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9/10/2017 E Mclean

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Venice. We were hesitant about this airline having read reviews, but booked it for the low price. I have to say the flight exceeded our expectations. Check-in and boarding were both an extremely smooth process. I think we were at the bag drop desk for a total of 2 minutes, and boarding was much quicker than with other low-frills airlines. We paid in advance for extra legroom seats (my partner is 6'7" so this is an essential for us) and were surprised by the amount of space and comfort. We sat at the front of the plane with plenty of room to stretch out (unlike Ryanair and EasyJet, whose exit row seats only have an extra inch or so). Flight took off and landed on time, and was far more comfortable than we'd anticipated. There are definitely some areas to be improved upon in terms of the pre-flight process - I have not come across any other airline in the past few years that makes you print out your own boarding pass rather than making it available electronically. It's also pretty irritating to be told you can't check in online unless you pay for it - this could potentially lead to long queues at the airport on the day. These points lower my overall score for the airline, but the flight experience itself was very pleasant.

8/31/2017 H Darpeer

✅ Verified Review | Malaga to Birmingham. I booked this flight online one week before flying. I needed to book for 3 adults, one child and one infant. However, I found when checking prices it was cheaper make two separate bookings than the whole group at once! I booked for two adults, then another booking for one adult and two children. This is unbelievable! Also you aren't allowed to check in online until 24 hours before you fly, unless you book a seat for 11 euros each. Which is a bit impossible as you are in holiday at this point! Just another money making scam. However, we booked for free while in Spain, and our hotel were kind enough to print our boarding passes for us! The plane was clean, but the seating is just too cramped. My husband had sit with his knee protruding into the isle, and the trolley kept knocking him when going past. Food and drinks are too expensive, luckily we bought some snacks and refreshments from the departure lounge before leaving Malaga. The staff however are really helpful, and I'm sure they know it's not the comfortable of places to sit for 3 hours, and do make an effort in making people feel welcome and providing a good service. They were quick to help with the needs of my 18 month old. The pilot kept us informed of any changes, as we were experiencing a lot of turbulence. We were also informed as we approached the UK coastline and also times for arrival were given. The plus side, we didn't have any hold luggage and were able to check in infants pram at the departure gate. Meaning we didn't have to wait in the long bag check in queues. Overall, we paid premium prices for seats on a below average quality plane. Thanks to the stewards for their efforts in trying to compensate for this.

8/30/2017 Vince Knight

✅ Verified Review | One of the worst flying experiences ever. Seats so tight and packed in like sardines. Couldn't even get the tray down. Only airline I've been on that does not have decaf coffee (medical reasons) and when I provided my own sachet of coffee they wanted to charge me for the cup! Crew are extremely rude and have no time/don't care. Can see this airline going back into bankruptcy and I will never fly them again. Used to be one of the best, look how far you've fallen!

8/11/2017 V Landen

✅ Verified Review | Las Palmas to Gatwick. The app doesn't allow for paperless tickets, they tell you to print them! What age are we in? They then charged €36 for an extra leg room seat and finally I paid €72 for two seats and the airline insisted under its t+c's that I use their exchange rate, and then stated 'customer chose to accept' the exchange rate. Daylight robbery, disingenuous and unacceptable. I will not be flying this airline again.

7/23/2017 Robert Marshall

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Lanzarote. Short queue at Gatwick check-in, staff were polite. Boarding process fine. Plenty of overhead locker space as flight not full. Departed about 20-30 mins late as 1 passenger failed to board and bags had to be found and removed from aircraft. Announcements from front of cabin and cockpit were clear. Announcements from rear of cabin totally unintelligible. Announcements in english only. Smooth flight. Cabin crew professional. No attempt at interaction with customers unless you wanted to buy something. Typical uncomfortable, hard, non-adjustable seats. Leg room was OK for a 1m 75cm adult. Clean aircraft. Clean, well stocked toilet when I used it. No bells and whistles but they get the basics right for the price paid. Would use again.

