108 Meridiana reviews

2/27/2018 F Roberts

✅ Trip Verified | IG 801, Milan Malpensa to Cairo. 21/02/2018. Comfortable aircraft, outstandingly attentive and polite cabin crew, considerate to all passengers. Competitive price, delivered safely to Cairo. All good. Based on this first experience with Meridiana, I have booked two more flights with with them. No complaints whatsoever and no hesitation in offering a recommendation.

12/24/2017 J Smart

✅ Trip Verified | Dakar to Milan. Before heading the airport I checked the stats for this flight and it commonly had a delay of at least 40 mins. I got the airport expecting this delay but was surprised when the aircraft trundled to the gate early. Perhaps today would be my lucky day. It wasn’t. Despite being early, the flight was still delayed and I am waiting in the departure lounge of this airport. It is due to leave in 4 mins. The cause of the delay is operational reasons. Meridiana should be avoided if a better option exists.

9/27/2017 S Darben

✅ Verified Review | Naples to New York JFK. Customer service does not exist. My flight was delayed by 15 hours. Meridiana did not have a representative on sight at the airport to give information. This was left to the airport staff. There was only one announcement made during the entire time. That was only to say they would give us information when they had it. All other information was passed around the room by word of mouth or by overhearing information. Meal vouchers were given for one bar in the airport. This is fine if the delay is only a couple of hours, however multiple meal vouchers were needed to a place which only offered very limited options. When we finally made it home I called Meridiana's New York office to ask what I needed to do and was interrupted and spoken very rudely to. She said send an email. I did this but also heard (from another passenger) of a claim form that needs to be filled out. Why is this information not given by personnel? On the flight bring your own water. The call button doesn't work or they ignore it. When I got up and asked a flight attendant for water I was told to push the call button. That was unsuccessful. Finally I was given a tiny cup of water. This was not just me, by the way. Multiple passengers around me were having a similar issue. Download your own movies. This is not a huge issue but having flown overseas many times in the past I was used to being provided at least one movie. You only get entertainment if you fly Business Class on Meridiana.

9/25/2017 B Edwards

✅ Verified Review | Showed up at the airport for a 8.50am flight from Naples to New York JFK only to see that it had been delayed 12 hours. They say this is due to the previous flight out of Naples having mechanical issues and leaving late. You would assume any responsible company would plan ahead at least 24 hours and route another plane or find connections for their customers. They didn't help at all or give notice when they knew the flight would be delayed. They offer no compensation for missed connections or inconvenience. They did give us a horrible meal voucher good for next to nothing. Avoid this airline at all costs.

9/24/2017 Natalia Litchinitser

✅ Verified Review | Naples to New York JFK. They have one plane that flies to JFK and back. So it was broken and they kept us at the airport for 10+ hours not "recommending" to leave because they didn't know when the airplane would be repaired. They gave us meal vouchers to the worst fast food place at the airport, so i just couldn't eat it and had to spend my own money to get reasonable food. The airline representatives were disreapectful to tired people and didn't provide any reasonable waiting space. People slept in a cold tile floor! They made 1 announcement on what was going on during the whole day and it was done without any microphone and the woman who made it was speaking with a really soft voice so nobody knew what she said. Never consider flying Meridiana.

7/11/2017 E Mallory

✅ Verified Review | Naples to New York JFK. I flew this airline with caution after the reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. One way with Meridiana for $340 was the cheapest flight offered by any airline. We got a free checked bag which was nice especially after my experiences with other cheap airlines. The flight itself was also nice. We flew economy and I felt like I had sufficient room and comfortable seats that retracted. It was a ten hour flight and they fed us twice, both appetizing meals. I would definitely recommend this flight especially for the price.

6/8/2017 J Lacie

✅ Verified Review | Roma to Olbia. I hesitated about flying to Olbia, the ferry being another option, given the poor reviews for Meridiana (the only company that operates a direct flight from Rome to Olbia). In the end I decided to take the plunge on the basis that perhaps people with good experiences rarely bother to give feedback. And I am glad I did. The on-line booking was straightforward, as was the web-checkin, bag-drop etc. Ground staff and cabin staff were pleasant and efficient, the plane boarded and left on time and we arrived on-time, maybe even a few minutes earlier.

