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6/17/2019 Paul MacInnes

✅ Trip Verified | London to Minsk via Frankfurt. Horrible experience, flight leaving London was late and missed my flight to Minsk by a few minutes, was told at the check in desk that customer services would book a hotel and get me on a flight next day, they rebooked on the next evening flight but refused accomodation with the excuse that my flight landed at 18.30 and the connecting flight didn't leave until 19.15 which is the legal minimum for connection so they weren't liable, it transpired that they told a lie and that the departure gate had closed at 19.00, the customer service staff for this airline are thoroughly unpleasant and seem to take a sadistic pleasure in seeing their customers in a state of distress.

6/14/2019 L Samaras

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Buenos Aires. Check-in and boarding process went quite smooth as you would expect by a German airline. Unfortunately once on the plane things kinda started going down hill. The plane was relatively new (4 years old) but the cabin looked quite dated anyway, the IFE screens kept crashing (and when they weren't crashing they were super slow). Seats were ok but with one of the worse legroom, I have experienced (IFE box was also under the seat). Toilets, on the other hand, were super clean throughout the flight. The food portions were small (the main meal was ok-ish but the breakfast was quite poor). The crew did all they had to do but the whole experience felt quite robotic and definitely lacked in warmth.

6/11/2019 Wan Yee Lam

✅ Trip Verified | London to Hong Kong via Frankfurt. At the check in at London I was told if I knew that the flight from London to Frankfurt was delayed. Then asked if I am going to miss my next flight? They said no news at the moment yet so you might still make it. We landed around 2145 in Frankfurt although boarding for my next flight was 2125 (flight at 2210). When I got off the plane I expected there to be ground crew guiding people with connecting flights. But there was none whatsoever and we had to take an airport bus to the terminal. Once we arrived at the terminal no staff to guide us again. We had to run towards our next flight to catch the flight. Once we arrived at the gate for the next flight it was 2221, the guy said was it is closed. I explained I have been delayed by the flight from London. He said you have to exit and get someone to book your hotel and next flight. So we had to walk to the exit again. Once we got outside we were booked a hotel and next flight. We had to wait outside the airport for the shuttle to hotels. It took us 20 mins for the wait. Again no clear instruction which is the right bus. I am not saying it was any of the ground staff's fault as well but I think as a service industry the first thing an employee that represents the whole airline should do is to express empathy. Also the whole process would be made much smoother if only the airline could arrange 1 person at the arrival to say we are not going to make our next flight and it is closed or if we should make a run. It doesn't make sense for us to run all the way to the next gate to be given the cold shoulders. There is, I felt, no passion whatsoever from their end, to make this a good travel experience for their customers.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) v2 seat 81K

Seat was comfortable, food excellent and the service was the very best - couldn't have been better!!! The upper deck is quite cosy - I love the good old Jumbo!

6/10/2019 D Garnor

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Oslo via Munich. I have mixed feelings about LH's business product. The check-in was ok (this time the BUD 2A terminal was totally empty, nobody was at the LH business check-in desk), the fast track security was ok, but the next step, the lounge was not ok. LH uses the Celebi Platinum Lounge at BUD, and the standard is around middle! Food selection is poor, quality is bad, there is no warm food at all, snack and sweet selection is pretty bad too, so I'd say this looks like rather a premium economy level lounge. I don't know if Celebi or LH upgrades or checks this lounge, but it would need a definite upgrade, cause for the business class ticket price, it was a disappointment. The boarding was ok both at BUD and MUC. On board, it is also a bit strange. The seat is not a business seat, it is an economy seat, only the middle seat left empty, but this is the only good thing one can say about LH's biz class seat. No bigger legroom, no bigger recline comparing to economy. The food is ok, there is no warm food, not even for a MUC-OSL route. The dessert was fine though (in fact it was better than the main course), and the tea was served in a ceramic cup. Bread was ok, butter was ok, though there was no hot towel. The pursers on both routes were kind and helpful. The Lufthansa business lounge in MUC was super, that one would have to be copy-pasted to BUD! And of course, it was nice to have the possibility to check-in two baggage (which this time I did) and to go on board with two handbags (which this time I did). All-in-all, nice flights with minor delay in the first leg, professional and efficient crew. If LH keeps on selling business class tickets on these prices, they'll have to upgrade their services at some segments! O The wi-fi: even Norwegian, which is a low-cost, is able to provide wi-fi for free, why can't LH? At least for business class pax?

