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7/9/2018 D Millington

✅ Trip Verified | Heathrow to Lilongwe via Nairobi and 30hours later ther luggage doesn’t arrive at the other end. The next day I ring the airport and told luggage will be on the next flight, from Heathrow and will arrive in Lilongwe and I can collect from there. I pay 70 dollars for a cab back to the airport as a single young female, to be told, your luggage didn’t reach Lilongwe as it had to stay in Nairobi airport as there wasn’t any room on the flight! Not just your bag but 17 others! But why this wasn’t priority as they didn’t get it right the first time , I don’t know! To be told the next day that you would get a telephone call to arrange pick up of your bag, simple right? No. You arrive at the collection area to pick up your luggage and it’s looked and because it’s sun you’ll have to sit and wait. 6.45-9 am still no one? And when you go and look for that person who knows you are waiting, she is sat having breakfast! It is now 5 days later and still no bag. The staff have been next to useless except for one kind soul who may or may not deliver, watch this space. The latest is they will deliver her bag tonight or tomorrow 6-7 days after. This is not acceptable what is so difficult.

6/14/2018 Michael Little

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Cape Town via Livingstone. We took a few days' break in Livingstone between Nairobi and Cape Town, and so experienced two separate KQ flights. Both check-ins and boarding processes were smooth and easy - except that on the first flight some passengers were allowed to carry huge quantities of hand luggage on board, causing some chaos and frayed tempers. The seats were a little narrow. On the first flight the breakfast served was expansive, with three choices offered in economy class; the lunch on the second flight was also good. The first crew were rather brusque and unsmiling -- but this was made up for by the friendly crew on the second flight (which was much less full). On both flights the crews served all the food and drinks in a few pass-throughs in the first hour, and then disappeared until landing. The flights operated on time and luggage was quick to appear. Overall a pleasant experience.

6/10/2018 Patrick McCabe

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro via Nairobi. Let's start with the flight out of Johannesburg being delayed such that I missed my connection from Nairobi to Arusha at 6:30 that evening. Upon arrival I went to the Kenya airways desk to arrange the next flight to Arusha. They proposed an 11:50pm flight. This flight actually would stop in Zanzibar first, thus arriving in Arusha at 3:10 am. I was aware of that flight. I had to ask if there was an earlier flight - hen and only then did the staff say, "There is a Precision Air flight at 10:50pm." I replied "and is that a direct flight". She answered "yes". I then had to connect the dots for the Kenya Air staff (as obviously they are not trained to use common sense or think of their customers at all). I politely said " and doesn't Kenya Airways run Precision Air?" At that point the stars aligned and she asked if I would prefer that flight, well yes, I would prefer getting to my lodge 3 hours earlier as it would be the middle of night! It gets better. I needed to return a day earlier so my agent called Kenya Airways on the cost to change - the cost they quoted was more expensive than just going on Expedia and buying new tickets from Arusha to Johannesburg on Kenya Airways. I just went ahead and bought all new tickets home to Johannesburg on a different airline. Never fly them again. They failed miserably.

6/5/2018 Alain Kupferman

✅ Trip Verified | I was scheduled to fly business class on Kenya Airways from Bangkok to Nairobi, but unfortunately, I had to cancel the flight for business reasons. I duly filled the forms for refund, got a confirmation from Kenya Airways on April 11, but no refund was made until now, ie almost 2 months later; I got in contact with customer service, where I was told that they have a backlog and are working on it; no date for the refund could be obtained. This is very annoying, as we are speaking about a substantial amount of money and this means that Kenya Airways is now on my private black list.

