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9/27/2009 Paulo Ferreira

OPO-MIR return. Cabin crew friendly breakfast served it was nothing special but not bad for plane food. There was no entertainment onboard but the planes were clean.

9/17/2009 S Klouwer

It wasn't all that bad. Food wasn't great cleanliness was not great. We found the cabin crew to be friendly and they all had smiles and were tired from Ramadan.

9/7/2009 Jim Vincent

The food wasn't that great and there's no in-flight entertainment but we were comfortable and had our iPods! With regards to the cleanliness of the aircraft we've been on worse. We found the cabin crew to be friendly (their English is not great!) and they all had smiles. I think if you expect high standards from a 3 star airline you're bound to come home and write negative reviews. Overall we were happy with what we got.

8/26/2009 U Shinton

We have just returned from a week in Tunisia flying with Karthogo. I can agree with the other comments that have been made with regards to the cleanliness of the plane and food. The food was awful on both outbound and in bound flight so I would suggest that you eat beforehand. Also the plane wasn't very clean at all and most of the seats looked very tatty. There are no TV's on these planes so I suggest that you take an IPOD or something. This is the first and last time that we could use this airline. If I had known before hand I wouldn't have used them.

8/16/2009 L Potter

Never again! Flight out was delayed with no information. Food inedible staff unhelpful. The plane was dirty and tatty and very cramped. Turnaround time did not allow for aircraft to be cleaned and passengers rushed on board. We have a child in a wheelchair and it was very clear that we were holding things up. On the return journey only a half hour delay and slightly cleaner plane however they did not inform Gatwick that we would need our wheelchair brought to the aircraft from the hold so we had to wait on board for 40 mins after everyone else left. Again it was clear we were an inconvenience and one of the pilots went to the other end of the plane and had a smoke! We were handed stale ham rolls no tea or coffee as our meal and there was very little duty free available.

8/2/2009 Mark Hayes

Arrived back from a week in Tunisia yesterday. We had our two young sons with us (6 & 5) and a great week was ruined by the comedy of errors that is Karthago airlines. It's amazing to read some of the older posts here in that they are so similar to our own experience. Let's forget about the passport guard asking us with under his breath to give him our unspent Dinars. When we said we had none left his mood changed and the passports were thrown back at us. The four and a half hour delay was made even more unpleasant by incredibly rude and unhelpful airport staff and the disgraceful snack they are obliged to provide when passengers are delayed. The aircraft cabin was worn and tired looking and did nothing for my confidence in the safety of the aircraft overall. We sat on the tarmac for another 30 mins without aircon in the Tunisian heat. When we finally took off we got "apologies for the delay" from a cabin attendant nothing from the captain and no explanation as to why we were left waiting for 4.5 hours. One elderly lady who was a little frightened by some turbulence during the return flight asked for a glass of water to relieve her dry mouth. She was told she would have to buy a bottle at €2 they don't do free glasses of water. We had a great week in Tunisia but sadly our Karthago experience will make us think long and hard about ever returning or indeed if we will ever use the travel company that sees fit to use Karthago as its agent.

7/7/2009 P Lewis

It was with great concern that I learnt our flight to Tunisia was with Karthago having gone onto this site to check them out. Tried to changed the flight with Thomas cook but they were most unhelpful and told us if we wanted to change it we would lose about £700 so decided to suck it and see what happened. After arriving at Gatwick we were told by the check in staff that the e ticket we had received was not acceptable to them and had to get tickets printed at a cost of £40 (taking this one up with Thomas Cook). The plane did take off on time which was the only good thing about it - plane was old and very worn food on the way out was a stale sandwich coffee offered was cold. Staff unfriendly which is a shame as in Tunisia all the people we came across were lovely. On the return flight food was awful and staff rude.

6/13/2009 V Allonby

I am not surprised to see that the reviews of this airline are poor. I have not flown with Karthago Airlines as they decided to cancel our flight and did not bother to tell us. We were supposed to be flying to Monastir today and just happened to call up on Wednesday to check we had the correct documentation and were told our flight was cancelled and I still have not been given an explanation. I think if I hadn't I would be stood at the airport right now waiting to go on holiday. I will certainly not be booking with this airline again. In a way I am glad I never boarded the flight due to the reviews of the poor maintenance of the plane and continuous delays together with the appalling customer service I have received it sounds like a blessing in disguise.

1/27/2009 L Bradley

We paid £639 for the tickets. Flight severely delayed due to mechanical problems. Had to wait while as they interestingly put it "try to find someone to come and fix the plane with a new part". Ten hours later after we were due to depart we were finally seated on the plane. The aircraft was old and dirty. Seats ripped and broken and not affixed to the floor properly (screws loose). Tray tables broken on some seats. Unhelpful staff. Vile tasting tea with no milk tepid food. The pilots door was left open a lot thus posing a security risk. Had the most terrifying landing of my life on my return flight to London Gatwick. There was an announcement from the steward that there was a problem with the landing gear and in broken english it was also announced by the steward "we should land okay". As the plane hurtled closer towards the runway it hit the tarmac with such sheer force that everyone screamed. When we eventually came to a stop there was no apology from the cabin crew no one asked if the passengers were ok. I'll never fly Kathargo again and the planes do not feel safe. That landing has made me nervous to fly again. They need investigating.

