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12/15/2018 T PartenD

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was cancelled on December 8th from Newark to Paris Orly. I always check the status the day of my departure about 2 to 3 times. Till I left and even after I arrived at the airport, the flight showed on time. I showed up to register 2 and a half hour before the flying time and was told the flight was ...

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12/14/2018 A Tarila

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Barcelona. It was earlier in Barcelona. Once again the screens didn’t came down for some reason. The WiFi was working properly though. The crew was really polite and provided a really good customer service.

12/12/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-9 (789) v1 seat 6C

Simply the best Economy seat on the Norwegian 787-9 (I've done 14 Norwegian flights this year), if you're lucky to get layout 1. Typically flights from the UK default to Layout 3 but 1-2months out this may change to layout 1 when actual aircraft are assigned. It's worth checking the 'change seat reservation' button against you...

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12/12/2018 T Barilo

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Gatwick. The crew on the flight was lovely. The seats were also very comfortable and made my flight very smooth and quick. That was something I did notice though, the screens didn’t came down this time for some reason. Also, the safety demo used to be played on the screens and today it was the cr...

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12/11/2018 F Nabero

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Barcelona. Another amazing flight with Norwegian. This airline is far from a Low cost. The seats are extremely comfortable and the wiFi is amazing. We landed 30 min earlier in Barcelona. Totally recommended.

12/10/2018 B Morrison

✅ Trip Verified | Real bargain - if you go. Got a great price, but less than 14 days before the flight, received a notice that flight was cancelled, with the terse explanation that "We are sorry to inform you about these changes, but sometimes we need to make modifications to our flight schedule". Smelled of bait-and-switch. If ...

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12/8/2018 N Morton

✅ Trip Verified | I've flown Norwegian to Stavanger, Denver USA and Canary Islands before, all from London. Really impressed with the punctuality (always on time or ahead, so far), staff (friendly but not pushy or trying to sell anything), price (not always the lowest but worth paying for the peace of mind) and plane itself (fre...

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12/6/2018 F Burton

✅ Trip Verified | Arlanda Stockholm to Copenhagen with Norwegian. I have to say that it was one of the best flights that I have done. The boarding was quiet, the aircraft was really nice and clean and the customer service provided was excellent.

12/6/2018 Bruno Ferreira

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Copenhagen to Barcelona with Norwegian. The boarding was very smooth and the flight was on time. Already onboard and being a full flight could get a little noisy but that’s not the airline fault but some passengers. The cabin crew were really nice and the flight arrived on time and it was very smooth.

12/1/2018 Hannah Deer

Not Verified | Gatwick to Los Angeles. I'd never flown with Norwegian until this year - can't recommend them enough. For a low budget airline they were amazing. Don't understand why there are so many people moaning about the food quality, variety of films etc, it's a budget airline, what do you expect? If you're looking to keep...

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12/1/2018 F Ranera

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Copenhagen. One of the best flights I have done. Super quick and on time. The cabin crew were amazing and the customer service provided was excellent. Super quick boarding and super comfortable.

11/30/2018 B Ferreira

✅ Trip Verified | Barcelona to Oslo. Really enjoyed my flight with Norwegian. The service is great from the cabin crew and the confirm of the seats are just amazing. The flight was on time and it got to the destination earlier even. Just an amazing airline to fly with.

11/30/2018 P Varten

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to New York-JFK, chosen because their tickets were very cheap and I was very surprised. In their Boeing 787 economy there is a lot of space, entertainment system is very up-to-date, meal onboard prices are reasonable, crew is okay. We also got a free water, coffee and complimentary snack in the middle of ...

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11/29/2018 U Lorfin

✅ Trip Verified | The flight from Boston to Gatwick was not bad. My outbound trip meal was terrible. The overhead luggage compartments were dirty. Same on the trip back. The meal back I selected the beef which was much tastier than the chicken on outbound flight. The Norwegian Express from Sthlm to Lulea and back were a 737 and...

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11/29/2018 F Kornzer

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Los Angeles via Copenhagen booked through a 3rd party travel site. The boarding went fine. The seats were slightly uncomfortable, the plane was pretty full and there was a larger lady sitting next to me, who took up a lot of space but that's hardly the airlines fault. Shortly before dinner, the fligh...

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11/27/2018 G Marden

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Gatwick.n I have never encountered such discomfort on a flight, the seats made me numb after sitting in them for about half an hour. The entertainment was non-existent, inflight meals and drinks service was incredibly slow and no choice (beware if you are seated towards the back, you get what is l...

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11/27/2018 E Mather

✅ Trip Verified | 5 stars for Norwegian. First, I'm a very nervous flyer and hadn't flown in 6 years. I wanted to get off as they closed the doors and one of the pilots came out of the cabin to reassure me I'd be ok. No kidding. The flight attendants and crew were fantastic, and the pilot came out to check on me multiple times....

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11/27/2018 S Warten

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to New York JFK. Excellent flight at a great price. The entire process was simple and convenient. Courteous staff at check in. We checked a bag for an additional fee. Your carry on is weighed and approved at check in, so please be mindful of the restrictions. Separately, we had Priority Passes and enjo...

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11/26/2018 Adrian Bailey

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Gatwick. Originally booked on a legacy carrier by my employer who changed it to Norwegian as it saved £1800, we were travelling straight after Thanksgiving, had some reservations as only travelled with them in Europe before &and they are technically a LCC. Used self service kiosk boarding card & bag...

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11/24/2018 Mor Eden

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tel Aviv via Stockholm. When I got to check in there was 200 people line that was moving very slow. After 90 min waiting in line I finally made it to check in only to find out that none of the bags was included and they ask $200 extra for 1 carry on and one suitcase. After that on the flight they d...

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