and were available when we needed water or juice. Flight arrived on time despite the delays on the ground. Landing at Barajas was very smooth and pleasant. Food was tasty, and the inflight enetrtainment was sufficient for a flight of that length.Overall, an airline I would recommend. I do not award full marks due to the luggage policy and the delays.

8/10/2018 C Norton

✅ Trip Verified | Jerez to London via Madrid. The customer service for this airline is as bad as bad can be. I have called countless times and the level of rudeness and lack of care is appalling. As a business class passenger who paid extra for seats and service, I am not getting what I paid for. Delayed flight - rude service - lost luggage. I would not fly them again and warn anyone transiting via Madrid to do so at risk of your luggage. What has followed since they failed to put my luggage on my flight at Madrid has been excruciatingly painful. It took 5 days to return the luggage - I had 2 pieces which both arrived at different times (first took 2 days and second took 4 days) Every time I call Iberia they have incorrect information. At one point, I called customer service on the number I was given and was told I should call another number, which was the number I was calling and the lady refused to believe i was calling it and refused to believe me - I had to hang up!

8/8/2018 Oleg Martens

✅ Trip Verified | My review concerns Iberia's and Vueling's behavior with regards to a flight I had to take from Brussels to Barcelona on 17th June 2018. As I was downloading my boarding pass on August 16th, I noticed that my flight time had been moved from a mid-afternoon to an early morning time. Further, I saw that my flight had been moved from the 17th to the 20th. Since I was heading to Barcelona for business, with presentations on the morning of the 18th, this change of schedule did not work for me. I called Iberia about the issue (since I booked my flight through Iberia's website), but was told I should talk to Vuelig since they operated the flight. I tried to reach Vueling, but never managed to reach a human. Showed up at Brussels airport first thing the next morning to try and speak to a representative, but the person manning the desk for both Iberia and Vueling told me she did not actually work for either company and could not help. Finally find out that all Vuelig flights have been cancelled due to French controller air strike. However, also find out that Brussels airlines has not cancelled its flights and so manage to book a last minute ticket with them. It's important to note that during all of this, not once was I notified by either Iberia or Vueling that my flight had been changed, and this despite the fact that both companies had my cell phone number and email address. Also, when I filed a complaint with Vueling, I was told it was an Iberia problem since I booked through Iberia. And when I filed a complaint with Iberia, I was told it was a Vueling problem because they operated the flight. three weeks into arguing with each airline, they both stated that under EU law, they are protected because the French strike was none of their doing. Neither company has taken any responsibility for the lack of communication (which I find very unprofessional), and neither has offered to compensate me for the new ticket I had to purchase + all of the unecessary stress they created by cancelling the flight and not offering me any reasonable options (3 days later is not a reasonable option for a business traveler). Overall, very disapointed and feel like neither company cares much about customers. I indicated as much to both companies and neither has cared to provide a response since telling me EU law allows them to bahave in such a manner. I have travelled all over the world over the last 35 years, and this is by far the worst customer service and ownership of responsibility I have ever experienced.

8/8/2018 B Millen

✅ Trip Verified | I tried to travel from Madrid to Hamburg with a valid ticket that I had purchased and paid 2 months ago in combination with some Iberia miles. When I got to the airport 3 hour early, I was not allowed to check-in as I could not present the credit card I had paid the ticket with. My card expired last month and since I had already paid for the ticket and obviously I got rid off the old card. The man working at the ticket office at Iberia at Madrid airport was extremely rude and did not give a damn about helping me: I presented my email ticket showing proof of my purchase with my name on it. That was not enough. I presented to him a photo proof of my credit card proving that the card was indeed mine which he did not accept. I showed him the credit card bill with the Iberia charge showing that I had paid for the ticket and there was not fraud. He told me that I could not get on the plane and he would not even let me cancel my existing reservation and pay for the same seat on the same plane again. I was told that the Iberia flights during the next two days were fully booked up so that he could not even make me another reservation for me on another day. I went online to see if that was true and there were seats available on both days. He told me that Iberia and Iberia Plus are two different companies and that he could not help me since part of my ticket was paid with my miles. He said he had nothing to do with my ticket reservation and gave me the phone number of Iberia miles so that they could fix the problem. He would not even call on my behalf to Iberia Plus given that I am not a native Spanish speaker. At Iberia Plus on the phone I was told that they could not verify my card. (even though they had proof that I had paid with this card on previous Iberia flights). When I asked for reimbursement for my miles (I had paid a large part of this flight with my miles) I was told that the miles could not be reimbursed. I will never travel with Iberia again.

8/2/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 27A

The plane I travelled had a different seat configuration but was still an Iberia A330 202. First economy seat was number 21. I was on 27A which is not by the toilets as shown on this map, just a standard seat on the eigth row. It is a window seat without a window. Space is limited and quite uncomfortable if passenger in front reclines. Entertainement system is good.

8/2/2018 Federica C, Airbus A340-600 (346) v1 seat 52D

The seat is large and really confortable, and huge space for legs. TV screen is on the side as well as the table. Being close to the toilets, noise and smell could be pretty annoying.