11/6/2008 Sue Roberts

Gatwick to Monastir return. We took off on time both ways the aircraft are dated but seat was comfortable. Food going was fine but only a stale sandwich coming back. Crew pleasant. The toilets are a lot to be desired and we made sure that we used the airport facilities before boarding on the return flight.

10/27/2008 Trevor Kernohan

Doncaster to Monastir. Plane clean cabin staff were quite friendly and onboard meal compared favourably with those of other budget airlines. We had the same experience on the return flight from Monastir with no delays. Seating was a bit tired and would benefit from a refurbishment but otherwise more than satisfied.

10/14/2008 J Phoenix

We travelled from Manchester to Monastir return. If the fixtures and fittings give an indication of how well the whole aircraft is maintained then this airline is an accident waiting to happen. At Monastir on the way back of all the flights on the info boards only the two Karthago flights were delayed! Avoid if possible.

10/8/2008 K Ganatra

Monastir to Gatwick. The aircraft was an absolute disgrace. I was given a broken seat (6C) and the very unhelpful crew finally offered me a seat at the back. The trays were broken my armrest was falling off and the toilets were in a disgusting state. The crew are not interested in customer service. There was no milk for the coffee. If planning to travel to Tunisia do not travel by Karthago. They have no concept of customer service including the ground staff who had no courtesy to keep us informed about the 4 hour delay we had. No apology or explanation given. Had I read the other reviews on this site I would have never booked my trip to Tunisia. By far the worst experience I have ever had and my husband and I couldn''t wait to get off the plane.

10/8/2008 P Smith

On arrival at Manchester we checked in and were informed that there would be a half hour delay. The planes are dated and there aren't any televisions or music. Food was served tepid on both outgoing/incoming flights. Return flight was delayed 45 minutes. The crew were friendly and the captain informative.

9/30/2008 D Merrills

Doncaster to Monastir. We were supposed to take off at 1650 - ended up leaving at 0120 next day. The airline did issue £25 pound meal vouchers whilst we waited. Seats were broken. The trays on back of seats in front were broken. No TV no Radio. Food was cold. Toilet would not flush. Seat pockets ripped and broken. Was glad to land and get off. But coming back not much better - food rubbish no butter for bread roll no milk (not even powdered) for coffee.

9/24/2008 H Moseley

We booked our 3rd visit to Tunisia through Thomas Cook flying from Doncaster but discovered we were travelling with Karthago - we arrive at the airport at 1.45pm and didn't leave until 1.15am following morning. We were not given any explanation only that it was technical food vouchers were issued as we were checked in. When we finally boarded it was on seats that were broken and actually lifted away from the main structure the backs were broken and would not stay in a upright vertical position seat pockets were ripped and generally the plane was way past its sell by date. Meal offered was unedible crew were rude and offish. The return journey was on time and the plane was very slightly better but still in awful condition. We are surprised that Thomas Cook are using this airline for their customers as there have been bad reviews on Karthago for over a year. This was not a cheap holiday so we didn't expect a 2nd rate service!

9/24/2008 S Dilley

Flight to Monastir. They were on time outbound/inbound the plane was cramped and spent the flight with my knees jammed up against the seat in front of me - I was in the very back row 25. On the way back though it wasnt as bad in the middle of the plane. Seats ripped arms broken fabric coming off & bits of metal sticking out. Comments regarding food is true worst ever plane food. Found the cabin crew okay but I do speak some Arabic so that helped & they loved that.

9/1/2008 K Thomas

Five hour delay on way out to Monastir from Manchester no explanation or apology given. No flight details given by captain the attendants were surly rude and unhelpful. Flight home on time but filthy dirty. All in all a horrible experience and by far the worst airline that I have had the misfortune to travel with.

8/26/2008 P Harris

Manchester with Karthargo and had a 5 hour delay - but we had read all these comments so were well stocked and got an £8 voucher for food for our trouble. Flight ok - clean food was ok outbound and generally fine apart from the delay. Return spot on time wise and flight equally as fun. Food was awful but that was personal preference. All in all cheap flight which included food so you get what you pay for - just go with an open mind mini-picnic plenty to read and you will be fine.

7/7/2008 S Collins

Do not travel with Karthago unless you are deseparate. Our flights were from Gatwick to Monastir. We had 7 hours delay both ways. There was little to no information available from the handling agents at both ends and Karthago staff were non existant. The drip feed of information was suspect late arrival technical flight crew out of time etc etc. The planes were past there sell buy date. Broken seats and tables torn fabric surly flight attendants etc.