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7/8/2013 J Stalhammar

From Gothenburg Sweden to Stockholm Sweden and back the same day. A 45 min flight. I'd developed a fear of flying from avoiding flying for 10+ years. Before boarding I talked to the staff about this and they were very nice. Very nice and considerate. Perfect takeoffs and landings. My advice for those in a similar situation would be: tell the staff. Don't rush be in plenty of time and tell the staff. I had a very pleasant flight they served coffee tea or water with a small brownie. Hot miniature towels afterwards. Very attentive and polite. Highly recommended.

3/12/2013 Toomas Käbin

Flight TF026 Gothenburg - Stockholm Bromma. Attentive professional FAs comfortable seats papers for free good in flight magazine on time clean plane smooth boarding and disembarkation clear safety announcements good sound system. Best of all a small meal for free with coffee/tea/soda and a chocolate candy.

7/27/2010 Michael Kleven

Traveled from Copenhagen to Corfu. On then first trip the plane had no aircon/ventilation - it was incredibly hot until airborne. Same problem on the trip home 14 days later at 37 regrees on Corfu. But this time the plane had some time technical problems and was 20 hour delayed - we waited more than 7 hours in Kerkyra Airport with little or no information. When the problem with the plane was fixed we even had to do at stopover in Spilt (Croatia) increasing the flight time home with 1 hour and double the hot non vetilated time in the plane on the ground. On the return trip there was not enough water onboard and people had to buy soft drinks ($4 piece - no free water despite the problems with ventilation. My worst airline expirience ever!

9/9/2009 Peter Hornischer

BMA-MMX one way. The flight was comfortable with professional and friendly staff. The free food and drinks served onboard were top quality. The central location of Stockholm Bromma was very advantageous for our city break but check-in and boarding was a hassle. Check-in closes 10 minutes before departure which means that half the passengers were cramming at the check- in desks in the last minute. Free seating onboard the plane resulted in more cramming after the security because everyone wants a good seat. It was a real circus! In my opinion 20 min check-in deadline instead of 10 min and allocated seats instead of free seats would have been optimal.

6/29/2007 Mikka Harkonen

UME-BMA economy. This little Swedish airline brings back what flying used to be in the good old days. The flight was an 1 hour short hop between Umea (a small city up north) and Bromma (a tiny central airport of Stockholm) in an Avro RJ. Plane was clean and flight attendants nice - free newspapers (Aftonbladet and some in-flight magazine) followed by a coffee service a free meal (sandwich fresh orange juice and chocolate cake)! Before landing we were given hot towels and sweets.

6/24/2007 René Turandot

My first experience with Malmö Aviation flying from Stockholm-Bromma to Malmö. Cheap fares friendly cabin crew comfortable aircraft free meal and coffee on that domestic flight. Do you recognize SAS? You're right it isn't SAS. It is Malmö Aviation.

5/30/2007 Paul Jacobsen

Malmö to Stockholm. I rebooked on Malmö Aviation due to SAS strike in Sweden. What a sharp contrast to SAS! Check-in was painless using the self-service machines. Flight was operated by an Avro RJ100 with comfortable seats and sufficient legroom. Cabin crew was efficient and smiling. But the nicest touch was the free snack on board: tasty roast beef sandwich orange juice coffee/tea. I was rather impressed by the cabin service on this 1-hour-flight. The only negative point is the free seating policy; as usual it resulted in a free-for-all at boarding. Malmö Aviation is a very nice niche airline and I would strongly recommend it.

10/4/2006 Patrik Nordin

Stockholm Bromma to Malmö Sturup. Very friendly cabin crew and good service. This is the only airline in Sweden that serve free meals during domestic flights. The plane were clean and the seats were of standard model. I will fly with Malmö Aviation whenever I go to Stockholm again. Best domestic airline so far.

8/15/2003 Patrice Cleeren

Brussels to Stockholm and return. They land at Bromma very close to the city small and friendly airport. Check-in staff and cabin crew were friendly and helpful. Plane was a BA 146 with 6 in one row instead of 5. Look a little old inside. Nevertheless good value for your money. Cheap fares and drinks and snacks at good prices available on board. We will fly them again when we go back to Sweden.

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