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3/15/2019 V Sharun

✅ Trip Verified | Indigo flight from Bengaluru to Mumbai. Due to the flight schedule modifications due to the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts, I had to do a last minute booking on Indigo which came at a steep price but as I was required to travel had no other choice. The check-in was a breeze and boarding / departure started on time. The aircraft was well maintained and even though every seat was practically full, the crew did well to manage things and requests from fellow passengers. The seat pitch is around 30 inches which is decent enough but might be more uncomfortable for someone taller. The flight was very smooth and the crew were very pleasant and indulged in small talk among the passengers when it came for the in-flight snacks which were kind of pricey. Arrival was on time and the captain of the flight announced that this was his last flight and so all the passengers were requested to send their best wishes to the captain during de-boarding which was a nice touch. A very pleasant flight experience indeed. Thank you Indigo.

3/6/2019 Sameer Phatak

Not Verified | Flew from Mumbai to Bangalore last week. Opted for IndiGo as the timings were good, Check in was a little slow and so was boarding - their staff at the gates was asking people to check their bags in at the boarding gate so there was some confusion. The aircraft was a slightly older one. Seats were okay, since this was a corporate booking, got a XL seat over the wings. Meal was pre-added as a corporate booking perk - food was ok, had to remind the staff for a cup of tea. Never got one as when the crew did care to drop by, the pilot had already announced them to secure for landing.

3/5/2019 D Vartya

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Kuala Lumpur. I had paid for FF package so checkin was smooth even though baggage allowance was 20kg on ticket but they allow me to carry extra as a result my one hand bag went inside so i was free to walk on airport. I got checkin lounge where i can rest and have some food at odd hours and went to gate, boarding was already open one hour before departure and we were on our seat 30 minutes and gate close as every one had boarded. Boarding was smooth no drama. Flight was ready for take off and at that time it was advise that there is problem with aircraft and hence the flight need to abandon and change of aircraft and brought aircraft back to gate. Spend another 3 hours and finally took off. I can say that they had managed transition very smoothly. Aircraft were clean and toilets were clean too. staff were smiling and food was nice tea and upma which was preordered. Flight landed on time. Cant ask more on budget airline so it all depends upon what you pay upfront to get service.

3/4/2019 Torsten Wiemann

✅ Trip Verified | My 10-year old daughter had come down with traveller's diarrhea when we were about to take a flight with Indigo Airlines from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. By the time we were checking in it had become apparent that she was in no condition to fly. Fortunately to us, an employee of Indigo Airlines saw that my daughter was suffering. He invited us to an empty office where a short time later we were met by a doctor who examined my daughter and gave us medication and electrolytes. As a result my daughter's condition improved and we were able to take the flight after all. The help that we received was initiated by the attentive and very friendly Indigo Airlines staff. It was quick and un-bureaucratic with attention to detail (the staff organized a wheelchair and gave my daughter and us expedited access to the plain). We are very thankful for the assistance we received.

2/25/2019 H Kapawal

✅ Trip Verified | Indore to Bengaluru. Horrible service at check in counter. I had my flight which was delayed 25 minutes. As I was scared of missing my international connection due to the delay, I asked the staff to put my baggage under priority for releasing on the belt (due to the delay of the flight). Airline staff asked for payment for priority baggage, though the reason was clearly the delay in the flight.

2/15/2019 A Sorlan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Coimbatore via Chennai. Flight was delayed 4 times then cancelled. They had 1 member of staff trying to rebook around 250 passengers. Not even water was provided while flights were rebooked (which took 7 hours). Only 150ml of water was given onboard the aircraft which we were on for 4 hours before being deplaned when they cancelled the flight. Luggage was then not sent to the destinations. It took 5 days to get my luggage back and they wouldn’t even deliver it. I had to return to the airport.

