22 Jetairfly reviews

2/12/2017 Sofie Bocque

✅ Verified Review | Miami to Brussels. I have nothing negative to say about the crew (they are friendly and courteous) nor about the food (i find it rather tasty and well chosen), however it irritates me extremely that they always have a delay and you only find out in the airport while checking in. It is so hard to send your customers a simple text to inform there is no use to come early to the airport as the flight is delayed (with 2 hours)? On top, we get offered a voucher for lunch for a value of 4 dollars 10 cents - really! Not impressed.

10/17/2016 R Kallenburg

✅ Verified Review | Brussels to Punta Cana with Jetairfly on Boeing 787. I was really surprised about this professional service and crew. Very good entertainment, decent food, new plane and friendly service. I was lucky to be on a plane which was not fully booked.

7/28/2016 Anny Claeys

I have travelled with Jetairfly about 8 times. Every time there were some issues, most of the time involving my reserved seats, that they unannounced changed. Very uncomfortable and no refund given. Every time they had a minimum delay of 2.5hrs, the longest delay 5 hours. All leaving from Miami. They did not announce this at any time, desk people never gave correct answers. I live 90 minutes from the Airport, they could have warned me by email. Every time I say this will be my last time. But it is convenient for me because of the nonstop to Brussels/Miami. Today, I have a bigger issue with them. I need to take my Support dog with me and am not able to reach them by phone from USA, neither they don't want to give an email address. On top of all of it they raised their price $200 one way, since last year. It definetly will be my last trip on Jetairfly.

6/11/2016 Henk van Dijk

Brussels to Cancun with Jetairfly. Booked 4 days before the flight and didn't know what to expect. Tickets were quite cheap, less then €400. We knew there was very strict security so we arrived at the airport 4 hours before takeoff. We queued for almost 2 hours. We took ofF on time, but there were some gear problems and we had to make an emergency landing. After we landed, we had to stay in the plane for 1 hour. When we finally got out, they gave us a voucher for food and told us to come back to the gate at 1:30 pm. When we came back a few hours later, the plane still wasn't fixed and again they gave a voucher for food and told us to come back at 5:30 pm. When we came back at 5:30 pm there was no one from JetairFly who could help us. After 1 hour finally someone came and he told us there was another plane who would take us to Cancun. Because it was a new plane we had to get new boarding passes. It took them quite a while to do this. This was 8:15 pm. Unfortunately the boarding system was also broken so they had to manually process everyone. By 8:30 pm we were the first on the plane and after 1 hour we finally took off. The new plane didn't have entertainment but because we flew by night that was not a big issue. I know JetairFly couldn't do anything about the airplane being broken, but when you tell your passengers to be at the gate at 5:30 pm, there has to be at least 1 person available and that was not the case this time. After all we had a 14 hour delay. The good thing - the return flight was much better and we got some money back.

5/31/2016 Jennifer Pomares

Recent trip from Brussels to Cancun. I originally had the flight booked through Aeromexico, on the way there I flew from Cancun to Madrid with a stop in Mexico City, but we needed to change the flight and the change cost more than buying a new ticket. After searching, we bought 2 one way tickets for a direct flight Brussels - Cancun for less than 400 Euros so we were not sure what to expect. We couldn't have made a better choice. The airplane had bigger seats than Aeromexico that actually let you stretch, food and staff was good and the timing was perfect. The variety of movies on the screens was fantastic. We could have upgraded for only 100 Euros more to Business Class but honestly, seats were so good we didn't feel the need.

1/18/2016 Ely Hofmans

Brussels to Cancun via Varadero. If you want a big chance of missing any connection flight, or ruining one day of your vacations, or missing one day at work and have in return just a cynical response, avoid Jetairfly. My final destination was Mexico City, so I booked the last available flight Cancun/Mexico because when you buy a ticket with Jetairfly, you know the schedule is very very probable going to change. My original flight was scheduled at 9:50 am, and was going to arrive to Cancun at 5:30 pm. One night before, they sent me an email saying that they changed the flight to 3:00pm, 6 hours later, so, I was going to miss the flight Cancun to Mexico. I changed the flight, with a very big penalty that was the same as booking a new flight. Then when I was about to arrive to the airport after 2 hr ride from my home at the south of Belgium, they sent me another mail (not even they have the attention to call you) saying that the flight was delayed again to 18:45pm. And, I was going to miss the second flight I purchased to Mexico City. A friend from Mexico City had to purchase for me a third flight. The worst thing is what Jetairfly staff said "We can't do anything about it". And after sending a hard complaint, their response was "It's in the contract". I know low fare airlines won't be punctual, but delaying it two times in a day - a 10 hour delay? I've never heard of something like that without giving you any kind of compensation!