12/22/2016 R Kieble

✅ Verified Review | I have flown with Meridiana (operated by Air Italy) from Milan to Mauritius and back. Before the flight I tried several times to contact their Call Center to make a seat reservation - their own Call Center told me several times that the flight is made by Air Italy and that they cannot reserve a seat in such case - this is a lie! They are the same company (Air Italy is a subsidiary of Meridiana) and after several months of calling there I was able to make a seat reservation. Second impression I had was at my seat in the plane. I couldnt believe that the right armrest of the seat is broken and taped up. Service during the flight was : at beginning and before landing 0,15 dcl of water (juice etc) - for a 11 hours flight a great deal! They served also something what they call dinner. I tried it, taste was terrible. Service has been all the time very reserved without a indication of a smile or interest of passenger. Other thing is how they are dealing with the seat reservations shortly before the flight and onboard. They have tried to change my paid seat to another (but they didnt have any aisle seat available so I disagreed). Later on board I could see a big chaos because more than 20 people have had the same seats assigned - this was probably caused by the fact that 80% have got the seat on Madagaskar and the rest on Mauritius (plane was going through Madagaskar to Mauritius and in 2 hours back). Also thanks to this chaos we arrived back in Milan with more than 1 hour delay. Overall not an airline I can recommend.

10/2/2016 W Winter

✅ Verified Review | New York JFK to Naples with Meridiana. I was very apprehensive about flying Meridiana after reading some reviews, but I'm glad to say everything from the use of the Air France lounge at JFK to the courtesy and service onboard was as good as any airline I have ever flown. And it was equally true on our return flight from Naples to JFK. The only area that found on my 2 flights that need help is in the condition of the cabin and seats. The business class seats are well worn and ready for replacement as well as the carpets etc. Our flights were generally on time and the ground people were organized and efficient. The gods of aviation smiled on us.

9/21/2016 Robert Bakewell

New York to Palermo, Italy. From the moment we confirmed this flight by paying last April, had the sinking feeling it was a mistake. It is almost impossible to reach airline representatives by phone and if you do it may be returned voice mail 24 hours after you call. Seat assignment process was difficult and reviews of performance not good. Yesterday the hammer dropped. Interminable wait to board our flight in New York JFK, then an announcement it had been cancelled. A sort of Keystone Cop melee to get passengers into nearby hotel. Must say this place is good. We are waiting this next morning to see if they fly us out today. Meanwhile we missed a prearranged day tour of Palermo scheduled for tomorrow AM. So, unless you really have to save money and don't mind uncertainty and a sort of 'make it up as we go' philosophy and a tiny airline that has no planes on back up, fly Meridiana. Otherwise, do not book with Meridiana!

9/21/2016 Kristina Tisonova

✅ Verified Review | We flew with Meridiana from Gatwick to Olbia, both our checked luggages have got lost. Its more than 48 hours and we still have not got any update despite calling all possible numbers from Olbia airport to Meridiana Customer Care to Gatwick airport. In fact nobody is looking for our luggage. Meridiana told us it is responsibility of the airport in Olbia for the first 5 days. But the airport is just passively waiting if someone sends it to Olbia - nothing else. Meridiana does not care. Our vacation ends in 4 day. We are left hopeless, Meridiana customer service is very bad. They are just pushing responsibilty on others and not doing anything, not even calling Gatwick to ask them about our luggages. It seems the bar code on the luggages is useless since it it not in any sytem visible so that they cannot track the luggage. We were not the only people with the lost luggage on the flight.

9/18/2016 CJ colletti

Naples to New York with Meridiana. Worst airline I have ever flown with. There is a saying "you get what you pay for". The reviews were horrendous before I booked it but they were significantly cheaper - so we booked it anyway. Our flight out from JFK was 5 hrs late which meant we spent 9 hours sitting around at airport. Lost a whole day in Naples. Again on way back to NY they were late running over an hour delay with buses to take you 20 feet and waiting in the pouring rain to drop hundreds of passengers off. They boarded pasengers from both ends without screening seats so on board people were trapped staring at each other and couldnt pass. I'm sorry but the level of incompetence at simple boarding procedures ensures that I will never fly again with this airline. There is a difference between economy and incompetence.

