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4/30/2019 H Knoben

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Amsterdam. Some delay, chaotic incheck and rude staff. Lack of meals onboard especially when you sit in the back of the airplane. No extra services (like in the past). Only sorry or arrogant behaviour. Seats that malfunctioned during the flight. Staff didn't stop her but encouraged her. Gave her a VIP treatment and me the cold shoulder. Also the only language they were willing to speak was English. So far customer service of KLM kept silent although they stated that within 10 working days there's answer.

4/30/2019 Marco van Zoest

✅ Trip Verified | I flew to Venice to enjoy a week of paragliding with some friends. When I booked the ticket, I had to pay extra for checked baggage (standard for most airlines) but KLM decided not to load the baggage onto the aircraft. This looks like a new little trick to make extra cash. Overbooking the bagage and then send it via the next flight. While we were waiting to board the aircraft, I actually saw my luggage being handled by bagage handlers, it was at the aircraft. KLM did not load my baggage, it was not by error or mistake, but by decision. Obviously I was very surprised that my baggage were "delayed". It took me 2 hours at the the lost baggage counter to complete the lost baggage claim form. I was traveling with two other persons, so they also had to wait. I'm not going to go into detail, but you can imagine the repercussion of this. The next day was Easter Sunday, not a single shop was open. I went to Italy to paraglide, but that's not an option if you don't have your paraglider. So in an instant my holiday was ruined. A financial loss that does not get covered by the airline or insurance. The complete lack of empathy of the customer service is amazing. Unwilling to do anything other than telling me I have to wait. Lying to me that the bagage will be delivered within 24 hours while they were fully aware it was a public holiday and nothing will be done. I offered to fetch the baggage myself at the airport, but that was too much trouble for the customer service employee to get that organised. So she just lied to me and said that it was not possible and the baggage is probably already on its way. It arrived 2 days later. I decided to file a complaint, hopeful that I could get a reason why my bagage was not loaded onto the aircraft. This is the most disgusting service I ever experienced. Basically they copy paste text from your complaint and add "We are sorry for" or even better "I am concerned to read about" in front of it. I had to ask the person to reread my complaint as their response made no sense. They offered me a 100 euro voucher which I turned down, what an insult. I don't measure how well a business runs, I measure them how they resolve a problem. The only response so far were "We are sorry for your inconvenience"

4/29/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 14A

Traveled from Amsterdam to Delhi and this seat is very nice. Economy comfort one is cheaper when you upgrade after checkin opens. You can sit there folding your legs even and still some space will be available for medium built guy/girls. No problems with the electronic equipment. No difference in food. Just the seat is nice ,and cozy place guarded with a curtain.

4/28/2019 L Ford

✅ Trip Verified | The staff were very friendly on the planes. The KLM app was a lifesaver and had all the information we needed so would definitely recommend people downloading this app when flying. On our way there the plane took off 40 minutes from the time it was suppose to and on the way back it took off 45 minutes from when it was suppose to, there wasn’t too much difference in the time we landed as it was only about 10-20 minutes difference but this was slightly inconvenient due to our transfers and pick ups waiting. On the flight home the airline overbooked and were trying to get people to get on another flight, they also started saying they wanted to check in carry on luggage and one man working for KLM lied and said that we were all only suppose to have one carry on and not another small bag- just an item like a purse or an umbrella, not a backpack, I looked this up immediately after and could see clearly on the website that it stated we were allowed a carry on luggage bag to go in the top and another small bag (40cm etc) that can fit under the seat in front of you which means he definitely only said it because they over booked and wanted peoples hand luggage checked in which was a bit sly. Overall all though it got us to where we needed to be safely, the staff were very nice, the snacks on the plane were tasty and it was good. I would fly with them again!

4/27/2019 E Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Smooth ground service, attentive, smiling and capable cabin crew. You do not encounter complimentary wine in many short haul flights, their Sauvignon/Chardonnay accompanied this flight very well. Wraps were served. No complaints at all. A very pleasant flight.

