Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 Lufthansa

1A1C1H1K10A10C10D10E10G10H10K11A11C11D11E11G11H11K12A12C12D12E12G12H12K14A14C14D14E14G14H14K2A2C2H2K24A24C24D24E24F24G24H24K25A25C25D25E25F25G25H25K26A26C26D26E26F26G26H26K27A27C27D27E27F27G27H27K29A29B29C29D29E29F29G29H29J29K3A3C3H3K30A30B30C30D30E30F30G30H30J30K31A31B31C31H31J31K32B32C32H32J33A33B33C33D33E33F33G33H33J33K34A34B34C34D34E34F34G34H34J34K35A35B35C35D35E35F35G35H35J35K36A36B36C36D36E36F36G36H36J36K37A37B37C37D37E37F37G37H37J37K38A38B38C38D38E38F38G38H38J38K39A39B39C39D39E39F39G39H39J39K4A4C4D4H4K40A40B40C40D40E40F40G40H40J40K41A41B41C41D41E41F41G41H41J41K42A42B42C42D42E42F42G42H42J42K43A43B43C43D43E43F43G43H43J43K44A44B44C44D44E44F44G44H44J44K45A45B45C45D45E45F45G45H45J45K46A46B46C46D46E46F46G46H46J46K47A47B47C47D47E47F47G47H47J47K48A48B48C48D48E48F48G48H48J48K49A49B49C49D49E49F49G49H49J49K50A50B50C50D50E50F50G50H50J50K51A51B51C51D51E51F51G51H51J51K52A52B52C52D52E52F52G52H52J52K53A53B53C53D53E53F53G53H53J53K54B54C54D54E54F54G54H54J55B55C55D55E55F55G55H55J56B56C56D56E56F56G56H56J57D57E57F57G58D58E58F58G81A81C81H81K82A82C82H82K83A83C83H83K84A84C84H84K85A85C85H85K86H86KSeat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 Lufthansa
Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 Lufthansa
Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 Lufthansa

Airplane Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 Lufthansa with 3 classes and 371 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


10/10/2019 Abdallah E, seat 33A

Lots of legroom, and you can get in and out without bothering 33B and 33C.

8/20/2019 Abdallah E, seat 85A

I sat in Seat 85A (top deck business class) on my flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt in January of 2019. The seat was wide and there was plenty of legroom, but mind you I am only about 140 lbs and 5’8”. You will share a fairly wide middle arm rest with your neighbour and of course if you need to go to the washroom and he/she i...

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7/18/2019 Abdallah E, seat 32C

In my opinion, the seat color should be red. While you have a lot of extra legroom due to the emergency exit, people stack up here waiting for a free lavatory. In turn, this means, you won't have any privacy and people even might step on your toes.

6/21/2019 Abdallah E, seat 53A

Limited legspace due to offset of the seat and interior bent inwards.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, seat 81K

Seat was comfortable, food excellent and the service was the very best - couldn't have been better!!! The upper deck is quite cosy - I love the good old Jumbo!

2/10/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 29D

the entire row 29 is really bad. It is sold by Lufthansa as 'extra leg space' for some 100,-EUR. That much is true, but: fold up tables and fold up Screens are in the arm rests, which make them bulky, stiff and the width of the seat is reduced. In particular the 29C+H stick out into the aisle behind the recss of premium economy....

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12/15/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 29G

Row 29 is the best seat row in Economy. There is no solid bulkhead in front but a large gap to the last row of Premium Economy. Huge legroom.

12/10/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 83K

83K is indeed one of the better seats. The window seat gives you more room for your feet than the aisle seats. 83K also has room for a small bag on the side - which the other business seats on the upper deck do not offer.

11/27/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 29C

29C and all of row 29 is exactly as others have commented. No bulkhead, just a lot of space between this row and Prem Eco row in front. I'm rethinking about posting this - I really don't want anyone to nab this seat!

11/20/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 58G

The back of the seat can be tilted backward only limited because of the wall behind. When the aircraft is parked, it is very warm because the air conditioning is not or not sufficiently cool and the waste heat in the rear area is very high. When the plane departs and during flight, the aircondition solves the problem. The legro...

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10/15/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 85K

If you're tall (6 feet or more) you will find more legroom if you pick a window seat (A or K) as there is a ledge underneath the window where you can put your feet when the bed is in the fully-flat position. The aisle seats force your feet into a narrow pocket that is quite uncomfortable.

9/10/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 85C

Row 85 A and C are good picks because you do not have anybody behind you who kicks or slams their feet down on their foot rest waking you up. Also it is away from most galley and lavatory traffic. The only drawback to the upper deck is the WC situation. The upper deck plan shows 2 lavatories ...... However, 1 is reserved fo...

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8/5/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 56H

The proximity to the restrooms resulted in bad smells coming from the toilets. Very unpleasant, particularly during the meal time...

6/2/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 2A

Lufthansa has done a great job of keeping the 747-400 updated. The business class seats are high tech and very comfortable. Flights from SEA FRA and return in seats 2A and 2C were great in all respects. Location means that you are served first and there is no traffic to rest rooms except for row 1. That row is also a good lo...

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5/22/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 24F

I had seat 24F. There was enough space. Because of the bulkhead, there was little bit more legroom and it was much easier to come to your seat, so your neighbor didnt need to get off his seat. The overhead box for carry-on baggage was smaller, than the other ones, so it was hard to insert the full-size carry-on baggage of seat 2...

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5/17/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 50D

The central aisle seats have the most foot room. There are four seats across, but only three footwells, so the two seats in the middle share a footwell. The footwells on the aisle seats are oversized. You might end up sharing part of that with a middle seater, but if you don't it's much easier to stretch your legs. The aisle ...

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4/24/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 84A

Absolutely the best seating arrangement!

3/19/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 2K

The business class seat for this flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai had ample space as described and is almost flatbed recline. Comfortable and recommended...Unless you can get yourself a window on the upper deck!

3/4/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 43A

All row 43 on this flight was an "infant" row, with room for 4 bassinets in total (one left side, one right side, two middle). Good legroom (I am not very tall) but no support for feet. IFE system and tray table are in the armrest. Any luggage must be stored for take off and landing. The plane is rather old.

2/17/2018 Tamara T, seat 29A

Row 29 on Lufthansa's 747-400 is without a doubt the best row in Economy. It's the first row in Economy, directly behind Premium Economy. Leg room is more than ample, and there is no bulkhead wall or partition or even a curtain which would reduce your legroom, so the comments about 'restricted legroom' are completely inaccurate....

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