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5/1/2019 S Malachi

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to Istanbul. Worst company ever. Flight was delayed 3 hours without prior notice and whenever asked why nobody responded. Some passengers lost their other connection flights because of this delay.

2/5/2019 Daria Tcyplukhina

✅ Trip Verified | I had a flight from the Berlin to Hurghada 24th January. I and my friend took the emergency exit row seats because the leg room was more generous and the whole row was free. The staff started immediately in a not polite form tell us that we have to turn off our phones even if they were already turned on the flight mode. When we asked for a glass of water they denied our request (the flight took longer than 4 and a half hours). Its unbelievably terrible service! will always try to avoid flying via this airline.

11/22/2018 D Rajiri

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Düsseldorf. The worst of the worst, during the whole flight, none of the crew smiled. During the flight I went to sit in another seat, that had a little more for my legs. And right after I sat the attendant came to me saying I'm not allowed to sit over there even if it's empty. It costs 2 0euro. Not only me but another elderly man. That's not human.

9/25/2018 David Robson

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled on Onur Air from Makhachkala to Istanbul on 20th September. It was an early morning flight so I got to the airport the night before. International flights check in upstairs at Makhachkala airport. The airport departure screen only showed in Russian and a friend looked up the internet for my flight number which was displayed. After checking in we waited in one lounge and then were transported to another lounge by bus. This was a bigger lounge that could hold everyone in comfort. The flight was uneventful and got to Istanbul in the early hours of the morning. I will always check Onur Air if flying where they fly.

7/24/2018 Jorge Gonzalez

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Izmir. We booked the flight online (8Q 162) - Onur Air cancelled the flight and did not offer an alternate flight. When we got to the airport we were told "there's nothing we can do". We never got a refund or anything. We had to buy a ticket on another airline to fly to Izmir

5/17/2018 G Staranov

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Berlin. Onur Air is the worst airline I've travelled. While you're standing in the line for check-in in the Ataturk airport there are security guys of this airline who check passports of random people: they asked me about what I was doing in Turkey, what do I do in Germany, what is my profession, how long did I stay etc. After that they took a picture of my passport and my residence permit on their camera without any explanations - this is violation of data privacy. Regarding planes - they are old and look very cheap inside, legroom is so small you can barely fit your knees(and I am only 177cm high). Crew's English is so bad I didn't get anything they said during the flight. Summary: never again for any price, I'd better pay 50 eur more for Turkish Airlines or any other alternative but won't go through this humiliation again.

4/17/2018 V Starovoit

✅ Trip Verified | Antalya to Munich. This airline does not provide free water, they make you buy small bottles. This airline does not have special baby "beds" or shelves to provide safety for traveling babies. Moreover they did not provide the first row for families traveling with babies. The leg room is minimal and babies DO NOT get any special treatment. We had to stand in a queue for ages even though we were supposed to get to the airplane faster because we had a month year old with us. The attitude of the stewardesses is truly terrible. The announcements made in English are impossible to understand because of the pronunciation. To sum up: never again Onur Air.

11/20/2017 P Olson

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Onur Air from Izmir to Istanbul. Horrible confusing experience. Flight scheduled for 20.45hrs departure. Waited at gate. Aircraft delayed. No reason given. Gate switched, announcements primarily in Turkish. 20.45hrs comes, still no aircraft and waiting passengers get restless. 22.00hrs no answers and gate staff inform passengers to go to Onur Air desk in ticketing hall. Passengers very angry, banging on desk, shouting all in Turkish and no credible explanation (in English) given. Onur Air agent breaks down in tears. Passengers demanding answers, no answers given. 22.30hrs aircraft arrives. Departs at 23.00hrs. On arrival in Istanbul, Metro stopped for the day, had to use Havabus to get downtown.

8/27/2017 I Chaneva

✅ Verified Review | Samara to Antalya. I rarely write reviews even if the service is bad but I had to review this airline for the sheer fact it seems they went out of their way to be terrible! Firstly we booked a flight to depart at 17:30 but without telling us they moved this flight to 02:55 the next day. When we arrived for the flight at the new time the flight was delayed until 05:30 again without any information. I called the airline to check on an update and they said they could see no problem. Truly terrible service, avoid at all costs.

5/21/2017 Laura Bartholomew

✅ Verified Review | Kayseri to Istanbul. I had flights booked with Onur Air both in April and May 2017. Both times my husband and I arrived at the airport to find out our flight had been cancelled several weeks before and we were not informed. The airlines claims that they sent an email or SMS, they even verified that they did have our correct contact information, but we searched through every single email and SMS we had and there was absolutely nothing letting us know our flight had been cancelled. The first time it happened we were luckily able to get on another flight 1 hour later. This time, all flights to our destination are booked for the entire day. Meaning, we will have to wait until the next day for a flight (spending money on another night at a hotel and each having to take an unpaid day off of work). This is unacceptable and I advise that you do not book with this airline. It's a disgrace.