4/26/2019 Maheen Ahmed

✅ Trip Verified | London to Rio de Janeiro via Amsterdam. I am so appalled by the customer service of this company. I travelled with them twice in 2 years and both times they delayed my luggage. After an 11 hour flight I was told that I would be missing my luggage for 2 days (and both were 6 day trips). What was more annoying was that on my 14 hour journey to Rio I was not allowed any check in pieces so I packed everything for hand carry. I was then told I had to check it in. I got an email when I landed to say only my husbands luggage was delayed, which meant I wasted time at the carousel waiting for mine. When I checked with the counter mine was also delayed. They promised to deliver in the next day but it actually came almost 48 hours later. I expected a decent compensation since this happened the second time but they didn’t even offer a discount voucher or money to make up for it. They have ruined my holiday twice now and I will never be flying with them again. I tried calling them and speaking to them several times but it was a nightmare.

4/25/2019 D Garnavin

✅ Trip Verified | Southampton to Amsterdam. This company should not be operating. They issued the wrong ticket, misleading me in my luggage allowance and then never followed it up to say it was wrong, followed by a suspension of service, moving our flight to a different company who’s luggage policy is completely different to theirs meaning a smaller amount of kilograms without ever informing me. When I dealt with their customer service, they refused to put a manager on the phone and were absolutely appalling saying my options are to get a full refund ( meaning I would lose all my hotel booking money for the holiday) or just buy extra luggage allowance from the new company without any contribution towards it. I will never again fly with KLM and will never recommend to anyone. They caused a lot of upset days before a lovely holiday!

4/24/2019 E Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Berlin. As a foreigner who lives in Amsterdam, KLM eventually became one of my favorite airlines. But their 737-700's are pretty worn and outdated that all beg for renovation or retirement. Upgrading to Economy Comfort usually helps, in terms of better seat pitch, however for short-haul flights like AMS-TXL this is not a deal breaker anyway. I was a bit disappointed by their single-bite sandwich this time, but a full board drinks selection was alright, smiling faces of cabin crew and smooth ground service. You can not break many points when you see such a great crew each time.

4/24/2019 Sanchayan Rajeetharan

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Helsinki. Very good crew and hospitality. Tasty foods and cakes. Smiling and happy crew. On time performance. I wish i have more food or on time purchasable foods.

4/23/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) Combi New Business seat 43H

There is not a good seat on this cramped aircraft unless you pay the extra for legroom or economy comfort. I love KLM but will avoid this ancient aircraft in future. Knees so squashed, I need an ultrasound to see why they swelled so much thx to the woman in front who was reclined the whole 8 hrs. IFE is ancient, no power supply. Avoid.

4/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 18F

These seats are very tight, both width and pitch. They are quite uncomfortable, particularly for longer flights such as my flight from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam. I will do whatever I can to avoid this plane in the future. The 'business' seats are just the same as the economy seats, although in theory the pitch is 3" more. Rows 15 and 16 have extra legroom. I am a small 5'4" person and cannot imagine trying to squeeze in here if I were taller.

4/22/2019 Xoliswa Khumalo

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Manchester via Amsterdam. Poor service at check-in desk in Johannesburg, I checked in 2 hours before boarding time. I was told by the staff they are waiting for seat, when I asked how long they didn't know. After waiting for 30 minute asked what was going on and was told the flight was over booked, had no seat I will have to fly the following day. Staff were so obnoxious no apologies nothing, then i was told i should have checked in online thats why i had no seat. I insisted on speaking to manager in charge she was also of no help. Cabin staff took their time to answer call.

4/20/2019 Jonathan N, Boeing 747-400 (744) New Business seat 14A

Economy Comfort still uses an old-style cabin equipment set. No power, no touch-screen, brightness of screen is extremely low even on maximum brightness. Plenty of overhead storage and legroom however.

4/17/2019 Thomas Toulemonde

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Amsterdam with KLM. Average service for the Class. Some delay at CDG. Priority passengers must do their own check in. The airline lost my baggage. It has been 4 days and have not been contacted by the airline. Service totally absent.

4/17/2019 E Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Edinburgh to Amsterdam via Helsinki. Great customer service on board, food is good enough. Had some trouble catching my connecting flight on my way to Edinburgh (which was mostly on me to be honest, but plane arriving a bit late was a part of it), but absolutely no trouble on my way back home. Every flight attendant was very nice and considerate, and kept on a smile for the customers, even when busy.

4/17/2019 Hazel Gibbs

✅ Trip Verified | I got from Oslo to Amsterdam without incident. The catering was OK. However, the flight which was operated by Stobart was half an hour late departing. The crew spoke english with a strong Irish accent which was difficult to understand. The KLM booking site needs improving and the “ welcome home” email did not work.