6/9/2019 Sergey Gastov

✅ Trip Verified | Business class has economy seats. I had 50 minutes to make a connection in Frankfurt. Plane stop at the gate A25, next flight is on gate A26. However, they didn’t expend the bridge from the gate to the plane and told passengers we have to exit by the back door. I was in the business class so now I am the last one to exit. We get in the bus. Bus went all the way to the departure entrance to the terminal so we had to pass security and passport control all over again. No explanation or assistance was provided, no apology offered or any kind of help to pass quicker to the connected flight. I got the gate A26 at the time of departure. Gate was closed and no one was there. I had to look for Lufthansa service desk and stay in line for another hour. Again no apologies or explanations, they just gave me a ticket for the flight on the next day.

6/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 82K

Do yourself a favor and select this seat! was great ! I would avoid row 84. I ddi notice lots of activity and lights on that row....

6/7/2019 Vincent De Vroey

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels via Munich to Seoul with Lufthansa in business-class. I decided to retry it since it was the best flight connection and LH flies the new A350 on the route. Lufthansa business class remains among the worst in the industry. They put 6 seats across in one row which means seats are narrow with little to no privacy and very uncomfortable. There is only a small divider with the footrest of the next business class seat, which is unacceptable in my view. I found the food of poor quality as well which made the overall experience poor despite the friendly attitude of the cabin crew. I will certainly avoid flying Lufthansa on long haul in the future since other airlines offer a much better business class product. Seat comfort and food are really not up to business-class standards at Lufthansa.

6/7/2019 D Karnak

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Nantes, delayed by 1hr 3 mins. We were bussed to the plane and then returned to the gate because of technical issues with the plane. Then I asked if I can go to eat so I don't wait at the gate, they told me no stay at the gate because boarding will start in 5 mins. Now 50 minutes later, we are still not boarding and they keep pushing the boarding times. Absolutely terrible service.

6/6/2019 M Steane

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Johannesburg via Frankfurt. My Dublin to Frankfurt leg of the flight was delayed by 30 minutes due to bad weather. This caused me to miss my connecting flight to Johannesburg. I was told I’d be given accommodation for the night at transit hotel along with food vouchers and continue my journey 24 hours later. When I arrived at the service center, it was closed for the night (11pm) with no further assistance. My night was spent in the airport. When I checked again in the morning with the service center, I was told by the supervisor, “We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused, but there’s nothing we can do. You’ll have to continue to wait here in the airport as the transit hotel is only open in the evenings. We can only offer you these food vouchers. You’re more than welcome to send us an email with your complaint.” I found this robotic with no human connectivity.

6/4/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 96C

There is an AV/utility box under 95C (in front of 96C) which restrict the under-seat leg room for people sitting in 96C. 96H may have the same issue. I would avoid 96C and 96H

6/3/2019 David Killick

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Frankfurt. Excellent service and very comfortable seats 57A and 57C, and Munich to Singapore seats 12H and 12K in premium economy. We have been constantly impressed with Lufthansa, having flown with this airline several times over the last decade. It really has to be one of the best in the world now. Service manages to be efficient but friendly, and there are always plenty of flight crew. The A380 is a superb and spacious aircraft. We loved the premium economy seats. Food and entertainment were both very good, and we actually got some sleep at night! Coming back we found the smaller A359 felt quite a bit tighter and bulkhead seats lacked legroom. However, they’re still pretty good, and have a 2x3x2 configuration, unlike the stingy 2x4x2 for Singapore Airlines in premium which we also experienced. We feel that premium economy is really what ordinary economy should be like — you shouldn’t have to jam yourself in to ever tighter spaces, but today’s aircraft are getting worse in that regard. Lufthansa’s offering is one of the best in premium economy, comparing favorably with Air NZ and easily beating Singapore Airlines. We’d definitely fly with Lufthansa in premium economy again.

