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4/2/2010 Victor Neagu

Chisinau-Budapest round-trip. Both departures on time. Served breakfast on the way out and lunch inbound. Luggage transfer handled efficiently despite relatively short connection time in Budapest. SAAB 2000 plane offers plenty of legroom and is not so noisy compared to other prop planes. Friendly FA's and my favourite option for flights from Moldova to Europe.

7/14/2009 Christopher Adam

Budapest - Chisinau return. Flight attendants served a hot dinner on this flight and offered Moldavian wine and soft drinks. Ticket certainly a little expensive (€270) but this is due to the lack of competition. Saab aircraft was comfortable despite its small size there was plenty of legroom as well as a single seat configuration on one side of the aisle which was ideal for those travelling alone.

3/10/2009 Victor Neagu

KIV-BUD-KIV early February. The plane was a SAAB 2000 both ways. It is a bit old and noisy especially during take-off but once at cruising altitude turned out to be a nice ride. Check- in efficient and departure/arrival on time. The service on this 1.5 hour flight consists of a light breakfast in the morning and a hot meal for afternoon and evening flights. All in all a pleasant experience. Check-in quick and the same could be said about baggage delivery at both ends. Would fly this airline again which is the only direct option to Budapest.

1/14/2009 Tim Partlett

Budapest-Venice Marco Polo. Malev put me on this Moldavian Airlines flight without warning of a code share. Proved to be a fairly pleasant flight in the end. Food consisted of a chocolate bar and a glass of Hungarian red wine. On the way back the flight was a little late arriving and they clearly rushed everyone on without having time to clean up. The connection between Malev and Moldavian airlines is confusing. The pilot thanked us for flying with Malev but the stewardesses were in Moldavian uniforms and the plane was clearly Moldavian.

11/20/2006 Bjark Ólafsson

I have so far fly 3 times with Moldavian Airlines in Saab 3000 airplanes. I have always bought tickets through Malev Hungarian airlines and fly fro Copenhagen-Chisinau Moldova through Budapest. Airplanes are OK seats good and space similar to what I am used to with other airlines. Service was excellent and staff on board very nice and take good care of everyone on board even take there time to make you feel good. Both times I fly from Moldova was early in morning and then I got bread with ham cheese and paprika (red pepper) yogurt and chocolate biscuit but when I fly to Moldova in evening fly I got very good chicken meal and I could have many different drinks for free. I took good Moldavian red wine.

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