2/12/2019 R Reddy

✅ Trip Verified | I was disappointed with the delay, flight was 30 minutes delayed while going from Sharjah to Trivandrum and a one hour delay on return to Sharjah. I booked Indigo for an on time flight but its a false image. Worst experience, airline didn't even inform us about the delay through an SMS or any other means. Waste of time. Attitude of crew is the worst. They should learn to respect passengers.

2/5/2019 Ishita Bhowmick

✅ Trip Verified | On May 30th, 2018 my husband, mother and myself were supposed to catch our flight from Delhi to Goa with Indigo. However, the day before our flight we received a message stating that our terminal had changed due to renovations in the airport. My husband had called the airlines to confirm and was told that our terminal had in fact changed. Once we arrived at the Delhi airport, security wouldn’t let us inside the airport and he kept telling us we were in the wrong terminal. We told him that the airlines themselves had confirmed about the terminal change, but he still didn’t want to let us in and asked us to go to the Indigo customer care outside of the airport. When we went inside the customer service area it was already packed with other passengers and we had to wait a long time before we were greeted by the only one Indigo agent that was there. After we explained the situation to the gentleman, he called his manager to help us. The manager took at least 15-20 minutes before he came down (after the agent called numerous times). When we re-explained the situation the manager told us he can’t help us and left mid-conversation, baffling both my husband and I with such horrible customer service, especially from someone in management, The manager left another agent to “deal” with us that was even less helpful. By this time, boarding to the plane had started and we were still stuck with the agent telling us she couldn’t do anything. We asked instead of giving us full credit to book us another flight and we would pay the difference but she did not want to do that. She said we will have to pay in full for the flights and we would not be reimbursed. By this time, all early flights were gone, and by the time we finally checked ourselves to book another flight with another airlines all flights to Goa for May 30th were booked. We booked our flight with Fly Air for 6 times the original price and had to book a hotel for another night at Delhi. We called the hotel in Goa to advise them we wouldn’t make it to the hotel that day, but rather the following afternoon and asked if we would be able to get a credit for that day, but unfortunately we couldn’t. Because of the service from Indigo airlines and wrong information given to us by them, we had to spend 6 times the price of our original flights, lost 1 day of hotel in Goa and had to book another extra night in Delhi.

1/31/2019 Eric Chassagnolle

✅ Trip Verified | Goa to Singapore via Hubli and Bangalore. Big respect to the ground service crew of Indigo Airlines (Pratik, Tufeeq, Errana, Arpita and Sayed). They helped me big time at Hubli when I was landing from a flight from Goa. I lost my bag with my wallet (credit card, cash) in the airport Goa and realised the disaster when I was in Hubli, no wallet so no money, can't take the taxi to go to the hotel, it was midnight the airport was closing and the policemen started talking to me, big trouble, big time!! This is here than the amazing team of Indigo Airlines help me to get out of trouble. First, we went to the restaurant where they offered me a dish then they provided me a room for the night, on the morning they provided the breakfast, then they drove me to the city center where I was able to withdrawal some money through Western Union and finally drove me back to the airport at Hubli where I took my next flight to Bengaluru. Without their incredible help, I don't know what would have happened... so big thank you to all the team of Indigo Airlines.

1/27/2019 M Fraser

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Jaipur via Bangalore. Today in Hong Kong I arrived at checked in online and joined the checkin queue well before the stated checkin closing time of 7.30am, there was a long que. I finally made it to the counter at 8.11am and noticed the only 2 checkin agents were now panicking as the flight due to depart at 8.40 needed to close. Passport and visa were presented, boarding pass printed however the agent then required details of my departure from India, fare enough. I took around 1 minute to pull up those details on my MacBook - a reasonable time frame however the agent in charge elected to close the flight, instructed our boarding passes be ripped up and even though I showed the departure details was met with a sorry flight closed approach and checkin agents walking away. Is that good customer service? Or am I right in saying IndiGo need more checkin agents to process passengers on time?

