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10/17/2016 Jayanta Biswas

✅ Verified Review | Kolkata to Colombo. Average aircraft, no IFE available. Legroom is less, but seat width is satisfactory. Crew was quite active throughout the 2.5 hour flight. Announcements were clear and audible. Restrooms were clean but only the rear restroom was allowed for the economy class passengers. Boarding was smooth. Food served was scanty but then it was a flight at 3 am, so no one was really hungry!

10/17/2016 Jayanta Biswas

✅ Verified Review | Short flight from Male to Colombo of 70 minutes. Very poor legroom, seat width was OK. No IFE, so quite boring. Its a sister airline of SriLankan but a very poor sister, I must say. Only one packaged drink was served like a LCC. The staff were mostly male and were not so interested to serve. It was a full flight so restrooms were crowded since only the rear restrooms were permitted for the economy class. Not impressed at all. The announcements were also not clear at all.

8/9/2016 R Perera

✅ Verified Review | Muscat to Madurai via Columbo with Mihin Lanka. The worst airline I ever experienced. Unexplained delay of 1.5 hours at Colombo. At Madurai I received my baggage last even though I travelled in business class. When I asked ground staff at Madurai to give complaint register, they replied they they don't have such practice. Food is another big hate. They give menu card to select but they have only one type of food to serve.

4/1/2016 S Darr

I ended up flying from Colombo to Muscat with Mihin Lanka as the ticket was cheap to return from a break in Sri Lanka. Firstly, boarding was delayed and no announcement was made which can be frustrating as a traveller. It would have been appreciated to have an explanation as to why we were not able to board on time. Then when all the passengers got called to board it was a manic rush! Anyways fast forward to boarding the plane, the stewards greeted all passengers which was good and asked to check our seat. However I found it odd that every single air steward I passed demanded to see my seat number. Maybe it was because people sat in the wrong seats? After I got to my seat, there was a female cabin staff who immediately told me to put my bag up in the cabin. I explained that I was taking some things out for the flight. She got another steward to then put my bag up in the cabin as all the others around me were full. Whilst I was sitting down, I noticed how the female staff were quite arrogant and abrupt with some passengers, especially the elderly which I thought was unacceptable. One was walking up and down telling people they need to keep their bag underneath their seat and not put it in the cabins but in a rude manner. From then on, it just seemed like the cabin staff were rushing up and down serving the drinks and meals as quick as they could. The food was actually not too bad though. Even though it was 4 hour flight there was no inflight entertainment which meant the flight was quite boring. Also, the AC made the plane like an ice box and it wasn't until the end of the flight when they asked some passengers if they wanted a blanket. I had already gotten out my sweater at this point. So overall I wasn't happy with the service, I would not recommend to fly Mihin Lanka. They need to train up their staff on how to be more friendlier and compassionate to others as well as how to talk in a kinder less arrogant/rude tone.

1/8/2016 C Carmody

I usually fly budget so don't expect too much. Had my first flight with Mihin Lanka from Chennai to Colombo. Plane was not new, but I'm glad the flight was only 1 hour, as the seats felt like they had lost all their padding. The flight went smoothly except the Stewards did not offer any option to purchase refreshments. It may seem unnecessary on a short flight, except by the time you have got to the airport and followed all procedures a few hours have ticked over and some refreshments would come in handy. Probably what concerned me most was the fellow passenger pouring a hot drink from his flask to his wife. How did that get through security? There was someone on his mobile phone as we were landing. The other fellow who grabbed his luggage and made his way to the front door before the plane had stopped.

12/7/2015 Romesh Wanduragala

A320 from Muscat to Colombo return. Seat leg space is same as what is available on Sri Lankan, Oman Air, Emirates etc. I got a seat at the emergency exit row 26A and there was plenty of leg space. Best Seats: 25B/E | 26A/F. Being a LCC flight, they served food and a packet juice. They had options for meal upgrades that are payable. Liquor was available only for purchase (Smirnoff 50ml $2, JD 50ml $2, Black Label 50ML $4, Beer Can $2). Crew is friendlier than Sri Lankan. They seem to be hiring the people with the right attitude who are confident in conversing with passengers. Baggage: Compared to other LCC, Mihin is very generous in providing 30 + 7. Mihin was in fact very generous to provide 50 + 7 from Muscat to Colombo (promotion). The overhead cabins were spacious as well. CMB-MCT the crew served Non-veg meals to passengers since they were short on Veg meals. Check-in was very slow at the Muscat Airport. I had to stand for 1hr 15mins in the queue to check-in. Soon after the check-in, we had only 15 mins remaining to rush to the gates. In colombo the check-in counter opened very late 1.30hrs before the flight and again didnt have enough time in the lounge. In-flight entertainment is not offered. Its very hard to travel for long hours without any entertainment. During off-peak and if you book way in advance you can purchase a return ticket cheaper than Oman Air or Emirates by around $208/ OMR80/ LKR30k. But during peak flying days the price can go up matching the fares on Oman Air or Emirates. Only fly Mihin Lanka if there is gonna be a very good cost savings. Ratings are based on a LCC flight.

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