7/1/2017 E Farmer

✅ Verified Review | Alicante to Manchester. I don't normally write reviews but the shocking service has left me no choice. The flight out to Alicante went without a hitch; it was only on my return flight that the nightmare unfolded. Arrived at the airport only to find out that my flight had been cancelled. I was ended a piece of paper by the Monarch Airlines representative and told to make my own arrangements and they would give me a full refund at a later date (that refund is just a little difficult to get hold of). No food vouchers, no aid in organising another flight /accommodation, no nothing. The piece of paper sent me to Swissport ticket sales who then sent me to Iberia. The only flight I could get back to Manchester was the next day. I had to organise my own accommodation for another night and fork out over 300 euros in total. To top it all off, I used a refund website to claim compensation and they have sent me an email saying Monarch Airlines have ignored my claim and they have to result to using legal action instead.

6/28/2017 K Andrews

✅ Verified Review | The flight was ok, the landing smooth but the service can be described as bordering on rude. One lady at airport in Porto (Oporto) (flight Porto-Luton) was simply rude, she saw I had two bags half empty already prepared for having one over my head and another in front of my seat. She not only made me put one bag into another before getting on the plane but she also told me off for that and changed the shape of the gate excluding me from the queue when I was at the very front. Also, on my way to Porto, I wanted to ask a flight attendent if I could order some hot food so she could put it in oven (it takes some time to prepare) and she answered in a rather rude way that they don't serve at that stage. However, the pilots were very nice. I'm not really sure why but I would still recommend the airline.

6/17/2017 Simon Castleman

✅ Verified Review | Flew Monarch from Birmingham to Funchal. Good flights both ways FA's were attentive and ever present. Lots of leg room in the extra leg room seats which cost an additional £57 so not particularly cheap but I think worth it for a 4 hour flight. I'm not particularly tall but there was a good 6 inches between my knees and the seat in from to me. On the return leg arrived 25 minutes early shame it was Birmingham 20 minutes to find steps to disembark the aircraft.

6/10/2017 W Kitts

✅ Verified Review | Flew Monarch Airlines from Almeria to Manchester. Paid for extra leg room at the front of plane - when boarding we were told plane had changed and so our seats were not available, however they would still give us extra leg room in a different row - when got on the plane these were not extra leg room at all. Emailed Monarch about this only to get an automated response saying our payment for the extra leg room would be returned. No real apology or nothing. The comments I had made in the email therefore totally ignored.

6/3/2017 Adam Taylor

✅ Verified Review | Flew Monarch from Alicante to Gatwick on the ZB265 on the 29th May 2017 on board A321 (G-ZBAK). Seated in row 1 seats were very comfortable and leg room generous. Cabin crew really helpful and also very cheerful. Flight left on time and also arrived promptly despite a missed approach initially into LGW. Overall a great flight experience and far more superior product to some of the other UK based low cost and charter airlines. My only criticism and something I was not happy with was that Monarch do not appear to apply a 2 crew rule in the cockpit at all times.

5/29/2017 C Roberts

✅ Verified Review | Flew Monarch Airlines from Manchester to Porto. Pleasantly surprised. Booked an extra legroom seat outbound and was pleasantly surprised by the legroom. Inbound however was a standard seat and was tight to say the least (5'10" tall). I would certainly opt for extra legroom on future bookings. Service although buy on board was courteous and efficient and the food quality was actually fine. It puts the budget airline British Airways to shame. Being able to pay cash was a bonus. Outbound was running around an hour late and I received an email from Monarch whilst in the airport to say rescheduled which was a nice touch. Inbound was just as efficient and arrival in Manchester was on time. Overall I would book again providing the flight schedules are suitable.

5/24/2017 John Shaw

✅ Verified Review | Birmingham to Fuerteventura. Flight was delayed for nearly 4 hours, we were boarded onto an aircraft that had flown in with a known fault so we sat in our seats with technicians running around for 1.5 hours, we were then disembarked given a £5 voucher and sent back to departures. Another aircraft was flown in and we finally departed at about 18.00 hours - original departure time should have been 14.15, arrived at destination airport 22.00 getting to hotel at 23.00. I had spent nearly an hour on the phone at Birmingham ringing the transfer company and hotel with updates as departure times kept changing,. We paid for priority boarding, that didn't happen on boarding either planes (when I queried this one of the cabin crew I was told not to ask), we expected to arrive mid evening, relax have a nice meal and start our holiday, instead we arrived absolutely shattered and went straight to bed. There was a lack of information, we were herded around like cattle, we should never have been boarded onto an aircraft with a known fault.

