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10/9/2016 Diego Florez

✅ Verified Review | San Andrés to Medellín. LA3307, 16 July. That was my first flight with the old LAN Colombia, now LATAM Colombia. The flight departed at 16.33 and arrived slightly early at 18.20. The crew were very polite, I asked if I could change my seat and I wanted to see what they would do, however, to be honest they we...

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1/13/2016 D Ruckel

I have spent much of the last eight years in South America and my Spanish is fluent. I went to Rio Negro airport, which serves Medellin, and requested an emergency row seat which reclines, in fluent Spanish. The rep said that she could not give me one because 'you speak very little Spanish and have a passport from another countr...

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1/12/2016 Miguel Salcedo-Gomez

Medellin to Palonegro via Bogota. The Colombian subsidiary of the Chile-based LAN Airlines. It was a pleasant experience to fly. Although the check-in/baggage drop process was a little slow, personnel was kind and professional. LAN Colombia mostly operates A320s, which are well-kept, clean and spacious. No complaints about punct...

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1/11/2016 Catalin-Alexandru Epure

Two LAN Colombia return flights inside Colombia, from Bogotá to Cartagena and then Bogotá to Pereira. One was shortly delayed because of the bad weather conditions in Pereira (heavy rainfall) and another one because a passenger decided in the last minute not to fly. In both cases the cockpit keeped us informed, and apologized fo...

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7/28/2015 Patricio Dangelo

I flew twice from Bogota to Miami on LAN, on June 28th and on July 26th. Plane old 767 but in good condition, very good entertainment system and very comfortable economy seat. Paid US$50 to sit in the economy first row but definately worth it, it had tons of legroom. However there are 2 negative points of LAN: first, the meal. T...

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6/25/2011 A Li

Internal flights in Colombia (BOG-SMR CTG-BOG) were real value for money. The planes were clean the service was good and the free Juan Valdez snack (peanuts and some little cookie) were delicious. Excellent value for short flights.

12/12/2010 C Maldonado

This airline may be good for small/short trips inside Colombia; but their service for international flights is very poor. I booked a round trip flight for my elderly grandmother from Bogota to JFK they don't offer anything on board you have to buy your own food (which is "normal" for flights inside the US but not for internation...

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2/6/2010 S Donnelly

BOG-MZL-BOG. I took them from Bogota to Manizales when I was visiting Colombia in December. The crew was fantastic airport staff was polite. The planes were new comfortable and service was great. Tickets were very reasonable but book them early through the website to take advantage of the "promotional" fares which could equal $5...

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