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1/25/2019 S Malden

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Paris. Untrained and disrespectful cabin staff. Most of the cabin crew did not speak English on an international flight (only French!). No service at all and once we asked for a tea we received arrogant responses. We travelled as a family with a baby and were promised a baby cot. The flight attendant had an argument with her colleague about it but later brought one. We finally could lay our son down, since it was a night flight and he was very tired. Only seconds later her colleague came to take it away from us, so our son had to be taken out again and had no cot to sleep in. The food was horrible. At 8 o'clock in the morning we were not allowed to open our window blinds due to the light coming in. Furthermore parts of our window and wall were broken. Overall experience was very disappointing. We would never recommend this airline!

1/5/2019 K Makrash

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Paris. Excellent and clean Aircraft A340. Awesome Cabin service and cabin crew. Amazing food and drinks. Clean and comfortable business class seats, even though they are not lie flat, but comfortable sleep at an angle. The highlight is excellent on board crew, who took care of guests in an excellent manner. Excellent Audio/Video system, clean and neat restrooms. I would like to say, the most affordable business class product for a very quality product. Would recommend all the way.

12/18/2018 Michael Hallauer

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Cape Town. This was my first and last trip using Joon. I usually fly to Europe using Emirates or Qatar Airways. This time I thought I would try out Air France's (or so I thought when I booked) direct flight to Paris from Cape Town. My first surprise was to find out that even though I thought I had booked Air France, the booking confirmation indicated "Operated by Joon". My second surprise was to find out that this airline has a poor reputation as a low cost equivalent to Air France, but too late! I had already booked and paid. So I went into the trip with an open mind hoping to be pleasantly surprised but sadly the "surprise" was not pleasant at all. The economy class seats have got to be the worst I have ever experienced in economy class on any other airline. Very narrow and very hard. Very uncomfortable. Secondly the food service and quality of food provided is just totally unacceptable for a long haul international flight. They basically try and get away with giving you one full meal (and a small snack) on a 12 hour flight, while other carriers like Emirates will give you 2 decent meals on their 8 hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai. Also, Joon should be embarrassed at the quality of the meal they provide. In my cabin section the attendants also decided they were going to "forget" to offer drinks with the meal. When a passenger in front of me eventually complained they brought him a drink but didn't then immediately try and correct their mistake and offer drinks to other passengers like me. I had to personally request a drink! Do yourself a favour and rather take a more reputable carrier even if it does involve a connection and longer flying time.

11/19/2018 Anoop Raina

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Mumbai. Leg space is good along with inflight entertainment but everything else is not good enough. Untrained staff, not so comfortable seats. I mean it does not matter how many times you press the button to call hostess they just won't come. In 9 hour flight they served only twice and we were left hungry. They would serve when they wanted to even if I asked them if you could serve us as we were hungry. That's a no no for a new airline and I would not recommend it to anyone at all. This was the worst experience travelling international. I travelled with them twice within a span of 15 days.

8/18/2018 Farhad Torabi

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Paris. No entertainment on board, no food! Not even a snack for a 2 hours flight - Only water or coffee. The cabin was cold and they do not give you blanket. The crew was young, and seemed not serious in their post. Overall not satisfied.

7/23/2018 Brian Thompson

Not Verified | Paris to Cape Town. Flew Joon for the first time in July, it was the last leg of a very long flight from Memphis to Cape Town. There were some ups and downs with Joon.The flight was delayed by 2 hours (mechanical), when boarding everyone lined up, and they let on some passengers and then the line didn't move for 30 minutes. As far as in-flight, Wi-fi did not work, that was the only issue. FA and staff were really good. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I had an economy Duo Seat and there was plenty of room. The entertainment system worked very well. Bring your own earbuds/headset, the ones they give you are not very good. As far as the food goes, it was not really any better or any worse than what I have had on KLM or Delta long haul flights. The A340 flew so smooth, on of my favorites.

7/2/2018 Kenneth Sandvær

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Oslo. High-price, high-density seats. The crew kept crashing with pax several times when serving from the trolleys. Crew uniform seemed like t-shirts and did not fit a crew. The crew made the wrong announcement before landing. As much as the crew kept smiling and apologizing it felt like the crew had little experience. Not recommended.

6/21/2018 R Balleche

✅ Trip Verified | Joon is low service and high-price and sub-par for me. High density seats, bad pay-catering bordering on the politically correct bio and modern food. I Check-in at CDG 2F is in a remote corner where you have to affix yourself your baggage tag, unsupervised. Passengers not being professionals, thev percentage of lost bags must be enormous as the tags fall off when thew bag is sent.

6/20/2018 P Chaberre

✅ Trip Verified | Business Class on Joon makes no sense, with very poor catering and service. It is there only as Joon replaced AF on the route and they try to keep the Business traffic. Minuscule dinner but inedible. No drinks seconds or renewal offered, 2 uncomfortable rows. The pay catering in Economy is bad, the free one in Business is worse. Why not just offering the Economy choices for free?. Neither the concept nor the execution, as far as Business Class goes, is right. The only competition on the route is Alitalia, so there is no pressure.

3/30/2018 M Saunders

✅ Trip Verified | Business Class configuration is unacceptable. The same as Economy Class! Besides, the seat itself was very uncomfortable, small and rigid. The food is decent and the staff (three very young girls with the leader not older than 26/27 most likely) very nice and polite but all in all I do not see a reason for paying Business with nothing in return other than the food for free. I will never fly Joon again.

1/22/2018 S Makesch

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Paris CDG. This flight supposedly replaces the Air France flight between Paris and Berlin. Except the plane still has all Air France signs on it. It is somewhat difficult to understand for an ordinary customer why this relabeling to Joon should make any sense. Seats seem to be even more cramped, they only serve basic drinks (tea, coffee, OJ and water) for free now, everything else is for purchase. Staff is super nice, but in my perception they somehow always are at Air France. In summary, this flight is one of the most ordinary you can think of, punctual (unless there is a weather-related small delay, which was the case outbound), nothing to speak of, ok value for money. But. For fastest and cheapest access between historic Paris and Berlin city center the best option remains the SXF-ORY flights by the competitor. So what Joon/Air france should really do is to have two parallel flights from TXL, one to CDG (for tranfers e.g. to their African network) and one to ORY for Paris access and serve a delicious snack as they did in the good old days.

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