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12/28/2011 W Eveleens

Amsterdam-Cancun bought Comfort Class seats. The cabin attendants were friendly food served was a little less good it wasn't bad just average. The legroom in Comfort Class was good and other benefits are the complimentary alcoholic beverages and personal media player that you get. So overall a satisfying flight.

2/1/2011 G Laval

Good thing this airline will be taken over by KLM soon. Plane interiors are wornout. Only one very small meal on 11 hour flight. Personal entertainment player costs 15 euros. Comfort class is not worth the money. Flight attendants were sleeping or watching a movie. They did not serve drinks and decided to open a free mini bar at...

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12/4/2010 H Ernst

I booked comfort class on my flight AMS-CUR on November 13th. Only a few minutes before boarding we were informed that they use an Euro Atlantic aircraft and that there is no comfort Class available. We were told to contact customer service for the refund of the comfort class surcharge. Since then we try to contact the customer ...

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10/10/2010 I Huuse

Amsterdam - Orlando: Economy class: In addition to be seated in very narrow seats we got the seat in row 40 next to the lavatories. The seat back could therefore not be moved in any backwards positions. The food was very simple. Orlando - Amsterdam we upgraded to comfort class. Much better seats. Same cheap simple food. The drin...

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6/13/2010 K Mitchell

Orlando to Amsterdam I found that the planes were very old and very uncomfortable. My partner and I were very squashed during the flight that I found my self feeling very ill because of this. I sat on the aisle and found myself being being woken up by cabin crew walking past and hitting my arm/elbow with out apology. The Enterta...

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5/3/2010 A Main

Just back from a delayed flight due to volcano. Older plane meant not very comfy 9 hours to Amsterdam from Orlando. We were left at Amsterdam for a gruelling 11 hours with no food or any offer of drinks - we had 3 grandchildren with us so a very tiring day and also very costly experience. Spoke to staff who were not very helpful...

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12/21/2009 P Spyers-Duran

Orlando to AMS round trip. The Comfort Class seats are the same as the Economy Class seats but one gets 3 inches extra knee space. I bought 3 adjacent Comfort Class tickets for my wife and I for a total cost of $3000.00. Big mistake. The seats were uncomfortable. The Comfort Class seats are worse than Delta Economy seats. I also...

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12/20/2009 Jeff Davison

Ncl-Ams-Mco return Comfort Class. Ncl to Ams fine on KLM city hopper I'm 6'5" with osteoarthritis in knees hip and shoulder and was with my son who is 6'4" so ample legroom was a welcome bonus. Ams to Mco a long 10 hour flight due to headwinds. We booked comfort class for the 33" seat pitch our window and aisle seats did not hav...

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11/6/2008 A Rochard

YYZ-AMS-YYZ. Legroom was okay got the exit row on the way back. Food decent for a charter. Seat width normal (unlike Air Transat they don't squeeze an extra row of seats in). I didn't feel the need to upgrade to Economy plus. The personal entertainment device (portable hard drive with monitor) was great. Worth the 12 euro on the...

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8/18/2008 S Addisson

The meals were very good and the portions generous. The crew were efficient and were on time both ways. Seating assignments seemed ambiguous but my family of four ended up with one window seat on return to Vancouver from Amsterdam which was a nice surprise. None of my children had any complaint throughout the two long journeys a...

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8/11/2008 T Leslie

Miami to Amsterdam and I found that the level of comfort was about what one expects these days. The flight attendants came by at regular intervals to offer free drinks and food was generous. One caveat was the in flight entertainment which costs 20 euros.

5/6/2008 Werner Potgieter

eturn from Toronto to Amsterdam. Flight departed ontime but plane was very old seats very narrow and crew not very friendly. Food was minimum at best and breakfast was in a box. Inflight entertainment pathetic aged television shows were shown but the equipment was old and there was more static on the screen than anything else. S...

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4/7/2008 Bertus Cramer

Martinair Economy Class Toronto-Amsterdam. Both flights delayed for more than 4 hours. In Amsterdam Martinair offered a cup of coffee in Toronto nothing was offered. The captain told on both flights they encountered technical problems which was the reason for the delays. Cabin crew service is OK but seats are too small in Econom...

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4/5/2008 B van Sante

AMS-MIA in comfort class. Flight was 70% meal service just a hot meal no salad/starter. In comfort class you do have a few cms more legspace making it a bit more acceptable onboard this old Boeing 767. Digiplayer with not up to date collection and headphones free. In economy they dont even show movies anymore just cartoons etc a...

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9/11/2007 L Haynes

My husband and I travelled with our two granddaughters from Newcastle to Orlando via Amsterdam. (KLM Newcastle to Amsterdam and then Martinair from Amsterdam to Orlando). We upgraded to comfort class and had very pleasant flights. On time the crew on all flights were very nice and helpful. Their prices are very competitive and a...

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9/10/2007 Anne Troughton

We were a family of 6. 4 adults and 2 children travelling in August. we were told that we could not book seats or upgrade on line. We arrived at the check in more than 3 hours before departure and were not given seats together in fact we were several rows apart. On the return journey because of flight delays we missed our connec...

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8/27/2007 Claudio Lopez

Amsterdam-Heraklion Economy. Boeing 767-300 plane with maximized number of seats (limited leg space in economy class). For the price paid for a return ticket to Crete the service is basic. Meal is very basic (cheese sandwich small juice apple cookie and small snack) 1 hot and one 1 cold drink (limited choice) and all extra servi...

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10/23/2005 H Brown

Schiphol to Orlando in economy. Flight on time service was excellent. The seats are no worse than BA and the food quality is very good. Return flight we upgraded to Star Class for $218 again could not fault it. The seats were large and comfortable service was 1st class and flight was pleasant. The only problem we encountered was...

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10/23/2005 P Lubinski

Orlando - Amsterdam return. Third time on Martinair in 2 years and I don't understand the negative comments. I paid $490 round trip and the service was great food was good. I was able to upgrade to star class in Orlando for $100 on my last trip. Try getting those fares with any other airline. I have been on much worse (Northwest...

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10/9/2005 Les Roth

Miami - Amsterdam - Miami. October 3 2005 and October 8 2005. Stay away from Martinair. Our flight was 4.5 hours late going over and two hours late coming back. Seats are worse than coach on most carriers. Both ground staff and flight crews need training in customer service. Spend any extra money necessary and time required and ...

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