4/16/2019 H Kim

✅ Trip Verified | Beijing to Newcastle via Amsterdam. The actual flight was ok. Nothing special. But the worst part of this whole ordeal was the way they handled things behind the scenes. On my way to Newcastle they lost my bag. Ok no problem. Mistakes can happen. I get my claim reference number and then get a text the next day that my bag will be arriving. I go check for the bag they said they left at reception and it is the wrong bag. In my description of the bag I said that it is a hard shell gray suitcase. The bag that showed up was a soft black bag. I call KLM letting them know that the wrong bag showed up and they tell me that I have to bring the bag back to the airport. I tell them no because it was their mistake and why should I go out of my way on my 13 day vacation to fix their mistake. They apologized and said they would send someone over to pick it up. In my 13 days in Newcastle I probably called them over 27 times. Each time being told that they are still looking for the bag. I come back home after my trip to Korea and keep calling. Finally one component employee let's me know that they have actually put the search for my bag on hold because I hadn't returned the wrong bag. Mind you, this is over 2 months now and no one has ever mentioned this to me in my previous calls after the first call I gave them when they delivered the wrong bag. I told them that I have told a KLM representative to pick up the bag and they said that they would. They apologized and sent someone over and then a few days later my bag arrived. I have never been so stressed about travelling until this. I wasn't unhappy about them losing my bag, but was extremely frustrated with the KLM handled the whole situation. Each time I called, it seemed that the employee was more confused about my situation. My phone calls consisted of me asking them to open my case for the search which they said they would request their supervisor, but my case was only opened 2 months later. Each employee guaranteed the case would be opened, but it was all a lie. Communication is not a quality the company has within their team. My friend has also flown with them recently to visit me in which both of her flights got cancelled. No notification was given about these cancellations until the actual day of the flight and they also lost her bag on her way back home. I couldn't believe it when I heard that this happened. I will never fly with them again.

4/12/2019 Engelie Beenen

✅ Trip Verified | Excellent customer service desk of KLM! We needed to reschedule some tickets, due to the problems with Jet Airways. When you call their customer service center, they picked up the phone in 1 minute - - they know already based on my phone who I am - for whom I booked - the problem and - within 2 minutes they solved the problem and before I hang up I had new tickets in my mailbox. Needed them three times in the last week. Three times really excellent service. Costs a bit more, but worthwhile.

4/9/2019 E Mandalesh

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Montreal. I had a bad experience during my last trip. I was supposed to initially board on an AtlasGlobal plane from Istanbul to Amsterdam, and then after 2 hours of layover get on the KLM plane towards Montreal. Original plane takeoff time in Istanbul was scheduled at 10:40 AM , but the boarding did not start till 10:50 AM without even updating the billboard notifications. After everyone got boarded on the plane it took a long time for it to be allowed to take off (about 2 hours delay). Therefore, when we got to Amsterdam Schiphol airport we had only 20 minutes to pass security and run for the KLM flight. So had to run from 1 end of airport to the other (including running down the stairs). The plane was already boarded and we barely made it. After the plane landed on Montreal and got internet, we saw a notification on KLM mobile app that the baggage did not make it in time to the airplane. After going through a lot of forms and extra wait and stress we were able to file a delivery request for our baggage as we live in Ottawa which is 2 hours driving distance from Montreal The next day, after a long unhappy flight experience, we got another notification mentioning that our baggage is still on its way, and we should go to KL baggage service desk at "the airport". I wish this was a bad joke but it is not. Is it really ok to send such confusing and uncanny notifications? I don't think so! Will not fly with KLM anymore and suggest you do not either.

4/8/2019 Adrian Suharto

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Denpasar. I am a platinum member on Finnair and I have never encountered such awful service on an airline. I flew KLM a few times in the past (even this same route), and it was actually pretty good. I know this flight was different when the stewardess told me ‘We don’t do that in this route’. What they don’t do for this 2.5 hour flight, no blankets, no menu for Business class, no chocolate desert for business class, limited choices for food on business class (we were given one choice). It took them 20 mins to get me a cup of tea, and no choices of the tea bag. I could hear the flight attendants laughing and chatting in the galley. If KLM don’t intend to serve business class on this route don’t sell it as business class! Seats were OK, comfortable but lacking storage space and privacy. Entertainment system was very good and selection was amazing.