Customer reviews

7/30/2019 Adam Thomson

Not Verified | Leeds to Bremen via Amsterdam. Diabolical customer service. I’m a flying blue passenger and work overseas. Flew out in April and they lost my luggage a didn’t get it for 4 days. Had to buy new clothes and toiletries as they promised they would be reimbursed. It’s now the end of July and I haven’t heard anything a...

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7/30/2019 B Heeley

✅ Trip Verified | Glasgow to Kiev via Amsterdam. KLM are a cheap no frills airline. If they loose your case, and they probably will, don't expect compensation, if the online check in doesn't work, expect to pay a boarding charge and if ground crew say talk to customer service about a refund, don't waste your time, expect a poli...

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7/27/2019 Maxim Sholeninoff

Not Verified | Frankfurt to St. Petersburg via Amsterdam. FRA to AMS flight delayed 3 hrs 10 minutes. Therefore we missed our connecting KLM flight to St Petersburg LED. KLM gave us, after 1 night in AMS hotel we paid by ourselves, a connecting flight to LED which caused delay of 16 hrs and missing our prepaid hotel in St. Pete...

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7/27/2019 H MacDowall

✅ Trip Verified | On the way from Amsterdam to Munich, the plane was too hot because the air conditioning had broken. Instead of letting us off the plane, they made us sit in place for almost two hours before unloading us and making us walk across the airport to the next flight. No big deal, but the heat inside and then the rus...

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7/27/2019 G Fischer

✅ Trip Verified | KLM has gotten out of control recently. It maybe mainly Schiphol overloaded, but I had frequent delays (one more than three hours) and now with the fuel issue at Schiphol a full black out. They were disorganized, not helping, I am back home since yesterday by train and a flight from Dusseldorf to MUC, all done ...

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7/25/2019 Ashley Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Bangkok. I have never been so insulted and humiliated as on my recent flight after 29 years of long haul travel. Everyone has their plan of dealing with time zones and jet lag etc. Mine is to have the meal, watch a movie, a decent length sleep and wake 2 hours before landing for breakfast. It is a...

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7/25/2019 K Vickers

✅ Trip Verified | Honestly the worst flight experience of my life. Not only were we delayed over 3 hours, but they kept us on a plane in the summer with a/c malfunction while heat blasted the cabin to 100°F, for an hour. Everyone was covered in sweat and felt faint from the heat while they made us stay and wait while they tried ...

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7/23/2019 Graeme Bray

Not Verified | Dublin to Sandefjord via Amsterdam. First leg of the flight, DUB-AMS, was operated a plane from Stobart Air, with a KLM crew. Upon check-in, I was informed of a 25 minute delay but that I should be able to make my booked connections. However, at the gate, the delay just kept getting longer and longer. As I was st...

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7/22/2019 S Maybana

✅ Trip Verified | Stavanger to Alicante via Oslo in April 2019. For many years I have been flying exclusively with KLM just because they were the most helpful with nice crew and customer service. After this flight I have started avoiding KLM as much as possible. I simply called customer service to ask about the luggage conditio...

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7/22/2019 Julian de Haas

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Lima, it was a great flight enough legroom and great service! The food was good we got enough drinks in 12 hours. The movies where all new movies, just came out of the cinema. Great flight good experience.

7/20/2019 W Garner

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta. Once again, KLM was cheaper than budget airlines on this date. Friendly crew, good selection of movies but once again tasteless food (just a wrap) given.

7/19/2019 L Garner

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly, KLM was cheaper than budget airlines on this date. Despite the short distance flown, there was a hot meal (tasting awful), personal movie screens and 23 kg checked-in luggage allowance. The main complaint might be the boarding process. Zones made no sense, with 90% of pas...

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7/19/2019 S Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. My friend and I have had an appalling experience with KLM. Due to an emergency, I was not able to board the flight on that day. In response to this, an employee at the KLM counter had helped us made another reservation on next day. However, when I had arrived at the KLM counter, the KL...

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7/18/2019 Elaine Loh

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Amsterdam. Our flight was delayed due to a tyre requiring change. We had to disembark but the plane was ready for take off about 1.5 hours later. On flight meal is a sandwich plus one round of drinks for the 2 hour flight. The seats were comfortable for the 2 hour flight, staff were very friendly ...

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7/18/2019 D Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Buenos Aires via Amsterdam. I was impressed by the service, quality of the aircraft, cleanliness and food. There was just an hour and 15 minutes transit time in Amsterdam but in fact due to a delay leaving from Rome the transit time was reduced to only 40 minutes. Despite this I made it to my flight an...

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7/17/2019 Bart Brouwers

Not Verified | Tokyo to Amsterdam. Good flight with KLM. Always really good service and nice cabin crew. Crew speaks good English and on Japan flights they have Japanese speaking crew. Two good meals and in between I was mostly sleeping. Really quiet nice flight.

7/17/2019 D Kemp

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Beijing. Flew on KLM’s new Boeing 787-9, so the cabin overall is new and modern. The seat itself is fairly comfortable and legroom is average (I’m 175cm tall) however, KLM only provide a blanket on long haul flights, which do make trying to sleep harder. The amount of movies and shows available on ...

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7/17/2019 S Allen

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Manchester. As ever, excellent service and flight with KLM. I also enjoyed the Crown Lounge 52 at Schipol, which was great. The flight was short and sweet, and very comfortable in seat 2F. As a new plane, it had in-seat USB charging too, which came in handy. Excellent food and drinks as well. Very ...

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7/16/2019 Z Yang

✅ Trip Verified | Wroclaw to Amsterdam. It was a bit delayed leaving but arrived on time. Everything was okay but the snacks were very small. The service was good and all the processes were smooth and I really like the colour of the aircraft.

7/16/2019 Tomasz Gorski

✅ Trip Verified | London City to Amsterdam. The check in was an hour. The flight delayed and seat at I'm sitting in has vomit on it and I was not offered an alternate seat. This is the worst flight I've been on. KLM has dropped its standard considerably. I will not use KLM now.