1/7/2016 Bryan Lammens

Brussels to Casablanca on Jetairfly, and everything was great. The price wasn't too expensive, there were no delays and the staff were polite and professional. Only negative point is the leg space, but that's okay for less than 4 hours in my opinion. I will fly with them again.

12/1/2015 Patrick Asselberghs

Miami to Brussels. On this Boeing 767 plane Jetairfly has a separate cabin called comfort class and I was able to book seats there for an extra fee. Only 31 seats in this cabin with 2 FA's doing a great job. Seats configuration in 2x3x2 while regular economy is 2x4x2. Legroom was very good. After take off we were offered Champagne followed by a hot meal together with wine, coffee and digestif. Before landing breakfast was served. I would recommend this airline if you can get seats in this cabin.

11/3/2015 C Quaranta

Jetairfly from Brussels to Boavista (Cape-Verde) and return via Sal. Boeing 767, not the newest one, with zero legroom and minimal seat reclining - the six-hours flight was all but pleasant! I arrived with all bones aching, and I'm just average height! No decent IFE either (unless they consider the small screens showing nonstop your flight route to be an entertainment!) In the end the 6 hrs felt like they were 10hrs! One warm meal, basic standard - you feel the charter company cutting corners everywhere! Jetairfly may be okay for the short range charter destinations in southern Europe, but I could not recommend flying it for mid to long-Range! For me it definitely was the last flight with Jetairfly.

9/1/2015 Borremans Jenne

One way Jetairfly flight from Antwerp to Berlin Tegel. 50 minute delay was only announced at the planned time of departure.? Nearly new aircraft (the largest that is able to fly on Antwerp's runway), thin seats but ok for short holiday flights. Very quiet and clean. Friendly professional cabin crew, excellent service. Prices of onboard food and drinks are for airline service reasonable. This airline often has very good deals available, even on short notice. Very reasonable price, but the available fares vary a lot. Flight was about 70-80% full, so they don't seem to be doing too bad. The airline tries to be something in between a full-service carrier, a charter operator and a low-cost operator.

8/16/2015 B van Sante

Booked this flight as it was a convenient schedule allowing flying from the lovely small airport of Antwerp to Barcelona. This airline operates several leisure and business destinations nowadays from Antwerp so I gave it a try. Check in a breeze, friendly staff, very limited airport facilities though. You can save substantial time when flying out of ANR Taxi from city center just around 12 E, I booked an onboard standard meal at 9 E and that included a soft drink and coffee. The meal was a salad and a cake/bread roll. Not that appealing, however anything bought from the onboard menu would worked out at the same price. Staff onboard friendly, seating cramped, except on row 1. 3 attendants for 112 passengers. I was able to book a reasonable priced one way ticket, and all fares include 15 kg checked baggage. Would book again.

11/20/2014 B van Sante

One way BRU-VRA in new B787. Mixed feelings about this one way flight. On board the leg space was for economy not bad - seats had ok recline. on the 10 hr flight 1 hot meal (no choice) of good quality was offered and before landing 2 stale hard pieces of bread with jam / cheese which was definitely one of the worst meals. Alcohol was charged for at 450 euro for wine or spirits at 350 euro. There were free juices and soft drinks on offer at the galley. One of the toilets was broken despite the aircraft being only a year old. IFE - headsets free and touchscreen with limited choices in Dutch / French / English. Several hours during flight there was no IFE due to system problems. Customs cards for Cuba where given upon disembarking while landing cards for Mexico the next destination where given out halfway during flight. If you can get a deal or need a cheap one way it fits the bill. Baggage was free.

