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1/30/2018 W Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Newcastle to Sofia was fine, left fairly on time, decent leg room. Only problem was the plane was freezing! Good selection of food and drinks available. Normal airline prices. Staff were friendly and got to work serving drinks etc quickly. Plane was clean and comfortable enough for a 3 hour flight. Anymore and the padding on my seat wouldn't of supported me much longer. It was a bit hard.

11/30/2017 K Sewell

✅ Trip Verified | Tenerife to Stansted. Terrible service, staff insensitive and inflexible. I was told I was not allowed to carry a standard foam disability aid on board that Tui hadn't batted an eyelid over me using on the outbound flight,. My cushion would have fitted fine, perfectly safely with a bit of humanity and common sense. A horrific customer experience never to be repeated that utterly ruined my holiday.

10/25/2017 P Johnson

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Berlin to Leeds. I hope that now this link has been restored it will be kept. So much nicer that flying to Manchester or Liverpool, even if you are dropped off on a mountain top seemingly in the middle of nowhere! Fare was reasonable considering we made a last minute booking at start of Autumn holiday and one third of the cost of the Ryanair fare to Manchester that week! Convenient flights for long weekend or Monday to Friday away. Excellent cabin crew and kept well informed by captain during flight. All announcements were clear and audible. Return journey delayed by problem with landing light so crew immediately opened door for more air and let people use toilets whilst waiting (please note some other airlines). Plenty of legroom, seats good and why don't all airlines have cup holders on backs of seats? Please, though, don't drop this service like Norwegian did to Gatwick!

10/4/2017 TOW, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 16E


9/28/2017 Rab, Boeing 757-200 (752) seat 12E

To many passengers use this space to stand and the Row behind use as a short cut don’t book save your 💰

9/27/2017 Towbar, Boeing 757-200 (752) seat 12D

Good leg room but useless as people standseat we had to put up with a great deal we would never bothem again

9/27/2017 W Simpson

✅ Verified Review | This was our first time flying with Jet2 and I have to be honest if this is the standard the company set for the majority of flights then we would have no hesitation in booking again. From the moment we made our choice online the booking was clear and precise. As was the process to complete boarding passes. At both Manchester and Krakow the ground staff were extremely helpful and very pleasant. The same could be said of the flight and cabin crew on both flights. This is a budget airline so no fancy seats or inflight entertainment but the seats were comfortable and spotlessly clean. After a long morning I was tired and even managed to get some shut eye. There was nothing at all to fault in the way the crew looked after the customers. On the return flight we were advised by the captain about clear air turbulence that would affect the flight for the climb up to 36,000 feet but after that it would or should be a steady flight. The affect was not too severe but the cabin crew were advised to remain seated until he said otherwise. I have been on other flights and cabin crew have battled turbulence to try and serve products so it was refreshing to have crew that care about safety. Both flights left bang on time.

9/23/2017 S Mansten

✅ Verified Review | Birmingham to Palma. From check in to arrival at resort 100% service. This company feels that customer satisfaction is priority and they deserve the praise. We use them every year and they never let us down. Staff are fantastic and nothing is never too much trouble for them.

9/18/2017 J Barrett

✅ Verified Review | Stansted - Corfu. This was my first time using a package holiday airline in several years and I have to admit, I was dubious. I had absolutely no reason to be. Jet2 were brilliant from start to finish. Both the inbound and outbound flights departed on time and the return actually even landed 35 minutes early. The planes were both clean, comfortable and well-designed and the staff (both on the ground and in the air) professional, helpful and friendly. The only slightly annoying aspect of travelling with Jet2 is that they constantly play Jess Glynne! On their TV and radio adverts, when you enter the cabin, while you're sitting waiting to take off, the moment you land. Change the playlist! Otherwise, I couldn't fault them and would definitely fly with them again if they keep their Stansted base next summer.

9/15/2017 Ravi Mene

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Fuerteventura. We recently flew as a family group of 8, it was my wife's birthday and she was served with the champagne I had ordered, she also received a card signed by the crew including pilot and First officer. Excellent family oriented airline, very friendly check in staff, dedicated security clearance, clean aircraft, on schedule. even for return flight they had 6 check in counters open and check in was a breeze, security at Forteventura was friendly, but our return flight was delayed 45 minutes due to air traffic congestion. We were kept informed through out, even then we arrived on time in Manchester. The flights and ground services were stress free.

9/12/2017 Brian Lyell

✅ Verified Review | Edinburgh to Zakynthos return. Just back from our holiday using Jet2 and found them to be very helpful, its a nice touch when the pilot would give a regular update on the flight progress and inform us where we were flying over. We had an awful experience on return at Edinburgh Airport, the cabin crew and pilot were doing their best keeping us informed as to why the delay, which was not their fault. We have used many budget airlines but Jet2 are by far the best.

