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5/7/2019 D Pattison

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Krabi. My friend and I paid for return flights and hold luggage. We could not check in on-line for the return journey as their website was not working and when we got to the airport we were told we had not paid for hold luggage. Despite showing a receipt they made us pay THB 3900 and THB 3000 on our debit and credit cards or we could not fly. We both felt totally humiliated and it ruined a good holiday to end it that way. I will never fly with this airline again!

4/28/2019 D Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Jakarta. The airline entered my name twice on the ticket and upon calling them they kept on asking me to ring another number, noting that not all were local numbers. At one stage I was on hold for 45min (international) before I spoke to a person and then they hung up on me! In the end they charged my $32 for removing the duplicate name from my ticket. The worst customer service I have ever experienced!

4/2/2019 P Radinski

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Labuan Bajo. Immense high cost of checked baggage. Ultimately, we paid more for our luggage than for the flights. How much is the amount, we have learned only at the airport. Intransparent baggage policy The scheme is arbitrary - even the call center is obviously not informed. It was not possible to know in advance what the costs are. Very bad customer service. To 5 E-Mail inquiries I received until today no answer. There are several service numbers that no one answers. After the 11th attempt, I finally managed to reach one of the call centers. Unfortunately nobody could help me there any more. The staff can not speak English, but that's not the problem. Even a friend from Indonesia could not get valid information from the airline. For me, that's systematic and deliberate rip-off. The fact that the flight was delayed by more than three hours and we spent a total of 8 hours at the airport is no longer significant. There are many other airlines that are not or only slightly more expensive. Save the ordeal with Thai Lion Air and Bay another flight. DE: Immens hohe Kosten für aufgegebenes Gepäck. Letztendlich haben wir für unser Gepäck mehr als für die Flüge gezahlt. Wie hoch der Betrag ist, haben wir erst am Flughafen erfahren. Intransparente Gepäckpolicy Die Regelung ist willkürlich - selbst das Call Center ist offensichtlich nicht informiert. Es war nicht möglich vorab in Erfahrung zu bringen, welche Kosten entstehen. Sehr schlechter Kundenservice. Auf 5 E-Mail Anfragen habe ich bis heute keine Antwort erhalten. Es gibt verschiedene Servicenummern, auf die niemand antwortet. Nach dem 11. Versuch habe ich es schließlich geschafft eines der Call Center zu erreichen. Leider konnte mir dort auch niemand weiter helfen. Das Personal kann zwar kein Englisch, aber das ist gar nicht das Problem. Auch ein Freund aus Indonesien konnte keine validen Informationen von der Airline bekommen. Für mich ist das systematische und bewusste Abzocke. Das der Flug dann noch über drei Stunden Verspätung hatte und wir insgesamt 8 Stunden am Flughafen verbracht haben, fällt gar nicht mehr ins Gewicht... Es gibt viele andere Airlines, die nicht oder nur wenig teurer sind. Erspart euch die Tortur mit Thai Lion Air und Bucht gleich einen anderen Flug...

3/30/2019 H Parten

✅ Trip Verified | I could not prebook check-in luggage online for my flight from Bali to Bangkok. I called them (the first number on their website did not work, temp. out of order). They told me I either have to pay Rp 224.000 (22AU$) per kg at the airport at check-in; or I could prebook for just Rp 23000 (that is 10%) up to 6 hours before, but I can only do that at the airport. That is ridiculous! My luggage would cost more than my ticket if I would not go to the airport before and I would have no idea about that if I would not have called them. I know countries where this would be illegal.

2/12/2019 V Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Malang to Jakarta. Absolutely appalling.We booked tickets that said they came with checked baggage, yet when we looked the day before flying it said no bags. Pre-paid bags can only be paid earlier than 6 hours prior to the flight. Impossible to purchase online within 48 hours of the flight. Clearly we were not able to go to the airport the day before our flight to pay a slightly cheaper price for our bags. The worst part is they charge by kg, so our heavy bags cost us about 800k rupiah (~$80) at the airport. The staff understood nothing and looked almost smug taking our cash (oh yeah, they only accept cash). Completely shady and unprofessional.

