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4/3/2019 R Harkyse

✅ Trip Verified | Podgorica to Vienna. I booked a last minute flight from United States to Podgorica. Although the trip to Podgorica had no problems, my return trip on the 25th from Podgorica to Vienna operated by Montenegro Airlines was delayed by over 1 hour and as a consequence we missed our Austrian flight from Vienna to Toronto. Austrian was able to book a later flight but was with an extra layover (Switzerland). We lost our workday because of this. To top it all off they lost our luggage and we only got them 3 days after. This experience was horrible.

8/15/2018 P Nulas

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Tivat. Overall this is a decent airline. The cabin staff speak English, the plane (although old) is fine for a short 2 hour flight and the journey was comfortable. A few pointers. -only one of the toilets in the plane were working which was annoying - there was a basic selection of drinks and a simple cheese sandwich -we took off over 2 hours late but it was unclear if this was the fault of the airline or the ground staff -on this flight we arrived too late to land in Tivat (it has no night facilities) so we had to land in Podgorica. They did in the end put a bus for all of us to reach Tivat although the delay was significant.

10/20/2015 Keith Parkinson

After boarding our Montenegro Airlines flight on time, we sat for 45 mins without any explanation and then told a crew member was ill and they would tell us what was happening soon. After another 45mins we were told that we would depart soon with only 2 crew. Because we were late Tivat airport had closed and we diverted to Podgorica the only other airport. We were then bused to Tivat arriving approx 5 hrs late to be told that there was nothing wrong as they class both airports as one! Never again.

9/4/2015 Thomas Meier

Vienna to Podgorica with Montenegro Airlines, Fokker 100 old model aircraft. Enough space for legs, nice cabin crew but unfortunately they only speak in Serbian language. Good snacks and drinks, and value for the money. However, no web check in and their partner Austrian Airlines had technical issues for 2 days, so I can't check in via web.

8/5/2015 Larry McElroy

My son and I flew them in June 2015 from Copenhagen to Podgorica. It was an older F-100 aircraft but quite comfortable. In fact, we commented on how far the seats reclined. The flight attendants were nice and the cockpit crew did a nice job getting us there safely. We departed on time and arrived on time. No complaints.

5/31/2015 S Gaudicheau

First leg CDG-TGD in new E195. Cabin had no interest in their PAX whatsoever. They gave food 20 minutes before the drinks round. They had several choices of sandwich but didn't inform about it. Return TGD-CDG with more experienced cabin crew in old F100 which has more legroom. Friendlier cabin crew gave food and drinks at the same time. Landing was quite an experience as everything started to shake in the plane. Good airline if you get the right cabin crew.

1/14/2015 Peter Anthony

Just flew from Vienna to Podgorica and on to Belgrade with Montenegro Airlines. The first flight was operated by a Fokker 100 and the second leg was operated by a new Embraer jet. I was very pleased with their overall product! Their flight attendants were active throughout the flight and spoke decent English the services on board were pretty good the seats were relatively comfortable both flights were on-time and the price was cheap. Tranzit at Podgorica Airport went very easy due to the small size of the airport. Overall great flight I'd fly them again

10/29/2013 T Donovan

Frankfurt to Podgorica. Flight was in a relatively new Embraer aircraft. Comfortable leather seats (I had an aisle seat in an emergency exit row). Flight departed and arrived on time. The service on board was fine. Snacks and beverages served were ok. Only problem was that the cabin was quite hot. The reason I would not recommend the airline is that the product is very inconsistent. If flying on the Embraer it's reasonably good but if in the Fokker 100 it can be really bad.

8/7/2011 Martin Clarke

London Gatwick to Podgorica. The Fokker 100 seats were comfortable in 2+3 formation but they were small and legroom was limited. Crew members were helpful and attentive. We were served a couple of drinks and a fairly basic sandwich but it was fine. It was cheaper for me to book a ticket to Belgrade via Podgorica than it was just to Podgorica. I told the check-in staff I wanted to get off at Podgorica and that was fine.

4/25/2011 Paul Legate

INI-TGD-LGW Flight from Niš to Podgorica by Fokker 100 in fairly good condition although leather seats had seen better days plenty of leg room flight attendants friendly and came round with a drinks run. Podgorica to LGW also a Fokker 100 less leg room and some seats were broken. A drinks run and sandwich offered. About 40 minutes into the flight the captain explained that there was a problem and would have to refuel in Ljubljana. On the ground for 45 minutes and then onto LGW. Another drink run after leaving Ljubljana. Crew were attentive and friendly.

7/15/2010 C Coldheart

FRA-TGD-FRA. Very old and shabby looking Fokker 100 (Ex. TAM Brazilian Airlines). Plane was dirty inside warning stickers hardly readable due to aging. Seats almost falling apart. Overall impression of the planes gives a really unsafe feeling. Unfriendly and uninterested crew. Delays on inbound and outbound flight no explanation at all. Not recommendable!