5/26/2018 Jo Wade

✅ Trip Verified | Entebbe to London via Nairobi. I recently spent some time volunteering in Uganda and whilst I was there broke and dislocated my ankle quite badly. I needed to return home a few days earlier than planned, to undergo surgery, so rebooked a flight at additional cost and requested wheelchair assistance. Upon arrival at entebbe airport, they seemed unaware of my situation despite having been informed, but did sort out some help. I also asked if it would be possible to be upgraded if there were spare seats in business class as it was important to keep my leg, which was in a cast, elevated as much as possible and particularly during a flight when it may swell more. The check in desk confirmed there were seats but that they couldn’t upgrade me there but that it should be possible in Nairobi where I would change to take an 8.5hr flight to London. At the gate in Nairobi I once again asked if it would be possible to sit in business class so I could elevate my leg. The man on the desk said that he couldn’t do anything without invoicing me but it was his attitude rather than refusal that really annoyed me. He was completely unsympathetic, laughing at me and treating me as if I was just trying to get some free perks. I was clearly in pain and the most annoying thing was that the flight was actually half full. As a goodwill gesture he’d ‘upgraded’ me to the seats with more legroom but as I explained to him when he did so, that would not help as there was nothing to rest my leg on, so it was still dangling down, putting pressure on the ankle and causing swelling. This seat was also very awkward to get in and out of due to the way the screens came out of the seat from the side and had no additional room to the side as the armrests were fixed. However, it did provide me with a great view of the business class section which was virtually empty, and I was galled to see there were several passengers in economy with at least 4 seats to themselves, enabling them to lie down for the entire flight and had they so wished to elevate their leg! At no point had the man on the desk mentioned that there were many spare seats which would have enabled me to elevate my leg quite comfortably, despite me explaining the issue. None of the air hostesses expressed any concern for my situation throughout the flight despite my obvious discomfort and attempts to create a platform from bags and cushions to rest my leg on. Whilst I understand that other people have paid for the benefit of a business class seat, I felt that in extenuating circumstances such as this, the airline could have made a goodwill gesture to ensure their passenger’s wellbeing and comfort. I will not be recommending them to others and certainly won’t be rushing back to travel with ‘the pride of Africa’ any time soon. It topped off a disappointing end to what would have been a fascinating trip, but has left a sour taste in my mouth for this particular airline.

5/14/2018 B Turine

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Dubai. I would like to commend the crew on a pleasant flight. The service was exemplary. The cabin staff in our section was courteous and her service good. The flight was very smooth & managed to sleep which I find difficult to do in most planes.

5/11/2018 Nashon Mwangemi

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Mombasa. Check-in was fast and easy and flight boarded and departed on time. Departure was very rushed and the cabin crew did not perform all the necessary safety checks. After take-off a cold dry croissant was served as 'breakfast' by a very rude flight attendant who would have a go at anyone who asked for anything more than the tea/coffee/juice and dry croissant that was available. The aircraft cabin could have been cleaner.

4/22/2018 SeatGuru User, Embraer 190 seat 18A

Very spacious comfortable seats,extra legroom.

4/11/2018 K Morris

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Kenya Airways from Nairobi to Birmingham via Amsterdam. The flight was good, the cabin crew were great and the food was good. However the seat button adjuster ref, seat 23J is depressed in the slot hence was unable to adjust my seat and get some sleep. Hope maintenance can get this sorted. Sometimes it took too long to clear tables after meals, this can be improved.

4/4/2018 G Talogawe

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Lusaka. I travel almost every quarter between Lusaka and Nairobi and back, and my experience is good. The crew are courteous and friendly and helpful. One little disappointment though which I have experienced about twice is when the on Board duty free shop catalogue indicated there was a special offer of a perfume/cologne on sale, and when I asked for it I was told it was not available, and I also knew I was the first to ask amongst the passengers. The product this time on my return trip to Lusaka on Thursday 29th March, was a SAFARI cologne for men, by Ralph Lauren, advertised at a special price, but no product, and no apology in the catalogue.

4/3/2018 Uwe Naeher

✅ Trip Verified | I flew the route Kinshasa to Nairobi March 26 and back March 30. The flight-time is over 3 hours but Kenya Airways for whatever reason used the Embraer 190 which should be used only on short haul flights. Both times the cabin was full and there was not enough space in the overhead compartments for hand luggage. The seats are not comfortable and do not fully recline. It was not possible to work as the cabin was too noisy and crowded. Definitely I will choose Ethiopia Airlines, which uses a Boeing 787 for the flight to Addis Ababa and never Kenya Airways again.

