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9/17/2014 L Mathenjwa

Flight JE271 from Johannesburg to Durban on 12 September 2014 scheduled to depart at 19.40 was delayed to 21.20 without any notification even though Mango staff claim to have notified passengers of the delay. My return trip from Durban to Johannesburg will be my last Mango flight. To think that I went to the airport rushing so t...

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6/25/2014 Derek Salter

JNB to CPT. Easy check in. Able to pre-seat online. Very comfortable seats on a new plane with good leg room. Seats do not recline but the extra space makes up for that especially on a short 2hr flight. Staff helpful and variety of snacks to purchase. Arrived 15 mins early.

6/8/2014 Lize Maritz

Just flew from Cape Town to Lanseria - a very enjoyable experience. The Captain kept us updated about the towns and geographical landmarks we were crossing and he gave the impression that he was happy to be flying us to our destination. 5 stars Mango!

6/2/2014 B Stauffer

JE352 and JE359. Although this is a low-cost airline (you pay for everything) the seat pitch is the best I have experienced in coach class. By the way if you want to recline the lever is under the seat.

12/29/2013 Derek H Salter

Travelled from OR Tambo to Cape Town - on afternoon of 22 Dec. Very full flight. new plane comfortable seats with plenty of leg room. On time arrival. Bags arrived quickly. Good competent service - just what is needed from a budget airline.

6/26/2013 E Ellish

On this particular flight the 6.25pm flight from Lanseria to Cape Town on 22 June I observed the following: Along with 2 others I was sitting in row 16 ABC… right opposite the emergency safety doors. The cabin hostesses explained what should be done in case of emergency and then proceeded to say that no loose stuff was allowed o...

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10/4/2012 C Blaikie

SA Mango airline has the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced. The seats have no lumber support and are basically bolt upright. To make our flight even more uncomfortable we were in the emergency row seats which didn't recline. Mango doesn't supply small pillows that I could have used as lumber support. I ended up us...

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8/7/2012 F Koenig

CPT-DUR 31 JUL 12 05.55am departure. Mango LCC. Easy boarding Crew friendly seating a bit tight but had 2 seats. Coffee and slept for full 2 hrs. Easy and quick disembarking in DUR. Long walk to exit. DUR-CPT 31 JUL 12 19.30pm departure. Drop off and straight to the gate. Security X-ray staff friendly and efficient. Had a couple...

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3/27/2012 Derek Salter

Lanseria to Cape Town. Landed 30mins early. Good clean plane tight pitch but ok for a 2 hour flight. Excellent prices and Lanseria a great alternative to OR Tambo in Johannesburg. Highly recommended.

1/31/2012 D Leston

CPT-HLA on 737-800.On time clean aircraft friendly crew competitive price and Lanseria is an excellent alternative to JNB. Seat pitch is tight but adequate for a 1.5 hr flight.

11/3/2011 Derek Salter

Johannesburg to Cape Town. Delayed slightly due to late arrive in JNB. Full flight - boarded by rear rows. Only 15 mins late in CPT. Efficient crew leg room tight. But worth it on a 2 hour flight for the very reasonably priced fare.

12/17/2010 Terry Stokes

CPT-DUR After origionally booking to fly with SAA our flight was changed to code share on Mango. We had to go to 3 different check in counters before anyone could help us. Onboard we were told we had to have our boarding passes with us before we could have any refreshments. We we told them we would need to get them from our hand...

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11/26/2010 Terrance Stevens

CPT-JNB return. Cheapest fare of all domestic carriers and best carrier I have experienced on this route. Friendly and helpful staff at check in and on the flight plane modern and clean. Flights on time and return to CPT arrived 15 minutes early. If you haven't flown Mango before give them a try.

11/9/2010 M Preston

Other than SAA this is probably the best overall of the SA domestic carriers. The aircraft are modern and clean and crews helpful and efficient. The girl who checked me in for my last flight out of JNB was somewhat disinterested almost sullen but that is the worst thing that has happened to me on several flights with this carrie...

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8/22/2010 Streb Lovell

Johannesburg-Cape Town. Flight on time staff was find but plane very scruffy inside. They really need to wipe down the seats.

7/9/2010 A Scheepers

I regret flying with this airline - I have 2 kids ages 5 and 9yrs old and Mango made no provision for my kids to be seated next to me this happened on both flights of a return trip. I was told to ask the flight attendant for assistance in seating arrangements but when I attempted to do that the flight attendant told me I had to ...

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2/27/2010 A Mode

DUR-JHB. Very efficient and courteous check in at Durban Airport. Free newspapers provided. Flight left on time comfortable and clean aircraft and very good value for money. Well designed and easy to use website for online booking.

11/19/2009 Allan Robins

JNB-CPT. This airline offers value for money. Departed on time arrived 5 minutes early clean cabin and very friendly staff. I got an emergency exit seat so plenty of room and the seat reclined unlike my previous SAA flight. Also took advantage of their weekend car hire deal which was a big bonus too.

4/29/2009 A Johnson

I enjoyed the experience the staff were excellent! The cabin crew ensured that all hiccups were communicated to the passengers although we hardly experienced any!

3/17/2009 Jan Schumacher

JNB-DUR-JNB: Check-in very efficient and quick all flights on time friendly staff reasonable legroom perfect baggage handling. Nothing to complain about and great value for money.