6/1/2019 S Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Frankfurt returning to Chicago in Premium Economy after snagging the seats on sale. Flights were on time, FA's were friendly and attentive, and IFE exceeded expectations. I slept as much as I ever have on international flights. Sure, there is no PE class on connecting flights, and the distances between gates in FRA are quite long, but I did not see these as major issues. The basic product LH offered really worked for me. The fundamental issue was whether the extra cost for PE is worth it. After seeing that the incremental cost above economy was significant, I would say that it is not worth it. Extra leg room, food served on china, and an amenity kit are, in my book, not worth hundreds of dollars. I realize others may see this differently, but I could not justify the extra cost. I was very happy with LH's service in general, however. I would definitely fly LH again.

5/30/2019 M Youfarina

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Frankfurt. They forced me to pay an extra baggage before boarding the plane because I had a garment cover. The staff were unfriendly and unprofessional and they didn't even reply on my feedback E-mail and complaint except when I sent my complaint to the cosumer rights department of transportation in the USA. I would never recommend this airline.

5/30/2019 M Morse

Not Verified | Singapore to Frankfurt. Boarding process was good but not great — lots of crowding and confusion near the gate. Departure was 30 minutes late, but they promised to update us with arrival time shortly after takeoff and also to make up most of the delay in the air. They did neither. Dinner was very good, and the breakfast was above average but not as good as the first meal. In flight WiFi stopped working a few hours into the flight and did not work again. The IFE also broke and gave an incorrect arrival time, quoting an arrival of 10:30am (actual arrival was 6:55am). Crew was attentive and friendly without being intrusive. Seat was comfortable.

5/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 46B

The seat 46B gives you a lot of room to stretch your legs next to the seat in front of you. It is the same for the seat 46J, I can highly recommend this seat.

5/26/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A340-600 (346) v1 seat 46K

A340-600 is really great plane. Flying absolutely smoothly even in moderate turbulence, very queiet, almost no engine noise at all. Drawback for this seat is that through the area above the curtain ahead you look right into the light at the stairs of the lower deck toilet. As this light stays on most of the night, you have bright light in the eyes all flight making it hard to sleep. Don´t forget your sleeping mask if you would like to sleep on this seat !

5/26/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) v1 seat 29H

Row 29 is great, lots of legroom, no problem to put your handluggage under the seat in front of you and still fully stretch your legs. Premium economy seat backs in front recline far, reducing available space and makin it hard to leave the seat during flight. In that area of the plane 3 windows are missing due to air condinioning ducts running along the sidewall, for seat 29H this means you need to lean forward a bit to have a view to the window. On the other hand this makes it very comfortable to rest your head against the wall for sleeping. Airflow in the ducts and in the plenum above however makes this area of the aircraft fairly noisy. Air conditioning noise clearly dominates over engine noise.

5/25/2019 Namrata Bhatt

Not Verified | Frankfurt to Chennai. What an experience. Lovely staff, awesome food. Flight attendants were extremely helpfull. Plane was so clean and nice. Love to travel again with Lufthansa..

5/24/2019 J Shear

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Istanbul via Frankfurt return. Went in cautiously optimistic, left disappointed. There are just far too many unacceptable flaws in the product and the process, where I certainly wouldn't repeat this trip. I thought all crews were professional and capable and the food was better than average. On the negative side, none of the seats were comfortable. They are economy seats with the middle seat free, but in no way compare to overseas business class. There is no in seat power , no IFE. If AA and others can retrofit aircraft with IFE, wifi and power, Lufthansa can do the same but they have not. The Frankfurt hub of LH and this is the real deal killer. I have not experienced a hub quite this bad in years. It's poorly designed, requires extremely long and awkward walks and transits between terminals, poor signage, massive queues, inadequate staffing, incompetent and rude security and border police personnel. Lufthansa makes zero attempt to help premium passengers through any of these diabolical queues. The highlight of the trip was the Turkish Airlines business class lounge at the new IST airport which is a show stopper and best in class.