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5/23/2019 E Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Berlin. We got off the airplane in Berlin. There were not clear directions where to pick up our luggage. We followed the pedestrian traffic and exited. We then found out we couldn’t get our luggage and we were sent to baggage services. After an 1.5 hours we got a our luggage. We also were hit with a 35 euro tariff (not like luggage taken to hotel) have never experienced this.

5/23/2019 D Worlen

✅ Trip Verified | Same day rebooked on Lufthansa after an initial lost connection with Swiss. Intanary ams-zrh bkk was now AMS-ZRH-FRA-BKK. Frankfurt is a terrible airport. Staff at the airport was informed three times that due to celiac disease other food arrangements needed to be made (as we were rebooked special meals could not be ordered as we understand <24hours). On board no information or communication with us. No special food or snacks were provided. Flight attendants were ok. We were seated D and E, could not be worse. And because of a full flight more bad luck!

5/22/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 52E

This seat, as well as the others in the same row in the centre of the cabin, does not have any floor stowage due to the bulkhead. Additionally it does not have a latch bin above either due to the stairs to the upper deck. This was causing problems on the flight I have just been on for passengers seated here, as they had nowhere to put their carry on bags.

5/22/2019 S Beirner

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to Frankfurt. Great crew on board. Great Service. Wifi had a couple of issues with connectivity. Inflight service excellent as well as inflight entertainment. Temperature inside was a bit warm on both ways.

5/21/2019 G Deane

✅ Trip Verified | I was supposed to be on a flight from Boston to Dubai with a layover in Frankfurt. The flight was delayed 3 hours which caused my delay in catching my connecting flight to Dubai, and no one told us why. No one was at the airport to aid us rebook our flights when we got to Germany but we were rudely told to leave the airport to go to customer service to be rebooked at another terminal because of our passports.When we get to the terminal their is over an hour wait and hey put me on a 10:30 pm flight on another airline but didn’t even have the information of the flight or details. I land at 2pm so what am I supposed to do for all those hours. I was told to go to the other airlines counter and figure it out, the man also sends me to the wrong terminal for the for the rebooked flight. Now I am stuck in Frankfurt airport for a flight I can’t check into and no bags because the man also has no idea what happened to my bags and can’t give me any info on where they are. He simply says give them the tags at emirates. I have never been so frustrated, and absolutely no one was helpful!

5/21/2019 M Garchel

✅ Trip Verified | Lyon to Dusseldorf via Munich. Flying from Lyon Saint Exupery to Dusseldorf and back, I flew a total of 4 flights with Lufthansa. Out of those 4 flights, three were rather late all due to coordination or technical problems. I do not know of the airline or the airport is responsible but I would have expected better from a German airline. The crews however were excellent and very welcoming especially the last one from Baltic airlines.

5/21/2019 Michael Schade

✅ Trip Verified | Hamburg to Istanbul via Frankfurt. Both flights on time, typical German efficiency. Flight attendants very friendly, decent seat pitch and even a proper meal on the longer flights. Only the transfer in Frankfurt through that dreadful tunnel wasn’t something I want to experience more often. Only if you are fit you will be able to make your connecting flight with just 45 minutes transfer time. Overall, highly recommended.

5/19/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 52F

The seat has less legroom than the normal seats as you can not stretch out the legs as the wall is in front.

5/17/2019 Jan Andeweg, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 96C

If you pay extra for your comfort, you don’t expect a seat with a minimum on legs space. Under the seat is a box installed wich cost you a lot of space for your legs. It is not possible to sit wilde with your legs.

5/17/2019 E Kanapov

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro on Boeing 747-400. There were new cabin, very comfort business class seat, cosy and very soft. The seat controls looks very modern. The seat converts into a lie-flat bed. On 747-400, Business class is situated on lower deck in the very front of the aircraft, and also on upper deck, I've seated on second deck - if you like much smaller cabins, you need to choose upper deck where the cabin layout is 2x2 while the first deck is 2x2x2.

5/16/2019 Hamid Sotounzadeh

✅ Trip Verified | Too many cabin luggage allowed in and not enough leg room. The staff must control and weight all allowing luggage to be fair for everyone. Another passenger luggage was in my seat area that I had to ask him to remove it so I could fit in.

5/15/2019 E Parkosov

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Frankfurt. The flight was good, the strange thing is that all European airlines use economy seats for business, but seating is through 1 seat, it isn't very comfortable comparing to the Aeroflot's business class where' big wide seats or the Qatar's new narrow-body aircraft's business class with lie-flat seats. But cabin crew and food were great! The WiFi isn't that expensive as on Aeroflot's flights, so all in all, the flight isn't that bad. Also considering relatively not high price, it's good for transit into Frankfurt or Munich.

