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9/27/2017 G Mallam

✅ Verified Review | Honolulu to Lihue. I understand bags get lost. It happens. Especially when we took three flights to get to our final destination, Lihue, and involves two different airlines. We landed in Lihue at 2:57pm yesterday without our checked bags. The employee we dealt with said she would call us once she found out m...

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5/28/2017 T Martin

❎ Unverified | Kona to Honolulu. Worst airline I've ever used. First time using them. Booked four flights for inter-island vacation. All four flights were cancelled without notice. Online check in did not work. Stood in ticket line for over one hour. Carryon bag weight limit 16 lbs., without notice. Gate attendant not friendly....

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1/25/2017 JL, ATR 72 seat 9B

The seat is very comfortable even with a strong wind turbulance.

8/18/2016 B Adams

✅ Verified Review | Great experience island hoping with Island Air flying from Kona to Honolulu. Great staff and free internet at airport in Honolulu. Lovely views and complimentary Guava juice on the flight to/from Kona. Would recommend the jet props as you fly lower and see more of the great scenery. The cabin crew were great...

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2/28/2016 Uli Kirk

Island Air from Maui to Honolulu - the website wouldn't allow me to check-in online. At Maui the self-serve computers for Island Air weren't working either, there was just a single person checking in passengers and the line was really long. I was in the line 30 mins and then called Island Air customer service but they too couldn...

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11/28/2015 Darryn Murray

This airline has to be the worst to deal with customer service wise. I booked two tickets at the cost of $426NZD online. Straight away I realised the dates were entered wrong so I contacted Island Air immediately and let them know so they could cancel the flights and refund the transaction. Their policy states if you book a flig...

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9/22/2015 Mark Hood

One night in Maui ended up a few hours in Maui thanks to flights not leaving. It took 3 aircraft and hours at HNL airport to leave. No communications from Island Air ground staff and bad attitudes. Worth paying the Hawaiian Airlines price to travel with them. I wish we had read reviews before booking with this company.

9/16/2015 B Tadepalli

We had a very good experience flying with Island Air. The day we took our return flight, they were celebrating their 35th anniversary. We were greeted with lei greeting before boarding the flight. On the flight, we were given some local cookies, local coffee and POG juice. The flight attendants were nice. I was not expecting goo...

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9/6/2015 Jason Duckling

I was a little worried after booking Island Air due to some of the reviews I have read about late/cancelled flights. Our flight was on time. I did notice that on days when the weather was very poor that flights were showing some delays, but I guess this would be in common with most airlines flying around the islands. The quick 3...

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5/26/2014 N Bogan

Delays delays. We were supposed to go from Maui to Kauai and be a 2 hr trip. It took 6 hours instead with us waiting in the airport for 4 hours. The people next to us had been waiting for 8 hours and got delayed another two as I started writing the review . Everyone has delays. Stay away from Island Air!

4/19/2014 C Dunlop

After so many negative comments I believe a positive is in order. Honolulu to Lanai check in a breeze courteous and friendly we paid $17 per bag but now only $15. Flight basically on time aircraft ATR quite comfortable after all flight is only 24 minutes. 2 Flight attendants very friendly juice and water offered. Bags delivered ...

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2/17/2014 Pat Wagner

We had reservations on Island Air from Kauai to Honolulu. We would have had 2.5 hours to catch our connecting flight from Honolulu to Spokane on Allegiant. Island Air cancelled the flight due to weather. The next flight an hour later was cancelled due to mechanical issues. They had no other flights that would get us to our conne...

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2/4/2014 Mark Fenners

We are at Kahului airport on Maui and have just been told that a runway in Honolulu has been closed and that our 11.19am flight has been cancelled. And so they have merged our flight with the 12.59pm flight which is now delayed to 1.10pm. That's a 2 hour delay on a 45 min flight. They then said that it was due to a 6 lane highwa...

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11/19/2013 A Blake

This was the worst flying experience of our lives. We were lied to repeatedly by staff on both ends of our flight they blamed staff in the other location for our flight problems. They held us in the airport for 4 hours and promised repeatedly we would make our 2 connecting flights meanwhile many flights were going off the island...

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10/3/2013 Caroline Eagar

I recently flew from Sydney Australia to Honolulu and then had a flight scheduled to fly to Kauai leaving at 7.05pm this was altered 6 times before we finally departed at 11.05pm arriving at Lihue at 11.45pm. During the time of waiting we were offered water nothing was open and we were hungry. I finally asked a "Customer Service...

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8/29/2013 D Silvey

Booked a 6.55am flight Molokai - Honolulu. Was called the night before it was cancelled and we were put on 8.10am. Arrive at airport and told we have to fly to Lanaii first. At this point it looks like a 2 hour delay getting to Honolulu. We were 1/2 hour late boarding then sat on the tarmac 1.5 hours waiting for the pilot to do ...

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8/6/2013 David Peterson

My wife and I fly inter-island all the time and back to the mainland every year. We booked a flight 4 months ago and rec'd an email the night before that our flights (both ends of the round-trip) were cancelled. We were seated on a flight 3 hours later than our original meaning that we'd lose a day of our vacation and our return...

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5/29/2013 B Selkirk

Honolulu to Lihue return April 2013. Plane was a basic older style aircraft but comfortable enough for the short 40 min flight. Flight staff are friendly helpful and efficient. However Flight to/from Lihue were extremely delayed with no updates from Island Air staff other than to announce further delays. My observation is that v...

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5/28/2013 L Mae

My mother in law and I took a one day trip on Island Air to Molokai. We left a few minutes late. Our flight back to Honolulu was at 6pm. We got there at 4.30pm and were not told that our flight would be delayed until 9.30pm. The only reason we found out that it was delayed was when we asked a TSA agent a question about checking ...

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5/22/2013 Amy Osullivan

There has been consistent daily delays to Molokai. I have waited in the commuter terminal for 3-4 hours to get on a 15 minute flight to Molokai. I see that the same aircraft is going back and forth between Honolulu Lihue and Lanai and Kapalua but when the delays piggyback the Molokai flight will be pushed back to accommodate the...

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