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9/17/2014 A Takahashi

First of all the editors of this website should note that "Go! Mokulele" doesn't exist anymore the Cessna operations of that company are now run by a totally different company DBA "Mokulele Airlines". This may explain why I am puzzled by all the negative comments. I flew Kona-Maui Maui-Molokai and Molokai-Honolulu this summer and all three flights were perfect flight experiences and I had more than 45 pounds of luggage with me. Indeed you are weighed at check-in like in pre-WWI days (remember that Cessnas are very small propeller planes with serious weight limitations not large jets) but this is done discreetly. I flew on what seemed to be brand new aircraft. The seating arrangements also are clearly designed for center of gravity optimisation. Good side is that you always get a window and aisle seat (1+1 seating) and since you don't fly very high the views of Hawaii from above are magnificent. And for airline geeks such as myself you see and hear what's going on in the cockpit which is interesting.

3/3/2014 A Frankel

They change the schedule of the flight ok that happens. They send an email informing people. However if you do not respond to the email your reservation is lost in the system. Took 30 minutes to recover the reservation. Flight was 30 minutes late. I heard about people who had 5 hour delays on a 45 minute (max) flight. Incredibly strict policy on carry-ons. Bags have to fit into a box and the agent has to see it go in in order to be approved. Woefully understaffed counter - for over 30 minutes there was only one person working the counter.

10/1/2013 D Weeb

Flew Honolulu-Kona round-trip. The hottest temperature in a cabin I have ever experienced. Attendant said it would cool off in 10 minutes but on a 30 min flight with wait time on the tarmac it was torture. Small planes even smaller overhead bins and an outrageous $17 charge on what should be a carry on bag because the overheads are so small. Even charge for inflight soda. As flight choices are limited they have you. Next flight to Hawaii I will not island hop.

9/1/2013 D Silvey

Everything worked out on on our flight Honolulu-Molokai. The plane was very small. The only thing that surprised me was that we all had to step on the scales which was quite embarrassing. Can't they do it privately if they must do it? I flew another airline back because of it. Didn't want to do the weigh in again in front of my friends! This airline lost my business.

5/27/2013 Curtis Muraoka

Do not fly go! Airlines if you want to get where you are going on time. It is my understanding they only have 4 planes for all of their routes in Hawaii. The planes are smallish (fewer than 60 seats) and they frequently are out of service for repairs. You can imagine the domino effect. One fellow traveler this past weekend told me that of 10 times he flew go! Airlines 8 were delays. I was delayed last night for over 4 hours. Apparently this is typical. Stories other travelers shared included a Best Man missing the wedding of his brother a two day delay to accommodate a couple who missed their flight the prior day due to another unrelated go! delay. A young mother and infant delayed 8 hours. "go!" as an airline name is laughably ironic. Hawaii is an island state and as such relies on airlines as a major commerce and social necessity. Air transportation is a form of bridge connecting the islands. Apparently Mesa Air was trusted to be one of these bridges but their performance is comparable to a rickety rusted narrow causeway prone to periodic closure. Mesa needs to get out of Hawaii if they cannot deliver on their responsibilities.

5/23/2013 A Garner

The flight was constantly delayed between islands. The last hop which is a 25 minute flight all 3 flights between Honolulu and Maui were delayed by 4 hours. The airlines never apologized for the delayed never explained why there was a delay and provided no compensation for the inconvenience. In addition they are selective on checking bags although ours fit in the box they made us check them. Because they were checked we could not switch to a different airline . I would pay the extra and fly Hawaiian airlines and be on time.

5/23/2013 F Schlesinger

At the time of the booking go! Airlines does not inform the customer that they charge an extra amount of $17 for every piece of baggage. You are however informed of this at the time of payment completion (when it is already to late to cancel your booking). We booked one roundtrip from Honolulu (HNL) to Maui (OGG). At the time of our first flight all go! Airlines flights where delayed by hours some were cancelled (ours was delayed 3 hours). It is important to say that this was not because of bad weather or something all other airlines managed to fly their regular schedule. At the time of our second flight - same as before 2 go! Airlines flight were cancelled ours was 2 hours late. All other airlines managed to fly on schedule. When we talked to other passengers on the flight one can come to the conclusion that these extensive delays and cancellation of flights are go! Airlines business model. Considering the extra baggage fee - making the flight actually more expensive than a flight with a competitor the delays and the misinformation by ground staff I can neither recommend go! Airlines nor will I ever book a flight with this airline again.

4/18/2013 Henry L Sosinski

We booked a non-stop on Go! between Kahului (OGG) and Lihue (LIH) as it provided the best travel times for our group. A couple of months after the initial booking we were contacted by Go! and advised that our flight had to be changed to a direct flight through Honolulu (HNL). The Go! agent advised that the flight would not change planes in HNL. On the date of our flight Go! was delayed in departing OGG. When we landed in HNL we were told to leave the plane by the flight attendant. When we got to the terminal there was no gate agent and the departure monitor showed that the second leg of our direct flight had left for LIH 30 minutes earlier. To make a long story short our non-stop turned direct had left us stranded and we lost a day of our vacation because of Go! We were compensated with overnight accommodations but the whole debacle has left us with a very bitter taste for any future travel on Go!

8/20/2012 Kalea Pacote

The cheaper prices are not worth it for the cancellations and horrible service. Our 6.30pm flight was delayed until 8.30pm then 9.40 then cancelled! We were not informed until all other airlines had departed for the night so we were stuck! They then took 1.5 hrs to book our hotel and shuttles we didn't get to our hotel until 11pm! Then for rebooking due to all the cancellations they were booked for 2 days forcing us to change airlines last minute. All in all it was a huge inconvenience and was handled horribly with no compassion for us miserable customers.

5/18/2011 Y Finkelstein

I booked in advance a flight from Honolulu to Kawai Island (a round ticket). Upon check-in at the airport I realized that the ticket was issued - by a mistake of GO-Mukulele - for a different flight (from Honolulu to Hilo in the Big Island which I came from earlier). instead of apologizing for the mistake GO-Mukulele refused to refund me. They mocked my request to change the ticket for my requeSted destination. Later they agreed but fined me for "changing the route". However they did not enable me to take the next flight. I had to wait 6hrs in the gate and finally took the last flight (a night flight) to Kawai. In a like manner the newly released ticket for my journey back (Kawai-Honolulu) was for Monday afternoon flight - the least requested flight in which the airplane was near-empty.

4/10/2011 Corey Miller

Run don't walk away from this airline! Their prices are usually less than Hawaiian - believe me it's not worth it. My family was set to take a simple flight from Oahu to the Big Island. Our flight was at 3:15pm. First it got pushed to 4:30 and then without warning they cancelled it. They didn't even offer another flight until the following day. Options? They would give me tickets for a flight the following day and put us up in a hotel. Meaning: some bedbug-ridden flophouse near an airport runway. In order to get to the Big Island the same day in the hope of still being able to utilize the condo we rented I quickly ran over to the Hawaiian Airlines terminal. At that time they only had one flight left that evening: a flight to Hilo - on the other side of the island. So I grabbed that flight changed my rental car from the Kona airport to Hilo and then had to retrieve my bags from Go and get them onto that flight. Hawaiian Airlines was great and everything went very smoothly. But then I had to retrieve a rental car in Hilo and drive over two hours to get to my condo. Like I said - what a mess. All for a simple 45 minute flight. So besides the pain and stress of rushing around it also cost me a lot of money.

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