3/20/2018 M Puerman

✅ Trip Verified | A complete disappointment from start to finish. Delays can happen, but they should be communicated properly. The 45 min delay turned out to be over 2 hours. Cabin was untidy and dirty when joining the flight, which originated in Guangzhou, in Bangkok. The seat was spacious but lacked any privacy dividers or hoods, leaving one exposed to the frequent foot traffic walking up and down the cabin all night. Inflight catering in 'Premier World' was mediocre. No menu was handed to passengers. A cold chicken pie and some 'vegetarian' snack was offered alongside a small chocolate cake after take-off for this 8h30 overnight flight. No appetizer, no salad, no option of a warm meal, just some basic finger food. The crew had to be reminded to hand out the amenity kits which contain eyeshades, socks ear plugs, a pen and toothbrush. Cabin lights were dimmed but the crew didn't bother to close the curtains between the galley at the second door and the cabin, leaving the front section bright and uncomfortable. Landing in Nairobi was 1 hr 20 minutes behind schedule, ground staff made little effort to accommodate connecting passengers who missed their connection. Overall an underwhelming experience. For the same (or lower) price I would rather take in the 2 hour or so connection timw in Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi and fly with an airline which takes onboard service and passenger comfort seriously.

3/19/2018 B Malten

✅ Trip Verified | Entebbe to Mumbai via Nairobi connecting on Jet Airways to Colombo. The ground staff was acting completely arbitrarily, and each of them had different rules. Our main problem with Kenya Airways was not on board, but with the ground staff. My husband (Ugandan) and I (German) were booked on a flight to Colombo in Sri Lanka. It was a one-way ticket. Since the Sri Lankan Visa is only for 30 days, I had another flight booked with Malaysian Airlines to Cambodia within that period. My husband and I both had E-Visas for Sri Lanka. So when we came to Entebbe Airport, the Kenya Airways Lady at the Check-In counter didn't let us board the airplane. She claimed, that Ugandan citizens weren't allowed to go to Sri Lanka on an E-Visa (Our E-Visa was already granted and even certified by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kampala). Also, she said that we had to have a flight from Sri Lanka back to our home countries and she couldn't let us go there on a one-way ticket. When I told her about our outbound flight with Malaysian, she said that there is "a rule, that every person has to return to their home countries within one year", so we had to show her a ticket back to our home countries, otherwhise she wouldn't check us in. As I said, she was acting totally arbitrarily. Unbelievable. So in the end I had to book a flight for each of us back to our home countries (which I of cause cancelled immediatly once arrived in Colombo). I did it right there and then at the airport, but she still had the opinion that our E-Visas weren't ok, so we missed the flight. Then, the lady took us to the Kenya Airways office at the airport and looked for another flight for us. But since "it was our mistake" that we missed it, we had to pay for the change fees. She then told us to go to the Sri Lankan High Comission in Kampala the next morning and apply for the normal visa. In general this lady was very rude, when I tried to explain to her that our E-Visas were already approved etc, she told me to shut up and that she was tired of dealing with people like us. So when we went to the embassy, we talked to the ambassador personally and he was completely shocked that they wouldn't let us board the airplane, since Ugandan citizens can go to Sri Lanka on an E-Visa and ours was already approved. He gave us his personal number, so that we could call im in case we would have any problems again. The next day the Check-In lady wasn't there and we had no problems to board the airplane, even though our visa was still the same and no one asked us for return tickets to our home countries. When I sent a customer complaint to the Kenya Airways Customer Service, they answered me that they received it and would forward it to someone from the Customer Service team. But after that, I didn't receive a reply for 1 month. So just recently I e-mailed them again, saying that I am still waiting for a reply, but nothing happend. I am deeply disappointed. This was my first experience with Kenya Airways, and it was the worst thing that ever happened to me in terms of flying. Never ever did I experience something like that with any other airline. I lost a lot of money and I didn't even receive an apologetic message from them, not even talking about compensation for the inconvenience. I would never recommend this airline to anyone! Don't fly with Kenya Airways if you don't want to have incidents like this, just save your time, money and energy and fly with other airlines like Qatar or Emirates.