9/13/2016 E Hiren

✅ Verified Review | Our flight from New York JFK to Naples was delayed a total of 7 hours for no reason. Flight status was not available on Google and other tracking sites. Luckily my boyfriend called Meridiana before we left for the airport, so we knew we would be delayed, but we did not feel confident in the new times. The flight kept getting pushed back by an hour or so. In a series of calls on our way to the airport, we were informed the flight was delayed until 7:30pm, then 8pm, then finally 7pm - 4 hours after our original departure time. No severe weather, no technical issues, no explanation. When we arrived at our assigned gate, no Meridiana representative was available to answer any questions, and the gate did not display the correct flight information. The crowd grew more and more frustrated as we were delayed another hour and a half at the gate. Airline employees had no idea what was going on. One helpfully said, "All I know is that there's a plane leaving tonight." The nightmare didn't end once we boarded. The seats were impossibly narrow and lacked individual TV screens. One of the seats in our row was duct taped together. We were delayed on the Tarmac for another hour and a half in a cramped, poorly ventilated plane from 1986 because of traffic. The food was the least of our problems. We dreaded our flight back at the end of our vacation. We only departed from Naples 30 minutes late, but halfway through the flight, the seat in front of my boyfriend's broke - reclined all the way back at a bizarre angle. The seat aisle-side arm was also off - a crew member popped it back into place, apologized and and informed us that they were waiting for new seats because the old ones break often. They operate this flight to get people looking to fly directly to Naples on a low budget. Pay the extra $ for a flight where you receive clear communication from the airline and the plane isn't falling apart. The money (and time, if it requires a stopover) will be worth the peace of mind.

9/12/2016 Steven Brownstein

✅ Verified Review | Only non-stop to Naples from United States. Great price. Got boarding ticket and seat assignment online a few days before the flight. Check in service fast and uneventful. Gate easy to find. Boarded on time and departed 15 minutes after scheduled departure time. Flight was fine. Food okay for airline. Flight attendant service good. I don't need much attention. Arrived in Naples 1 hour early. Would fly Meridiana again.

9/8/2016 I Faynshteyn

This is a basic, no frills airline. We flew from Naples to NYC, in early Sept. 2016, economy. The flight was delayed by about 2 hours, partly due to weather the previous day and partly due to a very poor boarding procedure at the Naples airport (likely not Meridiana's fault). The plane was pretty old, with no charging stations or any entertainment system. The service was very good, the staff spoke English and were professional and mostly nice. The food was average. The seats were of average comfort, legroom and cleanliness. Blankets and pillows were provided free of charge. The flight was uneventful. It cost around $300 one way and I think that's a very good bang for the buck. If you don't care about bells and whistles, like entertainment system, I'd recommend using this airline to fly into and/or out of Italy.

9/3/2016 Maria De Feo

London Gatwick to Naples. I have used Meridiana for this flight route a few times, have never encountered problems and found the flight attendants very accomodating and in particular one ground attendant. I travelled with identity card and passport, when I boarded the plane I realised I had lost my passport in one of the shops in the waiting area quite a distance away from the gate but it was too late for me to go back to where I thought I had lost the passport and so asked the attendant what I should do, of course the only option was the lost property office but I would have to wait 24 hours for it to be handed in and as I was leaving the country it would be complicated. I was very upset with myself. I boarded the plane and before the door was closed for the flight to get ready for take off, there the attendant appeared with my passport in hand. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her caring enough. I don't know how she managed to find it, but I would like to say thank you to Meridiana and their staff. Wonderful customer care.

8/19/2016 Jill Lacopelli

✅ Verified Review | Flew from New York JFK to Palermo. I read some of the complaints posted, and this is a budget airline that offers decent service at the lowest prices. If you want a business class service, book a flight on a larger commercial airline. We have travelled with Meridiana a few times in the past few years, last time June 2016, there were 8 of us, and they do what they say, got us safely from JFK to Palermo, non-stop. All of our flights there and back have left on time and have arrived early. It's a no frills airline, you are not paying for frills, you are paying a very discounted price. If you don't like the food, and really who does, plan ahead, bring the food you like on board with you. I bring my own entertainment system on board, i.e., my laptop with movies on CDs, my iPad with books and games downloaded. I am thankful this low cost airline is available so we can stretch the travel budget to take 2 or 3 trips a year to Italy. We will continue flying Meridiana.

7/29/2016 M Dawson

✅ Verified Review | Flew Meridiana from London to Olbia. Flight departed on time, arrived a bit earlier than scheduled, the flight was uneventful, got a snack and a smile. The trip back was even better, MD-82 - spacious, quiet airplane, I wish they did them like this now. Pilots made good announcements, flight attendants were very accommodating. Aircraft was old but very clean.

