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2/12/2017 Sofie Bocque

✅ Verified Review | Miami to Brussels. I have nothing negative to say about the crew (they are friendly and courteous) nor about the food (i find it rather tasty and well chosen), however it irritates me extremely that they always have a delay and you only find out in the airport while checking in. It is so hard to send your cu...

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10/17/2016 R Kallenburg

✅ Verified Review | Brussels to Punta Cana with Jetairfly on Boeing 787. I was really surprised about this professional service and crew. Very good entertainment, decent food, new plane and friendly service. I was lucky to be on a plane which was not fully booked.

7/28/2016 Anny Claeys

I have travelled with Jetairfly about 8 times. Every time there were some issues, most of the time involving my reserved seats, that they unannounced changed. Very uncomfortable and no refund given. Every time they had a minimum delay of 2.5hrs, the longest delay 5 hours. All leaving from Miami. They did not announce this at any...

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6/11/2016 Henk van Dijk

Brussels to Cancun with Jetairfly. Booked 4 days before the flight and didn't know what to expect. Tickets were quite cheap, less then €400. We knew there was very strict security so we arrived at the airport 4 hours before takeoff. We queued for almost 2 hours. We took ofF on time, but there were some gear problems and we had t...

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5/31/2016 Jennifer Pomares

Recent trip from Brussels to Cancun. I originally had the flight booked through Aeromexico, on the way there I flew from Cancun to Madrid with a stop in Mexico City, but we needed to change the flight and the change cost more than buying a new ticket. After searching, we bought 2 one way tickets for a direct flight Brussels - Ca...

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1/18/2016 Ely Hofmans

Brussels to Cancun via Varadero. If you want a big chance of missing any connection flight, or ruining one day of your vacations, or missing one day at work and have in return just a cynical response, avoid Jetairfly. My final destination was Mexico City, so I booked the last available flight Cancun/Mexico because when you buy ...

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1/7/2016 Bryan Lammens

Brussels to Casablanca on Jetairfly, and everything was great. The price wasn't too expensive, there were no delays and the staff were polite and professional. Only negative point is the leg space, but that's okay for less than 4 hours in my opinion. I will fly with them again.

12/1/2015 Patrick Asselberghs

Miami to Brussels. On this Boeing 767 plane Jetairfly has a separate cabin called comfort class and I was able to book seats there for an extra fee. Only 31 seats in this cabin with 2 FA's doing a great job. Seats configuration in 2x3x2 while regular economy is 2x4x2. Legroom was very good. After take off we were offered Champag...

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11/3/2015 C Quaranta

Jetairfly from Brussels to Boavista (Cape-Verde) and return via Sal. Boeing 767, not the newest one, with zero legroom and minimal seat reclining - the six-hours flight was all but pleasant! I arrived with all bones aching, and I'm just average height! No decent IFE either (unless they consider the small screens showing nonstop ...

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9/1/2015 Borremans Jenne

One way Jetairfly flight from Antwerp to Berlin Tegel. 50 minute delay was only announced at the planned time of departure.? Nearly new aircraft (the largest that is able to fly on Antwerp's runway), thin seats but ok for short holiday flights. Very quiet and clean. Friendly professional cabin crew, excellent service. Prices of ...

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8/16/2015 B van Sante

Booked this flight as it was a convenient schedule allowing flying from the lovely small airport of Antwerp to Barcelona. This airline operates several leisure and business destinations nowadays from Antwerp so I gave it a try. Check in a breeze, friendly staff, very limited airport facilities though. You can save substantial ti...

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11/20/2014 B van Sante

One way BRU-VRA in new B787. Mixed feelings about this one way flight. On board the leg space was for economy not bad - seats had ok recline. on the 10 hr flight 1 hot meal (no choice) of good quality was offered and before landing 2 stale hard pieces of bread with jam / cheese which was definitely one of the worst meals. Alcoho...

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2/25/2014 C Rainbow

22nd Feb 2014 Tenerife South and Brussels Charleroi. I considered the price to be quite expensive. Check-in consisted of 2 lines operated by a combination of uniformed TUI staff and an Iberia uniformed agent too. The lines moved quickly and efficiently. I had reserved my seat online and paid extra for a seat the front of the pla...

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1/22/2014 Bjoern Koch

We recently traveled on from Mexico to Brussels and return. The reservation was made over 9 month ago a month prior to departure the airline changed many things: departure and arrival times class of service booked and even the type of plane used. However when we finally started our journey the plane was delayed 3.5 hours the com...

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1/10/2014 P Lugtenburg

Had booked and paid (5 months in advance) for Comfort Class and XL seats. Just prior to departure received email stating that due to operational reasons they had to switch planes insufficient Comfort Class seats made them to give those seats to the earliest bookers (we booked 5 months in advance). Additionally seating in this Bo...

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11/7/2013 Stewart Colwill

Just flew from Brussels to Punta Cana with Jetairfly and I have to say the whole experience from booking through check-in inflight meals was outstanding some of the best customer service I have experienced. We upgraded to comfort class as it was only slightly more but well worth the money - drinks kept on flowing the whole trip ...

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10/30/2013 K Sledz

Brussels - Cancun with stopover in Varadero (Cuba). Flight to Mexico was agreeable had especially booked the "comfort class" since the difference was not that much. Left a couple of hours late due to full check-up but only arrived 1 hr later in Cancun. Older airplane so not the nicest. Inflight entertainment is an ipad with a ve...

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10/15/2013 Mike Tew

Yesterday I experienced the worst customer service from an airline that I have experienced. When checking in for my return flight from Palma to Oostende the procedure was completely a shambles and when you take it up with the staff you are met with such rude attitude. In all my years of travelling I have never experienced such r...

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4/24/2012 C Setyar

Brussels to Bangkok return: rude staff on both flights - you have to sleep when they tell you and read when they allow you to. No sound for the movie they showed on screens even though they gave us headphones no reading lights available during the 14 hour flight. The seat in front of me could not be pulled completely in upright ...

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9/1/2011 B Cutler

Brussels-Taba was 4.5 hrs late. They said it was a technical problem with the plane but a flight to Greece on the same day also had hours of delay. Flight attendants were rude we had not reserved a meal for the plane as per our initial schedule we would have landed in time for dinner. The airline did not offer anything onboard a...

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