3/2/2018 Joseh Affonso

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Kisumu. Domestic Kenya Airways is surprisingly good. (I figured out the reason why. Big shots travel these routes together with tourists, so these are the folks that can cause trouble for management if it is not together). Service, check in, Safari Lounge, snacks/drinks are served on very short haul flights. Seamless check in service with Delta Airlines Elite Medallion Members is a excellent service Kenya Airways offers. On odd thing is: If you are connecting in Nairobi to a domestic destination, you have to exit the domestic area, then recheck everything again for your onwards domestic connection which adds to the hassle

3/2/2018 Joseph Affonso

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Amsterdam. The flight and boarding process for Kenya Airways was seamless. Being a Platinum member, Kenya Airways is very good at recognizing status, even at the Safari Lounge. I admit the new terminal gates are rather confusing in numbering. However, the meals, etc were acceptable. Flight attendants were good too. While not at the standards of the Game Lodges and many restaurants in the country in terms of wait service, they were fine. The big issue with me was the seats, they were extremely uncomfortable in Economy. Even with a neck pillow, the seats were hard and cramped. This will become a challenge for passengers on their soon to start non-stop to New York, sitting 15.5 hours on these seats would not be something I would do. Would rather prefer the connection An odd thing happened when we arrived at Amsterdam, The flight was met by armed Dutch State Police going through Kenyan Passports with microscopes, a testament to how useless the Kenya Passports are nowadays due to the rampant corruption from Kenyan Immigration.

2/27/2018 I Lucoso

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to Nairobi. I rang Kenya Airways Office in London at about 8 pm to book a ticket for my 15 year old daughter to travel to Nairobi. The lady told me they don't take payment by phone. She needed to fax me a form to complete and return with Bank details. I told her I have never seen a Facsimile machine for over 15 years. She said she could not help if I had no access to fax machine. I rang 30 minutes later and a man answered. Quoted me a little lower price (for the same travel days) and was ready to take payment on phone and do the reservation. I told him I will call in ten minutes since I did not have my card ready. After 10 minutes another lady answered and quoted me a fare £200 higher. When I mentioned that I had been quoted a different fare just a few minutes before and wanted to speak to the guy, she said she did not know where he was. I rang first thing the following day and another lady did the booking by phone within a few minutes at a much lower fare without haggling. The issue of fax machine did not arise, and I wondered if each person on shift had their own rules. I am aware fare prices change but how they fluctuate upwards and downwards within minutes by margins of over £200 for the same day/time of travel is unbelivable.

2/21/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 5F

This business seat is nice automatic system easy to use, nice confort ... I flow 9 hours betwin Amsterdan & Nairobi! I slep well full flat bed !!!

2/10/2018 Akshey Shah

✅ Trip Verified | I will never fly with Kenya Airways again! Or a heads up for anyone who is daft enough to fly Kenya Airways. They call themselves the Pride of Africa! I would like to challenge that and say they are the hustlers of Africa. They have left me stranded in Kenya with half my family on the flight and put a suspension on the last leg of my flight due to me missing one leg of my domestic internal flights. Even though I have fairly paid for all my seats on all the connecting flights. Speaking of the unhelpful customer services. I spent 30 mins on the phone, only to be placed on hold and eventually cut off with the issue unresolved. I then decided to go to the main office in Nairobi in hopes that something could be appeased only to find out that my only option is to book a new flight. My primary advice would be, never to fly with Kenya Airways, they have such nonsensical and unfair policies. If you are forced to fly Kenya Airways remember to take all your connecting flights and if you miss it for any unfortunate circumstance notify the airlines.

1/19/2018 Patrick Kamanga

✅ Trip Verified | Mombasa to Guangzhou via Nairobi. The Boeing 787 is a must try service on long range routes and they have great inflight service. I only got confused at the number of times cabin crew changed but still great, good food, great sleeper seat. I would fly again. Only let down ground crew especially in Guangzhou and Mombasa, difficult people.

1/9/2018 Teddy Gough

✅ Trip Verified | We arrived in Dubai and searched for our baggage for 2 hours, got sent from pillar to post until we were eventually sent to the baggage claims dept, only to be told there wasn’t enough time to put our baggage, 4 suitcases, on the plane in Nairobi, so it was left behind, but it would arrive the following day at 1.30 am, 20 hours later! The result, one whole day wasted. At departure in Cape Town we were told they had no fragile stickers, my husband and I were put in separate seating areas, despite purchasing the tickets simultaneously, using one card. they managed to sort that out as we boarded.The plane was old and dirty too! The mistake and lack of acknowledgement is 930 AED and 20 hours wasted. Eventually we got hold of the Kenya Airways office at Dubai airport, who organized with Emirates to bring our suitcases with their next flight which lands at 10.30 tonight, so here we wait! I will never recommend Kenya to any of our expat friends who travel this flight on a regular basis.