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4/22/2019 Blair Thorpe

Not Verified | The airline seems to contract out services at BVI. our flight was delayed/cancelled we were eventually put on a later flight with a 4 plus hour delay. The staff didn't know what to do nor did we get a meal voucher just some water. Further they knew of the issues and could have offered the 4 passengers alternatives from Dominica. Instead we were flown to BVI and dumped. Were as there were other airlines flying direct to San Juan. that would have reduced the delay this airline seems to have a bad reputation for cancellations delays etc.

2/21/2019 J Thielen

✅ Trip Verified | San Juan to Tortola. The company outsources it's operations including gate agents. There is no coordination between the entities. If you have a reservation, it really doesn't matter, as they take people on the planes, first come, first served, bumping those who have reservations, only because they were next in line. The company is non-responsive to complaints or feedback. The planes themselves are not maintained well, as there was no air on the hour flight to Tortola and back, so the inside cabin was 95-100F. This after a day delay to fix a different issue. Expect many maintenance issues and delays with this airline. Given the number of other choices, I cannot see why anybody would choose this airline.

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