Customer reviews

10/20/2017 Rudolf Pavuza

✅ Verified Review | On October 10th we flew from Vienna to Karpathos which turned out to be the last passenger flight with this Airline to this destination, due to the sad development. The crew worked flawless as ever and was extremely friendly despite the fact that they are not quite sure about their professional future. Not a...

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4/10/2017 B Molton

✅ Verified Review | Flew Innsbruck to Palma. €101 to carry a suitcase is shameful. I thought Ryanair were deceptive in their hidden costs but this is completely unjustifiable. You are required to book cases 30 hours prior to flying, we tried 24 hours before as we hadn't fully packed and didn't know our requirements. NIKI you sh...

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2/24/2017 Catalin-Alexandru Epure

✅ Verified Review | Berlin Tegel to Vienna. On my short weekend trip to Vienna I ended up in a Niki aircraft, although booked with Air Berlin. You can see a small difference between Niki and its bigger sister, for example the crew wear an pink/violet uniform and probably the main difference being that Niki still gives the compl...

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12/30/2016 Y Nandya

✅ Verified Review | Took a short flight from Paris to Vienna and the flight was delayed due to unknown reasons. The aircraft was clean, crew members were welcoming. I didn't expect free meals from low cost airline but was served sandwich and drinks. I hesitated while booking a flight with Niki but it was a nice short journey ap...

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11/7/2016 G Veluva

✅ Verified Review | Vienna to Abu Dhabi return. We booked our flight with FlyNiki from Vienna to Abu Dhabi and return. The inbound flight was okay, web check in worked like a charm once I called Etihad to see why I can't check in with them, and they pointed me to FlyNiki. One suitcase got devastated (no wheels left in Abu Dhabi...

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10/13/2016 Felix Fischer

Niki is no low cost airline anymore (if it ever was one). Flights between large European cities cost up to 100€ and more, also my flight from VIE to FCO was not cheap but Niki's service is not that good. The only thing Niki offers you compared to other airlines is a cold and ugly sandwich plus a soft drink but it is not worth th...

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8/30/2016 S Gruber

✅ Verified Review | Flew NIKI from Valencia to Vienna. Quick boarding and on-time departure. Cabin was clean and the flight was smooth and relaxed. Cabin crew provided drinks and a very good cheese sandwich. Later they provided us another round of water and coffee. Seats a little bit narrower than other airlines. Paid 120 € for...

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8/18/2016 P Reyes

✅ Verified Review | I flew from Alicante to Vienna return with NIKI. On the outbound flight, we had a big delay. When we boarded, the plane had not been cleaned with previous passengers trash. The seats were uncomfortable and narrow. There was no space for your legs and as they put in so many rows of seats, the hand luggage doe...

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6/26/2016 M Pearson

✅ Verified Review | I flew with NIKI this week from Vienna to Alicante and back and it was a great experience. It's not expensive, return ticket was €140 with check-in luggage which is not bad. You also get nice onboard service. Sure a sandwich isn't a full meal but it's enough and we had 3 rounds of drinks with a selection of ...

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3/10/2016 Davide Greco

Spotless short flight with NIKI operated with a very clean and good looking plane, polite crew and ontime departure/arrival which is more than enough for me to be satisfied about this short hop to Vienna where I had to attend a congress. A big plus is they fly from Linate airport which is much closer to my house than Malpensa an...

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2/22/2016 Marc Jones

Saltzburg to Manchester. Flight was great, staff were great, all on time, communications great, better than other budget airlines. All let down by Swissport who couldn't unload the plane or communicate in anyway, getting the bags almost took longer than the flight. 1hr 30mins to get the bags.

1/25/2016 G Fillion

Düsseldorf to Vienna, and the flight was on time, seats were comfortable and sandwiches were served for this short 50 minute flight. I was very impressed with everything, since I had never heard of the company before taking this flight! The flight attendants wore jeans, which surprised me at first, but was not much of a bother f...

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8/28/2014 M Okada

I flew from Olbia (Sardinia) to Vienna. It was a little delayed from departure but we enjoyed their service. The cabin crew was attentive and friendly. They had sandwiches both vegetarian (containing egg) and non-vegetarian.

6/18/2014 M Knowlden

VIE-KEF on an A320. Slightly late getting away from VIE landed 20 mins late. Online check in good. Boarding well managed. Seat horrific. Exceptionally uncomfortable for a 4 hour 15 minute flight. Parked at a remote gate and took 45 minutes to arrange a bus to collect us they even managed to bring the next set of passengers retur...

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5/25/2014 Oliver Brock

Economy flight from VIE to HAM on a NIKI A321 (booked with Air Berlin). Flight was 30 minutes late due to aircraft change so we saw crew hastily changing. Crew was nice and there was a good sandwich a free soft drink or coffee for that 1 hour flight. The seat distance was the worst I have seen! Being 189cm I could only find one ...

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2/17/2014 K Goll

Barcelona - Vienna Feb 2014. Clean plane captain and crew fully alert and friendly / helpful and in a good mood free papers free soft drinks and sandwich. Plane on time on departure and arrival. Only negative point: Swissport counter crew at Barcelona that does ground service for many airlines. Partly incompetent uninterested la...

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8/21/2013 Jan Senekovia

7th July 2013 (GRZ-SSH) and 21th July 2013 (SSH-HRG-GRZ) with Airbus A320 OE-LEX. Everything was fantastic! Cabin was clean and food it very tasty. The chief flight attendant was the same on all two flights and she was really very friendly and other members of the crew were very kind. I flew to Egypt with many different airlines...

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5/31/2013 Kristoffer Michelsen

CPH-VIE-CPH 16th May outbound. 2 year old ERJ190 clean and comfortable seats. 3/4 full. Free drinks and sandwich. Chicken or cheese to choose. The little sandwich was okay for this 1h 35mins flight. 19th may inbound. Clean newer A320. Comfortable seats. Same service as the outbound flight. OK sandwich. All in all I had a very go...

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5/26/2013 M Wallner

DUS-VIE. Very friendly and motivated staff. Best standard service of the German speaking airlines.

5/22/2013 T Sommer

VIE - HAM. No leg room at all crew and food was alright but wouldn't recommend this airline.