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9/27/2015 Amen Ifrundell, Airbus A330-200 v1 seat 5G

northwest has been my best frienimie for a long time, ever since i first visited america. they let me fly first class for no extra charge. but they charged me $1 for a 1 course meal. there were free snacks and drinks, however.

12/3/2011 Liam Boraci, Airbus A330-300 seat 13F

Seats were very comfortable. Meal service good. TV Selection could however have been better. Otherwise, no complaints

6/10/2011 The 757 man, Boeing 747-8 (5500) seat 19E

This was my first flight on out to Las Vegas way back when(2007,2008 or 2009). The aircraft was in good shape for when NWA was around. Now Delta has this aircraft, and has put new seat covers on the seats in first and economy. Be sure to read my updated report on the 5500 for Delta Air Lines.

11/24/2010 Jonah, McDonnell Douglas Douglas DC9-30 seat 14F

I sat in 14F. I love the DC-9-30's. Even though they are gone. I really don't care about the engine noise; it's like music to my ears. the seating, it's just great.

3/24/2010 Cole Miller, Boeing 747-8 (5500) seat 1B

I fly with NWA almost every time I fly and they have always provided great service. The only thing that could be better is they could get some newer bankets and pillows.

7/21/2009 Ethan Lathan, Boeing 747-400 seat 79A

The upper deck of this aircraft is very private which gives a more personalized feeling in the service. NWA's World Business Class is very nice on this particular jet. The seats, while they do not lie copletely flat, do lie almost flat and combined with the new blankets and pillows provided by Delta, this is a very enjoyable exp...

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3/27/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, Boeing 747-400 seat 4J

You many things could you fit into a seat? Well, this ad shows all the things that normally pictures don't show, and that are integrated into just one seat.

3/8/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, McDonnell Douglas Douglas DC9-30 seat 6D

Here you can see how old and bad-maintained are the seats in these aircraft. I was left without words after looking at the picture, just look at it and you will understand me!!!

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