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6/23/2019 Alexey Baev

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Baden-Baden. During the check-in there were no separate table for baggage drop off. Therefore, there was one queue for the people who was not registered and for the people who had been already registered. We spent 40 minutes in the queue in order to leave a baggage. According my opinion the number of staff from the air company who were involved in registering passengers was not sufficient at all. We dropped off the baggage nearly at the end of the registration to the flight, ie. it means the only 15 minutes left to go through the customs and etc. As a result the flight has been missed.

5/6/2019 A Halakova

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Eindhoven. I tried to register for my flight and I got an error on the website. In the call center, which costs 65 RUR per minute I was not helped. I do not know if I can fly back home tomorrow. This is a company which I fly because the flight is from the nearby airports. I do not care about luggage and food, but I should be able to fly home without paying for call center and being nervous about the need to be there tomorrow.

4/25/2019 A Dareta

✅ Trip Verified | We bought a fly from Milan to Moscow and return. In Milano, We couldn’t complete the check in online but It was impossible and We need to pay extra 50€. Tomorrow, we will have our travel to return our home and We Couldn’t to complete the check in on line. I suppose that tomorrow we will pay 50€ again.

2/23/2019 Francesco Maccagnini

✅ Trip Verified | In both my two flights with them, from Milan to Moscow and back I got in trouble with the online check in. First flight was impossible to online check in because their unfunctional web page and at the airport I had to pay 25€ fee. Many passenger got in the same trouble. The staff told me to ask a refund to an e mail addres but still nobody answer me. On the way back I got in trouble on the payment for an added luggage I requested online. Because their website makes my wish to pay unrealized saying some sort of error unspecified occur, even that time the online check in was not possible and I needed to pay at the airport. My demand for refund, another time not answered. Need to say also that the carry on board luggage has no sense, you can barely carry on board a pair of spare shoes because they are already too big. I recommend to avoid use this company, is better pick another one, maybe more expensive, because with pobeda you end to pay more, have a worst flight and waste a lot of time.

2/3/2019 S Makassahm

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Moscow. This airline is the worst airline I've ever tried, it was the worst experience. Although the plane is good, it started by the hand luggage and they will make you pay 25 euros if you didn't do online check in. The staff in the airport are rude and close registration one hour before the flight. When we tried to complain to Pobeda office in Vnukovo airport Moscow, we received the same rudeness, and they literally said to me "if you don't like it, don't fly with us again).

1/30/2019 A Hadaryi

✅ Trip Verified | Cologne to Moscow, If you chose to fly with this airline please read all the latest policy of airline about baggage, online-checking, etc. Otherwise, you may be asked to pay 25€ or more at the airport, or you cannot fly, because airline has changed some rules that you need to pay. This happened to me, and the support of Pobeda are rude and not responsible, although they had no answer to my complaint. Very strict about the size of handbag.. Really really stupid rules.

1/19/2019 Murat Yangin

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Moscow. If you don’t check-in online before 5 hours from flight, they will charge 25 euro per person. I will never choose this airline. Also, the hostesses were very rude to me.

1/9/2019 M Gamarni

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Moscow. Ridiculous cabin baggage policy. Bad service and having to pay extra fees. Service very poor. It looks like bonus of employees is linked to give you any penalties.

1/8/2019 Stanislav Shubin

Not Verified | St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don. Even though the hand luggage is free, you won't be able to bring a bag more than size of a shoe box on the plane (not even a regular backpack would fit). Had to pay additional fees to place my hand luggage in baggage section, which I didn't know before they placed my bag on the belt. Also some of the workers at the check-in were measuring your bag while others didn't, their excuse was that "they would make you pay the fees on the plane anyway". It was also hard to find the information about the allowed weight of the baggage per person (which was 10 kgs). I took it for granted that they allowed 20 kg like other airlines, so I had to pay around 50 euros for the additional 10 kgs. The staff was rude and never answered my questions and never clearly explained what I was paying for. Neither were they allowing payments by credit card. In total, the additional fees were the cost of the ticket itself, so I had to pay twice as much as I expected. If you are trying to save money, fly with a more expensive but good company, because there is no point of flying with this airline for the same price but with a genuinely bad quality. Never going to fly with this airline anymore.

1/4/2019 Pierpaolo Chelo

✅ Trip Verified | On 22nd December 2018, I check-in online on their web site for the flight Pisa to Moscow. Immediately after having finished the check-in and being assigned the seat, I have been trying many times to print the boarding pass but the link to open the Pdf document was not operating. and there was no way to print it. at Pisa Airport I had to pay 25 euro extra penalty to print the pass. I am badly surprised about this company.

1/2/2019 D Lawson

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to St Petersburg. Charged us €75 to check in, even though we tried multiple times to check in online, but could not. The other €45 in fees, I still don’t know what it was for. Their cabin luggage policy is the most ludicrous thing ever. Nothing over the size of a shoe-box. We travel a lot so we have our luggage nailed - not for them. Couldn’t even get our iPad Pros or laptops in the box. Don't fly them - any saving is not worth the extra stress.