1/22/2019 A Bamhate

✅ Trip Verified | I was not well and asked for water 4 times even when the staff was serving i asked for water. They were only concentrating on people who had ordered for food! After paying so much money to these airline companies with hefty amount of service taxes this is the kind of service we get? in a 2 hrs flight i kept asking for water by pressing the service button twice but I was not entertained.

1/15/2019 Mary Tawadros

✅ Trip Verified | Trivandrum to Doha. Terrible experience with booking process and customer service from the airline. We were given wrong information by staff and we were denied boarding for our flight because apparently there was no transfer desk at our transit airport! It cost us our return ticket, unnecessary stress at the airport, and an extra USD $2000 for alternative and last minute flights to make it back home. Upon returning home, we made several attempts to reach management to address our case - the responses were slow (if any) and unprofessional with no attention to our case. We received standard replies and it has been almost a month now since we have received any updates about our complaint.

1/6/2019 Rajesh Lamba

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Dubai. I have been a frequent flyer with Indigo. I appreciate the timings comfort and services. Most annoying and embarrassing is when you want to pay by card 99% of cases it's declined.

1/5/2019 J Seibt

Not Verified | Delhi to Jaipur. Catastrophic reservation system and customer cervice I have booked a fully flexible return ticket online (via iPhone) on Jan 1st 2019, for departure in early Feb'19. The booking process is extremely cumbersome, also it seems to be mandatory to pay for every single aisle seat on this airline. All payment options for international passengers incur convenience fees which is extremely annoying. On Jan 3rd, needed to change the return flight. Tried to do so online but in vain, the online portal just returned cryptic error messages. Sent an Email to Customer Service asking for advise to change flights as its not possible online. Promptly, on Jan 4th received a response which was completely unrelated and misleading, incl the proposal to contact their domestic call center for further help. Went down to their local agent & explained the issue. Nevertheless they talked me though the online process again. When I was about to leave their office I was told that online modifications only work using the Google Chrome browser. Just cancelled the entire booking and won't consider IndiGo ever again even without ever flying with them. What a terrible airline.

1/3/2019 Heena Soni

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Bengaluru. The flight was supposed to depart at 9:35 am but was delayed to 12:35pm. Me and my husband had a Goair flight to catch from Bengaluru to Kannur at 14:40 hrs. Firstly we missed the Kannur flight and secondly the flight took off from Delhi after another 1.5 hrs delay. No screening of appropriate timings or scheduled departure. No announcements to confirm delays. We were rerouted to Mangalore but had to stay in Mangalore without any compensation.

1/2/2019 B Gamesani

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Singapore. I faced a nightmare with the booking I made with this airline for later in January 2019. One of the worst booking system this airline is using. I faced 3 times payment declined with international credit cards. One time payment deducted and took several days to get the refund. Again I had nightmare when I tried to purchase seat selection via visa CC issued by overseas bank. I never had such a bad experience in 20 years of travelling.

12/21/2018 B Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Ahmedabad to Bengaluru. The flight was delayed by an hour with no announcements to indicate the reason. Bad time management and customer service. Spicejet is much better and would recommend it over Indigo any day.

12/19/2018 Sarin C, Airbus A320 (320) seat 27A

The new seats in indigo airlines provides poor back and thigh support. I wonder how much extra profit airlines make by installing such low quality seats . Before i dreaded to travel on air india express . Nowdays the conditions of all budget Carriers are the same.

12/19/2018 Shefali Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Ahmedabad to Nagpur. No time management skills. they changed the gate number at the end moment no announcements were made. We were asked to stay in line for almost 1 to 1.5 hours. The flight was not on time. Will not travel on this flight again, worst experience ever.

12/8/2018 A S Kavya

✅ Trip Verified | Flew IndiGo from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram. The flight was 2 hours late upon departure. Boarding was already 1:30 hours late and an additional half hour waiting time in the plane. My 3rd delay experience with IndiGo. Extremely unprofessional service.