5/21/2017 Michael Baggott

❎ Unverified | My wife and I flew to Majorca on 10/5/17. Everything was fine as far as the flight was concerned, on time, very courteous and professional cabin crew. My main gripe is the lack of legroom between the seats. I am six feet tall and weigh just over 19 stone. I could not fold the food and drinks tray fully down and had to put my coffee on my wife's tray. My knees were pressed up against the back of the seat in front. I didn't see why I should have to pay for extra leg room, I have flown several times with other airlines and have never had problems in that respect. On arrival at Palma there was no Rep to greet us and show which bus to get to our hotel. Eventually we got a Jet2 rep to show us where the Monarch desk was to find out the number of our bus. At no time did any correspondence from Monarch (or indeed Thomas Cook, our original booking agents, who placed us with Monarch) give any instructions about procedure upon arrival at the airport. I feel that this is an area that needs attention, I feel that Thomas Cook took our holiday booking, placed us with Monarch, and then washed their hands of us and took no further part in our holiday, the same applies to Monarch.

5/21/2017 Margaret Prescod

✅ Verified Review | Faro to Gatwick. I regularly use Monarch Airline for short trips and family holidays.i have always been satisfied with the Customer Service and inflight staff. I have recommended Monarch to family and friends who tend to book through this airline. 2 weeks ago I travelled to (Portugal) Faro airport from London Gatwick. I was due to stay for a few month and book my return thereafter. However due to an immediate exceptional change in circumstances I had to book an earlier flight back o the UK. I didn't need to take my luggage with me just a small piece of hand luggage. I booked on line and accidentally clicked the 23k check in luggage. I rang Monarch to explain, however the customer services adviser was quite dismissive as well as abrupt she advised me Monarch can add extra baggage but if something has been done in error or there are exceptional circumstances they cannot refund or change. I emailed Monarch and received an email reply from customer services reiterating the information i had been given over the phone, 'sorry' for the staff member i spoke to and added it will be looked into. No further comments were made except I apologise for any inconvenience caused. I emailed again and explained that I was not satisfied with the response. I explained that I will be returning to Portugal in 2 weeks and would like to book with Monarch again as I always do and in addition to this I have 5 of my family members travelling a few weeks after who would also like to book with Monarch. I received a reply 5 days later advising me that Monarch is a non refundable airline this applies to all fare and extras you wish to add regardless of exceptional circumstances. There was no mention or the fact that they will lose the custom of 6 regular members of my family (including me) who have been loyal customers over a number of years to Monarch. Monarch can take your money additional baggage allowances etc after checking in but due to exceptional circumstances they cannot make a simple decision to keep loyal customers. They said I should have read the terms and conditions prior to booking however under such circumstances you don"t. I do think at times common sense must prevail - however if your making as much money as Monarch do why would the loss of 5 regular customers matter. I will never use this airline again.

5/15/2017 Ben Lolley

✅ Verified Review | I haven't flown with Monarch for a number of years as I don't tend to travel on package holidays, however, on a recent trip to Rome the airline offered a return ticket price which was substantially cheaper than any competetors which scheduled flight times which were perfect for a short city break (early morning outbound, late evening inbound). The booking process was painless. Their website is easy to navigate and displays fully what you are getting for your fare at every opportunity. After initial booking I opted to download the Monarch app to try and stick to my mantra of being a 21st century traveller (eTix, mobile boarding pass etc). I was slightly disappointed that the app encouraged you to check in early and then made it appear that you could not proceed with booking until you had purchased a seat as I feel that this could mislead many families, particularly those that aren't very tech savvy, however, I understand that this is how low cost airlines operate and therefore I'll put that issue to bed. On arrival at BHX I was disappointed at how the check in desks were organised and operated. My wife had 1x item of hold luggage that she had declared at online check in, however, we still had to wait in the mammoth 6am queue with those that had not yet checked in something that I feel could easily be rectified with a bag drop only desk or 2. Following check in we proceeded through security to airside departures. One thing I was quite surprised by was how early the airline called 'Last Call'. We were directed to the boarding area some 50 minutes before departure and then had to wait in said area or in our allocated seat. What added further insult was the delay we then experienced. With no direction from the cabin crew or flight deck we experienced a 20 minute doors closed delay. Alas, we eventually got on our way and despite everything else I have said in this review so far the flight was actually very pleasant. Leg room is at a premium - something I am not particularly bothered by as this is what you expect with low cost short haul. The seats were comfortable with sufficient recline, the pitch of the recline was such that it didn't chop the knees of the passenger behind which is commendable. Following departure the flight deck crew were informative and managed to recoup some of the time we lost on departure. The cabin crew were pleasant and friendly. They did 1x drinks/food service and 1x duty free service which is more than sufficient for 2 hours. The inflight menu was quite pricey, I only had a non premium gin and tonic, however this still came to 8€, expensive compared to land prices! The meal deal, however, offers good value for money and shouldn't be frowned at. Overall the journey was smooth with a perfectly executed landing. Although the A321 we flew on was ageing (c2007) you still had more comfort and opportunity for a nap than most other low cost airlines I have travelled with. Without the ground issues this would have been a good journey overall.