2/10/2019 Khader Mallah

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. Worst airline, especially the employees at boarding pass. I came 4 hours early, check in online, the immigration counter asked me to print boarding pass, I went to boarding pass counter telling them I don't have visa, and asking me for Hotel booking, and asking bank information, and she told me that I can't leave the country, or travel. Most incompetent employees ever.

1/29/2019 S Narundi

✅ Trip Verified | Booked return tickets on 9/01/2019 from Denpasar-Banda Aceh 14/01 and return Banda Aceh- Denpasar 27/01. I called customer service on 9/01 to double check how to book the baggage on my way back 27/01 because there is no option to choose from Banda Aceh to Medan, but the customer service said I don't have to worry because I still have 20kg free baggage, because the new system is not officially confirmed yet. And on 27/01 in Banda Aceh airport when I do check in, I forced to pay 1.820.000; IDR on the spot which is half price of my travel fees, after 2 hours tried to get some help from customer service and they can't do anything just asked me to pay first the baggage and then the next day asked me to call customer service for comparing or claim. Called them the next day almost 1and half hour calls, they are just only able to say sorry and they don't accept their mistake and not able to return the baggage fee which actually I have to pay for their mistake, who didn't give me clear information and never update the information. It is really SAD, as we wanted to speak to the manager of lion Air but they say not available. I gave thumb down to this Airline as they gave me unpleasant experience.

1/6/2019 W Gazler

✅ Trip Verified | Flight left only 40 mins late - on time by Lion's standards. It was the usual no-frills flight with no food, drinks or enterntainment, except for one annoyance. Despite checking in early, I was given a seat in the very last row right by the toilet which was stinking of urine as many passengers didn't know how to flush it! On the first leg stewardess kindly offered that I could move elsewhere, but on the 2nd leg from Makassar they insisted the plane was full and I had to stay there, when in fact later I found entire rows of seats empty at the front.

12/28/2018 L Wealen

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Jayapura via Makassar. Flight left Surabaya one hour late - nothing unusual for Lion Air. Transfer in Makassar went smoothly and we arrived in Jayapura just that one hour late. Apart from the delay, it was a smooth flight, typical no-frills Lion style.

12/18/2018 J Hanmer

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Jakarta. Lion air is notorious for late flights with no information. You will not find cheaper tickets and if you are OK with waiting at the airport indefinitely then this airline could be for you! Typically flights accrue delays as the day goes on due to "operational reasons" which typically are late accumulated arrivals over the day. The staff is obnoxious about the delays and have heard all complaints from passengers over the years to the point that another one is but a grain of sand on a beach. Lion air, always delayed, always disappointing on everything except the price. The number of times I promised myself to pay the premium to fly anything but lion somehow got beaten again by the stated schedule.

12/2/2018 W Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Bought a through ticket from Yahukimo via Jayapura to Jakarta with only 30 minutes time to change. The flight from Yahukimo left almost an hour late, and despite rushing, they closed the boarding gate for the Jakarta flight before I could get on. That was not surprising. However, Lion Air staff at Jayapura tried to blame missing the connection on me (despite their first flight being an hour late) and insist that I buy a new ticket to Jakarta! It took almost an hour of arguing to get them to rebook me for next morning's flight at no cost. Other than this issue, both flights were uneventful.

11/21/2018 Veranika Kozich

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Denpasar. Service is terrible. Flight was late for 2 hours. But we were informed about delay 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Airport staff was just laughing when I tried to get any info about the flight. They didn't understand English. Very terrible company.

10/10/2018 W Garnell

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Surabaya. Only 15 minutes delay. Otherwise the usual Lion Air flight. Pretty crew and free checked-in luggage, cramped seats that at least did recline, and no food or drinks.

9/23/2018 M Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Check-in desks were over capacity, had to wait hours in the queue only to have it closed on us. This was apparently due to the fact that the check-in employees weren't even Lion Air employees but Batik Air employees that were asked to help them out. It is shameful that such a big airline will organize so many flight to then not have the staff to handle it. The staff that they did have there were extremely rude and disrespectful. Not the first time I have a bad experience with this company.