5/13/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 33D

I was due to sit on seat 30D, but the lady in the middle seat asked if I would swap with her husband a couple of rows back. I had paid to select an aisle seat in the centre section when I made my booking and since he was on basically the same seat I agreed. I found the seats comfortable with plenty of knee room while the seat in front was up. A little less when the seat was reclined. There was plenty of foot space under the seat in front. While I thought the seats were wide enough, I did think that the aisles and the arm rests were a little narrow. My elbow stuck out in to the aisle and was bumped heavily twice. Strangely, I liked the fact that the seats had limited recline. I was not a problem for me and it meant that I didn't have to limbo to get out of my seat. One gripe is that there is a lot of spring in the seat backs. Given that the large gentleman in the seat in front of me was incapable of moving without leaning heavily on the seat back, I did experience some close encounters with the seat back. I understand the gripes of other people, but this is the future of long haul travel, I'm afraid. I would travel on this aircraft again provided that I could avoid a window seat and preferable any of the side seats. In the centre section, if you are lucky and have a couple sitting next to you, no one will disturb you. The crew were brilliant.

5/13/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 90D

I paid to secure this seat in the small economy section on the lower level when I booked. The only better section is probably the economy section on the upper level. I always chose an aisle seat in the centre section to limit the disruption from neighbours trying to get out. There was plenty of leg room, foot room and seat width. The seats are well padded and I didn't have any serious discomfort on the long flight from FRA to SIN. My only complaint was that the headphone socket on my seat was very slack. It was difficult to position the plug to make enough contact to get sound I could listen to. I would definitely fly this aircraft again.

5/13/2019 Krishnan Srinivas

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Mumbai. This was a codeshare flight with Air Canada from Toronto. Service was great, the Indian vegetarian meal was also excellent with a generous amount of salad and dessert. The crew were nice and hospitable and it was nice that they could have crew who could speak in Hindi. IFE was good and it was nice that the airline had on-demand beverages at the galley during the flight. However the legroom was really bad. I am 6 feet, it was way cramped than my inbound Air Canada flight so I could not sleep. Also they could provide an amenity kit with at least eye shades. That would really be helpful for a good sleep along with brushes once we reach the destination and are waiting for our connecting flight in the morning.

5/12/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A340-600 (346) v1 seat 37A

A340-600 is one of the best planes out there. Really quiet and comfy plane, and LH also do the lavatories downstairs. Our seat was good and comfy with an ok legroom. The FA was very nice. All in all a 9 out of 10 flight. Thanks Lufthansa!

5/12/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 98K

We flew in 98H and 98K on 5/12/19. We loved the seats. Best service ever as small economy section on the second level received excellent service by the stewardess. Large, deep storage section between 98K and the window for purse, pillows, and more. Highly recommend! No problem with bath nearby.

5/12/2019 Matthias S, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 51H

SFO - MUC Premium Eco on A380, second row of P.E. Very comfortable seat and plenty of legroom plus extra space / armrest towards your neighbor. Great service and food. Although there is a staircase towards upper floor / business right next to seat, it is very quiet, as only F.A.s use the staircase in flight.

5/12/2019 C Neep

✅ Trip Verified | Myself and my daughter flew Lufthansa from Dallas to Istanbul with layovers in Frankfurt both ways. It has been about ten years since I last flew on Lufthansa and I can see a decline. The flight to Istanbul was average and uneventful. The return flight on 22 April 2019 was horrible. We took flight LH 1305 from Istanbul to Frankfurt. It allowed less than two hours to switch to flight LH 438 to Dallas. The flight from Istanbul was 45 minutes late arriving to Frankfurt and we had to cover a great distance to catch the next flight. Unexpectedly we also had to go through several search points. We ran as fast as we could only to arrive at the gate as the door was being closed. The gate agent was very rude, a trait we found to be common amongst all the personnel at the Frankfurt airport. We were told to go to the customer service area, after waiting in a long line the agent blamed this on the Turkish airport and the US security regulations. We were booked on a different flight to Washington DC and then switching to another airline on to Dallas. To add insult to injury we had to pay to get seats together, only available in economy plus. We had already paid a fee to get seats together on the original booking but were charged another $190 each for these seats. Lufthansa scheduled this and should stand for their product, not blame everyone else.

5/10/2019 G James

✅ Trip Verified | Punctual as ever. Aircraft is an aged Airbus A340-300. The interior unfortunately is showing its age. Seats are frayed and some are separating at the seams. Interior however was very clean and orderly. Service was grudgingly pleasant. There were however several flight attendants who were extremely upbeat, welcoming, and warm. IFE is excellent. Food is very good for economy class. The main gripe is the comfort of these very worn seats. It appears the cushions were in need of replacing several years ago. . It makes a long haul flight very long and rather uncomfortable. All in all Lufthansa does a good job but I do not believe it deserves a five star ranking.