1/7/2010 Mike Williams

TGD-LGW. Arrived at LGW on nearly full plane. Flight delayed approx 1 hour although we only took off 20 mins late. Only 40 bags arrived at carousel at LGW. Announcement made after 1 hour of standing around. Bags not loaded at TGD. Mad scramble to fill out forms for lost baggage with ServisAir. Have heard of this happening before and now it has happened to me. What a shambles this airline is.

10/28/2009 A Maric

London - Tivat in September 2009. Check in desk opened only 45 minutes before the flight - tickets stated that we had to be there 2 hours in advance. Business class seats comfortable but food served same as Economy Class : dry small roll with the tiniest piece of cheese and ham imaginable low quality orange juice served with it and a small pack of some kind of chocolate biscuit! The crew ate (quite loudly!) behind the small front curtain immediately before they started serving the meal to the passengers. During boarding we noticed that a young family was seated in business class - because it was not fully booked and they knew one of the FAs who upgraded them immediately. Co-pilot also sat in the first row and slept there stretching himself over three empty seats! We were truly stunned. Flight from Tivat was delayed for about 2 hours without any explanation. The security officer at the passport and luggage control was reading local newspaper - one could carry anything through - luckily no incidents. On the way back from Tivat same dreary food was offered which many refused. Early in the flight supply of water in the lavatory (the only one!) was lost completely and when asked about it one of the female crew shrugged without explanation. As a result everyone using the lavatory could not wash their hands. We were very disappointed with the whole experience on this return trip and would not recommend the airline unless there was an enormous emergency!

10/5/2008 Rodney Banovic

Frankfurt - Podgorica a couple of times recently. Flights on time. Seats in Fokker 100 are fairly spacious. Cabin interior in good condition considering that Fokker's are fairly old. Flight attendants young and pleasant good knowledge of English uniforms are good too. Served sandwich was nothing special (toast size bread must be day or two old) drinks served throughout the flight. Overall good experience would fly with them again.

9/15/2008 C Redman

LGW-TIV return. Outward check in at LGW opened 10 mins after last published check in time and flight was delayed about one hour half of which we were on the plane with no explanation given. Flight was good and crew pleasant and attentive. Return check in at TIV was prompt and boarding and the flight were good. Crew again pleasant and attentive. Only delay on return was LGW providing steps to disembark! Both flights were Fokker 100 which although a little scruffy were more comfortable with greater legroom than some up to date aircraft we've flown in. Would fly with them again.

6/6/2008 M Shore

TIV-BEG return route. The 35-40 minute flight is quick and easy and landing in TIV can be spectacular. Flight crew seem efficient and reasonably friendly but it scarcely matters when the flight is so quick. Ditto the meal with which I seldom bother opting instead for juice or tea. The airline is upgrading to new Embraer jets which is a welcome event. From Tivat they've also just expanded to service London (LGW) in addition to Paris but the flight times are not hugely convenient. It would be great if they could add more routes from TIV. TGD-FCO flight which leaves mid-day Friday and returns Sunday night is brilliant.

5/7/2007 Andrija Maticc

TIV-BEG return both flights operated by Fokker 100. Check in and security control at Tivat quick and efficient. Departure to Belgrade was delayed more than three hours. For two hours we were waiting in front of the gate without any explanation. There was no one from Montenegro Airlines to explain delay no airport staff duty free closed no one. After two hours through the loudspeaker we were informed that we will take off when the aircraft arrives from TGD as our plane had technical problems. Finally after we departed selection of soft drinks was served. Aircraft worn out dirty seat belt sign above my seat broken no inflight magazine no emergency situations card pocket in front of my seat. On the other hand legroom great and cabin attendants polite and professional. BEG-TIV leg was operated by the aircraft pretty much in the same condition inflight service the same. On return everything was on time. Departure procedures at BEG and arrival at TIV smooth.

10/26/2006 Slobodan Krunic

Montenegro Airlines is a decent airline with possibility for expansion and becoming serious competitor to middle sized airlines in the region such as JAT Airways Croatia Airlines etc. It uses a fleet of modern clean and well-maintained Fokker's F-100 fully fitted with leather seats and decent legroom. I was surprised to find out that business class seats were exactly the same as economy ones. All the crew were nice and young and had a constant smile. They seemed a little bit lazy but were efficient. A nice sandwich with Prosciutto salad and chesse in a fresh mini baguette two drinks and coffe or tea on a 40 minute flight from Tivat to Belgrade and back was a pleasant surprise. Would fly with them again and another reason is their frequent flyer program (Vision) and reasonable prices.

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