12/23/2018 N Danyla

✅ Trip Verified | Bergamo to Moscow. For some reason system didn't allow me to check in online and I was advised to do it at the airport. When arrived to airport had to pay 25 euro to check in! I was of course told that I should have done it online and my explanations were dismissed.

12/14/2018 Cornelis De Boer

Not Verified | St Petersburg to Istanbul. Tried to check-in 4.5 hours before flight, but the website gave an error. Went to the airport, where we were charged 25 euros each for not checking-in online (which is 30 percent of the ticket price!). The atmosphere was really aggressive at the counter since a lot of customers were not informed about this policy. Our luggage was checked for multiple times on size. Would prefer to never fly with this airline again.

12/14/2018 N Valmari

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Moscow Vnukovo. Cunning company that applies a nonsense hand baggage policy charging a fee higher than the cost of the ticket. I made a complaint and the response was purely copy and paste. Totally unprofessional, will never fly anymore. Other companies have same prices and, at least, normal service.

12/6/2018 Kristina Tokman

✅ Trip Verified | Krasnodar to Saint Petersburg than from Saint Petersburg to London and from London to Glasgow. From Saint Petersburg till end I must use Pobeda airlines. But because of weather in Krasnodar flight was very delayed. It means I was late to my next flight with Pobeda airlines to UK. When finally I came to Saint Petersburg I tried to reach office to Pobeda for Exchange my tickets. As tickets already was paid and because of weather was not my mistake that I late. But in Pobeda office in Saint Petersburg airport was open light but none open door for me. Than I didn’t had any other choice how to buy new ticket to I’m with another company for same date. Than when I did request for refund my money from Pobeda airlines they Told it’s not them problem and none gave me money back. I had very sad mood and really broken vacations plus money spends for nothing. I’ll never again buy tickets from this company and will suggest to all other people be aware from Pobeda.

11/22/2018 L Yang

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to St Petersburg. Overall very fluid experience, definitely exceeded expectations. Being someone who lives in the UK who flies regularly to Europe for weekend breaks, I'm no stranger to low cost carriers by the likes of Ryanair and Easyjet, this week I decided to try out Pobeda's new route from London to St Petersburg, and I was genuinely surprised by its efficiency and overall value. Flying direct to Russia in the past usually meant going on Aeroflot or British Airways, both which offer pretty average service and almost always cost upwards of £150 return, for £50 return on most days Pobeda makes flying on this route much more attractive for tourists like me. A bit of a hack but if you're booking directly from their website, always search in Rubles instead of Pounds/Euros/Dollar as not sure why but the difference in price is quite significant (even including all the exchange fees your bank might charge). Anyways since I was flying from outside Russia, much like other low cost carriers, online check in was a must if you wanted to avoid paying extra. This took less than a few minutes after which I loaded my boarding pass onto my phone. At the airport, having no checked bags, I walked straight to the security checks, and 10 minutes later I was at the gate waiting to board, While boarding a noticed several passengers repacking their stuff, so they are definitely strict with their bag policy. In short, you are only allowed to bring one handbag or backpack with you on board; anything larger than the dimensions described when booking such as suitcases, camping bags or duffel bags must be checked in. This is a tad less but not too different from other low cost carriers as of November 2018. Checked baggage is priced reasonably if prebooked; £9 each bag each way for 10kg and £11 for 20kg. Because of the restrictive bag policy, boarding was insanely fast as passengers no longer had to fight for overhead space. On board, the legroom was decent, better than some low cost carriers such as Wizz Air but for sure no worse than most, and much like the rest, it did not recline, which was fine as I was flying during the day. The plane was also brand new and the cabin was very clean. Food was however unavailable on board, which was a little disappointing, though you are welcome to bring your own food, and water is served for free. By the time we landed in St Petersburg to my surprise we were half an hour ahead of schedule, and it didn't take much longer before we were past immigration and outside the airport. One of the best flights I've had with a low cost carrier, quick and efficient and didn't encounter any problems at all. As with all low cost carriers, as long as you pay attention to the bag policy and remember to check in online when flying from outside Russia, you shouldn't have any issues, very good value for the amount you pay.

10/30/2018 M Steel

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Moscow. Pobeda supposedly started their online checkin procedure several days ago (today is 30 October 2018). Only problem - it doesn't work. I arrived at the airport today to find it was "my fault", and the fault of every other Pobeda passenger at the check in. Due our "fault" we all had to pay 25Euro check-in fees, but they only take Turkish Lira for credit cards at their cashier. They then charged 200 Turkish Lira (32 Euro), but said that if we go file a complaint "in person" at a Pobeda office in Moscow, they will reimburse us (25 Euro). No apologies at all. This was my first and last time to fly Pobeda. I flew Pobeda from Moscow to Istanbul 5 days ago. While it was not chaotic, their customer service was poor. None of the seats recline. If you pay more to board early, they simply let you board the bus to the airplane first; you don't get to the airplane any more quickly!

