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9/12/2018 S Harris

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Frankfurt. A terribly disorganized, unhelpful and substandard airline from start to finish. I experienced many issues with this airline, some of which are below. Old and tired looking aircraft on both legs. On return journey our flight was changed last minute while awaiting boarding due to a techn...

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9/8/2018 P Thomson

✅ Trip Verified | I recently had the misfortune of travelling on LATAM from South Africa to Brazil, a route I fly often but my first time on LATAM. I have five specific complaints, number 5 is the best! 1) My bag did not make the connection from CPT to GRU in JNB. I waited more than 4 days for the bag to be delivered after it wa...

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8/28/2018 C Banillos

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago to Melbourne. First of all, once we boarded and were seated the captain said that due to inconvenience with the aircraft we would have to wait for 30 minutes, this meant that everyone should get off the plane. That 30 min delay turned out in a 6 hour delay. Once in the plane they gave us a menu so as ...

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8/24/2018 F Palmann

✅ Trip Verified | Santiago to Sao Paulo. Could not check in on line because of a lack of the web site system. Call center arrogant lady, it is useless asking to speak to another attendant because they cut the call out. B777 aircraft very old and with torn seats. IFE broken. Boarding chaotic since the signs for rows/seats and pr...

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8/16/2018 Lyn Fowler

Not Verified | Sydney to Santiago via Lima. The flight from Sydney to Chile was fantastic but the flight from Lima to Santiago Chile was a disgrace. Our flight was cancelled but we were not told and the flight we took was very late and we were not given business seats which we paid for. The worst experience was trying to obtain...

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8/14/2018 Chris Heege

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Sao Paulo. Our flight for the entire family was canceled at the check in, as supposedly overbooked, a catastrophe for us. As compensation we were offered 2400 €. Eight months later, despite repeated pledges, the money has still not been transferred, and now it's what happened to all of Brazil's pa...

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8/13/2018 Nick Moyle

✅ Trip Verified | La Paz to Santiago. We flew as a family for a holiday in Peru. The few short flights we had with LATAM were riddled with problem after problem. We missed our first day of our trip, because LATAM sold our prepaid tickets, so we had to wait 6 hours at the airport, to get another flight. We were unable to check in...

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8/11/2018 JUAN CARLOS HARO LUJAN, Airbus A320 (320) v3 seat 9L

muy comodo los asientos, operativas Reclinables en buen estado, mis hijas disfrutaron de este viaje por primera vez y estamos agradecido con latam por el buen servicio de lima a cajamarca. con el wifi latamplay. que se divirtieron con la app. esperemos lo mismo de retorno a lima

8/10/2018 R Sanyal

✅ Trip Verified | Superb afternoon/evening flight from Easter Island to Santiago, Chile. Flight on schedule. Boarding by stairs after walking across from apron from the terminal building. Pillow, blanket and headset at every seat which also had footrest. A limited in-flight entertainment program available on the screens on the ...

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8/6/2018 M Chareka

✅ Trip Verified | Asuncion to New York via Sao Paulo. Worst customer service ever. Two luggages were lost. The airline never called us to update the status. Upon calling several times just to find out he company had no idea of the location of the lugagges. They offered to pay 25 USS/day. Had to go back to the airport to pick t...

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7/29/2018 Belinda Bridgen

✅ Trip Verified | I needed to check in an extra bag for my LATAM flights within Peru. The website made it clear that the cost was double if paid for at the airport - however there was no provision to add an extra bag in advance online (as with every other airline) not even when online check in opened. By then I was in Peru and,...

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7/28/2018 Cv, Boeing 767-300 seat 38C

My seat,s clicker couldn't be taken out from case. My wife,s screen didnt work when touching it Several other passengers had problems with screens

7/26/2018 Jack Holuba

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Lima. Maybe the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. Their policies are so unhelpful it is maddening. I was trying to add additional flights to my itinerary. They refused to let me spend more money. Honestly avoid this company at all costs.

7/26/2018 J Malesa

✅ Trip Verified | Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado. We got left behind while at the gate because the had sold more tickets than they can seat. Our tickets were purchased and were waiting to go inside when they said they couldn’t allow more passengers. After complaint for a long time we gave up and opted for some sort of compensation a...

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7/20/2018 Rudá Pinho

Not Verified | This airline which used to be one of Brazil's best, is just going down every year. Now they're charging baggage and seats, in a claim that is a service. The borading service is also paid and in a 3 hour flight, if you don't pay, you only get water. On menu there are some terrible sandwiches, dry, for 30 reais (12...

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7/20/2018 Sebastian Solter

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Concepción to Santiago. Please try another airline, LATAM now overbook all flights leaving you on ground as they want. Service sucks, no problem solving, less space for your legs on board, pay for any food or beverage, pay for your baggage, a low cost airline using the great corporate image of LAN Chile. T...

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7/20/2018 A Davidson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew New York JFK to Mendoza via Santiago with LATAM. Very expensive airline with zero customer service. Never book this airline through a travel agent of any kind. I paid over $4,000 for a ticket to Santiago 6 months in advance and when I tried to add a flight to Mendoza less than 1 week later, LATAM told me t...

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7/18/2018 Peter Sorger

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to London. This airline is going from a good one to one of the worst airlines you can fly between South America and Europe. Website is always showing some errors, online check-in does not work, Airport check in is OK, VIP Lounge is right now the best product they can offer boarding is chaotic with no...

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7/15/2018 Baldonick Fernandez

✅ Trip Verified | On June 7th, 2018 I called the LATAM Customer service about my baggage allowance for a flight to Bucaramanga, Colombia. I was told by the LATAM customer service representative that I was allowed 2 bags under 23kg, I mentioned that I was playing a Golf Tournament in Bucaramanga and I was going to take a luggage ...

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7/14/2018 Benjamin Owen

✅ Trip Verified | My family (wife and two-year-old daughter) and I flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Los Angeles, California in May. The flights themselves were fine, but when we arrived in LA we found that all our luggage was lost. Annoying, but relatively common. One of the items Latam lost was our carseat which was needed for us...

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