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2/11/2019 S Ziren

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to Zaporizhzhia with Motor sich airlines.The itinerary showed Antonov 140 as operating the flight, but in reality the flight was operated by Antonov 24, a 40-50 year old Soviet Aircraft. However Motor Sich airline did not pre advise of aircraft change. 2:15 h flight. Big mistake in choosing seats in the first 3 rows, they are right by the engines and the noise is deafening. |Leg room is very tight, unlike seats in rows 4 -12 have better keg room for some reason. Window shades are cotton curtains, a real weird bird, a great privilege to fly such an old bird. A nice cabin crew, provided friendly service and had perfect English. She served a ham and cheese Sandwich with some sweets, hot tea/coffee and water. Cabin was very warm too, but thats a general issue in Russia in the winter, they just like to roast in the cabins. A well worth aviation experience.

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