8/27/2017 M Fallen

✅ Verified Review | Pula to Edinburgh. I asked for an allergen list for the inflight menu and was told there wasn't one. I asked if the cheese and tomato toastie was suitable for vegetarians. The response yes it's cheese and tomato. Is the cheese vegetarian? I was looked at like I was an idiot. It's cheese. She went to ask other steward he said to her pretty much the same. She did offer me to look at the ingredients. It didn't say wether it was suitable. I'm not saying your they all need to understand about the process of what is used in making cheese. But surely there should be some identification on the packaging.

7/18/2017 E Lennon

✅ Verified Review | Belfast to Dubrovnik. Check in process in Belfast was fast and efficient, (the return journey not so much but that was due to airport issues beyond Jet2’s control). While checking-in both flying out and returning, staff ensured that we were able to sit together as a family to help ensure that it was easier to entertain our daughter on the flight even though we could not pre-book certain seats as we had booked through a 3rd party agency. The care of Jet2 staff was excellent - courteous, efficient and pleasant in a warm and genuine way. The aircraft was clean and in pretty good condition (a few dog eared safely cards did let the look down a little). The seats were comfortable although padding did seem to be at the thin end of adequate, however comfortable enough for a 3 hour flight. Leg room I thought was very good for a budget airline, I’m 6.1 and found that I had plenty of leg room to get comfortable. Jet2 has a decent balance with inflight catering, they have managed to use all good brands for everything but prices are reasonable by onboard standards. This flight was branded ‘ Holidays’ and the plane in a different livery than the standard fleet (silver and red) but reflects quite well my previous Jet2 experiences. Although I can’t decide if my memory is playing tricks and the leg room on these flights is greater than the standard Jet2 fleet or the likes of Easyjet.

7/15/2017 Sue Allen

✅ Verified Review | Newcastle to Malaga. Flight and staff were brilliant but the pre ordered vegetarian breakfast was overpriced for such a ridiculous portion size. Only worth £3 maximum, not the £8 I was charged. This was bought as a birthday surprise for my husband and it has left me outraged and very disappointed.

6/30/2017 Julie Brennan

✅ Verified Review | First time flying with Jet2. Excellent all round. The staff were professional and friendly even down to the captain, who came out to see everyone off the plain. Far superior than easyJet and Ryanair. A big thank you to making my trip as smooth as possible on a low budget.

6/29/2017 Stepan Hrobar

✅ Verified Review | flight from Edinburgh back to Vienna. I was very excited about this one, as they use their oldest 737s for this route. The particular aircraft on my flight was over 30 years old, yet no one would have recognized that! The cabin was refurbished with new comfortable seats, the plane was in a very good shape and even very quiet in flight. The cabin attendants very polite and nice, flight was on time and there were no issues at all. Definitely worth flying with Jet2, it is a great airline.

6/24/2017 Andrew Stewart

✅ Verified Review | Even though this flight was delayed by an hour, it was managed really well by ground staff. Plenty of ground staff in both Rhodes and London and they're all really friendly and helpful. Same with the cabin crew, really friendly and did a great job. Only negative is how long it took for luggage to be delivered. Although this is more a problem with STN airport than

6/19/2017 V Edmondson

✅ Verified Review | East Midlands (EMA) to Paris (CDG) one way. Unrivaled service puts standard carriers and all other low-cost carriers to shame. Check in is quick and easy, staff are extremely friendly, the boarding process was made quick and simple, extremely friendly crew. Didn't order food but seemed cheap with a free packet of crisps. Aircraft was immaculate inside and out. Plenty of legroom. Far better than both easyJet, Ryanair and BA of which both I've used on multiple occasions. Such an underrated carrier, I would definitely fly with them again, can't recommend them enough.

6/17/2017 Andrew Stewart

✅ Verified Review | I was really impressed with flying from London Stansted to Rhodes. They really do put other low cost carries to shame. Check in at Stansted was well staffed, plenty of counters open and staff floating around to assist. I was checked within 5 mins of arriving at the airport. When I looked around all the other airlines and limited check in desks open and massive queues. Even boarding was well managed and stress free. Onboard they have the standard thin seats of low cost carriers but perfectly comfortable for up to 4hrs. Food and drink is really reasonably priced compared to other airlines. I pre-booked an inflight meal which was ok. The sandwiches they sold onboard looked really nice so I'll get one of those next time instead. Also the crew were excellent on this flight, happy to help and even checking on the toilets during the flight. All round positive experience.

6/9/2017 Gordon Kilgour

✅ Verified Review | Zakynthos to Edinburgh. Outstanding service from Jet2 staff on outward and return flights on our recent holiday. The check in procedures in both airports went smoothly and were stress free. I cannot praise the Jet2 staff highly enough for their efficiency, courtesy and professionalism. The resort Rep. was extremely efficient and gave us all the information we needed when asked. We will most certainly be travelling with Jet2 again.