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4/24/2019 R Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Orlando with Norwegian. This was the worst flight I've taken in thirty years. The staff seemed robotic as if pre-programmed - efficiency at any cost, as a result they were impersonal and rude to me. Meals have to be pre-ordered on this airline but I was not aware of that, even though I bought my t...

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4/23/2019 S Birch

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Ft. Lauderdale on Norwegian. Flight DY 3077 was delayed an hour and further delayed another half hour when they had a passenger arrested by local police and TSA at Ft Lauderdale. Because of the delay, we missed our Spirit Airlines connecting flight to Dallas less than 2 hours later. When I spoke with ...

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4/23/2019 Solange Delisle

Not Verified | I've just flown from Gatwick to New York return flight, my experience was very good, very good punctuality, excellent service, friendly staff and the food was good quality for “plane food”. I was lucky on the way back as I got the “golden seat” the one near the exit door which means you are totally free to get u...

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4/23/2019 C. Eckhardt

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to New York. Norwegian advertises use of Boeing Dreamliners but every flight I have had has been farmed out to Privilege Style Airlines that uses old decommissioned equipment from major carriers such a Singapore Airlines. When I boarded I was reassigned to a seat because the originally assigned business cl...

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4/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 seat 42D

As far back as you can get! Actually not thaaat bad. Seat does recline same as others. "Bonus" is that there are no legs under you so you can stash your small stuff under your seat and thus don't have to share your foot space in front of you with your stuff. The big overhead storage stops about 3 rows in front. Yes the toil...

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4/22/2019 John Hancock

✅ Trip Verified | Purchased a one-way Norwegian ticket from New York JFK to London Gatwick to catch a connecting flight to Geneva. Arrived at JFK at 8pm on 20 April (over 3 hours before the flight) to chaos at the checkin - machines didn’t work (nor did advanced check in) and thousands waiting in unmoving queues. When I finall...

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4/21/2019 S Walton

✅ Trip Verified | I recently flew Boston to Gatwick with my 2 kids. We paid close to $600 per ticket, which I know they consider low cost, but which I don't consider cheap. If you buy the LowFare tickets, they seem determined to make you as miserable as possible, and charge you enough extra fees that it would have been the same...

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4/19/2019 N Farena

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Gatwick. Very smooth flight and quickly. It was on time in Gatwick which was perfect. The bags didn’t take long at all to arrive. The crew was nice and polite. Just don’t know what happened to the screens that they used to have. Oh well I guess they were not working or something. Overall nothing t...

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4/17/2019 Patrick Manning

Not Verified | First flight was delayed 4 hrs - now on way from Paris back to Oakland delayed because route needs to changed. Waited on the ground now passenger is sick and we are delayed another 2 hrs. Never will we fly with them again.

4/16/2019 Maria Cuffaro

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Gatwick. What a terrible airline - avoid at all costs. The staff on the ground are sullen and unhelpful. They made us check in 2 bags at boarding, because the combined hand luggage weight for two people in our party was over 10 kg. They charged us 150NOK, there were 5 of us in total and we could have r...

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4/10/2019 Lucian Bumbuc

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Oslo. Amazing airline with great staff and very good services. From the check in until arrival we were treated in a very good manner by airport staff and also by cabin crew, smiling and full of enthusiasm. New and clean aircraft with comfortable seats and nice inflight entertaiment. Some people were...

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4/7/2019 T Lagev

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Tel Aviv. Flight was delayed as 20 minutes before flight time they ran a handbag size check. They said it is too big and charged 750kr although my ticket included an option for a checked-in bag. I never encountered such rude behaviour.

4/6/2019 Stephanie Hilz

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Barcelona via Gatwick. Charged $200 because the combined (not individual) weight of my carryons were overweight ($100 for the first leg, and then another $100 since I had a layover), plus the person checking my bag accidentally also charged my credit card $800, which I have to now wait until i...

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4/3/2019 T Cheeden

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Gatwick. After purchasing my tickets to Gatwick for my daughter’s college graduation, I received an e-mail from Norwegian Airlines to place a bid to be upgraded to Premium seating. As this is almost a ten hour flight, I thought why not?! The bidding was confusing. I thought I was bidding $50, but ...

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4/2/2019 S Byram

✅ Trip Verified | They allow 10 kg of carry on baggage allowance, I was 4 kg over and I had to pay $75 extra. They have people at the check in to check sure you don’t go over 10 kg. They don’t let you check in online and if you want to check in at the kiosk there’s staff that will weigh your stuff... this causes huge lines. The...

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3/31/2019 Unai Campo

Not Verified | Tenerife to Malaga. Very good service and no problem at all. I really like flying Norwegian! Ground Staff was really friendly as well as cabin crews and pilots. Smooth flight and nice service.

3/29/2019 B Carena

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Barcelona. The boarding couldn’t have been more smooth, quick and very efficient. Cabin crew were smiley and polite during the flight. Arrived earlier in Barcelona and bags arrived very quick as well.

3/28/2019 S Sagura

✅ Trip Verified | Traveling from Oslo to JFK on flight 7001, March 2019. After checking in and waiting for a flight that was more than 3 hours delayed we were stopped right before boarding, and the sizes of our carry-ons, which were checked and approved at the check-in counter, were again measured against the Norwegian carry-on...

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3/27/2019 Fred de Groot

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to New York. Very pleasant experience. Thanks to Gardishja from the ground crew at Amsterdam Schiphol. Her help was crucial an very appreciated. Fantastic flight and smooth landings

3/25/2019 C Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Oslo. The plane was 1 hour and 30 minutes delayed when we arrived to the airport. Oh well, that happens, no worries. We checked in and received our boarding passes, we also received yellow “approved” bands that the Norwegian helpdesk attaches to our small carry on’s letting us know we were appro...

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