10/2/2018 D Whiting

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to St Petersburgh via Moscow. Pobeda cancelled my flight back from Moscow for my trip in October 2018 without giving me a reason despite me asking why it was cancelled. I had already incurred visa and hotel costs based on them providing an acceptable service therefore a refund was not acceptable. I can also not take a refund and book another flight as I booked well in advance and flights are now 4-5 times the price. I also cannot travel on another day as my visa expires and I have important plans the day before. Compensation is also not an option as apparently I would have to send a letter in the post to Russia and wait for a reply in the post. Knowing the time it takes to post things to and from Russia, and the time it takes Pobeda to handle even the simplest requests I would be lucky to hear back from them before Christmas. Therefore I asked them to find a flight for me provided by one of their other group members as any other respectable airline would and eventually after multiple expensive phone calls they reluctantly put the request through. Aeroflot has multiple flights on that day available. However after 10 days I have received no updates. Figuring that 10 days was more than enough time to process such a simple request I rang them once again to find out what was happening. They could still not tell me why the flight was cancelled and apparently it was impossible to find out what was happening with the request or how long it would take. When I asked to speak to someone who could sort the situation out, as their call centre was useless, they promptly hung up on me. I then contacted Aeroflot about the situation and they were quick to deny any liability as Pobeda "is not their problem", despite it being their direct subsidiary. I couldn't possibly imagine receiving that response if I rang Lufthansa up with a complaint about Eurowings for example. This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

9/20/2018 M Pulac

✅ Trip Verified | Travelling by Pobeda from Moscow Vnukovo to Krasnodar on Sep 15th. Vnukovo Airport is easy and comfortable. This is also the main hub of Pobeda. Pobeda, being a lowcoster, does not use jetways and they bring the passengers to the plane by bus. No problem with if it is managed professionally. I was boarding the bus at 16:05 (not the first one) and leaving the bus to board the plane at about 16:45. So rather than efficiently managing the boarding, they simply bring people to the bus far too early and let the passengers to wait there for next 40 min. (or more). As you know, there is a very limited number of seats in airport buses. In an overcrowded bus there were elderly people and mothers with a small kids standing all that time and waiting. Pobeda, by managing the boarding in this way, demonstrates its unfriendly customer attitude. They clearly missed the fact that the whole experience from the flight does not start when boarding the plane and when leaving the plane.

8/20/2018 Patrick Becker

✅ Trip Verified | Cologne to St Petersburgh. Starting with my booking some weeks ago the experience was quite normal, booked a cheap flight with a low-cost carrier. After reading the baggage allowance, I noticed I must pay an additional fee to take my trolley with me up to 10kg, everything was fine. Some days before my flight, I wanted to check-in online to save time at the airport. It was time for the first surprise, online check-in was only available for flight departing from VKO in Moscow. Okay never mind so I took a train earlier and arrived two hours before at the airport. There was already the big queue because only three desks were opened. I was wondering what all people doing with this blue “bagsizers”, how they call it. The carry-on item is only allowed to be 36x30x27cm, if the item is only one cm bigger, you must pay. Yes, for them it is not longer a fee they changed the wording to “punishment”, fair enough. The check in agent was very unfriendly and does not say anything like: “Have a good flight”, etc. There were just waiting for possibilities to punish you with an additional fee. Walking to the gate, I checked Flightradar and saw that our airplane is at least thirty minutes delayed. No information, nothing! Boarding was planned at 18:30 and surprise, the boarding call started at 18:30, I was wondering how it is possible to board if the airplane has not even landed. Again the information if your hand luggage and Duty Free Item does not fit in the “bagsizer” you have to pay a punishment of 30,-€ and of course it was again checked, because your bag may have increased while shopping in the airport. After boarding you were squeezed in a very small part at the airport and waiting for the airplane, so you had to stand one hour until boarding via bus started. And there was no information at all, old people, family with children etc. had to stand one hour queued. Finally, we reached the aircraft, at least it was a modern aircraft, again unfriendly staff guided you to boarding as fast as possible. Again, an information for you, take the seat on your boarding pass, even if there are free seats, if you changed the seat it was time for - exactly! Another punishment. No seat pockets are usual in low-cost carriers, no problem at all but I was wondering where the menu card is? Maybe they handle them after departure to the passengers. After the seatbelt signs were switched off the flight attendants distributed their inflight magazine, but it wasn’t more than an advertising paper. Some experienced passengers began to call the flight attendants, because if you press the Call Button they will bring you a small glass with water free of charge. But there was no Board Bistro, Board Shop, nothing. So, if you did not take anything with you, you may fly hungry or thirsty. Strange business policy, normally low-cost carrier earn money buy selling products on board. But Pobeda airlines policy is to punish you as most as possible. For me it was the first and last time flying that airline, for me it is the worst airline in the world.