8/2/2018 R Tram

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Zagreb via Madrid. Overall, the travel experience was okay. Ground service was horrible. Cabin service was good. Food acceptable. Iberia apparently changed my seat on the connecting flight from MAD to ZAG, which I had pre-selected. By the time I looked at my boarding pass hours later and realized my seat had changed on the second flight, it was too late. Since that leg was much shorter, I didn't bother to change the seat. Boarding was chaotic, the US ground staff at JFK don't seem to care. When boarding began, a hoard of passengers stood on the business class queue. I suspected something was awry and asked people if the line they were on was for business class (as the sign clearly indicated). They shrugged and stayed on the line. As the gate agent started boarding people, he realized that practically everyone's boarding pass he scanned was NOT business class. Only then did he announce that business class passengers were being boarded first. All of a sudden, the line shrunk to 1/10 of what it was before. Once onboard, the cabin service was much better and the remainder of the trip was okay.

8/1/2018 K Tellonm

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Madrid. You can't expect much when booking a cheap fare but at least I am expecting a minimum standard of quality on every flight, no matter if I fly on a LCC or a premium airline. My first contact with the airline was at the checkin desk. I tried to purchase an upgrade but they said that it wasn't possible today. I was okay with that and went to the gate to ask if they can at least give me an empty row as the flight was very empty (I assume the load in Y was about 30-40%). The gate agent was very unsupportive and told me to search for a free seat once I'm in the plane. Eventually, after asking her a second time, I got my free row (an absolute standard request). On board, we were "welcomed" by the purser who seemed very uninterested in her job. The crew overall seemed not to like their job, except for some of the FAs (one of them was our "service FA"). They barely speak any English (or just don't want to). The procedures were very unorganized and chaotic. The seat comfort was fine but there wasn't much leg space (not much of a problem thanks to the free neighbor seat). The blanket colored my black shirt so I had to change it afterward (luckily, I had just hand luggage and some shirts with me). I lifted the armrest and there was dust and lots of dirt. I looked up the plane and it had been delivered to IB in 2010. It appears that it has not been properly cleaned ever since (see the images). The food for dinner (Lasagne) was acceptable. The drink service was okay. Breakfast was delivered in boxes and a bit small but okay. I complaint to the airline about the cleanliness by an official form at MAD as well as via FB. The ground staff at MAD was very friendly and apologized for the inconvenient situation. I received a reply from the customer relations department the day after: “To ensure the utmost hygiene on every flight, the aircraft are always cleaned immediately after arrival at destination. However, air traffic control limitations and the length of the aircraft's stopover mean that occasionally we have to do this in less time. Please accept my apologies if the seat was not in perfect condition." Fast cleaning may not include the cleaning under the armrests but it should be normal to do it at least every other month. As my connection (A320) had dirt at the same place, IB seems to be cleaning their aircraft not very well. Wifi is very overpriced (about 5$ for 4MB). In short: The ground staff (an agent on behalf of IB) in SCL was bad, the crew not good (except for some of the members), food acceptable, cleanliness disastrous.

7/27/2018 Evelyn Long

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Milan via Madrid, returning from Rome. After reading all the negative reviews about Iberia Airlines, I drastically lowered my expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have had a nice flight both going to my destination and returning home. The seats and legroom were comparable to other airlines I have flown (with the exception of Lufthansa, which has more legroom in economy). I received a packaged pillow and blanket, which was nice. The food was standard airline food and was served with premium plastic ware (not the cheap plastic utensils used with other airlines). I carried my luggage on board, and did not check it in. Overall it was a good experience.

7/26/2018 Ivan Oscar Sterza

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Santiago de Chile. A worn out A340-600, seats are ok (staggered configuration similar to Alitalia), but overall impact is less positive, stained seats and this ageing look. Boarding was quick and efficient, with pre-takeoff Cava served. Crew was mixed, the purser looked annoyed by passengers; FAs ranged from being very professional and attentive to absent-minded and approximate (asked twice to have more water after lunch was served, it never arrived and when I went to ask for a snack the FA said "oh, I forgot your water"; same thing for the pre-landing snak, which I had without anything to drink only because I asked for some milk in my tea). Amenity kit looks ridiculous in size, in equipment, in "look and feel"; food quite good actually but again, the whole service process took longer than expected and FAs were erratic. The seat is comfortable, maybe a bit rigid for sleeping, and cabin was freezing. A 4MB wi-fi voucher was offered to Business class passenger, it lasted some 3 minutes only on whatsapp, bought a 25MB pass for USD 19.95 with a fairly decent speed (unfortunately they forgot to mention that over Brasil and Argentina - 1/3 of the flight - the service would be unavailable). Overall quite a bland performance, hard product is still fine but service was below par.

7/25/2018 Leandra G, Airbus A330-300 (333) v2 seat 37A

A330-300 MAD-MIA #37A (emergency exit): decent food, unrestricted legroom, recline was acceptable, but at 7:30PM all window pax had to shut down their sunscreen! But besides that, it was a good flight

7/21/2018 G Stalounis

✅ Trip Verified | Flying to Miami from Madrid Barajas Terminal S4 in September 2016. Efficient check in at Barajas. Then on to Terminal 4, where the duty free was really very good. Terminal 4 is spacious with lots of amenities. Terminal 4S does not have these shops, which makes it not that pleasant if you have to spend a lot of time there waiting for the flight. A very long line for the extra security screening needed for US destinations. Closing the time for check in there was a long line at the gate. After about 20 minutes past the time for check in there was the first announcement that there would be 15-20 minutes more before check in would start. When check in started, for some reason boarding group 3, to which we belonged, boarded last, even though our seats were not at the front or back of the aircraft. On board, cabin staff was attentive and fairly polite. The cabin was warm at first but later temperature went down and then blankets were handed out, which became useful during the evening. Overall a pleasant flight.