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6/8/2019 Mario Ramirez, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 31C


6/2/2019 D Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Easter Island to Santiago. The flight was delay for more than an hour but the airlines did not make any announcement nor apologies to guests. Flight entertainment was poor. We got connection to another destination with Latam but luggage could not go through to final destination we had to pick up the luggage an...

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5/31/2019 G Hartley

✅ Trip Verified | Río de Janeiro to Iguazu via Sao Paulo. Had no issues whatsoever with either the flight or the luggage or the check in process. Carried hand luggage only. Found the staff to be pleasant and professional. We left on time. Most importantly they got me there safe and sound. I would use them again.

5/17/2019 Peter Kempa

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Lima. Flight departed on schedule, but it was generally not such a pleasant experience.The cabin crew never offered headsets, and although they were fast and efficient with the meal service, they acted notably miserable. The legroom on this particular plane was terrible - it turned the last 6 hours...

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5/17/2019 D Munsen

✅ Trip Verified | Yesterday, I was going to fly from Boston to Sao Paulo on Latam. The flight was leaving at 5:30 PM and I used the Logan Express bus from Braintree leaving there at 2:40 PM. It is only 10 miles to Logan, but I did not arrive at the airport until 4:45 PM. There was no one at the counters, so I called the "custom...

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5/17/2019 F Malkenn

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Sao Paulo. Old aircraft. No livery and the body of the B777-200 was all white. No explanations given. Business class seat didn't work and was very dirty. No IFE, odd food and just a a tray with cold cuts and minimal portions. Full flight wit long queues on the lavatories because 2 of them ...

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5/15/2019 Natasha Lew

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Santiago de Chile. The most disgusting and poor customer service I have ever experienced. Flight delayed 4 hours then cancelled at 2am in the morning with little to no explanation or concern. Forced to get up at 6am only to be told we would not be on another flight until 17 hours later. Missed intern...

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5/12/2019 Bruce, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 26C

Although close to toilets, this is a good sear w easy access to overhead lockers and for walking around.

5/11/2019 J Cano

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Cusco. They have awful customer service, they charge for everything. Staff is unfriendly and rude, I had a couple of issues in Lima and Santiago with the staff on ground. They were threatening me 40 min before the scheduled time to leave me if I did not board the plane immediately even if ...

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5/6/2019 Pilar Zapata

✅ Trip Verified | Mendoza to Sydney via Santiago de Chile. Two times in a row, they cancelled the same flight. I paid extra for a flight with a certain duration, and it ended up lasting double the time. I offered them solutions by sending me on different flights that had space, but they said they couldn't do that, that they cou...

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5/6/2019 Nicolas Maiquez

✅ Trip Verified | Iguazu to Sao Paulo. Not the service they claim they have online. We had to wait for the staff to go to the check in counter because they will not help if is not 2 hours prior, very strict. Boarding was a nightmare! They opened aft and fwd doors and everything was confusing, people boarding from the back when ...

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5/2/2019 K Hassellah

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago de Chile to Melbourne. Flying for 15 hours they provided two meals. I missed the first meal as I was sleeping, when I asked them to provide it they said it couldn't be done because they were preparing the breakfast. When the breakfast came the options for me were with ham, which I cant eat because of ...

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4/30/2019 L Pearce

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Sydney. Check-In was super quick as there was no lines, but once I reached security it took way too long plus it did not help as I wasn't given an express path pass. Boarding was early which I find efficient as an on time departure is promising. The Cabin Crew were very welcoming and professional, a...

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4/23/2019 Ivo G, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v1 seat 15J

This seat does ia not only colse to lavatories and has limited reclining but also limited legspace. You get 3-5cm less of space between seats and you almost cannot use IFE as the screen is so close to you.

4/23/2019 Ivo G, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v1 seat 13K

Economy class has great legspace. IFE System is old and outdated. Food is the best among Latin American airlines. No AC power or USB outlets (this is unacceptable given they fly long haul routes (8+ hr) with this planes (EZE-MIA for example)

4/18/2019 Steve Bower

✅ Trip Verified | LATAM owes me US$250 for destroying my suitcase. They committed to this in writing in Novermber 2017, and after more than 400 emails back and forth, have yet to pay me LATAM is a wonderful airline if your trip goes well, but the worst airline in the world that I have dealt with concerning any issues. I honestl...

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4/15/2019 Valeria Velasco

✅ Trip Verified | Lima to Los Angeles. 55 minutes before boarding they started calling about 15-20 of us by name to the gate desk. LATAM changed my seating assignment 3 times within 25 minutes then ultimately assigned us to the same seats we had reserved 30 days ago. Got to the seats and two people were already in them. We had ...

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4/11/2019 C Merlin

✅ Trip Verified | I had a very bad experience with customer service. I bought two tickets for my older parents. They found out the flight was canceled at the airport, and had to take an 8-hour bus to get to Sao Paulo. The gate agent told me to fill out a form online to request a refund. When I did so, they only refunded me part...

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4/9/2019 Lucas, Airbus A321 (321) seat 19L

LATAM crew were very polite and I liked the overall modern look of the plane, since I was expecting a more old and used look. But what that takes away all the good of the experience is the seats, specially its poor legroom and reclination. My flight was during night time and I kid you not this has to be my worst experience "slee...

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3/29/2019 DF, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 4L

Just adding some pictures to my earlier review. Separate upload is being ignored.