7/20/2016 G Trathan

✅ Verified Review | JFK New York to Naples, Italy return, operated by Air Italy. Let's start with our departure from JFK. No online check in available. I sent an email, no response. I called in, and a woman said I had to check in at the airport. At JFK, Meridiana had one little line and no signs to help travelers. We paid for the extra comfort seating and the guy told us we didn't have to pay for the extra bag we brought. That was nice, as we hadn't anticipated that. He told us it was because we paid for the extra comfort seat. Now here's the sketchy part, we go to find our gate. Yellow paper signs were hung up with our flight info on it, but other than that nothing. We didn't actually HAVE a gate. None of the attendants in the airport knew anything about where we're supposed to go. OUR flight was scheduled to depart at 7pm, and we were supposed to board at 6:45. We didn't board until 9:45. No one told us anything. We weren't given any reason, despite the fact that the plane was sitting outside in our view. The plane was a was a rickety old thing from the 90s. No televisions (they had the large general ones and they were cloudy so you couldn't see them), seats were small. Staff was reasonably accommodating, but they rarely brought something to drink, they were catering mostly to those in business. We had one disgusting meal. That flight left 3.5 hours late and landed in Naples. For our return, I wanted to try to upgrade to business. I sent an email asking - no response. I sent an email in Italian (luckily I'm fluent), and interestingly enough I got a response. No availability. So coming back, we had so much fun! Turns out we did have to pay for that extra bag, 90 euros, despite the extra comfort seats, and they wouldn't let us take our carry on bags, we had to check those as well. This wasn't even because they were overweight - the woman in Naples insisted they be checked. Once again, sketchy Meridiana had paper signs hanging up for their "special" line for security in the Naples airport. The gate changed three times. We had B10 written on our tickets, I walked a few feet looked up and it changed to B12, got to B12 and there was another passport control. I told the woman it kept changing and she said "no it didn't," and I told her the flight and she said, "oh yes it did." I understand that that's not the airline's fault, but one thing after another. Coming back to JFK, we left about a half hour late, which is not bad. Again, the flight was very uncomfortable. Staff wasn't that great. Bottom line - you get what you pay for. If you want to fly direct from JFK to Naples, it may be worth it. I will personally never use this airline again.

7/7/2016 H Andrews

✅ Verified Review | We flew from London Gatwick to Olbia Sardinia with Meridiana. The booking was a nightmare, the online computer kept crashing and requesting me to try again. After numerous failed attempts I rang the call centre for help, all they could do was to instruct me to try booking two single tickets, surprise surprise this too failed, a whole day wasted and nothing to show for it. The following day an instinct made me ring my credit card and was horrified to find that two payments had been taken from my account by Meridiana yet no tickets provided. To cut a long story short a total of 7 emails largely unanswered and 4 phone calls totaling 67 minutes at a cost of £37 I eventually got my tickets but no refund. Fortunately the credit card company were on the ball and credited the money owing. This call centre is beyond useless I am dreaming that they may actually refund my phone bill. Having received my eticket the online check in was okay albeit in Italian but there was no indication that the operation was sucessful. Boarding passes arrived the next day by email but were torn up on arrival at Gatwick, how odd, standard tickets issued. The check in was amazing for Gatwick, so quiet, no queues and unhurried, we seemed almost to be the only passengers. The staff were friendly and we had plenty of time to stroll to the gate once announced, boarding was delayed resulting in a 30 minute late take off. The aircraft a Boeing 737-300 was around 20 years old but it was fine, a capacity of around 120 is much lower than the regular 737's, with less than 100 passengers the whole process through the airport was unhurried. The flight was uneventful but we were given a roll and drink, most unexpected these days. My seat itself was comfortable but at 6' 3" I did find my knees digging into the seat in front, not so good. There were two empty rows of emergency seats behind me but perversly was not allowed to sit there without paying extra. A thought crossed my mind, I have flown in these seats many times with other airlines and I have always been instructed to familiarise myself with the proceedure of opening the emergency exit in case of an emergency. Maybe Meridiana are operating within airline regulations but with no one sitting next to the exit with knowledge, how long would it take for somebody to reach the exit, read and understand the instructions then execute during panic and possible darkness? A disaster waiting to happen. The departure from Olbia was equally quiet and laid back and the flight to Gatwick uneventful.