9/21/2018 Thomas Rowsell

Not Verified | Honeymoon ruined and a huge expense incurred by this incompetent, unprofessional airline! We were flying from Sibolga to Medan where we had a connecting flight with another airline but a dog got on the runway at takeoff. So we had to wait over 5 hours until we could take off so we missed our connecting flight. I asked the staff at lion air to help us but they were totally unsympathetic and refusing responsibility and we had to buy replacement flights with Garuda air instead. I understand that I have rights as a consumer in Indonesia and was at least supposed to get some money for the inconvenience of delay, but we got nothing but scowls and lies. They lied about the delay and as it got worse and worse.

9/20/2018 Rafael Suarez

✅ Trip Verified | Bengkulu to Jakarta. This is a budget airline and obviously the air fare is very affordable. I have flown this airline six times to and from Bengkulu in the last year. This last trip, unfortunately, the flight was delayed for over 5 hours. Now, I do not speak Bahasa so I was fortunate that my friend is Indonesian and was able to keep me posted, English is barely spoken at the airport and none of the announcements were made in English. They did provide food to all passengers at the airport and also refunded IDR 300,000.00 to everyone for the delay. That was cash on hand. The flight once we left was fine. Its all economy class jet and one hour flight to Jakarta. I was very pleasantly surprised on the refund part of this experience.

8/26/2018 B Gennas

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Jakarta. I will never fly this airline again. True to form Lion Air managed to be delayed both departing Jakarta for Bali, and returning. Not only were they delayed but there were last minute gate changes, in both directions, that had I not been keeping a close eye on we'd have missed the flight. For the return flight I received a text message, the day before departure, informing me that departure would no longer be 19.30, but 21.15. On arrival at the airport, after questioning Lion Air staff, I was told the flight was delayed by another two hours. When I mentioned compensation I was told we'd get a snack after a two-hour delay, a meal after a three-hour delay, and after four hours compensation of 300,000 IDR per person (+/- 20 USD). I thought he'd left a zero off the end. The flight finally took off at midnight. That means for a flight of 1.5 hours' duration, we were delayed 4.5 hours.

8/16/2018 A Stanatina

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Yogyakarta. All the times I've flown with Lion Air it's always delayed up to the point where I have expected that it's going to be late this time around. I was scheduled to board the plane at 5.55pm but the plane got delayed for who knows how long. I haven't heard on whether the plane has arrived or not and it's 7.20 pm now. The most baffling thing is that it's written on the general boarding screen that it's on schedule when it's definitely not. If you have no choice but to fly with Lion Air cause it's the only airline available, never make plans to arrive on time or it'll be ruined like how mine has been ruined. Oh well, lessons learned.

8/14/2018 J Phan

✅ Trip Verified | Originally my flight from Bali to Jakarta was at 11:50am. Got an email saying they have changed the time to 1:10pm. My connecting flight to Singapore is at 4:15pm, cool still have time. Arrived at the airport around 10am. Flight has been delayed to 2:20pm. Still have time to catch my connecting flight. Didn’t board until 2:50. It’s currently 3:35pm and still waiting to board everyone now. I don’t think I’ll make it to my connecting flight. Worst airline I have flown with.

8/9/2018 Craig Hollander

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Tarakan. Late Is Our Name is what Indonesians I've met call Lion Air. They claim a 70% on time performance score. I fly on them at least once or twice a month because I usually have no other option (like it or not, they have flights to more places than anyone else). How is it that easily 75% of the time I am in the 30% of flights that are late? They invariably claim operational reasons are behind the delays. What this often means is that they give the plane that was scheduled for your flight to another flight that was delayed. That way they can get away with giving passengers some bottled water and a bun for your 2-hour delay instead of forking over Rp.400000 to each passenger who would have been delayed for 4 hours on the other flight (as required by Indonesia's Passengers Bill of Rights law). Before serious penalties are incurred, they will then give someone else's airplane to your flight so that they won't have to pay you any money either. And these switches continue at that airport for hours until they get caught up or the day is finally over.