8/7/2016 V Ozan

✅ Verified Review | I flew Istanbul-Berlin-Istanbul for a business trip with Onur Air. The airline was providing a free checked baggage allowance, so it was a good deal for the price I paid. The online check-in was confusing and I had the impression that it was paid service with this airline. In Ataturk (IST) airport there was an Onur Air common check-in counter which was very efficient and I did not wait more than 5 minutes to check in. However, on the way back in Berlin-Tegel, Onur Air had a terrible check-in line, where I waited for 1 hour. It was horrible and I assume that those who have cabin baggage really waste their time (they cannot check-in online to speed up the process). We flew a Pegasus Airlines plane for both flights, there was not enough leg space and there was catering available for a fee.

10/23/2015 G Penola

Check in process on line was straighforward. Flight delayed leaving Istanbul by over 1 hour. Ground crew at the airport were quite unhelpful. After take-off a trolley seemed to roll out of its position in the galley and made a very loud crash as did a smaller metal box. This is the first time I have ever seen a cabin attendant get out of her seat whilst the aircraft was at such a steep angle. For most of the flight a trolley was placed in front of the entry to the galley so the front toilet was not accessible. Other than this it was an acceptable flight. Food is for purchase only. Quality was as to be expected for paid food on a short flight. The seat comfort is good as they are quite padded compared to other airlines.

10/12/2015 Matis Petersen

Onur Air cabin crew and flight deck spoke poor English. Seating was bad, no legroom and I got stuck, seat 15B was 2 cm further forward than A and C (see picture) my girlfriends trousers got a rip because of broken plastic in armrest. The tray could only be lowered so it stood in an upright positions of 20-30 deg as it would hit my chest, even for my 3 yr old daughter it was impossible to lower tray. Cabin was old and not clean. It was a charter flight. Entertainment was Turkish commercials.

10/3/2015 Jesse Cogdell

This is about the worst experience I have had flying. Firstly they canceled the original flight after making us wait over 5 hours at the gate. They lied about the reason for the wait claiming bad weather in Istanbul was the cause, purely to avoid having to pay compensation for the delay. In reality their plane had technical problems. They then said to come back the next morning for a 4am check in, for a 6 am departure. We were waiting over an hour and a half before anyone showed up at the check in desk. This flight was also delayed for over 2 hours! After we got to Istanbul I found that my luggage and tool case had not been put on the flight and had absolutly no help from the airline. As of writing this review I am still waiting for response as to where my property is.

9/2/2015 Galen Wilson

Very small seats and drinks were not free. Boarding was very disorganized, and we sat well past the boarding time with no explanation. The price was decent but would take Turkish Airlines instead if the price was anywhere near Onur Air. Verdict: if Onur Air price is much better than Turkish Airlines and the flight is short, it might be worth it - but otherwise I would avoid.

7/29/2015 Ozgur Sener

I flew from Istanbul to Berlin in July 2015. The seat was very uncomfortable. Water was not free, they charge 3 Euros for a small bottle. The staff could hardly speak any English. On top of all that, both pieces of my luggage was delayed 4 days.

6/16/2015 E Weiss

I was nervous after reading the reviews but everything was ok. Plane was new and we arrived on time. Cabin crew were nice but they don't speak much English. Given bread, juice and coffee for free. Great comfort for a good price.

2/24/2015 G Umiker

Istanbul - Izmir. Flight arrived on time. Staff nice and professional. They were smiling nice friendly. Aircraft A320 was clean comfortable. Paying service great with enough choice. Will choose Onur Air again on next trip to Turkey.

11/20/2014 Alois Leitner

Flew 3.11. DIY-IST with Onurair because of the convenient flight-time. Departure on time plane clean Airbus 321. Toilets clean but the legroom is awful I'm only 171 cm but my knees touched the sit in front of me. No IFE FA cool neutral no smile. There was a menu card prices affordable but nobody offered anything the trolley was moved from row ten directly to the back of the plane. If you want to go from A to B with no service no smiles use them but Turkish is much better.

10/22/2014 Sharon Fox

Travelled to Ercan on 6th Oct. After reading the reviews I was very nervous about travelling with this airline but had no choice in the matter as it was a package holiday booked through Cyprus Paradise. The flight out was fine we left on time and arrived on time no problems there apart from the cramped legroom space but to be honest it wasn't any worse than EasyJet or Pegasus. The crew were a different matter a more surly indifferent bunch you could not wish to meet. One of the toilets was a problem and smelt absolutely awful especially for those sitting near to it. Nothing was done about it until we reached Antalya and the cabin crew changed over then some air fresher was finally sprayed about. The return trip left on time and all seemed to go well until leaving Antalya when the pilot informed us that we were now going to divert to another airport before going onto Stansted for "operational reasons". Fortunately it was not too long a wait on the ground and we arrived at Stansted just 2 hrs late. As a nervous flyer taking off and landing 3 times was a bit stressful but I have to say the cabin crew on this flight were a lot nicer and approachable. Would I travel with this airline again? No I think I would avoid it at all costs.