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5/29/2018 L Green

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Nice. Flight delayed by 7 hours. No communication about delay until we got to bag drop. Couldn't leave airport because if they managed to get an earlier flight they were not going to communicate that to passengers so had to stay in the airport with my 2 year old son. Credit they gave us was loaded ...

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5/15/2018 Eric Short, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 16F

I requested an extra legroom seat as I am 6ft tall and find standard seats to small. These seats are comfortable although they are slimmer, but the cushioning is adequate. One thing I did miss is the rear of the seats do not have any “netting” to store things like glasses or drinks bottle etc, meaning you have leave them in you...

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5/9/2018 Tim Sellicks

✅ Trip Verified | So have used Jet2, recommended them to family and friends, had good experiences and seeing as I live next to Stansted airport and they have replaced the easyJet service that moved to Southend a number of years ago, it's been a win-win for me, until the last flight on Sunday. Informed two days into our holiday a...

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4/7/2018 H Reakle

✅ Trip Verified | I missed my flight from Leeds to Geneva airport as I was late. My though is the customer service clerks of at Bradford-Leeds. The two women working that morning at the customer service desk were so rude to me. The customer service clerks in Geneva were so professional, gracious and nice. Geneva to Lee...

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4/3/2018 Robert Hogg

✅ Trip Verified | Lanzarote to Newcastle. Paid £30 each way to transport my racing bike on a training holiday. The bike was packed in a specialised soft case with a 5cm memory foam mattress as protection. Despite this Jet2 managed to subject it to such force that it broke the frame at the point where the back wheel attaches. Si...

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3/31/2018 Donna Webster

✅ Trip Verified | After a mix up with the transfer bus from our hotel, my bag, containing our passports, boarding passes, euros, etc, was left on the bus when we had to disembark and get the next bus to the airport on our return journey. As soon as I realised I rang the emergency line and the last person I spoke to was very help...

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3/24/2018 Nicole Campbell

✅ Trip Verified | Would not recommend flying with Jet2, our experience from getting to the airport was not a good one. Jet2 ground service were insensitive and rude. The aircraft itself was small and uncomfortable, not worth the price paid. The Jet2 help desk charged us £35.00 to check in although we had tried to check in the da...

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2/27/2018 J Nielsen

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Grenoble. Paid for legroom seats and never got them. Emailed to get a refund but they refused! Emailed again to appeal but they never replied. I’m flying again in a couple of weeks but I made sure it was another airline. Never had this problem with any other airline so I won’t be using them again.

2/26/2018 E Norris

✅ Trip Verified | First time with flying from Birmingham to Krakow. Overall very impressed. Cabin crew were lovely and friendly. Plane took off both ways on time. Paid for extra leg room. Will definitely be using Jet2 again. Check in staff were lovely too, a smile goes a long way. Very clean on board.

2/6/2018 S Simpkins

✅ Trip Verified | Another faultless trip with Jet2. Flew Newcastle to Malaga and return. Sensible flight times, clean aircraft, friendly efficient staff both on the ground and in the air. Seats are fine for a flight under 4 hours, and the design allows that bit more legroom. Slight delay leaving Malaga because of need to replace...

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1/30/2018 W Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Flight from Newcastle to Sofia was fine, left fairly on time, decent leg room. Only problem was the plane was freezing! Good selection of food and drinks available. Normal airline prices. Staff were friendly and got to work serving drinks etc quickly. Plane was clean and comfortable enough for a 3 hour flight. ...

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11/30/2017 K Sewell

✅ Trip Verified | Tenerife to Stansted. Terrible service, staff insensitive and inflexible. I was told I was not allowed to carry a standard foam disability aid on board that Tui hadn't batted an eyelid over me using on the outbound flight,. My cushion would have fitted fine, perfectly safely with a bit of humanity and common s...

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10/25/2017 P Johnson

✅ Verified Review | Flew from Berlin to Leeds. I hope that now this link has been restored it will be kept. So much nicer that flying to Manchester or Liverpool, even if you are dropped off on a mountain top seemingly in the middle of nowhere! Fare was reasonable considering we made a last minute booking at start of Au...

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10/4/2017 TOW, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 16E


9/28/2017 Rab, Boeing 747-8 (752) seat 12E

To many passengers use this space to stand and the Row behind use as a short cut don’t book save your 💰

9/27/2017 Towbar, Boeing 747-8 (752) seat 12D

Good leg room but useless as people standseat we had to put up with a great deal we would never bothem again

9/27/2017 W Simpson

✅ Verified Review | This was our first time flying with Jet2 and I have to be honest if this is the standard the company set for the majority of flights then we would have no hesitation in booking again. From the moment we made our choice online the booking was clear and precise. As was the process to complete boarding passes. A...

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9/23/2017 S Mansten

✅ Verified Review | Birmingham to Palma. From check in to arrival at resort 100% service. This company feels that customer satisfaction is priority and they deserve the praise. We use them every year and they never let us down. Staff are fantastic and nothing is never too much trouble for them.

9/18/2017 J Barrett

✅ Verified Review | Stansted - Corfu. This was my first time using a package holiday airline in several years and I have to admit, I was dubious. I had absolutely no reason to be. Jet2 were brilliant from start to finish. Both the inbound and outbound flights departed on time and the return actually even landed 35 minutes earl...

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9/15/2017 Ravi Mene

✅ Verified Review | Manchester to Fuerteventura. We recently flew as a family group of 8, it was my wife's birthday and she was served with the champagne I had ordered, she also received a card signed by the crew including pilot and First officer. Excellent family oriented airline, very friendly check in staff, dedicated securi...

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