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11/6/2017 N Langan

✅ Verified Review | Paris Orly to New York JFK. The worst airline company. Please do not travel with Openskies / British Airways. The customer service is poor quality and the food is horrible. We had a 6 hours delays and they did not worry about making accommodations for people who missed their connecting flight.

7/17/2017 Richard Winger

✅ Verified Review | Openskies service from Paris ORY to New York JFK seems to be falling apart. It's run with ancient 757s which, at least in the cabin, seem well past retirement age. The biz seats are tattered, incredibly cramped, without any storage space so that it's essentially impossible to get any work done. They are rock ...

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6/20/2017 B Kardle

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Newark. I previously reviewed British Airways regarding the flight which left early without contacting us and the unhelpful ground staff who refused to help us because we didn't purchase our ticket with British Airways which left us, essentially, stranded in Paris Orly airport. Since then we have tr...

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5/12/2017 P Challere

✅ Verified Review | Paris Orly to New York JFKI reviewed this airline in Business Class some time ago, indicating that the "Biz Bed" which pretends to be a British Airways Club World First Generation bed (I doubt it) is by far the worst in the industry with absolutely no way to sleep. The Premium Economy seats have one advantag...

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4/7/2017 C Worn

✅ Verified Review | I am writing this on behalf of my wife and her three month battle with British Airways. On January 22, 2017 my wife and her sister were scheduled to return home from Paris Orly to New York JFK on Air France flight 0032 after attending a family funeral in France. Air France cancelled that flight 2 hours befor...

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3/3/2017 P Balliere

✅ Verified Review | New York JFK to Paris Orly. My main mistake may have been to choose the Business Class which has without a doubt the worst lie-flat seat ever conceived with abominable ergonomics and comfort. The original concept (L'Avion, before it was bought by British Airways) was that of an over-average Premium Economy l...

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2/28/2017 David Buckles

✅ Verified Review | Orly to Newark with Openskies, ticketed through British Airways. My sister and I were returning from Barcelona through Orly Airport with a final destination of Newark, NJ. Our flight arrived at Orly Airport at 8:55 a.m. on Jan 19th. We had been unable to confirm our boarding passes in Barcelona for the next ...

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12/6/2016 Linda Black

Paris ORY to New York JFK with Openskies. I utilized my American Airlines frequent flyer miles and I will not waste them on this airline again. The seat configuration was so bizarre. I had a window seat and I had to climb over the seat next to me to get into the aisle, as it was configured in the opposite direction from mine. On...

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10/8/2016 D Badrille

✅ Verified Review | OpenSkies advertise things that they don't deliver. I flew last August from Paris Orly to Newark on a Boeing 757 on OpenSkies in their Premium Eco class and everything was as described (except for the meal, which was just a regular eco meal chicken-pasta, not at all what they promise). On the way back, two w...

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8/28/2016 P Bolton

✅ Verified Review | Flew Openskies from Paris Orly to Newark. I have flown this airline and route maybe twice a year or so for the past ten years, and in recent years the frequency of cancellations of my flight out of Orly for supposedly "mechanical failures" has risen to unbelievable proportions. My flight yesterday was cancel...

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4/5/2016 L Bischof

✅ Verified Review | Paris Orly to Newark. I used to be a fan, but things seem to be falling apart. On April 2, 2016, we were called to board the plane, and at that moment, we were given the news the flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues. The information we received was chaotic. The female gate agent did not use the PA ...

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1/7/2016 Bojan Tercon

I was so looking forward to this Openskies flight from Paris Orly to New York, it sounded sexy on paper. Sorry to say, I was disappointed. The seat is terrible! It has absolutely no storage space so you don’t know where to put your items. Your glass of wine, your water bottle are put on this flimsy little stand which I kept knoc...

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12/13/2015 Charles Kwon

Paris Orly to New York JFK with Openskies. Requested seat 4J after waiting for the 24 hours check in period. I was trying to avoid being seated next to the toilet. Upon getting to the airport everything look good and received my boarding ticket with the proper seat. Then at the gate they decided to change my flight to the only o...

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10/5/2015 Emil Tochilovsky

Openskies used to be a great option from New York JFK to Paris Orly. But aging planes, crummy and continuously declining quality of service and food doesn't make it a worthwhile option anymore. You used to be treated like a human, but now it's just a bigger seat. There are better options out there. I guess this was an expected o...

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1/26/2015 M Marron

What a disappointment! When we first flew OpenSkies in 2010 from Newark to Paris it was wonderful the lounge was beautiful and exclusive the seating on the flight was spacious and comfortable they offered us champagne etc. All this in the cheapest seats on the plane. This time the cheapest seats on the plane felt like the cheape...

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10/5/2014 T Michaels

Flew September 17 2014 JFK to Orly. We left 10 minutes early and arrived almost an hour early. We flew premium economy and it was great. The flight crew were kind and attentive. Our return flight was cancelled several days prior to departure and that's when it went from great to not so. We were provided alternate flights but it ...

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9/19/2014 Seth Bright

BA flight 8005 from Orly to JFK. 9/15/2014. Planes are old and shabby and not enough restrooms. Seat was broken and did not recline at all - cabin crew unapologetic and said it happens all the time (unacceptable). Disorganized at Orly check-in and security. British Airways needs to get their act together with this product. I do ...

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8/28/2014 C Savage

Worth the effort to go to NYC via Paris. The Orly lounge was comfortable but the one in Newark on the return flight was excellent. The staff and good quality were what did it for me. Attentive from check-in all the way through and really open and friendly in their approach. The food though spectacular. Fruit was fresh and just t...

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7/29/2014 B OSullivan

I recently flew Paris to New York return in their biz bed cabin. I was impressed. The fully lie flat bed was comfortable and the food served was possibly the best airline food I've been served crossing the Atlantic. I really liked their small touches like la duree macaroons and iPad based entertainment systems. I would say OpenS...

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6/23/2014 Joseph Campis

I had booked flights last year for a late June to early July 2013 New York to Paris trip. On the outbound to Paris the flight was delayed 2 hours mechanical problems poor communication by Open Skies staff to customers. The return flight to New York was a disaster. The flight was canceled their Paris staff were clearly overwhelme...

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