5/3/2017 Steven Taylor

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Tenerife South. This was my 2nd Budget Airline Flight in the last 2 months, the other being EasyJet, of the 2 Monarch was the one I was dreading the most. The check in was quick and efficient, a new plane or recently refurbished, more space than I imagined, both seat width and leg room. Cabin attendants professional and very efficient. Down sides -seat cushions a bit hard for a 4hrs+ flight, and on board food and drink very expensive. They float on the time efficiency but the plane could of departed a bit earlier as everyone was on board, but then got stuck in a long wait for take off, 30 mins. I will in future give Monarch a look in when booking a cheap flight. Let's hope they keep up the good work.

4/14/2017 Nicola Sully

✅ Verified Review | Gatwick to Tenerife. From booking to the flight attendants and private taxi transfer was faultless. The staff are courteous and professional. The plane was spotless and whilst we were a little delayed leaving Gatwick the staff kept us fully informed at every step. Even the checking in desks at both ends of the journey are customer friendly.

4/10/2017 Jan Davies

✅ Verified Review | Flew Monarch Airlines from Las Palmas to London Gatwick. Very good service received following an incident requiring our flight to be unavoidably delayed. Monach staff were helpful and professional. We were accommodated overnight in excellent hotels which was no small task with over 200 passengers. We would not hesitate to fly with Monarch again thanks.

4/3/2017 J Neville

✅ Verified Review | Booked to fly Monarch Airlines from Tenerife to London. This is the worst customer service you can ever imagine. I tried to check in online 24 hours before because I wanted to sit next to my 4 year old daughter and there is no option to check in online if you have booked with anybody else. I had to wait 20 minutes on the phone to hear somebody try to flog me things I dont want. I eventually spoke to somebody who said they would only do it for 22 Euros. I asked if they would put my 4 year old alone in the cabin if they refused and they said yes!

2/27/2017 Ciaran Wateridge

✅ Verified Review | Luton to Rome-Fiumicino. This is my first experience of flying so prepare for potential ignorance. We arrived extremely early to London Luton to ensure no delays in our flight to Rome. A departure gate was given about an hour before the flight was due to depart which was when we first encountered the staff for Monarch. We had chosen to travel carry on only and had checked in digitally. At present, Monarch does not provide the function to use an electronic boarding pass on your phone so we had to use printed boarding passes. The staff at the gate were pleasant enough, if a little distant. It was apparent they had strict time deadlines and so politeness was kept to a minimum. We spent about 20 minutes waiting in a stairwell for us to be able to board the aircraft; Luton doesn't have the facilities of the larger airports and so boarding was done via stairs fore and aft. The plane in question is an A321-100 which was fully booked. Though clean and tidy, it had the appearance inside of being a little bit "old" but then I have no real experience elsewhere. I am fully appreciative it's a budget airline as well. Boarding took an age as the flight was jampacked but we still managed to leave roughly on time. The cabin staff were all friendly enough. The captain gave us a thorough commentary of the flight which is a nice touch. After take off, the refreshments run was made. Prices are steep but I expect nothing less on an airline; sadly, no refreshment provided with booking due to the short flight. Still, food was presentable and reasonably tasty with both warm and cold options. Monarch did have a "shopping round" with some duty free goods available on the plane but unsurprisingly no one partook. We arrived in Rome very slightly ahead of schedule and disembarked quickly. In all, the staff remained courteous and professional throughout. No one took issue with my hold luggage which I was expecting and the flight was conducted smoothly and without incident.