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6/27/2019 Rajesh Misca

Not Verified | Bucharest to Vienna. First time I took Laudamotion and the inflight service from the start is the worst. From not able to accept debit cards, to local Romanian currency to zero smile from the inflight crew, this airline takes the first place in lousy service. While the ground crew were brilliant and extraordinarily helpful, the inflight crew seems to consist of staff who lack even the basic courtesy of airline greetings. Well, laudamotion is all about being economical- including customer service. An absolutely disappointing experience.

6/12/2019 M Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | I am flying 2-8 times a month regularly and this is the absolute worst flight company I have ever travelled with. Almost all other flight companies have online check-in until 2 hours before flight, I have arrived later than this without checking in many times with many different airlines and I have never had any issues. Almost all other airlines send emails reminding you to check in online if it’s imporant, Laudamotion sends no email and there is no information in my travel itinerary that I need to check in 3 hours before online and that there is no possibility to check in at the airport. Arriving at the airport there is no information about where to go, what to do, where to pay. I was advised to go stand in one line, was waiting a long time, turns out I should have been in a completely different line (in a place where Laudamotion wasn’t even mentioned?). A googling gave me no information from the company itself but I found out through other people who had suffered the same that the check in fee at the airport was 55€! I was prepared to pay the extra fee (even though I find it ridiculous) but in the end I ended up missing my flight because of these lines and the bad directions of where to go.

5/26/2019 Lukas Müller

Not Verified | Vienna to Dublin. Flying with Laudamotion means low comfort, you cannot expect a lot. At least I would be happy if the staff would be friendly, the cabin clean and the overall onboard-experience would be good. The staff was very unmotivated and not really friendly. The cabin was very dirty, sticky seats and broken tables. Food and drinks had to be purchased which is okay, but the service was very inefficient and slow. Boarding was slow and chaotic - long waiting times at the gate, in the stairhouse, outside the building and again in front of the stairs of the aircraft.

5/20/2019 E Garsen

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Vienna. Had a bad experience flying with this airline a month or two ago, but gave LM another chance. The dirt cheap tickets were a factor. Flight started boarding 45mins late, now stuck on the tarmac for 50 mins. On the flight to Bucharest the electronic booking system shut down. They had to check in everybody manually, which took ages. This airline is a joke.

5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Very nice flight with Laudamotion from Dublin to Vienna. Flight left on time, the seat was comfy, even though the plane was showing it's age a bit. Boarding was on time, funnily, the priority line, (which lets you take two bags rather than one) was a lot longer than the standard line. I just found this funny. The crew were very kind and friendly. I have only one complaint, and that is that Debit cards are not excepted, and I only had one of these cards, and no cash. But the flight attendant was very kind, and offered to get me some water. Overall, friendly service, nice flight, efficient and friendly, and for only £32, it is superb value for money.

5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Another great flight with Laudamotion from Budapest to Stuttgart. I have very low expectations for these flights, as they are so cheap. This one cost me just £11, which is superb value. The flight crew were kind, I purchased some wine onboard for a very reasonable price. Crew were friendly and professional. I really enjoyed it, cheap and cheerful, very friendly crew, and a nice ride.

4/28/2019 B Dundics

✅ Trip Verified | I purchased an extra leg-room seat for my flight as my knee doesn't handle being bent for long periods of time well (but this does not affect my movement levels nor is it visible). I was shocked to note that the seat I was shown as extra leg-room during check-in was not in fact one. I was told nothing could be done on the flight and that I should contact customer support for a refund. I have done so but in the month that has passed since my first contact they have been most unhelpful, first responding with reasons for my seat allocation that were simply untrue and then requesting that I provide them with my boarding pass I cannot access anymore. The service overall is awful and I would not recommend it to anyone.