2/25/2014 C Rainbow

22nd Feb 2014 Tenerife South and Brussels Charleroi. I considered the price to be quite expensive. Check-in consisted of 2 lines operated by a combination of uniformed TUI staff and an Iberia uniformed agent too. The lines moved quickly and efficiently. I had reserved my seat online and paid extra for a seat the front of the plane. The cabin crew were very pleasant polite and multilingual. However passengers were allowed to take far too much hand luggage on board and this was a problem both when boarding and when exiting the flight. There had been a catering strike in Belgium and so the catering I had paid for online was not quite what was served. I was offered an exceptionally watered down cup of stained milk otherwise known as tea! This was additional to the very disappointing meal I had paid €8 for online. My seat was wafer thin at the back and I could feel every kick from the screaming baby behind me. The aircraft used was a 737-800. It included two small screens at the front of the aircraft near the door on which an interactive map chartered out the route from Tenerife to Brussels. I saw during the flight the cabin crew seat aside food for themselves. I also noted that the crew had poor discipline over the passengers. Disembarkation was one of the worst I have seen in years as the crew were oblivious to the couple with the screaming baby who blocked the aisle and also prevented passengers from removing their belongings from two of the overheard lockers. The young cabin crew attempted a polite farewell to passengers and did their best under a grey Belgian sky.

1/22/2014 Bjoern Koch

We recently traveled on from Mexico to Brussels and return. The reservation was made over 9 month ago a month prior to departure the airline changed many things: departure and arrival times class of service booked and even the type of plane used. However when we finally started our journey the plane was delayed 3.5 hours the comfort class booked did not have all the service elements described or offered from no blankets to many other things. Because the delay connections in Brussels were missed the airline offered zero help. On the return flight we booked a class of service which Jetairfly claimed is no longer available and therefore had to downgrade our booking. At the airport and in the plane there personal did not know the situation and confirmed that this is comfort class. If you have a choice of flying another carrier - please do.

1/10/2014 P Lugtenburg

Had booked and paid (5 months in advance) for Comfort Class and XL seats. Just prior to departure received email stating that due to operational reasons they had to switch planes insufficient Comfort Class seats made them to give those seats to the earliest bookers (we booked 5 months in advance). Additionally seating in this Boeing 767 was terribly poor legroom non existent. Crew were rude to passengers and offered no choice of food (front seats got beef middle of plane fish rear seats chicken). Crew were busy talking among themselves no attention whatsoever for the passengers.

11/7/2013 Stewart Colwill

Just flew from Brussels to Punta Cana with Jetairfly and I have to say the whole experience from booking through check-in inflight meals was outstanding some of the best customer service I have experienced. We upgraded to comfort class as it was only slightly more but well worth the money - drinks kept on flowing the whole trip and the food was good. I would highly recommend this airline and will definitely be using them in the future.

10/30/2013 K Sledz

Brussels - Cancun with stopover in Varadero (Cuba). Flight to Mexico was agreeable had especially booked the "comfort class" since the difference was not that much. Left a couple of hours late due to full check-up but only arrived 1 hr later in Cancun. Older airplane so not the nicest. Inflight entertainment is an ipad with a very limited selection of movies series newspapers and games. People tend to hang the thing from the seat covers so that damages stuff. Had one faulty ipad that got switched. Meals very in going out very tasty but from Cancun to Brussels you noticed that the meals were ordered in Mexico.. All in all very happy for the price paid. and a little amenities bag (sleeping mask socks ear plugs and toothbrush).

10/15/2013 Mike Tew

Yesterday I experienced the worst customer service from an airline that I have experienced. When checking in for my return flight from Palma to Oostende the procedure was completely a shambles and when you take it up with the staff you are met with such rude attitude. In all my years of travelling I have never experienced such rude staff as I saw in action yesterday. The flight itself back to Oostende was in an aircraft that is showing its age but clearly TUI can't be bothered to clean it. Even the chewing gum on the seat in front of me was not even cleaned off. All in all an experience that I never want ever again.

4/24/2012 C Setyar

Brussels to Bangkok return: rude staff on both flights - you have to sleep when they tell you and read when they allow you to. No sound for the movie they showed on screens even though they gave us headphones no reading lights available during the 14 hour flight. The seat in front of me could not be pulled completely in upright position on both flights. I will not use this company again at least not for long flights.

9/1/2011 B Cutler

Brussels-Taba was 4.5 hrs late. They said it was a technical problem with the plane but a flight to Greece on the same day also had hours of delay. Flight attendants were rude we had not reserved a meal for the plane as per our initial schedule we would have landed in time for dinner. The airline did not offer anything onboard as a compensation. We couldn't even get a cup of tea.