14 Laudamotion reviews

6/27/2019 Rajesh Misca

Not Verified | Bucharest to Vienna. First time I took Laudamotion and the inflight service from the start is the worst. From not able to accept debit cards, to local Romanian currency to zero smile from the inflight crew, this airline takes the first place in lousy service. While the ground crew were brilliant and extraordinari...

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6/12/2019 M Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | I am flying 2-8 times a month regularly and this is the absolute worst flight company I have ever travelled with. Almost all other flight companies have online check-in until 2 hours before flight, I have arrived later than this without checking in many times with many different airlines and I have never had an...

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5/26/2019 Lukas Müller

Not Verified | Vienna to Dublin. Flying with Laudamotion means low comfort, you cannot expect a lot. At least I would be happy if the staff would be friendly, the cabin clean and the overall onboard-experience would be good. The staff was very unmotivated and not really friendly. The cabin was very dirty, sticky seats and broke...

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5/20/2019 E Garsen

✅ Trip Verified | Bucharest to Vienna. Had a bad experience flying with this airline a month or two ago, but gave LM another chance. The dirt cheap tickets were a factor. Flight started boarding 45mins late, now stuck on the tarmac for 50 mins. On the flight to Bucharest the electronic booking system shut down. They had to chec...

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5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Very nice flight with Laudamotion from Dublin to Vienna. Flight left on time, the seat was comfy, even though the plane was showing it's age a bit. Boarding was on time, funnily, the priority line, (which lets you take two bags rather than one) was a lot longer than the standard line. I just found this funny. T...

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5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | Another great flight with Laudamotion from Budapest to Stuttgart. I have very low expectations for these flights, as they are so cheap. This one cost me just £11, which is superb value. The flight crew were kind, I purchased some wine onboard for a very reasonable price. Crew were friendly and professional. I r...

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4/28/2019 B Dundics

✅ Trip Verified | I purchased an extra leg-room seat for my flight as my knee doesn't handle being bent for long periods of time well (but this does not affect my movement levels nor is it visible). I was shocked to note that the seat I was shown as extra leg-room during check-in was not in fact one. I was told nothing could be ...

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4/27/2019 Ruth Horak

Not Verified | Copenhagen to Vienna. Not a good experience. Lousy customer service with several changes of conditions in the time between reservation and flight, leaving the burden with the customer. I had booked a flight from Copenhagen to Vienna (with Laudamotion) and went from there on to Innsbruck (with Austrian Airlines). ...

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3/25/2019 Gabriela Nalli

Not Verified | Barcelona to Vienna. The plane was very comfortable, and thankfully we had a great flight round trip. The Crew on the other hand were horrific. Languages, although the flight was from Barcelona they did not speak Spanish. My friend made the mistake of speaking to the stewardess in Spanish, and she got scolded to ...

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3/14/2019 Juraj Markovic

✅ Trip Verified | Paris Beauvais to Vienna. They have a deadline before flight when you need to do online check-in, otherwise, you have to pay 55€ extra for each passenger. Flight delayed 2 hours. Seats were uncomfortable,. Really dont recommend to fly with Laudamotion.

2/25/2019 Adrian Zavacky

Not Verified | I want to complain about our Flight from Wien to Amman which was late about 30 minutes, but that wasn't that bad. But my main complain is about our flight from Amman do Wien from 23.2.19 departing time at 17:25. This plane was late almost 2 hours. When we boarded I didn't have place where to place my luggage beca...

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10/28/2018 D Murdas

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Palma. Laudamotion is vary fair for the price. Each time I flew I had no issues. Flew on time - plane fleet despite the age looks fresh - crew was friendly - check in and boarding smooth. No issues at all. I have no negative experience at all, so I definitely recommend!

8/19/2018 J Watts

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin Tegel to Rijeka. We feel like we got scammed. We tried to check in online but the website said that my partner would need to visit the checking desk because she is not an EU citizen. We decided to get to the airport 3 and a half hours early to leave plenty of time for this. When we tried to check in we ...

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8/16/2018 S Pareli

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Málaga. Our flight was operated by Ryanair, but at least the legroom was good. The crew and boarding staff were not friendly and did not smile for a second. We also couldn't put the back of our seats back.

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