4/27/2019 Ruth Horak

Not Verified | Copenhagen to Vienna. Not a good experience. Lousy customer service with several changes of conditions in the time between reservation and flight, leaving the burden with the customer. I had booked a flight from Copenhagen to Vienna (with Laudamotion) and went from there on to Innsbruck (with Austrian Airlines). In the time span between buying the tickets and the actual trip the airline changed the departure time twice, so what was supposed to be an early evening flight ended up being an afternoon flight. The main problem, however, was that they suddenly changed their baggage policy, not allowing customers to bring their hand baggage onboard but requiring check-in - and, what is worse, making it necessary to collecting the cabin luggage from the carousel at the destination airport. The consequences were: 1) Many customers had not heard about the policy change, so people unaware of the new policy queued up at the gate, causing frustration, time pressure and an overall unpleasant atmosphere. 2) For people like me - with continued flights with a different airline - the new policy meant I had to run to collect my bag from the carousel (which meant leaving the transfer area and going to the exit area - which is far away), go through another security check and then run all the way back to my terminal. I was also told I would have to check in my baggage once more for the next flight. Which, btw, was the wrong information. Luckily I did not believe them - it turned out that Austrian Airlines still allowed customers to bring their cabin bags. Had I believed them, I would have spent extra time checking in my bag once more. Laudamotion's sudden change of baggage policy means that I would never have made it to my next flight - the whole procedure of collecting the baggage, checking in once more and getting back to the terminal takes A lot of time. What saved me was that Laudamotion had changed the departure time a few times - otherwise I would have missed my flight. I would not even have had a chance. I will definitely stay clear of Laudamotion in the future and can only recommend others to do the same.

3/25/2019 Gabriela Nalli

Not Verified | Barcelona to Vienna. The plane was very comfortable, and thankfully we had a great flight round trip. The Crew on the other hand were horrific. Languages, although the flight was from Barcelona they did not speak Spanish. My friend made the mistake of speaking to the stewardess in Spanish, and she got scolded to speak English! Since my friend didn't speak English, and it is my first language I translated for her. The stewardess that demanded to be spoken to in English had a below average level of it. I would recommend they improve their English, or find new employees. The same stewardess started moving and arranging bags and coats without letting the owner of the things she was moving were she was moving it to. When we arrived in Vienna people were looking for their belongings. On our way back, I asked a stewardess if she could put my coat in the overhead bin after everyone was on the plane; since I was sitting on a window seat, and didn't want to take up space. She grabbed my folded coat, than stuffed it like a rag in the overhead, The same stewardess sold me a chocolate croissant and made me get it warm or she wouldn't sell it to me. When I got it after paying 2.50 euros, it tasted like a soggy piece of bread with chocolate.

3/14/2019 Juraj Markovic

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Beauvais to Vienna. They have a deadline before flight when you need to do online check-in, otherwise, you have to pay 55€ extra for each passenger. Flight delayed 2 hours. Seats were uncomfortable,. Really dont recommend to fly with Laudamotion.

2/25/2019 Adrian Zavacky

Not Verified | I want to complain about our Flight from Wien to Amman which was late about 30 minutes, but that wasn't that bad. But my main complain is about our flight from Amman do Wien from 23.2.19 departing time at 17:25. This plane was late almost 2 hours. When we boarded I didn't have place where to place my luggage because people placed small bags in storage place where big luggage should go. After we tried to talk to the crew to help us with that, and where we should give our luggage. She just said "I don't know, give it wherever you want." It's her job to help with that! I had to put my luggage under the seat. I don't expect them to serve champagne or something, but basic services like assisting when experiencing problems onboard should be standard!

10/28/2018 D Murdas

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Palma. Laudamotion is vary fair for the price. Each time I flew I had no issues. Flew on time - plane fleet despite the age looks fresh - crew was friendly - check in and boarding smooth. No issues at all. I have no negative experience at all, so I definitely recommend!

8/19/2018 J Watts

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin Tegel to Rijeka. We feel like we got scammed. We tried to check in online but the website said that my partner would need to visit the checking desk because she is not an EU citizen. We decided to get to the airport 3 and a half hours early to leave plenty of time for this. When we tried to check in we were told we had to wait. We waited until it was 2 hours before departure but were then told we would have to pay 110euro checking fee and that we could no longer check in online. This is more than the cost of our flights. We tried phoning customer service, but it costs money every minute, and there is a long waiting time before you can speak to someone. The people at the airport were no help and we ended up having to pay it. We feel like this system is predatory and they have now lost us as customers.

8/16/2018 S Pareli

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Málaga. Our flight was operated by Ryanair, but at least the legroom was good. The crew and boarding staff were not friendly and did not smile for a second. We also couldn't put the back of our seats back.

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