Seat Map Boeing 737-400 Malaysia Airlines


Airplane Boeing 737-400 Malaysia Airlines with 2 classes and 144 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


11/6/2017 David Shill, seat 2D

Was booked into seat 2D business class (aisle seat) only two seats each side. No one in seats in front so cabin crew said I could move which I did after take off. Plenty of leg room in each seat. Served meal which was ok. No alcohol. No entertainment.

6/16/2011 spirow, seat 5A

Row 5 has larger seat pitch due to the bulkhead position in front of it. This part of the plane is also quiet since it's located away from the engine and nobody hardly pass by the area during the flight (the separator curtain blocked the business and economy section throughout the flight).No IFE onboard Malaysia Airlines B737-40...

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3/10/2008 MadMurdoch, seat 14F

14A and 14F are one of the best seats in economy class you can get! Because of the 2 emergency exits in row 11 and 12, there are no seats at 11A&12A and 11F&12F! In result of those missing seats, you have an unbelievable big leg room, of the length of 2 seat rows!

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